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AAR Railroad Reporting Marks

An AAR (Association of American Railroads) reporting mark is two to four letters that uniquely identifies the owner of a piece of railroad rolling stock (usually freight cars). The reporting mark is generally derived from the assigned company's initials. All railcars in interchange service must be labeled with a reporting mark. A single railroad may have numerous reporting marks due to a history of mergers and acquisitions.

Please note the following naming conventions:

  • Marks that end in X are assigned to railcar owners that are not common carrier railroads. These may include private car owners, leasing companies, and railroad museums.
  • Marks that end in U are assigned to container owners for use on intermodal containers.
  • Marks that end in Z are assigned to trailer owners for use on container trailers/chassis.
  • Marks that end in any other letter are assigned to common carrier railroads for use on railroad equipment in interchange service.
AAAnn Arbor Railroad
AALXAdvanced Aromatics LP
AAMXArrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril SA
AARAssociation of American Railroads
AATXAmpacet Corporation
ABAkron Barberton Cluster Railway Company
ABBAkron and Barberton Belt Railroad Company
ABBXAbbott Labs
ABIXAnheuser-Busch Incorporated
ABLAlameda Belt Line
ABRAthens Lines LLC
ABRXAB Rail Investments Incorporated
ABWXAsea Brown Boveri Incorporated
ACCanadian National Railway (Algoma Central Railway)
ACAXHoneywell International Incorporated
ACBLAmerican Commercial Barge Lines
ACCXConsolidation Coal Company
ACDXHoneywell International Incorporated
ACEXAce Cogeneration Company
ACFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
ACGXSuburban Propane LP
ACISCanadian National Railway (Algoma Central Railway)
ACIXGreat Lakes Chemical Corporation
ACJRAshtabula Carson Jefferson Railroad Company
ACJUAmerican Coastal Lines Joint Venture Incorporated
ACLCSX Transportation Incorporated
ACLUAtlantic Container Line Limited
ACLXAmerican Car Line Company
ACMXVoith Hydro
ACOUAssociated Octel Company Limited
ACPXBP Products North America Incorporated
ACPZAmerican Concrete Products Company
ACRXAmerican Chrome and Chemicals Incorporated
ACSUAtlantic Cargo Services AB
ACSXHoneywell International Incorporated
ACSZAmerican Carrier Equipment
ACTUAssociated Container Transport (Australia) Limited
ACTXHoneywell International Incorporated
ACUUAcugreen Limited
ACWRAberdeen Carolina and Western Railway
ACWZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
ACXUAtlantic Cargo Services AB
ACXXAnderson Columbia Company Incorporated
ACYNorfolk Southern Railway Company
ACZXA C Railroad Service Company
ADBFAdrian and Blissfield Rail Road Company
ADCUFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
ADMXADM Transportation Company
ADNArkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
ADRXAddeleston Recycling Corporation
ADSXAndrew Merrilees Limited
AECAtlantic and East Carolina Railway Company
AECXAssociated Electric Cooperative Incorporated
AEFRAurora Elgin and Fox River Electric
AEIXAlan Eslisk
AEIZFarrell Lines Incorporated
AEPUAmerican Lines Incorporated
AEPXAmerican Electric Power Service
AERCAlbany and Eastern Railroad Company
AESXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
AEVXAKZO Coatings Incorporated
AEXThe Andersons
AFAlabama and Florida Railway Company
AFCUAfram Lines Incorporated
AFCXAtel Capital Equipment Fund
AFCZAfram Lines Limited
AFIUABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
AFIZAgmark Foods
AFLRAlabama and Florida Railroad Incorporated
AFPXHoneywell International Incorporated
AFRXAF Railway Industries Incorporated
AGGalveston Railroad LP
AGCRAlamo Gulf Coast Railroad Company
AGCXProcor Limited
AGEXNova Chemicals Limited
AGHXAgrium US Incorporated
AGIXAGRI Industries
AGLFKnoxville and Holston River Railroad Company
AGLXAndrews Petroleum Incorporated
AGMXTerra Nitrogen Limited Partnership
AGPXAg Processing Incorporated
AGRAlabama and Gulf Coast Railway LLC
AGRDA and G Railroad LLC
AGSAlabama Great Southern Railroad Company
AGYXCentrex Construction Products Inc (American Gypsum Company)
AHCXArcadian Corporation
AHMXAltos Homos de Mexico SA de CV
AHWFox Valley and Western Limited
AHWZFox Valley and Western Limited
AIDUAlbermarle Corporation
AIEUAviation Import Export Incorporated
AIIZIII Transportation
AINXTTX Company - Acorn Division
AIPXAtlas Iron Processors Incorporated
AITUWestern Intermodal
AJCUAustralia Japan Container Line
AJPXIMC Chemicals
AKDNAcadiana Railway Company
AKFXAKF Corporation
AKMDArkansas Midland Railroad Company
AKMXHelm Financial Corporation
AKZXAKZO Nobel Chemicals Incorporated
ALAlmanor Railroad Company
ALABAlabama Railroad Company
ALAXEquistar Chemicals LP
ALCXAlcan Smelters and Chemicals Limited
ALEXAGRI Industries
ALGXAmsterdam Leasing
ALLXAlliance Machine Company
ALLZAlliance Shippers Incorporated
ALMArkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
ALMXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
ALNXAlberta Government
ALPXAlberta Government
ALQSAliquippa and Southern Railroad Company
ALRXA and R Leasing LLP
ALSAlton and Southern Railway Company
ALSXAlbis Canada Incorporated
ALTUVTG Vereinigte Tanklage U Transportmittel GMBH
ALTXSouthern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
ALUXAlumax of South Carolina Incorporated
ALYAllegheny and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
AMArkansas and Missouri Railroad Company
AMAXAMAX Coal Company
AMBUAmber Line Incorporated
AMBXAmerican Boiler Works Incorporated
AMCArkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
AMCXBP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division
AMCZInterbulk Incorporated
AMEXAllied Entreprises
AMFUAmphibious Container Leasing Limited
AMGXAMG Resources Corporation
AMHRLandisville Railroad Incorporated
AMIUAmerican Marine Industries
AMIXRailcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
AMIZAmerican Marine Industries
AMLXAmerican Railcar Company
AMMXKentucky-Tennessee Clay Company
AMNXAmerican Railcar Leasing Partners
AMOXBP Products North America Incorporated
AMOZAmerican Oil Company
AMPXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
AMRUAlaska Marine Lines Incorporated
AMRXConsolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
AMRZAmerican Chassis Leasing Incorporated
AMSXAllTrans Management Services Corp
AMTKNational Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
AMTZAmtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
AMXUAmericas Marine Express Incorporated
ANAN Railway LLC
ANAUAlliance Navigation Line Incorporated
ANAXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
ANCXNorit Americas Incorporated
ANDXAndesite Rock Company
ANIXAssociacion National de la Industria Quimca A.C.
ANKXA and K Railroad Materials Incorporated
ANRAngelina and Neches River Railroad
ANSXAnsco Investment Company
ANYAthabasca Northern Railway Limited (Cando)
AOCUAssociated Octel
AOCXAluminum Company of America
AOEXAmerican Orient Express Railway Company LLC
AOIXMarathon Ashland Petroleum Company
AOKArkansas-Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated
AORThe Aliquippa and Ohio River Railroad Company
AOUXAlberta and Orient Glycol Company Limited
APAApache Railway Company
APAXCimentos Apasco SA de CV
APCUAmerican President Lines Limited
APCXAllied Lime Company
APDAlbany Port District
APEXApex Tank Car Line
APHXAir Products Polymers LP
APIXThe Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
APLUAmerican President Lines Limited
APLXAPL Land Transport Services Incorporated
APLZAmerican President Lines Limited
APMUMaersk Lines
APMXAir Products Manufacturing Company
APMZMaersk Equipment Service Company
APNCAppanoose County Community Railroad
APOXAlabama Power Company
APRXAir Products and Chemicals Incorporated
APSXArizona Public Service Company
APTXAir Products and Chemicals Incorporated
APWXAppalachian Power Company
APXXAlberta Prairie Rail Excursions
AQCXAqua-Chem Incorporated Celaver Brooks Division
ARAberdeen and Rockfish Railroad Company
ARAArcade and Attica Railroad Corporation
ARCAlexander Railroad Company
ARCXArizona Rail Car Incorporated
ARDPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
ARDUCATU Containers SA
AREA and R Line Incorporated
AREXAeropres Corporation
ARGXAssociated Railcar Incorporated
ARHUCATU Containers SA
ARHXArch Mineral Corporation
ARIXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
ARJXArch Chemicals
ARMHUnion Pacific Railroad Company
ARMNUnion Pacific Railroad Company
ARMXAmerican Rail and Marine Corporation
ARMZArmasal Line
ARNAlberta RailNet Incorporated
AROXGeneral American Transportation Corporation
ARPXBP Products North America Incorporated
ARRAlaska Railroad Corporation
ARRXAnthracite Railroads Historical Society Incorporated
ARSXSunoco Incorporated (R and M)
ARTAmerican Refrigerator Transit Company
ARTUCATU Containers SA
ARWArkansas Western Railway Company
ARWXAlabama River Woodlands Incorporated
ARZCArizona and California Railroad Company
ASABBay Line Railroad LLC
ASCXArmco Steel Company LP
ASGXAsh Grove Cement Company
ASHUMaritainer France SA
ASHXAmerican Soda LLP
ASRAllegheny Southern Railroad Incorporated
ASRXDomino Sugar Company
ASRYAshland Railway Incorporated
ASRZAgri/Share Cooperative
ASTXAsarco Incorporated
ATAXArizona Transit Assembly
ATCXSouthern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
ATEXAsplundh Tree Expert Company Railroad Division
ATGUBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
ATGXATEL Leasing Corporation
ATIUSociete Auxillaire De Transport Et D'Industries
ATIXAlstom Transportation Incorporated
ATLTAT and L Railroad Company
ATLUAmerican Marine Industries
ATLXAtlas Machine and Iron Works Incorporated
ATLZAmerican Marine Industries
ATMXUS Department of Energy Albuquerque Operations Office
ATSFBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
ATWAtlantic and Western Railway
AUBXUS Plastic Lumber Limited
AUGAugusta Railroad Corporation
AVLAroostook Valley Railroad Company
AVLUAllied Van Lines
AVRAllegheny Valley Railroad Company
AWCXAirco Welding Products
AWDXAtlantic of New York Incorporated
AWIXAlbright and Wilson Americas Incorporated
AWPCSX Transportation Incorporated
AWWAlgers Winslow and Western Railway
AWXXEast Carbon Development Company
AWZZMcCloud Railway Company
AXCUAce Transportation Company
AXXZAgricultural Express of America
AZCRArizona Central Railroad Incorporated
AZCXAzcon Corporation
AZERArizona Eastern Railway Company
AZEXArizona Electric Power Cooperative Incorporated
AZMXArizona Railway Museum
AZXXArizona Chemical Company
BADXBaden Investment Company
BAEXThe Andersons
BALXBayer Corporation
BANUBank Winter and Co Aktiengesellschaft
BAPXBay Area Piggyback Incorporated
BARBangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
BARUBarons Leasing Corporation
BARZBangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
BASXBay State Milling Company
BAWXBabcock and Wilcox Company
BAYLBay Line Railroad LLC
BAYUMobay Chemical Corporation
BAYXBayer Corporation
BBBuckingham Branch Railroad Company
BBCXABB Power Generation Inc
BBRXBombardier Incorporated Transportation Equipment Group
BBSZBarbar Steamship Lines Inc
BBTUBress Bulk International Bulk Transport and Consulting
BCAXBlue Circle Incorporated
BCCXBorder Chemical Company Limited
BCDXBorden Chemical Incorporated
BCGXBay Cities Gas Corporation
BCHSouthern Railway of British Columbia Limited
BCITBC Rail Limited
BCIUBay Cities Leasing Company
BCIXBlue Circle Incorporated
BCJUBay Cities Leasing Company
BCLRBay Colony Railroad Corporation
BCLUBibby Bros Company
BCMXBullet Concrete Materials Company
BCNECanadian National Railway
BCOLBC Rail Limited
BCRXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
BCRYBarrie-Collingwood Railway (Cando)
BCTZBoise Cascade Corporation
BCVXWest Coast Express
BCWXUnion Tank Car Company
BCYUBay Cities Leasing Company (Union Pacific)
BDCXAnchor Glass Container
BDMXBlue Diamond Mining Incorporated
BDNXBaroid Drilling Fluids Incorporated
BDRVBelvidere and Delaware River Railway Company Incorporated
BDTLBallard Terminal Railroad Company
BDWBighorn Divide and Wyoming Railroad Incorporated
BECXFMC Corporation
BEEMBeech Mountain Railroad Corporation
BENXInvestors Property Service
BFCXBerwick Freight Car Company
BFGXOxy Vinyls LP
BFHUBailee Freight Services Limited
BFIXBethlehem Steel Corporations
BFRXBakery Trading Company
BFSUBailee Freight Services Limited
BGEXGeneral American Marks Company
BGFXBarnabas Group Foundation
BGKUSchering AG
BGSXStrata Corporation
BHB and H Rail Corporation
BHCUBridgehead Container Service
BHPBHP Nevada Railroad Company
BHTXBernhart Crane and Rigging Company
BHWYBoot Hill and Western Railway Company LLC
BIAXOcala Recycling Recycling
BIDUUniversal Bulk-Handling Limited
BIGXAir Liquide America Corporation
BIRRBellingham International Railroad LLC
BISXBrandenburg Industrial Service Co
BITYPenn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
BJGXBJ Gas Supply Incorporated
BJHXBJ Titan Services Company
BJOXCiticorp Railmark Incorporated
BJRYBurlington Junction Railway
BKLUBank Line Limited
BKRRBatten Kill Railroad Company Incorporated
BKRUBaker Tanks
BKTYUnion Pacific Railroad Company
BLCXThe Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
BLEBessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company
BLKMBlack Mesa and Lake Powell
BLKUBulkhaul Company Limited
BLKZMid-American Intermodal Equipment Corporation
BLMRBlue Mountain Railroad Incorporated
BLOLBloomer Line
BMBoston and Maine Corporation
BMAZTransamerica Leasing (Better Asset Management)
BMCXBluewater Michigan Chapter Incorporated
BMDZMinnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
BMHBeaufort and Morehead Railroad Co
BMIZBurlington Motor Carriers
BMLBelfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad
BMRGBlue Mountain and Reading Railroad
BMSSt. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)
BMSXBemis Company Incorporated
BMZBoston and Maine Corp
BNBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNAUBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNAZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNFEBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNIUBritish and Irish Steam Packet Company
BNMLBurlington Northern (Manitoba) Limited
BNOBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNPZPacific Rail Services
BNQBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNRQBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNRZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNSFBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNXUBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BOCSX Transportation Incorporated
BOBXFreeman Gas of N.C. Incorporated
BOCTBaltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad Company
BOGUBSL Transport
BONUBond International Limited
BOPBorder Pacific Railroad Company
BORXUS Borax Incorporated
BORZEcorail Incorporated
BOSUW. BOS Vloeistof Transport B.V.
BOZCSX Transportation Incorporated
BPAXUS Dept of Energy Bonneville Power Administration
BPAZAcme Markets Incorporated
BPCUB P Chemicals Belgium
BPCXBasin Electric Power Cooperative
BPIXNova Chemicals Incorporated
BPLUM1 Engineering Limited
BPLXNova Chemicals Incorporated
BPOXBP Amoco Chemical Company (BP Oil Division)
BPPXGeneral American Marks Company
BPRRBuffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Incorporated
BRBradford Industrial Rail Incorporated
BRANBrandon Corporation
BRAXCIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
BRBXBombardier Transportation
BRCBelt Railway Company of Chicago
BRCXBunge North America Incorporated
BRCYCando Contracting Limited
BREXBig Rivers Electric Corporation
BRFDBranford Steam Railroad
BRGBrownsville and Rio Grande International Railroad
BRIXUnion Tank Car Company
BRNZComtrak Incorporated
BROUSwedish Transocean Lines
BRRCBorinstein Railroad Company
BRRXBrooklyn Resource Recovery Incorporated
BRWBlack River and Western Corporation
BSBirmingham Southern Railroad Company
BSCXBethlehem Steel Corporation
BSIXBethlehem Steel Corporation
BSLUBlue Star Line Limited
BSMXBay State Milling Company
BSORBuffalo Southern Railroad Incorporated
BSPXOtter Tail Power Company
BSRXBranson Scenic Railway Incorporated
BSTXTrinitas Corporation
BSVYBoone and Scenic Valley Railroad
BTAXAir Liquide America Corporation
BTCBirmingham Terminal
BTCOBoston Terminal Company
BTCUBulkmatic Transport Co
BTCZBulkmatic Transport Company
BTLZIntermodal Services Incorporated
BTRXRocky Mountain Transportation Services
BUDXBudd Company (temporary)
BUDZBud Antle Incorporated
BUGXBruggere and Monson
BUKXLouisville Gas and Electric Company
BUNZBurnside International Trucks Limited
BVCXWest Coast Express
BVHXBV Heddrick Gravel and Sand Company
BVRYBrandywine Valley Railroad Company
BWCXGE Plastics
BXBXBXB Corporation
BXNBauxite and Northern Railway Company
BYCXBattle Ground Yacolt and Chelatchie Prairie Railroad
CAChesapeake and Albemarle Railroad
CABUBacardi and Company Limited
CABXCabot Corporation
CACZComacasa Line
CADXCAN DO Incorporated
CAFUBay Cities Leasing Company
CAGXMHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra
CAGYColumbus and Greenville Railway Company
CAGZColumbus and Greenville Railway
CALACarolina Southern Railroad Company
CALXCalifornia Railcar Corporation
CANXCANAC International Incorporated
CAOXWestlake CA and O
CAPXTransAlta Utilities Corporation
CARRCarrollton Railroad
CARXLamson and Sessions
CARZAnton Caraton and Son
CASOCanadian Pacific Railway (CASO)
CATUCATU Containers SA
CAXUContainer Applications International Incorporated
CBCChemins de fer Baie des Chaleurs Incorporated
CBCXColonial Brick Company Incorporated
CBGRCouncil Bluffs Railway Company/Great Western Railway of Iowa LLC
CBHUChina Ocean Shipping Company
CBIUCombi Line-Lash
CBIXCentral Bi-Products
CBLConemaugh and Black Lick Railroad
CBLUCooper Brothers Containers Limited
CBNSCape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway (RailAmerica)
CBPUCBSL Transportation Services Limited
CBQBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
CBQZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
CBRMChillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority
CBRWColumbia Basin Railroad Company
CBRXCharles Barthoid
CBRYCopper Basin Railway Incorporated
CBYNCrosbyton Railway Company Incorporated
CCChicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company
CCBXUnion Carbide Corporation
CCCLConnecticut Central Railroad Company
CCCUCompass Container Co Incorporated
CCCZCompass Container Co Incorporated
CCDXDayton Power and Light Company
CCEZChicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company
CCFZChi-Can Freight Forwarding
CCGXCando Contracting Limited
CCHXColumbian Chemicals Canada Limited
CCIMCorpus Christie Terminal
CCIZCrete Intermodal
CCKXCCKX Incorporated
CCKYChattooga and Chickamauga Railway Company
CCLUChar Ching Shipping (USA) Limited
CCLXCrystal Car Line Incorporated
CCPXCanadian Chemical Producers Association
CCRKansas City Southern Railway Company
CCRACamp Chase Industrial Railroad Corporation
CCRRClaremont Concord Railroad Corporation
CCRUCompagnie Des Containers Reservoir
CCRXCoastal Refining and Marketing Incorporated
CCRYCharles City Railway Lines Incorporated
CCRZKansas City Southern Railway Company
CCSUTrans Ocean Limited
CCTCentral California Traction Company
CCTUCoordinated Caribbean Transport Incorporated
CCTXCentral Power and Light Company
CCTZCrowley Maritime Corporation
CCUOChicago-Chemung Railroad Corporation
CCWXCoastal Chem Incorporated
CCXColumbian Chemicals Co (Subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corporation)
CCXUChar Ching Shipping (USA) Limited
CCXXCostain Coal Incorporated
CDACBangor and Aroostook Railroad Company (Canadian American Railroad Company)
CDAUCanadian Tire Corporation Limited
CDAZCanadian Tire Corporation Limited
CDCXAir Liquide America Corporation
CDGXChatham Oil Company (Bridgeview Systems LLC)
CDHXCaledonian Rail Lines LLC
CDLZCardinal Freight Carriers
CDNUCarotrans International
CDTXCalifornia Department of Transportation
CDVXCaddo Valley Railcar Repair Incorporated
CEBXCombustion Engineering Incorporated
CEDRCedar River Railroad Company
CEFXCIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
CEIUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CEIWCentral Indiana and Western RR Company
CELXCeltran Incorporated Subsidiary of Celanese International Corporation
CEMRCentral Manitoba Railway Incorporated (Cando)
CEMXCemex Mexico SA de CV
CENXWestern Aggregates Incorporated
CEPXTrinity Industries Leasing
CERACentral Railroad Company of Indianapolis
CERXER Carpenter LLP
CETUCustom Environmental Transport Incorporated
CEWXCanadian Enterprise Gas Products
CFCape Fear Railways Incorporated
CFKZXTRA Intermodal
CFLXCrestbrook Forest Industries (captive service)
CFMXCargill Incorporated
CFNRCalifornia Northern Railroad Company
CFRUCardinal Freight Carriers
CFSXC and T Refinery Incorporated
CFTXCanadian Fertilizers Limited
CFWRCaney Fork and Western Railroad
CGNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CGAXCargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
CGBXDow Chemical Canada Incorporated
CGCXCargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
CGDXEastern Propane Gas (Country Gas Distributors Incorporated)
CGEXCargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
CGFXConsolidated Gas Company of Florida
CGLXGATX Rail Canada Corporation
CGMUCompagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
CGMXGATX Rail Canada Corporation
CGMZCompagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
CGNEChampagne Railroad Incorporated
CGOXCargill Incorporated
CGRCG Railway Incorporated
CGRXConsolidated Grain and Barge Company
CGSXProflame Incorporated
CGTCanada and Gulf Terminal Railway
CGTUCompagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
CGTXGATX Rail Canada Corporation
CGWUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CHAUCombined Transport Group Incorporated
CHAXChartrand's Tank Car Service Incorporated
CHEXEquistar Chemicals
CHFUChallenge International
CHIUChimco - Bulgaria
CHLXChemleco Incorporated
CHMXFirst Union Rail
CHPFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
CHRChestnut Ridge Railway Company
CHRCChaparral Railroad Company Incorporated
CHRRChesapeake Railroad Company
CHRXThe Chesapeake Division
CHSXCenex Harvest States Cooperative
CHSZIntermodal Services Incorporated
CHTSPenn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
CHTTUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CHVXChevron Chemical Company
CHWNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CICambria and Indiana Railroad Company
CICCedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway
CIIXContico International Incorporated
CINDCentral Railroad Company of Indiana
CIPXAmeren Energy Generating Company
CIRCity of Rochelle Illinois
CIRRChattahoochee Industrial Railroad
CIRXConsbec Incorporated
CIRYCentral Illinois Railroad Company
CISDColonel's Island Railroad Company
CITXPLM International Incorporated
CIWIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
CIXXCalciner Industries Incorporated
CJPXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
CKIXC.K. Industries
CKPColorado Kansas and Pacific Railway Company
CKRYKansas and Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated
CKSICarthage Knightstown and Shirley Railroad
CLCColumbia and Cowlitz Railway Company
CLCXChatahoochee Locomotive Company
CLCZComplete Logistics Company
CLDZCeladon Trucking Services Incorporated
CLEXCieco Corporation
CLGUCosta Line Cargo Services
CLIXCalumet Lubricants
CLMXCyprus Sierrita Corporation
CLNACarolina Coastal Railway Incorporated
CLOUCLOU Container Leasing GmbH
CLOXClark Refining and Marketing Incorporated
CLPClarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
CLPXBoulder Scientific Company
CLPZClarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
CLRXClayton Rail
CLSLColumbia and Silver Creek Railroad
CLSXCargill Incorporated - Salt Division
CLTUChemical Leaman Tank Lines Incorporated
CLTXCloro de Tehuantepec SA de CV
CMCentral Montana Rail Incorporated
CMCCMC Railroad Incorporated
CMCUCrowley Maritime Corporation
CMCXSweetman Construction Company
CMCZCrowley Maritime Corporation
CMDXCargill Incorporated
CMGNCentral Michigan Railway Company
CMHXCarMath Incorporated
CMIXConsolidated Minerals Incorporated
CMLUContainers Marine Lines (Division of American Export)
CMLXCraggy Mountain Line Incorporated
CMLZContainers Marine Lines Isbrandtsen
CMOUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CMPAMadison Railroad Division of City of Madison Port Authority
CMPUComplete Logistics Company
CMSNCrowley Marine Services
CMUColumbus Charter Service
CMUUCanada Maritime Agencies Limited
CNCanadian National Railway
CNACanadian National Railway
CNAZGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
CNDXConnecticut Department of Transportation
CNEUCanadian National Railway
CNEZCanadian National Railway
CNGUSicng (Ind. Chim. Du Nord de la Grece SA)
CNGXCONAG Finance Incorporated-CNG Transmission Corporation
CNHXOntario Power Generation Incorporated
CNISCanadian National Railway
CNLXCANAC International Incorporated
CNMZConsolidated Rail Corporation
CNNUCompania Nacional de Nabegacao (US African Line)
CNORCincinnati Northern
CNOWColumbia and Northern Railway Company
CNPUCanadian National Railway
CNPZCanadian National Railway
CNQCanadian National Railway
CNRRCalifornia Northern Railroad
CNRUCanadian National Railway
CNRXCanadian National Railway
CNRZCanadian National Railway
CNSXConsolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
CNTPCincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company
CNTXContinental Tank Car Corporation
CNURC and NC Railroad Corporation
CNVXConvoyeur National Incorporated
CNWUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CNWXCanadian Wheat Board
CNWZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CNYXCentral New York Locomotive Company
CNZRCentral New England Railroad Company
COCSX Transportation Incorporated
COAXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
COBXCobre Mining Company Limited
COCXChevron Oronite Company LLC
COEHConecuh Valley Railroad
COERCrab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
COEZCrab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
COLXAlliant Energy
COMXCommonwealth Edison Company
CONXConoco Incorporated
COOKCook Transit
COOXFirst Union Rail
COPCity of Prineville Railway
COPXCanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals Limited Partnership
CORPCentral Oregon and Pacific Railroad Incorporated
CORUCATU Containers SA
CORXCoors Brewing Company
COSUChina Ocean Steamship Limited
COSXCabot Corporation CAB-O-SIL Division
COZCSX Transportation Incorporated
CPCanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPAACanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPAXCITGO Petroleum Corporation
CPBUSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
CPBZSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
CPCXChevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
CPDRCarolina Piedmont Division/South Carolina Central Railroad Company
CPDUDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
CPDXChevron USA Incorporated
CPDZDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
CPGZContainerPort Group Incorporated
CPHXOntario Power Generation Incorporated
CPICanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPIXICI Acrylics Incorporated
CPLXCPLX Leasing Limited
CPOXConsumers Power Company
CPPUCanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPPXConsolidated Papers Incorporated
CPPZCanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPRSCanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPRXCarolina Power and Light Company
CPRZCanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPTCanadian Pacific Railway Company
CPVUContainers and Pressure Vessels Limited
CPWXCanadian Wheat Board
CQPACentral Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway Incorporated
CRNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRAZCornucopia Transportation Incorporated
CRCXConsolidated Rail Corporation
CRCZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRDXChicago Freight Car Leasing Company
CREConsolidated Rail Corporation (Eastern District)
CREUCanadian Retail Shippers Association
CREXCiticorp Railmark Incorporated
CREZCanadian Retail Shippers Association
CRGXCargill Incorporated
CRIJCarolina Rail Services Incorporated
CRIXCiticorp Railmark Incorporated
CRLChicago Rail Link
CRLECoe Rail Incorporated
CRLUCarlisle Leasing International
CRLXCanadian Railserve Limited
CRMUNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRMZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRNNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRPUNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRPXCentennial Gas Liquide LLC
CRQUNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRRCSX Transportation Incorporated
CRRXCanon City and Royal Gorge Railroad LLC
CRSXCost Rail Service
CRTZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CRXUCronos Containers (U.K.)
CRYXCryo-Trans Incorporated
CRZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
CSBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
CSAUCosta Line
CSBXCargill Incorporated - Salt Division
CSCDCascade and Columbia River Railroad Company
CSCXCoal Supply Corporation
CSDXMetropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
CSKRC and S Railroad Corporation
CSKUConsolidated Services Incorporated
CSLChicago Short Line Railway Company
CSMXCarol and Andy Muller
CSNXTrident NGL Incorporated
CSOConnecticut Southern Railroad
CSOXCITGO Petroleum Corporation
CSPCamas Prairie RailNet Incorporated
CSPXChesapeake Speciality Products
CSRXConway Scenic Railroad
CSRZCSX Transportation Incorporated
CSSChicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad
CSTXCanada Starch Company Incorporated
CSUXCity of Colorado Springs Department of Electric Generation
CSVUCompania Sud Americana de Vapores GmbH
CSWXCentral and South West Services Incorporated
CSXECSX Transportation Incorporated
CSXTCSX Transportation Incorporated
CSXUCSX Transportation Incorporated
CSXZCSX Transportation Incorporated
CSYXCentral Soya Company Incorporated
CTCity of Columbia (Columbia Terminal)
CTCUContainer Trading Company
CTCXEndasa SA de CV
CTECen-Tex Rail Link Limited
CTEUSpanish Lines
CTEXPLM International Incorporated
CTGZCombined Transport Group Incorporated
CTIEKansas City Southern Railway Company
CTIUCTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
CTIXSoutheastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
CTIZCTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
CTKUContainer Tank Services Limited
CTLXEndasa SA de CV
CTMLCairo Terminal Railroad Company
CTNCanton Railroad Company
CTNXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
CTOUChem-Rail Logistics LLC
CTPXCourtesy Corporation
CTRClinton Terminal Railroad Company
CTRNUnion Pacific Railroad Company
CTRRCloquet Terminal Railroad Company Incorporated
CTRUContainer Trading Company
CTRWCarlton Trail Railway Company (OmniTRAX)
CTRXC and T Refinery Incorporated
CTSUBibby Bros Company
CTSXCTS Cement Manufacturing Incorporated (Chem Comp Systems)
CTSZCarotrans International
CTUUContainer Trading Company
CTVXCleveland Terminal and Valley Railway Incorporated
CTWUContainer Trading Company
CTZZContinental Transportation Company
CUEXColorado-Utility Electric Association
CUOHColumbus and Ohio River Rail Road Company
CUSTChicago Union Station Company
CUVAISG Cleveland Works Railway Company
CVGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
CVCCanadian National Railway
CVQGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
CVRCimarron Valley Railroad LC
CVRXLocomotive and Tower Preservation Fund Limited
CVRYCaddo Valley Railroad Company
CVRZGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
CVYRCaddo Valley Railroad Company
CWColorado and Wyoming Railway Company
CWBXC. W. Brooks Incorporated
CWCXCanandaigua Wine Company Incorporated
CWCYCaldwell County Railroad Company
CWEXMidwest Generation LLC
CWIUCon-Way Intermodal
CWIZCon-Way Intermodal
CWMXChemical Waste Management Incorporated
CWPChicago Rail Link
CWRCWR Incorporated
CWRLCentral Western Railway Corporation (RailAmerica)
CWROISG Cleveland Works Railway Company (Cleveland Works Railway Company)
CWRYCommonwealth Railway Incorporated
CWRZProvidence and Worcester Railroad Company
CWTXChemWest Industries Incorporated
CWTZCon-Way Truckload Services
CXPZCSX Transportation Incorporated
CXRZCSX Transportation Incorporated
CXVZCSX Intermodal Incorporated
CYCYCrystal City Railroad Incorporated
CYDXConrad Yelvington Distributors Incorporated
CYTXConstrucciones Y Trituaraciones SA de CV
CZCXCrown Zellerbach Corporation
CZRYCarrizo Gorge Railway Incorporated
DACanadian Pacific Railway Company
DACXVIP Tank Services
DAFUDafra Lines SA
DAFXDepartment of Defense Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness
DAFZDafra Lines SA
DAIRD and I Railroad Company
DAKRDakota Rail Incorporated
DAKSDakota Short Line
DALTDallas Terminal Railway
DALZD and A Leasing Incorporated
DAPXDairyland Power Cooperative
DARUDart Containerline Incorporated
DARZDart Intermodal Incorporated
DATUDart Containerline Incorporated
DATXDATX Associates
DAVXW. R. Grace and Company - Conn. Davison Chemical Division
DAWXD.A. Walmsley and Company
DAXOccidental Chemical Corporation
DBCXBASF Corporation
DBSUDonbar Steamship Company Incorporated
DBUXCIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
DCDelray Connecting Railroad Company
DCAXTarmac Fla. Incorporated
DCBXDegussa Corporation
DCCUDow Corning Corporation
DCCXMcDonnell Douglas Corporation
DCFXPLM International Incorporated
DCIUDana Container Incorporated
DCIXDanella Construction Corporation
DCLUDutch Container Leasing B.V.
DCLXDow Chemical Canada Incorporated
DCOUDow Corning Corporation
DCPXDart Container Corporation of Pennsylvania
DCRRDubois County Railroad
DCSUDelta Conteneur Service
DCTXPLM International Incorporated
DDDXFrontier Cooperative Company
DDEXDupont Dow Elastomers LLC
DDNXDidion Incorporated
DEBXCeres AG Products
DEEXDetroit Edison Company
DEGXMississippi Power Company
DEMXDemeter Incorporated
DETXDetroit Edison Company
DFTXDTE Transportation Services Limited
DGBYDigby Trucklines
DGCXDakota Gasification Company
DGHXIMC Chemicals
DGIXD and G Enterprises LLC
DGNODallas Garland and Northeastern Railroad Incorporated
DHDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
DHNYDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
DHPXDegussa Corporation
DHRUDen Hartogh NV
DIIUDart Intermodal Incorporated
DJBXGandy Dancer Incorporated (Donald J. Bertel)
DJJXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
DJLXJoseph Leasing Limited
DJMXDaniel John Marnell
DJPXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
DJRXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
DJTXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
DKPXDuke Power Company (Scale Test Cars)
DKSUnion Pacific Railroad Company
DKUXExxon Mobil Corporation
DLDelaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company
DLCDrummond Lighterage
DLFXDiversified Lease Funding Incorporated
DLKUDeltank Limited
DLMXDaylight Locomotives and Machine Works Incorporated
DLPXDeGussa Canada Limited
DLRXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
DLSXDiesel Supply Company Incorporated
DLTXDale L. Thornborough
DLVXThiokol Corporation
DLWRDepew Lancaster and Western Railroad Company Incorporated
DLWXD.L. and W. Incorporated
DMLake State Railway Company
DMEDakota Minnesota and Eastern Railroad Corporation
DMHXDavenport Mammoet LLC
DMIRDuluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company
DMIXADM Transportation
DMLXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
DMLZDML Containers
DMMDansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company
DMVWDakota Missouri Valley and Western Railroad Incorporated
DNAXDana Railcare
DNEDuluth and Northeastern Railroad Company
DOCXDu Pont Canada Incorporated
DODUDepartment of Defense (US)
DODXDeptartment of Defense Military Traffic Management Command
DODZDepartment of Defense (US) 20' chassis
DOEXDoe Run Resources Corporation (The Doe Run Company)
DOLXDolese Brothers Company
DOTXUSDOT/Federal Railroad Administration
DOWUDow Chemical Company
DOWXDow Chemical Company
DPDZDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
DPGXTractech Systems
DPIXDufour Petroleum Incorporated
DQEDe Queen and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
DRDardanelle and Russellville Railroad Incorporated
DREXProTrade Steel Company Limited
DRGWUnion Pacific Railroad Company
DRGXDenver and Royal Gorge Railway LLC
DRIRock Island and North Western RR Company Davenport
DRIRDenver Rock Island Railroad
DRMXDanbury Railway Museum Incorporated
DRSXD.O.T. Rail Services Incorporated
DRTUDart Intermodal Incorporated
DRTZDart Intermodal Incorporated
DSASoo Line Railroad (CPR)
DSBUAmeribrom Incorporated
DSCXDIFCO Incorporated
DSIXDowell Schlumberger Incorporated
DSLXDeGussa Corporation
DSLZIntermodal Services Incorporated
DSRCDakota Southern Railway Company
DSRRDelta Southern Railroad Company
DSSXDetroit Salt Company LLC
DTDecatur Junction Railway Company
DTCXDTE Transportation Services Incorporated
DTEXDresser Transportation Equipment Division of Dresser Industries
DTIGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
DTIZGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
DTLXDelta Tank Line Company
DTRRHousatonic Rail Road Company
DTSGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
DTZZDirect Transit Incorporated
DUCXDu Pont Canada Incorporated
DUFXDuffy and Sons Incorporated
DUKXDupps Company
DUPXDu Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated
DUTDenver Union Terminal Railway Company
DUTCDallas Union Terminal
DVDelaware Valley Railway Company
DVLXFreeport-McRo-Ran Sulphur Company
DVRDevco Railway Cape Breton Development Corporation (Coal Division)
DVRUDover Limited
DVSDelta Valley and Southern Railway Company
DVSZDelta Valley and Southern Railway Company
DWAUDegussa Antwerpen NV
DWCCanadian National Railway
DWCXDavid Witherspoon Incorporated
DWPDuluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway
DYLXTransportation Equipment
DYNXDyno Nobel Incorporated
EACHEast Camden and Highland RR Company
EACUEast Asiatic Company Limited
EAGXEaglebrook Incorporated
EARYEastern Alabama Railway
EASOEASX Corporation (EASX Railroad Corporation)
EASUWaterfront Container Leasing Company Incorporated
EASZWaterfront Container Leasing Company Incorporated
EBAXAlbermarle Corporation
EBBXEd Burrier and Associates
EBPXEmpire Builder Private Cars
ECBREast Cooper and Berkeley Railroad Company
ECCXEthyl Canada Incorporated
ECDUECDC Environmental LC
ECDXEthyl Petroleum Additives Incorporated
ECGXAlabama Power Company
ECIXErman Corporation
ECLXELM-Central Rail Leasing LP
ECOEcorail Incorporated
ECOXEco East
ECOZEcorail Incorporated
ECPXE.C.C. America Incorporated
ECQXEngineered Carbons Incorporated
ECRXEcono-Rail Corporation
ECRZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
ECTBEast Chattanooga Belt Railway Company
ECUXExxon Mobil Corporation
ECXXECDC Environmental LC
EDCXEl Dorado Chemical Company
EDEXEmpire District Electric Company
EDGXAlliant Energy
EDIUEDI Incorporated
EDIZEDI Incorporated
EDWEl Dorado and Wesson Railway Company
EDZXEnvases de Zacatecas SA de CV
EEEllis and Eastern Company
EECEast Erie Commercial Railroad
EEIXElectric Energy Incorporated
EELXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
EFRREffingham Railroad Company
EGSXEntergy Gulf States Incorporated
EHSXEssex Hybrid Seed Company Incorporated
EICXEdlow International Company
EIRCEastern Illinois Railroad Company
EIRREastern Idaho Railroad Incorporated
EISUEvergreen International (USA)
EJEElgin Joliet and Eastern Railway Company
EJREast Jersey Railroad and Terminal
EKBUKeiserling (UK) Limited
ELNorfolk Southern Railway Company
ELCXEli Lilly and Company
ELFXElectric Fuels Corporation
ELKRElk River Railroad Incorporated
ELKXElkem Metals Company
ELSEscanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Company
ELSXKentucky May Coal Company Incorporated
ELTXSoltex Polymer Corporation
EMEdgemoor and Manetta Railway
EMCUEvergreen Marine Corporation
EMCZEvergreen International (USA) Corporation
EMEUEast Med Tanks Limited
EMHREast Mahanoy and Hazelton Railroad Company
EMIXEnvironmental Management Incorporated
EMMUEastern Mediterranean Container Company Limited
EMPXEmpiregas Equipment Corporation
EMRYEastern Maine Railway Company
EMTUEast-Med Tanks International
ENCanadian Pacific Railway Company
ENDXGATX de Mexico SA de CV
ENGXEnglehard Corporation
ENRE and N Railway Company (1998) Limited (RailAmerica)
ENRXUnited States Enrichment Corporation
ENSZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
EOGXUnion Carbide Ethylene Oxide/Glycol Company
EPAXExxon Mobil Corporation
EPCXEnterprise Products Company
EPRYEast Penn Railway Incorporated
EPTCEast Portland Traction Company
EQUXEquistar Chemicals
ERBUContainers for Bulk Haul Kieserling
ERCUErco Industries Limited
ERCXEXCEL Railcar Corporation
ERFUErmefer SA
ERIXEric Dewayne Hopp
ERLXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
ERSXExcel Railcar Services Incorporated
ESCXFirst Security Bank National Association
ESHREastern Shore Railroad Incorporated
ESLJEast St. Louis Junction Railroad
ESLZEast St. Louis Junction Railroad
ESRXEmpire State Railcar Incorporated
ESSXColonial Chemical Company
ETCEast Texas Central Railroad
ETCXEastman Chemical Company Incorporated
ETLEssex Terminal Railway Company
ETMXEtarco Rail Services Incorporated
ETRXArkansas Power and Light Company
ETRYEast Tennessee Railway LP
ETSXEmery Tree Service Incorporated
EUGXFarmland Industries Incorporated
EURXEurocan Pulp and Paper Company
EUSXExxon Mobil Corporation
EVEverett Railroad Company
EVAUEisenbahn-Vverkehrsmittel A.G.
EVTEvansville Terminal Company Incorporated
EWRElkhart and Western Railroad Company
EWSXIndianapolis Power and Light Company
EXEXCommonwealth Edison Company
EXMXExpress Marco Incorporated
FALXFalk Corporation
FANUBrenner Tank Incorporated
FAPRFloydada and Plainview Railroad Company
FBAUAhlers Lines NV
FBDCFord County Historical Railroad Preservation Foundation
FBFUMarine Transworld Equipment Corporation
FBMUCIE Maritime Belge SA
FBMXFayblock Materials
FBSUFranco Belgian Services
FBZUChina Ocean Shipping Company
FCFulton County Railroad Incorporated
FCCMCompania de Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab SA de CV
FCCXFinova Capital Corporation
FCENFlorida Central Railroad Company Incorporated
FCEXCenex Harvest States Cooperative
FCHZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FCMFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FCOXFLO CO2 Incorporated
FCPFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FCPZNational Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales)
FCSXFlorida Crushed Stone Company
FCTXFarmers Commodities Transportation
FDDMUnion Pacific Railroad Company
FDSUFoodsource Incorporated
FDSZFoodsource Incorporated
FECFlorida East Coast Railway Company
FECUYamashita-Shinnihon Line
FECZFlorida East Coast Railway Company
FEIXFarmers Elevator Incorporated of Grace City
FEXZFlorida Express Carriers Incorporated
FFEZFrozen Food Express
FFFZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FFIXProcor Limited
FFTXFun Trains Incorporated
FGCXFlorida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum Incorporated
FGERFruit Growers Express Company
FGGXFarmers Grain Co-Operative
FGLKFinger Lakes Railway Corporation
FGLXFactor Gas Liquids Incorporated
FGMRFruit Growers Express Company
FGWXFederal Grain Inspection Service (USDA) (Scale Test Cars)
FILXWellman Incorporated
FIMXFranklin Industrial Minerals (FIM)
FINUInterpool Limited
FINXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
FIRFlats Industrial Railroad Company
FISZEcorail Incorporated
FJLXBig West Oil Company
FLAXFlexsys America LP
FLAZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FLCXFlex Leasing Corporation
FLDXDTE Transportation Services Incorporated
FLEXRailLease Incorporated
FLGZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FLIXFarmland Industries Incorporated
FLJXBig West Oil Company
FLNXOhio Railway Supply (R.P. Flynn Incorporated)
FLOXFlex Leasing Corporation
FLRXADM Milling Company
FLSXGreat Miami Incorporated
FLTFoss Launch and Tug
FLTZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FLXUFlexi-Van Containers/Chassis
FLXZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FMCUFMC Corporation Industrial Chemical Group
FMGUFlota Mercante Grancolombiana SA
FMIDFlorida Midland Railroad Company Incorporated
FMIXCCKX Incorporated
FMLXFMC Corporation
FMOXFMC Corporation
FMRCFarmrail Corporation
FNAXFerrellgas LLP
FNORFlorida Northern Railroad Company Inc
FORZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FPFordyce and Princeton Railroad Company
FPAXFormosa Transrail Corporation
FPBXInternational Paper Corporation
FPCXOxy Vinyls LP
FPNFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FPPXFayette Power Project
FPXZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FRDNH and S Railroad Company Incorporated
FREUABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
FRLUFarrell Lines Incorporated
FRRFalls Road Railroad Company Incorporated
FRRXFeather River Rail Society
FRSUChina Ocean Shipping Company
FRTXFarm-City Transport Incorporated
FRVRFox Valley and Western Limited
FSFLBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
FSHXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
FSIXFSIX Incorporated
FSRFort Smith Railroad Company
FSRRFerrocarril del Sureste SA de CV
FSTFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FSTUFastrac Intermodal LLC
FSTXFuel Supply Trust
FSTZFastrac Intermodal LLC
FSUDFort Street Union Depot Company
FSVBFort Smith and Van Buren Railway Co
FTCUFirsttank Corporation
FTMZFruit Growers Express Company
FTSXFairmont Tamper
FUCUShinko Pantec Company Limited
FURXFirst Union Rail
FUSFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FVIUFlexi-Van Incorporated
FVIZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FVLZVenezuelan Line
FVPZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FVRRFredonia Valley Railroad Incorporated
FVWFox Valley and Western Limited
FWAZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FWCRFlorida West Coast Railroad Incorporated
FWDBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
FWDBFort Worth and Dallas Belt Railroad
FWDRFort Worth and Dallas Railroad Company
FWIUTrans Ocean Limited
FWLXFoster Wheeler Limited
FWRYFillmore Western Railway Company
FwTZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FWWRFort Worth and Western Railroad Company
FXEFerrocarril Mexicano SA de CV
GACSX Transportation Incorporated
GAABGeorgia and Alabama Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
GABXGeneral American Marks Company
GACXGeneral American Marks Company
GAEXGeneral American Marks Company
GAFXFuller Company
GALXGeorgia Power Company
GAMXArrendadora Nacional De Carros De Ferrocaril
GANOGeorgia Northern Railway Company
GAPXGeorgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division
GARXGATX de Mexico SA de CV
GASXGeneral American Marks Company
GATUGateway Container Leasing
GATXGeneral American Marks Company
GBRXGreenbrier Leasing Corporation
GBRYGettysburg Railway
GBRZGreenbrier Leasing Corporation
GBWFox Valley and Western Limited
GCGeorgia Central Railway LP
GCAUG.C.A. Transport Limited
GCCXGeneral American Marks Company
GCDUOverseas Container Limited
GCEUGenstar Container Corporation
GCEZGenstar Container Corporation
GCFXAlstom Canada Incorporated - Transport
GCIXGabriel Chemicals Incorporated
GCLXGold Coast Limited
GCLZGlobal Chassis Leasing Incorporated
GCMXGold Coast Chapter - National Railway Historical Society Incorporated
GCOXGold Coast Railroad Museum Incorporated
GCPUGenstar (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company)
GCPXGeorgia Gulf Corporation PVC Division
GCRXGrand Canyon Railway Incorporated
GCSRGulf Colorado and San Saba Railway
GCSUG.C.S. Containers Service SA
GCTUGulf Container Lines
GCTXGeneral Chemical Corporation
GCWGarden City Western Railway Company
GCXHoneywell International Incorporated
GDCXGeneral American Marks Company
GDJXGrimmel Industries
GEAXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
GECXGeneral Electric Company Transportation Systems Business Operations
GECZGE Captial Container Finance Corporation
GEGXGE Gas Turbine
GELXGrain Marketing LC
GEMXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
GENXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
GEOXGEO Specialty Chemicals
GEPXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
GETXGeneral American Marks Company
GETZTransport International Pool Incorporated
GEXGeneral Electric Company
GEXRGoderich-Exeter Railway Company Limited (Rail America)
GFNorfolk Southern Railway Company
GFAXGordon Fay Associates Incorporated
GFCGrand Falls Central Railway Company Limited
GFCXGlens Falls Lehigh Cement Company
GFCZGeneral Foods Corporation
GFLXGreenfield Logistics LLC
GFRGrand Forks Railway Company
GFRRGeorgia and Florida Railroad Company
GFSXGeneral American Marks Company
GGCXGeorgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division
GGIXGarvey International Garvey Grain Division
GGMXGolden Gate Railroad Museum Incorporated
GGPXGeneral American Marks Company
GGSGeorgia Great Southern Division South Carolina CentralRailroad
GHBXG. Heileman Brewing Company Incorporated
GHRDGreen Hills Rural Development (Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority)
GIEXGeneral American Marks Company
GIHXGifford Hill and Company (Cornerstone C and M Incorporated)
GILXGilman Paper Company
GIMXGeneral American Marks Company
GITMGolden Isles Terminal Railroad Incorporated
GKLXGold Kist Incorporated
GLBZTrac Lease Incorporated
GLCUFlex-Van Leasing Incorporated
GLCXGreat Lakes Carbon Corporation
GLKUGreat Lakes Chemical Corporation
GLKXGreat Lakes Chemical Corporation
GLNXGLNX Corporation
GLRXGeorgetown Loop Railroad Incorporated
GLSRGloster Southern Railroad Corporation
GLSXGlacier State Distribution Services Incorporated
GMGXM and G Polymers USA LLC
GMHXGeneral American Marks Company
GMIXChicago Freight Car Leasing Company
GMOIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
GMRCGreen Mountain Railroad Corporation
GMRYGreat Miami and Scioto Railway Company
GMSRKansas City Southern Railway Company
GNBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
GNAKansas City Southern Railway Company
GNAXHolnam Incorporated
GNBCGrainbelt Corporation
GNCUGallatin National Company
GNFXCity of Gainesville Florida
GNLXGeorgia Industrial Leasing Company
GNRRGeorgia Northeastern Railroad Company
GNWRGenesee and Wyoming Railroad Company
GOCUGreenfield Overseas Container Incorporated
GOCXChevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
GOHXGeneral American Marks Company
GOTToronto Area Transit Operating Authority
GOTUGulf Overseas Towing
GPBXGeorgia-Pacific Corporation
GPCXGeorgia-Pacific Corporation
GPDXGeneral American Marks Company
GPFXGeneral American Marks Company
GPIXSunbelt Cement
GPLUManagement Control and Maintenance SA
GPLXGeneral American Marks Company
GPMXGeorgia-Pacific Corporation - Mid Continent Wood Products Manufacturing Division
GPPXGeorgia-Pacific Corporation
GPSXGeorgia-Pacific Corporation Eastern Wood Products Manufacturing Division
GPUXGPU Service Corporation
GRGrand Rapids Eastern Railroad Incorporated
GRCXGranite Rock Company
GRDXGrand River Dam Authority
GREXGeorgetown Rail Equipment Company
GRFFGeorgia and Florida Railroad Company
GRIVGauley River Railroad LLC
GRMXGopher State Railway Museum
GRNCarolina Piedmont Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
GRNRGrand River Railway Company
GROIGenesee Rail-One Incorporated
GROXFirst Union Rail
GRPXCIT Group/Capital Finance Group
GRRGeorgetown Railroad Company
GRRXWampum Hardware
GRSXGunderson Rail Services
GRTXSavage-Tolk Energy Services
GRWRGreat Walton Railroad Company
GRYXTransmatrix Incorporated
GSAXGranite State Concrete Company
GSCUEurotainer US Incorporated
GSCXGeneral American Marks Company
GSFGeorgia Southern and Florida Railway Company
GSIXWilliams Energy Ventures Incorporated
GSMGreat Smokey Mountains Railway
GSNXHelm Financial Corporation
GSORIndiana Hi-Rail Corporation
GSRXGolden Spike Railroad Services
GSSXGopher State Scrap and Metal
GSTUGenstar Container Corporation
GSWRGeorgia Southwestern Division South Carolina Centrao Railroad Company
GTAGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
GTAXHarvest States Cooperative
GTEUGeneral Transport Equipment Co Inc
GTISGuilford Transportation Industries
GTIZG. T. Intermodal U.SA
GTLZG. T. Leasing
GTPZTIT Services
GTRGreat River Railroad; (Rosedale-Bolivar County Port Commission)
GTRAGolden Triangle Railroad
GTWGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
GTWQGrand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
GTZZGT Trucking Incorporated
GUGrafton and Upton Railroad Company
GUAXGeorgia Power Company
GUEXGeneral American Marks Company
GURZGrafton and Upton Railroad Company
GVDXOxy Vinyls LP
GVSRGalveston Railroad LP
GWAXRailroad Salvage and Restoration Incorporated
GWCXGreenway Centre LLC
GWIXGWI Leasing Corporation
GWRGreat Western Railway Company
GWRCGeorgia Woodlands Railroad Company
GWRSGreat Western Railway Company
GWSRGreat Western Railway Company
GWSWGWI Switching Services LP
GWWEGateway Eastern Railway Company
GWWRGateway Western Railway
GYLXGaylord Container Corp
HABXHabco International Incorporated
HALXHolland American Line - Westours Incorporated
HAMUCosta Line
HANUHansa Line
HANXL. Hansen's Forwarding
HAPXHelm-Atlantic Leasing LLP
HARXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
HATUH A T Enterprises Incorporated
HATXHelm Financial Corporation
HATZH A T Enterprises Incorporated
HBHampton and Branchville Railroad Company Incorporated
HBGXHBG Enterprises of Tampa Incorporated
HBLHarbor Belt Line
HBRYHudson Bay Railway Company (OmniTRAX)
HBTHouston Belt and Terminal Railway
HBWXGeorgia Power Company
HCBXChevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
HCDUER Nahrungsmittel Ges.MBH and Company KG.
HCGXNorth American Salt Company
HCIUSteam Packet Yard
HCLXBasell Canada Incorporated
HCMXHarnischfeger CCorporation
HCPXOccidental Chemical Corporation
HCRRHoney Creek Railroad Incorporated
HCRYHuron Central Railway (GWI)
HCSXHelm Chesapeake LLP
HCTXMartin Marietta Corporation
HDMUHyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
HDMZHyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
HDSXRailAmerica Equipment Corporation
HEHollis and Eastern Railroad Company
HECXHoosier Energy REC Incorporated
HELXHelm Financial Corporation
HENUProvincial Trailer Rentals
HENZProvincial Trailer Rentals
HEPXHydro One (Ontario)
HEQXHelm Financial Corporation
HERXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
HESRHuron and Eastern Railway Company
HESUHeritage Environmental Services Incorporated
HESXHeritage Environmental Services
HESZHeritage Environmental Services Incorporated
HGPXHarrison Gypsum Company
HHEXH and H Engineering Construction Incorporated
HHHXPublic Service Company of Colorado
HHLXH and H Locomotive Leasing Incorporated
HIIXTTX Company - Hamburg Division
HINXHeritage Inks International Corporation
HIPXReliant Energy HL and P
HJBXH.J. Baker and Brothers Incorporated
HJCUHANJIN Container Lines Limited
HJCZHANJIN Container Lines Limited
HJVXHelm Financial Corporation
HKGUHong Kong Island
HKIUHong Kong Islands Line America SA
HKPUHong Kong Islands Line
HKTUHong Kong Islands Line America SA
HKUUHong Kong Islands Line America SA
HKZZHong Kong Islands Line America SA
HLBZHill Brothers Transportation
HLCUHapag-Lloyd A G
HLCXHelm Financial Corporation
HLEXHunstman Polymers Corporation
HLGXHelm Financial Corporation
HLLXHelm Financial Corporation
HLMXHelm Financial Corporation
HLSCHampton Railway Incorporated
HLTXBP AMOCO Chemical Company Chemical Division
HMAXHuntsman Corporation
HMCRHuntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority
HMCXHoltraChem Manufacturing Company LLC
HMFXFlorida Rock Industries Incorporated
HMIXHenkels and McCoy
HMJXHelm Financial Corporation
HMRHoboken Manufacturers
HMWXHeckett MultiServ
HNHutchinson and Northern Railway Company
HNPUNavale Et Commerciale Havraise Penninsulaire
HOCUHoegh Container Lines
HOEUHoechst Aktiengesellschaft
HOGHeart of Georgia Railroad
HOKXOccidental Chemical Corporation
HOMXPLM International Incorporated
HONXHoneymead Products Company (Division of Harvest States Cooperatives)
HOSHoosier Southern Railroad
HOWZFlex-Van Leasing Incorporated
HOYUHoyer GMBH Internationale
HPAXInternational Paper Company
HPCXHercules Incorporated
HPIXBesell USA Incorporated
HPJXHelm-Pacific Leasing
HPLXExxon Mobil Corporation
HPPXHuntsman Polypropylene Corporation
HPTDHigh Point Thomasville and Denton Railroad
HPTUHighway Pipeline
HRCXHeritage Railcar
HRDXSilver Star Enterprises Incorporated
HREXHeavy Railroad Excavations Incorporated
HRLUHudson Railway Equipment Company (Division of Hudson Leasing Company)
HRLZHudson Railway Equipment Company
HRRCHousatonic Railroad Company
HRRXOn-Track Railcar Services Incorporated
HRSHolidaysburg and Roaring Spring Railroad Company
HRSXHarbor Rail Services of California Incorporated
HRTHartwell Railroad Company
HSH and S Railroad Company Incorporated
HSCXSteel Wheels Limited
HSFZAtchison Topeak and Santa Fe Railway
HSIXHousing Starts Incorporated
HSLUHaulage Services Limited
HSRRHardin Southern Railroad Incorporated
HSRZH and S Railroad Company Incorporated
HTCXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
HTMUHansen and Tidemann Incorporated
HTSUHigh Tech Transport Limited
HTSXHerzog Transit Services Incorporated
HTWHoosac Tunnel and Wilmington
HUBABurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
HUDXHudson Technologies Incorporated
HUKUHuktra (UK) Limited
HUTXHutchinson Transportation Company
HWCXHalliburton Company
HWPXHiram Walker and Sons Incorporated
HYDXPraxair Incorporated
HYWXGeorgia Power Company
HZGXHerzog Contracting Corporation
IAISIowa Interstate Railroad Limited
IALUJapan Line Limited
IANRIowa Northern Railway
IAPXAir Liquide America Corporation
IASZIowa Interstate Railroad Incorporated
IATRIowa Traction Railroad Company
IBCXIndiana Boxcar Corporation
IBNUInterpool Container Pty Limited
IBPXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
IBTInternational Bridge and Terminal Company
IBYUTuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company
ICIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
ICCUICCU Containers Incorporated
ICCXInternational Catalyst Corporation
ICEIowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
ICEUInter-Continental Equipment Incorporated
ICEZGATX Capital Corporation
ICGIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
ICGUIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
ICGZIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
ICHUIngetra AG
ICIUIntermodal Containers Incorporated
ICIXICI Americas Incorporated
ICIZIntermodal Containers Incorporated
ICLUInternational Container Leasing
ICLXIntercoastal Leasing Incorporated
ICLZInternational Chassis Leasing Incorporated
ICMUInterox America
ICMXCargill Dry Corn Ingredients Incorporated
ICOUJapan Line Limited
ICPUIntermodal Container Pool Inc
ICPZIntermodal Container Pool Inc
ICRKIndian Creek Railroad Company
ICRUIngetra AG
ICRXIsland Creek Corporation
ICRZIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
ICSUTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
ICSZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (Union Pacific)
IDCUIdeal Container
IDOXUS Deptartment of Energy Idaho Operations Office
IDSZIndustrial Distribution Service Incorporated
IEAUIntermodal Equipment Associates
IELZIran Express Lines
IESXAlliant Energy
IFBXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
IFCXInterstate Foods Corporation
IFSUInterlink Freight Systems
IFWZIndependent Freightway Incorporated
IGPXIndustrial Steam Products
IHAUIhora Chemical Industrial
IHBIndiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
IHCUCSD Assignment-temporary
IHRCIndiana Hi-Rail Corporation
IHSXWestern Vancouver Island Heritage Society (Alberni Pacific Railway)
IICZIllinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
IIIUIII Transportation
IIIZIII Transportation
IILUIndependent Container Line
IILZIndependent Container Line
IIRZIII Transportation
IKKUICCU Containers Incorporated
IKSUTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
ILDXGeneral Electric Company - Lighting Business Group
ILMUFlow Line Transport
ILSXIndependent Locomotive Service
ILTUInternational Liquid Transport Company Bv
ILWIllinois Western Railroad
IMCXIMC Global Operations Incorporated
IMEXIndiana and Michigan Electric Company
IMMXIndustrial Minera Mexico SA
IMRLIowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
IMRRIllinois and Midland Railroad
IMSXInternational Mill Service
IMSZIntermodal Systems Incorporated
IMTXAg Processing Incorporated
IMXZIntermodal Express Incorporated
INIndiana Northeastern Railroad Company
INCUIntercontinental Transport B.V. (ICT)
INCZIntercontinental Transport B.V. (ICT)
INDUDorothea Marine Entreprise and Management
INDXIndelpro SA de CV
INFXInfineum USA Incorporated
INGXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
INKUInterpool Limited
INLXIncoal Company
INOHIndiana and Ohio Railroad Incorporated
INOXIndiana and Ohio Rail Corporation
INPRIdaho Northern and Pacific Railroad
INRDIndiana Rail Road Company
INSUIntersub Services
INTNorfolk Southern Railway Company
INTUInterpool Container Pty Limited
INTZInterpool Limited
IOCRIndiana and Ohio Central Railroad
IOCXRail Enterprises Incorporated
IOLUTextainer Equipment Management (US) Limited
IOPXMidAmerican Energy Company
IORYIndiana and Ohio Railway Company
IPCUIndependent Container Line
IPCXInternational Paper Company
IPEXIndeck Power Equipment Company
IPLXIllinois Power Company
IPOXA and R Leasing LLP
IPPXIntermountain Power Agency
IPSXGeneral American Marks Company
IPWXAlliant Energy
IQIXIndustria Quimica Del letmo SA de CV
IRIllinois RailNet Incorporated
IREXIRECO Incorporated
IRLXWestern Railroad Supply Incorporated
IRMZIII Transportation
IRRSInternational Rail Road Systems Incorporated
IRSZInterpool/Rail Services Limited
ISCUI.S.C. Chemicals Limited
ISCXISC Incorporated
ISIZIntermodal Services Incorporated
ISLUIslandia Limited
ISRIowa Southern Railroad Company
ISRRIndiana Southern Railroad Company Incorporated
ISSRISS Rail Incorporated
ISSUIceland Steamship Co Limited
ISWIndiana Southwestern Railway Company
ITAUItalian Lines
ITAXIllinois Transit Assembly Incorporated
ITBIsland Tug and Barge
ITCNorfolk Southern Railway Company
ITCXInternational Technologies Corporation
ITDXSULCOM Incorporated
ITEUCompagnia Italiana Investimenti Alternativi
ITGXITG Incorporated
ITIUInternational Transchem Incorporated
ITIXIntermodal Technologies Incorporated
ITKUIntertank Limited
ITLUItel Containers International Corporation
ITLXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
ITRUItel Containers International Corporation
ITSUIberhansaetic Transport System
ITSZInternational Transportation Service Incorporated
ITXXTiaxcalteca de Industrias SA de CV
IUIndianapolis Union
IVLUIvarans Rederei A/S
IXEUInterox Quimica SA
IXWUInterox Chemicals Limited
JAAUJordan Bromine Company
JACXJohnstown America Corporation
JAIXJAIX Leasing Corporation
JALXJAIX Leasing Corporation
JANXJAN Incorporated
JBHUJ. B. Hunt Transport Incorporated
JBHZJ. B. Hunt Transport Incorporated
JBPXPacifiCorp Electric Operations and Idaho Power Company - Jim Bridger Project
JBRXBakery Trading Company
JBTUJumbotainer BV Barendecht
JCDXJefferson County Drainage District No. 6
JCLXMid-Am Equipment Incorporated
JCSXHeritage Operating LP
JDIXJim Dobbas Incorporated
JDMXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
JDSXM and C Railcar Leasing LLC
JEJoppa and Eastern Railroad Company
JECXWestern Resources Incorporated
JEFWJefferson Warrior Railroad Company
JEPXPSI Energy Incorporated
JGLUJuglinija Lines
JGRUJohn G. Russell Transport Limited
JHMXAlabama Power Company
JHPXNova Chemicals (USA) Incorporated
JJJXJJ Rail Car Leasing Limited
JJRDJ and J Railroad Incorporated
JKBXJohn Kenneth Burbridge
JKLJ.K. Line Incorporated
JLAUJapan Line Limited
JLDUJapan Line Limited
JLEUJapan Line Limited
JLEZJapan Line Limited
JLHUJapan Line Limited
JLLUJapan Line Limited
JLLXLaRoche Industries Incorporated
JLLZJapan Line Limited
JLMUJapan Line Limited
JLPUJapan Line Limited
JLSUJapan Line Limited
JLSZJapan Line Limited
JLTUJapan Line Limited
JMHXJ.M. Huber Corporation
JMJZJ.M.J. Projects Incorporated
JNSXJNS Marketing Company Coastline Rail Service Divisioin
JOBXTealinc Limited
JORXJormac SA de CV
JOTUJapan Oil Transportation Company Limited
JPTUDaikin Industries
JRCXGLNX Corporation
JRSXJ.R. Simplot Company
JRWXJohnson Railway Service Incorporated
JSCUFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
JSCZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
JSRCJackson and Southern Railroad Company
JSSUChina Navigation Company Limited
JSSXJersey Shore Steel Company
JTAXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
JTCOJacksonville Terminal Company
JTFXJoseph Leasing Limited
JTHXCiticorp Railmark Incorporated
JTIXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
JTJXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
JTLXJoseph Resources Incorporated
JTMXISG Resources Incorporated
JTPXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
JTSXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
JTSZJontri Transportation Company
JVRRJuniata Valley Railroad Company
JWAXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
JWRXAlabama Power Company
KABXCanadian Resource Distribution Incorporated
KACXKaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation
KAIXRinker Materials Corporation
KAMXKamen Incorporated
KBSRKankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad Company
KBSZKankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad Company
KCCXKennecott Utah Copper Corporation
KCDXEastman Kodak Company
KCGXSouthdown Incorporated
KCIXNova Chemicals Incorporated
KCLXKansas City Power and Light Company
KCPXKemira Chemicals Canada Incorporated Incorporated
KCRXKootenay Central Rail Services Limited
KCSKansas City Southern Railway Company
KCSUKansas City Southern Railway Company
KCSZKansas City Southern Railway Company
KCTVKCT Railway Corporation
KCWXKimberly-Clark of Canada Limited
KDCXEastman Chemical Canada Incorporated
KDEXGLNX Corporation
KEKansas Eastern Railroad Incorporated
KEBXRonald L. Boothman Remainder Trust
KELXKellogg Company
KENNKennecott Company Railroad
KEYXKeywell Corporation
KFGXKnauf Fiber Glass GmbH
KFMXOils Unlimited
KFTXJ and J Railcar Leasing LLC
KGCXINDSPEC Chemical Corporation
KGFXKingsford Company
KGLXCommonwealth Edison Company
KGRXKasgro Rail Corporation
KIIXKoppers Industries Incorporated
KJRKiski Junction Railroad (Berkman Rail Services Incorporated)
KJRYKeokuk Junction Railway
KKRRKnox and Kane Railroad Company
KKTUKerr Steamship K Line
KLCUIBJ Leasing Company Limited
KLSCKalamazoo Lake Shore and Chicago Railway
KMKansas and Missouri Railway and Terminal Company
KMCUMitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
KMCXKerr-Mcgee Coal Corporation
KMTUHyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
KMTZHyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
KMUXKershaw Manufacturing Company
KNCKingcome Navigation
KNDXKND Rail Services Incorporated
KNLUNedlloyd Lines
KNOXPhilips Metals Incorporated
KOKansas and Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated
KPCXKoppers Industries Incorporated
KPCZK and P Cartage Company
KPGXKentucky Processing Company
KPLXWestern Resources Incorporated
KPRKelowna Pacific Railway Limited
KPXXProgress Rail Services Corporation
KRIXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
KRLKasgro Rail Lines
KRRKiamichi Railroad Company LLP
KRSXKurguz Enterprises Incorporated (Kurguz Railway Services)
KSCUKorea Shipping Corporation
KSCZKorea Shipping Corporation
KSRYKosclusko and Southwestern Railway
KSWKansas and Oklahoma Railroad
KTKentucky and Tennessee Railway Company
KTRKendallville Terminal Railway
KTXACF Industries Incorporated
KUCXKentucky Utilities Company
KVRKern Valley Railroad
KWCUWorld Container Leasing Incorporated
KWTK.W.T. Railway Incorporated
KWUXSiemens Westinghouse Power Corporation
KXHRKnoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
KYLEKyle Railroad Company
KYRXProgress Rail Services Corporation
LAKansas City Southern Railway Company
LACXGoodyear Tire and Rubber Company
LAFXLafarge Corporation
LAHXTransportation Equipment Incorporated
LAJLos Angeles Junction Railway
LAKXCity of Lakeland
LALLivonia Avon and Lakeville Railroad Corporation
LANOPenn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
LANUCATU Containers SA
LAPTLos Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
LARULanan Incorporated
LBFXL.B. Foster Company
LBRLowville and Beaver River Railroad Company
LBWXTechnical Propellants Incorporated
LCLancaster and Chester Railway Company
LCCXLiquid Carbonic Corporation
LCEXLone Star Industries Incorporated
LCGXCargill Incorporated CGD Division
LCHXLCP Transportation Incorporated
LCIXPraxair Incorporated
LCLXLedcor Communications Limited
LCOXL A Colo and Sons Incorporated
LCPXGeneral American Marks Company
LCRLake County Railroad
LCRXLower Colorado River Authority
LCSXLaclede Steel Company
LCWXLCP Chemicals-West Virginia Incorporated
LDAXLouisiana Agricultural Finance Authority
LDCXLouis Dreyfus Corporation
LDRRLouisiana and Delta Railroad Incorporated
LDSXLambton Diesel Specialists Incorporated
LEFXGreenville Leasing Company
LENLake Erie and Northern Railway Company
LEOXGolden Foods Incorporated
LERLogansport and Eel River Short-Line Company Incorporated
LERXPSI Energy Incorporated
LEVXLevel Energy Incorporated
LEWUNorman Lewis Tankers BV
LFCDLinea Coahuila Durango SA de CV
LFFZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LGCXLa Prairie Group Contractors (Alberta) Limited
LGEUCATU Containers SA
LGEXL.G. Everist Incorporated
LGMXLogistics Management Systems
LGNZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LGSXMidAmerican Energy Company
LGTULiquid and Gas Transport Incorporated
LGTXLogistechs Incorporated
LHFXLehigh Heavy Forge Corporation
LHRNorfolk Southern Railway Company
LHRRLonghorn Railroad
LHTXLarsen Farms
LILong Island Rail Road Company
LIBULib Leasing
LINCLewis and Clark Railway Company
LIRCLouisville and Indiana Railroad Company
LITXLite Industries Incorporated
LKRRLittle Kanawha River Rail Incorporated
LKWRLackland Western Railroad Company
LLCXLLCX Incorporated
LLIXServices Unlimited
LLLXLouisiana Leasing Limited Of Illinois
LLPXLocomotive Leasing Partners LLC
LMUnion Pacific Railroad Company
LMCUWorld Container Leasing Incorporated
LMICLake Michigan and Indiana Railroad Company
LMIXLORAM Maintenance of Way Incorporated
LMSXLocomotive Management Services
LMTXChartrand's Tank Car Service Incorporated
LMWXMHC Incorporated Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Conagra Incorporated
LNCSX Transportation Incorporated
LNACH and S Railroad Company
LNALLouisville New Albany and Corydon Railroad
LNTXAlliant Energy
LNVTLandisville Terminal and Transfer Company
LNWLouisiana and North West Railroad Company
LNWXLocomotives Northwest Limited
LOCXMobile Locomotive Services Incorporated
LOGXLinden Leasing Incorporated
LORURenzlor Securities Corporation
LOSXLocomotive Specialists Incorporated
LOVXAmerican Colloid Company
LOWUManagement Control and Maintenance SA
LPIULeasing Partners Int. B.V.
LPNLongview Portland and Northern Railway Company
LPRULosinjska Plovidba Mali Losing
LRAXLatinoamerican Railroad Association Incorporated
LRCXLivingston Rebuild Center Incorporated
LRDXMidAmerican Energy Company
LRIXLake Superior Eastern Rail Industries
LRLXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
LRMXLogistics Resource Management
LRPALittle Rock Port Railroad
LRSLaurinburg and Southern Railroad Co
LRWNLittle Rock and Western Railway LP
LRWYLehigh Railway, LLC
LS Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway Company
LSBZChicago Rail Link
LSCXD-H Investors (Relam Auditing Services)
LSEUOne Way Lease Incorporated
LSFZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LSILake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Company
LSIUL.S. Intertank
LSIXADM Transportation
LSMXProgress Rail Services Corporation
LSRCLake State Railway Company
LSRRLone Star Railroad Incorporated
LSRXLake Superior Railroad Museum
LTLake Terminal Railroad Company
LTCRLeelanau Transit Company
LTCXPraxair Incorporated
LTEXL.H.A.G.S. Incorporated (Larry's Truck and Electric Service)
LTIULloyd Triestine Di Navigazione S.P.A.
LTLZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LTVXLTV Steel Company
LUBXPhilip Metals Incorporated
LUCXServices Unlimited
LUNXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
LUUXLux Internation Corporation
LUXTosco Corporation
LVNorfolk Southern Railway Company
LVALLackawanna Valley Railroad Corporation
LVRCLamoille Valley Railroad Company
LVRRLycoming Valley Railroad Company
LWLouisville and Wadley Railway Company
LWAXLaidlaw Environmental Services
LWIXL and W Entertainment Company Incorporated (Milk and Cookies Railroad)
LXOHLexington and Ohio Railroad Company
LXVRLuxapalila Valley Railroad Incorporated
LYKULykes Brothers Steamship Company Incorporated
LYKZLykes Brothers Steamship Company Incorporated
LYNXRound Butte Products
MAAMagma Arizona Railroad Company
MACXMac Acquisitions. LP
MADUMagnum Speditionsgelleshaft GMBH
MAEUMaersk Lines
MAIXMacon Iron and Paper Stock Incorporated
MAJUMalaysian International Shipping Corporation
MALXMid-America Locomotive and Car Repair Incorporated
MALZAmerican President Lines Incorporated
MANXWilliams Energy Ventures Incorporated
MAPXWilliams Energy Ventures Incorporated
MARXMidAmerican Energy Corporation
MATUMatson Navigation Company
MATZMatson Navigation Company
MAWMaumee and Western Railroad Corporation
MAXUMaxu Containers Limited
MAXXMidAmerican Energy Company
MAYWMaywood and Sugar Creek
MBM and B Railroad LLC
MBCXM.B.C.X. Leasing LLC
MBIXMorse Brothers Incorporated
MBKXMRC Rail Services LLC
MBLXExxon Mobil Corporation
MBPXMacMillan-Bloedell Incorporated
MBSXMid-South Bulk Services Incorporated
MBTXMassachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MCCXMt. Vernon Transfer Terminal LLC
MCDXSunbelt Cement Incorporated
MCERMassachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCEUMassachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCEZMassachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCHXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
MCLRMcLaughlin Line Railroad
MCMUManagement Control and Maintenance SA
MCMXM C Rail Services Limited
MCPXSolutia Incorporated
MCRMcCloud Railway Company
MCRRMonongahela Connecting RR Company
MCRXMarcus Rail Transport LLC
MCSAMoscow Camden and San Augustine Railroad
MCSUChina Ocean Shipping Company
MCTAMinnesota Central Railroad Company
MCTXModern Continental Construction Company Limited
MCVXMassuchusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Association
MDCXMexicana De Cobre SA de CV
MDDEMaryland and Delaware Railroad
MDDXOld Line Holding Company Incorporated
MDIXModern Dispersions Incorporated
MDKXMandak Metal Processors Division of Gardau MRM Steel Incorporated
MDLRMidland Terminal Company
MDRKansas City Southern Railway Company
MDSMeridian Southern Railway LLC
MDSZMedspan Shipping Service Incorporated
MDTXSouthern Region Industrial Realty Incorporated
MDWMinnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
MDWUMinnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
MDWZMinnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
MEMorristown and Erie Railway Incorporated
MECMaine Central Railroad Company
MECXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
MELXSunbelt Cement Incorporated
MEPXMcGraw-Edison Company
MERXMerco a joint venture
MESXMears/CPG Incorporated
METModesto and Empire Traction Company
METWMunicipality of East Troy Wisconsin
METXNortheast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation
MFCXFirst Union Rail
MFFXM4 Holdings Limited
MGANorfolk Southern Railway Company
MGGUMarcevaggi S.P.A.
MGMXJ and J Partnership
MGRIMG Rail Incorporated
MGSXCF Martin Sulphur LP
MHMt. Hood Railroad Company
MHAXUS Dept of Interior-Bureau of Mines Helium Field Operations
MHFXMHF Logistical Solutions Incorporated
MHQUMilitary Sealift Command HQ Washington DC
MHQZMilitary Sealift Command
MHRXMile-High Railcar Services Incorporated
MHWAMohawk Adirondack and Northern Railroad Corporation
MIUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MIDHMiddletown and Hummelstown RR Company
MIDXMRC Rail Services LLC
MIEUMI Engineering Limited
MILWSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
MILXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
MILZSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
MIMXMinera Mexico Internacional Incorporated
MINUChina Ocean Shipping Company
MIPXMillennium Petrochemicals Incorporated
MIRXRegional Recycling LLC
MISMississippi Central Railroad Corporation
MISSMississippian Railway Cooperative Incorporated
MISUMalaysian International Shipping Corporation
MJManufacturers Junction Railway Company
MJVUMerco a joint venture
MKCMcKeesport Connecting Railroad Company
MKCXMorrison Knudsen Corporation
MKFXCentury Rail Enterprises Incorporated
MKIXMorrison Knudsen Corporation
MKTUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MKTTUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MKTZMissouri Pacific Railroad Company
MLCXAmerican Refrigerator Transit Company
MLEXMiles Incorporated
MLIXMelbo Land and Investment Company
MLLXBasell USA Incorporated
MLMXMetal Management Incorporated
MLSXMonsanto Company
MLUXSolutia Incorporated
MMAMontreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Limited
MMAXMartin Marietta Corporation
MMBXMaster Builders Incorporated
MMCUCIE Des Messageries Maritimes
MMCXTransMatrix Incorporated
MMIDMaryland Midland Railway Incorporated
MMMUFesco Pacific Lines
MMMXMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M)
MMRRMid-Michigan Railroad Incorporated
MMRXDouble M Ranch Enterprises
MMXZMurphy Motor Express Incorporated
MNAMissouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad Company
MNAXC and S Directional Boring Incorporated
MNBRM and B Railroad LLC
MNCWMetro-North Commuter Railroad
MNCXMinnesota Corn Processors Incorporated
MNJMiddletown and New Jersey Railway Company Incorporated
MNLUMalaysian International Shipping Corporation
MNLXExxon Mobil Corporation
MNNMinnesota Northern Railroad Incorporated
MNNRMinnesota Commercial Railway Company
MNPXMorton International Incorporated
MNSSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
MNTXMinnesota Transportation Museum Incorporated
MNWXMinnesota Department of Public Service Weights and Measures Division
MOBXExxon Mobil Corporation
MOCMissouri Central Railroad Company
MOFXMaxton Oil and Fertilizer Company
MOGXC.W. Brooks Incorporated
MOHXSolutia Incorporated
MOLUMitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOLXInternation Molasses Corporation Limited
MONCSX Transportation Incorporated
MONXSolutia Incorporated
MOPZFlexi-Van Leasing
MORZMitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOSXMosinee Paper Corporation
MOSZMitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOTMarine Oil Transportation
MOTCMontreal Tramways
MOTXMuseum of Transportation
MOTZMitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOWXFortaleza Construction Company
MPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MPAYork Railway Company
MPCXMichels Pipeline Construction Incorporated
MPEXMotivepower Industries Incorporated
MPITUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MPIXMotive Power Incorporated
MPLIMinnesota Prairie Line Incorporated
MPLZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MPRXMotive Power Equipment and Solutions Incorporated
MPSXMissouri Public Service
MPTXProcor Limited
MPUMissouri Pacific Railroad Company
MPWXMuscatine Power and Water
MPZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MQPXMillennium Inorganic Chemicals Incorporated
MRMcCloud Railway Company
MRAXMineral Range Incorporated
MRCXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
MRDXMidAmerican Energy Company
MREXMonad Railway Equipment Company
MRIMohall Railroad Incorporated
MRLMontana RailLink Incorporated
MRMXMRMX Leasing and Management LLC
MRRCarolina Southern Railroad Company
MRSManufacturers Railway Company
MRSXMile-High Railcar Services Incorporated
MSMichigan Shore Railroad Incorporated
MSAZNational Motor Freight Traffic Assn
MSCIMississippi Central Railroad Company
MSCUMediterranean Shipping Company SA
MSCZMediterranean Shipping Company
MSDRKnoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
MSEMississippi Export Railroad Company
MSIXMorton International Incorporated
MSNMeeker Southern Railroad
MSOMichigan Southern Railroad Incorporated
MSPXP4 Productions LLC
MSQUMilitary Sealift Command Bayonne NJ
MSRCKansas City Southern Railway Company
MSRWMississippian Railway Cooperative Incorporated
MSTLUnion Pacific Railroad Company
MSTRMassena Terminal Railroad Company
MSUUUSPCI Incorporated
MSVMississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad Company
MSWYMinnesota Southern Railway Incorporated
MTMississippi and Tennessee RailNet Incorporated
MTAXMTAX Corporation
MTCOMacon Terminal Company
MTCXMallard Transportation Company
MTCZMayflower Transit and Storage
MTDXMidwest Transportation and Development Company
MTIUWelfit Oddy (PTY) Limited
MTIZAmerican Marine Industries
MTLUMontgomery Tank Lines
MTLXMetal Link International LLC
MTMUMarch Limited
MTNXRocky Mountain Transportation Services
MTPXMontana Power Company
MTRYoungstown and Southern Railway Company
MTRXTransMatrix Incorporated
MTSUMarine Transport Service Incorporated
MTZMitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MUSCMemphis Union Station Company
MVPMissouri and Valley Park Railroad Company
MVRYMahoning Valley Railway Company
MVTMt. Vernon Terminal
MWAXMartin Marietta Materials Incorporated
MWCLMidwest Coal Handling Incorporated
MWCXMidwest Railcar Corporation
MWHXMarkwest Hydrocarbon Partners Limited
MWLXMidwest Locomotive Leasing and Sales Incorporated
MWLZMadrigal-Wan Hai Lines Corporation
MWMXGolden Leasing
MWPXMurco Wall Products Incorporated
MWRCMount Washington Railway Company
MWRLHillvista Investment Company (Molalla Western Railway)
MWRRMontana Western Railway Company Incorporated
MWRXMidwest Rail Holdings Incorporated
MWSXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
MXLUMexican Line
MZIZMarko B Zanovich
NABUEcst Container Services and Trading GMBH.
NACRNashville and Ashland City Railroad
NACXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NADUNorth American Domestic Container Corporation
NADXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NADZNorth American Domestic Container Corporation
NAFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NAHXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NALUNorwegian American Lines
NALZNeptune Orient Lines Limited
NAMXNAMX Leasing Company
NAPNarragansett Pier Railroad Company
NAPXNorth American Plastics Incorporated
NARCanadian National Railway
NATXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NATZNorth American Transportation
NAUGNaugatuck Railroad Company
NAVENavajo Express Incorporated
NBCXNebraska Boiler Company
NBECNew Brunswick East Coast Railway Company Incorporated
NBERNittany and Bald Eagle Railroad Company
NBIXBombardier Capital Rail Incorporated
NBNRNicolet Badger Northern Railroad
NBSRNew Brunswick Southern Railway Company Limited
NCCSX Transportation Incorporated
NCAUColonial/Atl (Bermuda) Limited
NCAZNCA Leasing Company a division of G.H. Leasing Corporation
NCBUNorthbrook Container Leasing
NCDUBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
NCEUXTRA Intermodal
NCEXNational Car Systems Incorporated
NCFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NCGUGenstar Corporation
NCHUTIP Intermodal Services
NCHXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NCIRNew Castle Industrial Railroad Incorporated
NCIUNorth American Container System (TRAC Lease Incorporated)
NCIXNova Chemicals Incorporated
NCJUNorth American Container System (TRAC Lease Incorporated)
NCLUChina Ocean Shipping Company
NCLXNova Chemicals Incorporated
NCPRNorth Carolina Ports Railway Commission
NCQUTIP Intermodal Services
NCRCNebraska Central Railroad Company
NCRUTIP Intermodal Services
NCRXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NCRYNorthern Central Railway
NCTUNorthbrook Container Leasing
NCTXPLM International Incorporated
NCUUTIP Intermodal Services
NCUXTransport Capital Rail Partners LLC
NCVANorth Carolina and Virginia Railroad
NCWXNorthwest Container Services Incorporated
NCYRNash County Railroad Corporation
NDCRN.D.C. Railroad Company
NDMFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
NDMZNational Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales)
NDYXFirst Union Rail
NEAXNemic Leasing Corporation
NECRNew England Central Railroad Incorporated
NECXMid-Am Equipment Incorporated
NEFXNortheast Corridor Foundation
NEGSNew England Southern Railroad Company
NEKMNortheast Kansas and Missouri Division Mid-Michigan Railroad Incorporated
NELUNew England Express Lines
NEMXOgden Martin Systems of Montgomery
NENENebraska Northeastern Railway Company
NEPUNeptune Orient Lines Limited
NERRNashville and Eastern Railroad
NERXTransportation Management Services Incorporated
NERZGeneral Electric Capital Corporation
NETUNetumar Lines
NETXNemic Leasing Corporation
NFLZFlexi-Van Leasing
NFPXNewaygo Forest Products Limited
NGOUScoa Incorporated
NGTXSuburban Propane LP
NHCRNew Hampshire Central Railroad
NHNNew Hampshire Northcoast Corporation
NHRRNew Hope and Ivyland Rail Road
NHVTNew Hampshire and Vermont Railroad Company
NHVXEast Carolina Chapter National Railway Historical Society
NIAXNiagara and Western New York Railroad Company Incorporated
NICDNorthern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
NICUNIC Leasing Incorporated
NICXNiagara and Western New York Railroad Company Incorporated
NIFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NIHXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NIKXN.I.K. Non-stock Marketing Cooperative
NIRXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
NIWXNorthern Illinois and Wisconsin Railway Corporation
NJDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
NJTRNJ Transit Rail Operations
NKCRNebraska Kansas and Colorado RailNet
NKPNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NLAXNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NLGKansas City Southern Railway Company
NLLXNorthern Line Layers Incorporated
NLPXPerkins Motor Transport Incorporated
NLSUNautilus Leasing Services Incorporated
NLSXNational Starch and Chemical Company
NLSZTrans Ocean Chassis Corporation
NLTXNational Starch and Chemical Company Member ICI Group Vinamul Polymers
NMCXNational Machinery Company
NMGRNew Mexico Gateway Railroad LLC
NMLXNational Metal Corporation Limited
NNNorthern Nevada Railroad Corporation
NNIUNautica Line
NNPUNigerian National Petroleum Corporation
NNSXNewport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
NNYXNational New York Central Railroad Museum
NOGCNew Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway Company Incorporated
NOKLNorthwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co
NOKZFirst Union Rail
NOLRNew Orleans Lower Coast Railroad Incorporated
NOLUNeptune Orient Lines Limited
NOLZNeptune Orient Lines Limited
NOPBNew Orleans Public Belt Railroad
NORXNorthern Indiana Public Service Company
NOSUNeptune Orient Lines Limited
NOTNew Orleans Terminal
NOVXNovell Polymers Incorporated
NOWNorthern Ohio and Western Railway Limited
NPBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
NPBNorfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad Company
NPCXEquistar Chemicals LP
NPIXChem-Nuclear Systems LLC
NPPXNebraska Public Power District
NPRNorthern Plains Railroad Incorporated
NPRXYakima Interurban Lines Association
NPSUNigel Parks Limited
NPTPortland (Oregon) Terminal Railroad. Company
NPTUNeptune Leasing Incorporated
NPTXNewport Steel Corporation
NRBXFruit Growers Express Company
NRCUNedlloyd Road Cargo BV
NRCXNorthern Rail Car Corporation
NRDXNordic Warehouse Incorporated
NREXNational Railway Equipment Company
NRHXNational Railway Historical Society
NRINebkota Railway Incorporated
NRIXNational Refrigerants Incorporated
NRLXBombardier Capital Rail Incorporated
NRPXNorthrop Corporation
NRRNobles Rock Railroad
NRSUNippon Riku-un Sangyo Company
NSNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NSAXNational Steel Corporation
NSCXNational Steel Car Limited
NSFZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NSHRNorth Shore Railroad Company
NSLSt. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
NSLUNorasia Services (HGK) Limited
NSLZNestle Transportation Company
NSPXNorthern States Power Company
NSPZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NSRNewburgh and South Shore Railroad Company
NSSXNational Salvage and Service Corporation
NSTXNorth Star Steel Company
NSXZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NSZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NTIUGermanischer Lloyd
NTKXVAE Nortrak North America Incorporated
NTLXNashtex Leasing Incorporated
NTNUNational Container Network Incorporated
NTRMississippi Central Railroad Company
NTRXNTL Transportation Corporation
NTRYNimishillen and Tuscarawas LLC
NUCXNucor Steel Crawfordsville - Division of Nucor Corporation
NUSUNeptune Orient Lines Limited
NVCXNevada Cement Company
NVPXNevada Power Company
NVRBangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
NVRRNAPA Valley Railroad Company
NWNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NWAXBP Global Special Products (America) Incorporated
NWCXNorthwest Container Services Incorporated
NWLXNationwide Locomotive Service LLC
NWRNashville and Western Railroad Corporation
NWTXNorth West Timber Limited
NWTZNW Transport
NWZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
NXLZNational Xpress Logistics Incorporated
NYANew York and Atlantic Railway Company
NYCCSX Transportation Incorporated
NYCHNew York Cross Harbor Railroad Terminal Corporation
NYCXNew York Central Lines LLC
NYGLNew York and Greenwood Lake Railway
NYLENew York and Lake Erie Railroad Company
NYLUJapan Line Limited
NYOGNew York and Ogdensburg Railway Company Incorporated
NYSWNew York Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation
NZCUShipping Corporation Of New Zealand Limited
NZSUShipping Corporation Of New Zealand Limited
OAROld Augusta Railroad Company
OCCUATS Container Leasing SA
OCCXOccidental Chemical Corporation
OCFXOwens Corning Fiberglass
OCLUOverseas Containers Limited
OCNUOcean Lines Incorporated
OCPXOxy Vinyls LP
OCROklahoma Central Railroad Company
OCRROttawa Central Railway
OCRXOklahoma Central Railroad
OCSUScripps Institute of Oceanography
OCTLOil Creek and Titusville Lines
OCTROctoraro Railway Incorporated
OCTXOctel America Incorporated
ODTXOil-Dri Corporation of America
OFSXTucson Electric Power Company
OGEEOgeechee Railway Company
OGEXOklahoma Gas and Electric Company
OGSXAlliant Energy
OHCROhio Central Railroad Incorporated
OHFXFluor Daniel Fernald
OHICOhi-Rail Corporation
OHKUOhka American Incorporated USA
OHOXUS Department of Energy Ohio Field
OHPAOhio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company
OHRYOwego and Harford Railway Incorporated
OJGXOscar J. Glover
OKANOkanagan Valley Railway Company (OmniTRAX)
OKCXLone Star Industries Incorporated
OKKTUnion Pacific Railroad Company
OLAUOccidental Chemical Corporation Echem and Speciality Products
OLBOmaha Lincoln and Beatrice Railway Company
OLDXOld Line Holding Company Incorporated
OLLUOcean Leasing Limited
OLNXOlin Corporation
OLOOntario L'Orignal Railway Incorporated
OLYROlympic Railroad Company
OLYUOlympic Container Corporation
OLYZShowa Line Limited
OMAXOmaha Public Power District
OMIDOntario Midland Railroad Corporation
OMLXOmniTRAX Leasing Limited
OMRXOzark Mountain Railcar LLC
OMSXJ. T. Leasing Incorporated (Ohio Mulch)
ONCTOntario Central Railroad Corporation
ONSXOglebay Norton Industrial Sands Incorporated
ONTOntario Northland Railway
ONTAOntario Northland Railway
ONTXOn-Track Railcar Services Incorporated
OOCZOrient Overseas Line Incorporated
OOLUOrient Overseas Container Line
OOOXOsborne Incorporated
OOUUOrient Overseas Line Incorporated
OPEOregon Pacific and Eastern Railway Company
OPIXEquistar Chemicals LP
OPPXOmaha Public Power District
OPROregon Pacific Railroad Company
OPSXPublic Service Company of Oklahoma
OPTOrange Port Terminal Railway
OPXOhio Power Company
ORAOrmet Railroad Corporation
ORCUBSL Transport
OREXOregon Department of Agriculture
OROXUS Deptartment of Energy Oak Ridge Operations
ORROsage Railroad
OSCZIntermodal Services Incorporated
OSRROhio Southern Railroad Incorporated
OSRXOntario Southland Railway Incorporated
OSSUEurovos B.V.
OTCOOwensville Terminal Company
OTCROakdale Traction Corporation
OTDXGreenbrier Leasing Corporation
OTROakland Terminal Railway
OTRXOn-Track Railway Services Limited
OTSXOn-Track Rail Services LLC
OTTOttumwa Terminal Railroad Company
OTVROtter Tail Valley Railroad Company (Rail America)
OUCHOuachita Railroad
OUCXOrlando Utilities Commission
OURDOgden Union Railway and Depot Company
OVEXOhio Valley Electric Company
OVNZOvernite Transportation Company
OWIXOld World Transportation Limited
OWLUOcean World Lines Incorporated
OWSXOil Well Supply Co (1980) Limited
OXYUEurotainer US Incorporated
PACXPlasser American Corporation
PAENorfolk Southern Railway Company
PAIXPol-Tex Internation Division of Poly-America
PALPaducah and Louisville Railroad
PAMPittsburgh Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad Company
PAPXPennsylvania Pullmans Incorporated
PARXPan American Railway Company
PASXPacer International Incorporated (Pacer Stacktrain)
PATZPacer Stacktrain
PBFXIBP Incorporated
PBLPhiladelphia Belt Line Railroad Company
PBLUContainers and Pressure Vessels Limited
PBMZPattison Brothers Mississippi River Incorporated
PBNEPhiladelphia Bethlehem and New England Railroad Company
PBRPatapsco and Back Rivers Railroad
PBRRPine Belt Southern Railroad Company
PBSZCSX Intermodal Incorporated
PBVRPort Bienville Railroad
PCNorfolk Southern Railway Company
PCAXPioneer Chlor Alkali Company Incorporated
PCCPalouse River and Coulee City Railroad Incorporated
PCCXPeabody Coal Company (Captive Service)
PCHXPoole Chemical Incorporated
PCIXACF Industries Incorporated
PCJUPuma Containers (Jersey) Limited
PCLUMaritime Container Lines Limited
PCNPoint Comfort and Northern Railway
PCNZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
PCSXPLM International Incorporated
PCTXPioneer Cement Company of Texas
PCYPittsburgh Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway Company
PDIZProduce Distributors Incorporated
PDQXCastle Capital Corporation
PDRRPee Dee River Railroad Corporation
PEConsolidated Rail Corporation
PECXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PELXPremier Equipment Leasing Company
PELZPremier Equipment Leasing Incorporated
PENXPenford Products Company
PEPXPotomac Electric Power Company
PERUMaxu Containers Limited
PERXPerini Corporation
PFPioneer and Fayette Railroad Company
PFMXPerdue Transportation Incorporated
PFRXParks Propane and Appliance Incorporated
PFSXPrivate Fuel Storage LLC
PGCXPeoples Gas System Incorporated
PGDXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PGEBC Rail Limited
PGEXPortland General Electric Company
PGHXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
PGLZPrudential Grace Lines
PGRProgressive Rail Incorporated
PGRVPigeon River Railroad Company
PGRXAmeriGas Propane LP
PGTXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
PHDPort Huron and Detroit Railroad Company
PHLPacific Harbour Line Incorporated
PHNXGeneral American Marks Company
PHRUNigeria National Petroleum Corporation
PICKPickens Railway Company
PICUPickfords Removals Limited
PIFXPifer Tank Car Company
PIGZTranfax-Division of Fresh Intermodal Transport Incorporated
PIRPittsburgh Industrial Railroad Incorporated
PIVXPivotal Enterprises Corporation
PJRPort Jersey
PJRLPenn Jersey Rail Lines Incorporated
PKHPPickens Railway Co-Honea Path Division
PKSXPeter Kiewit Sons Incorporated
PLCXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PLEYoungstown and Southern Railway Company
PLEXPLM International Incorporated
PLHZPole Star Transport Incorporated
PLIXPolymont Plastics Corporation
PLIZP and L Intermodal Corporation
PLLUPolynesia Line Limited
PLLZPolynesia Line Limited
PLMXPLM International Incorporated
PLNZPenske Logistics
PLRUPic Leasing Corporation
PLRXPIC Trans Incorporated
PLUXPulser Equipment Corporation
PLWPL and W Railroad Incorporated
PLWXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PMAXPMA Transportation Corporation
PMGXPacific Metal Limited
PMIXPittman Moore Incorporated
PMLXPrairie Malt Limited
PMOXPhillip Morris Incorporated
PNPennsylvania Northeastern Railroad
PNHXGeneral American Marks Company
PNRPanhandle Northern Railroad Company
PNSPhiladelphia and Norfolk Steamship
PNSXChem-Nuclear Systems LLC
PNTXGreat Lakes Chemical Corporation Specialty Chemicals
PNWPrescott and Northwestern Railroad
PNWRPortland and Western Railroad Incorporated
PNWUPacific Northwest Equipment Incorporated
POAKPort of Oakland Railway
POHCPittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad
POLUPolish Ocean Lines Gyndia American Lines
POLXPolyOne Company
POLZPolish Ocean Lines
POTBPort of Tillamook Bay Railroad
POTXGeneral American Marks Company
POVPittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway
POVAPend Oreille Valley Railroad
POWXVinings Industries Incorporated
PPAXPCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
PPGXPPG Industries Incorporated
PPHXPCS Phosphate Company
PPLXPennsylvania Power and Light Company
PPNXPCS Phosphate Company
PPRXPhillips Petroleum Company
PPSXPioneer Pipe and Supply Company Incorporated
PPTXPCS Phosphate Company
PPUPeoria and Pekin Union Railway Company
PQCXPQ Corporation
PQXPQ Corporation
PRAXFirst Union Rail
PRBXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
PRCXPrairie Coal Limited
PRDXPacific Rail Dismantling Services Incorporated
PREUPrime Incorporated
PREXPioneer Railroad Equipment Company
PREZPrime Incorporated
PRGXCargill Incorporated
PRLPenn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
PRLXPrivate Rail Limited
PRMUPuerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
PRMZPuerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
PROXProcor Limited
PRPXPacific Railroad Preservation Association
PRRNorfolk Southern Railway Company
PRRXPennsylvania Lines LLC
PRSXProgress Rail Services Corporation
PRTDPortland Traction Company
PRVPearl River Valley Railroad Company
PRWXRailway Entertainment Services Limited
PRYPioneer Industrial Railway Company
PRYLPort Royal Railroad
PSPittsburg and Shawmut Railroad Company
PSAPPuget Sound and Pacific Railroad Company
PSAZPacific Northwest Perishable Shippers Association
PSCXPublic Service Company of Colorado
PSFLPuget Sound Freight Lines
PSFZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
PSIXPSI Energy Incorporated
PSLLPlymouth Short Line Limited
PSNUPacific Steam Navigation Company
PSOXPuget Sound Power and Light Company
PSPXPhillips Petroleum Company
PSRPittsburg and Shawmut Railroad Incorporated
PSTXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
PTPeninsula Terminal Company
PTCPlainview Terminal Company
PTDXABB Power T and D Company Incorporated
PTEXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PTIZParkway Transport Incorporated
PTLXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PTMST Rail System
PTMXPittsburgh Transportation Museum Society
PTOXPTO Incorporated LLC
PTRPort Terminal Railroad of South Carolina
PTRAPort Terminal Railroad Association
PTRCPortland Terminal Railroad Company (Oregon)
PTRRPort Townsend Railroad Incorporated
PTRUSouth American Petrolite De Venezuela
PTRXPetrolite Corporation
PTSXPetrosol International Incorporated
PTXXPTS Incorporated
PUBXPublicker Industries Incorporated
PUCCPort Utilities Commission of Charleston South Carolina
PVCXBHP Cooper Incorporated
PVFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PVGXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
PVRRPioneer Valley Railroad Company Incorporated
PVRXPook Valley Rail System
PVSPecos Valley Southern Railway Company
PWProvidence and Worcester Railroad
PWCXInland Cement Limited
PWFXPort Rail Services Incorporated
PWRZProvidence and Worcester Railroad Company
PWVNorfolk Southern Railway Company
PXCUPhoenix Container Liners Limited
PXCZPhoenix Container Liners Limited
QBTQuincy Bay Terminal Company
QCCanadian Pacific Railway Company
QCCXEquistar Chemicals LP
QCRQuebec Central Railway Company
QFFXQuimica Fluor SA de CV
QGRYQuebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated (GWI)
QOCXQuaker Oats Company
QOHXQuaker Oats Company
QOPXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
QOTXGreat Lakes Chemical Corporation Specialty Chemicals
QPCXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
QRCQuebec Railway Corporation Incorporated
QRRQuincy Railroad Company
QRSXQuality Railway Services and Supply Company
QSMXQuaker State Corporation
QSRBangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
QUAXQuality Rail Services LLC
RACXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
RAHXRohm and Haas Company
RAIXUnion Carbide Corporation
RALXRadnor Rail Limited
RAMXRail Merchants International
RAPXRapco Transportation Company
RARWRarus Railway Company
RASXC.A. Rasmussen
RATXRailTex Service Company
RAWXPlatte River Power Authority
RAXRPI-AAR Cooperative Test Program
RBBXRingling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey
RBCURail-Bridge Corporation
RBCXRail-Bridge Corporation
RBLXBrent C. Lewis
RBMNReading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company
RCIZRadich Construction Company
RCMXServices Unlimited
RCOXBP Products North America Incorporated
RCPXSouthern Illinois Railcar Company
RCRRRed Coat Road and Rail Limited
RCRXReagent Chemical and Research Incorporated
RCRYRaritan Central Railway LLC
RCSXRailcar Solutions LLC
RCSZRail Container Services Incorporated
RCTXRailwest Canada Incorporated
RCWZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
RDCXRegional Disposal Company
RDGNorfolk Southern Railway Company
RDIXRapid Industrial Plastics Company
RDMZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
RDSZCSX Transportation Incorporated
RDWZRoadway Express Incorporated
REAUTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
REAZTIP Intermodal Services
RECXCentral Louisiana Electric Company
REDXMiron USA Limited
REDZREDON Incorporated
RELXRelco Tank Line Incorporated
RESXRescar Incorporated
RFMXCaldwell-Baker Company
RFPCSX Transportation Incorporated
RFPUCSX Transportation Incorporated
RFPZCSX Transportation Incorporated
RFRXRick Franklin Corporation
RGCXRio Grande Chemical Sales Company
RGEXRoyal Gorge Industries LLC
RGIXRepublic Gas and Utilities Corporation
RGRXRio Grande Railcar Company Incorporated
RGTUDenver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company
RGTZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
RGWZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
RHRXRahr Malting Company
RICURinnen GMBH and CO KG Internationale Spedition
RICXRockwell International Corporation
RIIXReilly Industries Incorporated
RILXGarvey International Incorporated Garvey Grain Division
RIMXReady Mixed Concrete Company
RIRXSoutheastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
RJCLR.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Cleveland line
RJCMR.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Memphis Line
RJCNR.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Allentown Lines Incorporated
RJCPR.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Pennsylvania Lines Incorporated
RJCRR.J. Corman Railroad Corporation/Bardstown Line
RJCWR.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Western Ohio Line
RJRXACF Industries Incorporated
RKCXKnox Kershaw Incorporated
RKTZTransamerica Leasing
RLRutland Line Incorporated
RLEXRelco Locomotives Incorporated
RLGNMackenzie Northern Railway (RailAmerica)
RLHHSouthern Ontario Railway (RailAmerica)
RLIXRail Link Incorporated
RLKOttawa Valley Railway (RailAmerica)
RLMXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
RMAXRocky Mountain Rail Society
RMCURMC (Trancoleasing) Limited
RMCXReynolds Metals Company
RMDXAmerican Refrigerator Transit Company
RMGXRailcar Limited
RMIUMi Environmental Services
RMIXReady Mix Concrete Company
RMLURoyal Mail Lines Limited
RMMXRailcar Limited
RMPXRailcar Limited
RMPZTransamerica Leasing
RMRRRocky Mountain Railcar and Railroad Incorporated
RMRXRocky Mountaineer Railtours
RMSXHarsco Track Technologies
RNDXACF Industries Incorporated Amcar Division
ROBZRobco Transportation Incorporated
ROCXRocky Mountain Transportation Services
ROEZRoehl Transport Incorporated
ROIXShintech Incorporated
ROLURo-Lo Pacific Line
ROPXRail Operators Incorporated
ROYURoyal Netherlands
RPBXRhodia Incorporated
RPCXRailroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau Incorporated
RPIXRhone-Poulenc Incorporated
RPMZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
RPPXResolution Performance Products LLC
RPRCRichmond Pacific Railroad Corporation
RQAXRailQuest America
RRBXRampart Range Corporation
RRCIRedmont Railway Company Incorporated
RRCORochelle Railroad Company
RRCXRadar Railcar Incorporated
RREXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
RRIUTriton Containers
RRIXRader Railcar Incorporated
RRLXRailogistics Incorporated
RRMXRRM Properties Limited A California Limited Partnership
RRRRRock and Rail Incorporated
RRRXRex Leasing Incorporated
RRVWRed River Valley and Western Railroad
RSRoberval and Saguenay Railway Company
RSBRochester Subway
RSFZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
RSIZRail Services Incorporated
RSLXResolution Performance Products
RSMRailroad Switching Service of Missouri Incorporated
RSNRRed Springs and Northern Railroad
RSOXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
RSPRoscoe Snyder and Pacific Railway
RSPZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (Union Pacific)
RSRRochester and Southern Railroad
RSRZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
RSSRockdale Sandow and Southern Railroad Company
RSSXRailservice Incorporated
RSUXRiley Stoker Corporation
RSWZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
RSYXRefined Sugars Incorporated
RTISG Cleveland Works Railway Company
RTCXUnion Tank Car Company
RTCZRocor Freight Services
RTEXRail Trusts Equipment Incorporated
RTIXRTI - Railroad Services
RTLXRelco Tank Line Incorporated
RTMXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
RTMZTIP Intermodal Services
RTPXSavage Tolk Energy Services
RTRURoad Trailer Rentals Incorporated
RTRXRocky Mountain Transportation Services
RTRZRoad Trailer Rentals Limited
RTSXRail Transportation Services Incorporated
RTTZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
RUDXRuddy Tank Car Company
RUSXFirst Union Rail
RUTVermont Railway Incorporated
RVIXRail Venture
RVLZTransamerica Leasing
RVPRRiverport Railroad LLC
RVSCRio Valley Switching Company
RWCXRWC Incorporated
RWSXScherer Electric Generating Facility
RWTXRailwest US Incorporated
RWTZSatellite Intermodal Express
RXXZTIP Intermodal Services
RYANRYAN Industries
RYCUDe Rycke Vloeitransport B.V.
RYNXRYAN Industries
SANorfolk Southern Railway Company
SAFXSafety-Kleen Corporation
SALCSX Transportation Incorporated
SALXGeneral American Markss Company
SAMUSouth African Marine Corporation
SAMXCargill Incorporated
SANSandersville Railroad Company
SANUSamband Islenzkra Samvinnufelag
SANXSan Angelo Tank Car Line
SAPTSavannah Port Terminal Railroad Incorporated
SARXSouthern Appalachia Railway Museum
SATXCity Public Service Board of San Antonio Texas
SAUXSauvage Gas Company
SAVXSavannah Electric and Power Company
SAWSouth Plains Switching Limited
SAWUSwedish Atlantic-Wilshelsen Line
SAWXSawyer Gas of Jacksonville Incorporated
SAZXSaz Transportation Corporation
SBSouth Buffalo Railway Company
SBCFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
SBDCSX Transportation Incorporated
SBDZCSX Transportation Incorporated
SBGUMarine Transportation Services Sea-Barge Group
SBKUShinko Pantec Company Incorporated
SBLNSterling Belt Line Railway
SBLXSunbelt/Chlor/Alkali Partnership
SBPXSpiffman LLC
SBRRStourbridge Railroad Company
SBVRSouth Branch Valley Rail Road
SCBGSanta Cruz Big Trees and Pacific Railway Company
SCBXStandbridge Color Corporation
SCEXSouthern California Edison Company
SCFESouth Central Florida Express Incorporated
SCGXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
SCHXRhodia Incorporated
SCIHISG South Chicago and Indiana Harbor Railway Company
SCIUSea Containers Incorporated
SCIXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
SCJXChevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
SCKXNorthern Coal Transportation Company
SCLCSX Transportation Incorporated
SCLUSea Containers Incorporated
SCLXCanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals Limited Partnership
SCMXShell Oil Company
SCNXSouth Carolina Electric and Gas Company
SCNZShipping Corporation Of New Zealand
SCOXThe Scoular Company
SCOZCrab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
SCPUAlnery No. 954 Limited (U.K.)
SCPXShell Oil Company
SCRFSouth Carolina Central Railroad
SCRXSanta Clarita Railway (James Clark and Company)
SCSTSeaboard Transportation Company
SCSXCIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
SCTSioux City Terminal Railway
SCTRSouth Central Tennessee Railroad LLC
SCTUShirlstar Container Transport Limited
SCWXSouth Carolina Public Service Authority
SCWZSea Containers
SCXFSouth Central Florida Express Incorporated
SCXUAlnery No. 954 Limited (U.K.)
SCXYSt. Croix Valley Railroad Company
SCYXFirst Union Rail
SCYZSea Containers Incorporated
SCZUYorkshire Marine Containers (BNSF)
SDBBSomerset Terminal Railroad Incorporated
SDCUSouthern California Edison
SDCXConsolidated Minerals Incorporated Feed Supplement Division
SDEXSavage-Harrington Energy
SDIYSan Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad Company
SDPXSouth Dakota Soybean Processors
SDRXCentral Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority
SDSUSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
SESemo Port Railroad Incorporated
SEAUSea-Land Service Inc
SECXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
SEFXNorth American Rails Leasing Corporation
SEISoutheastern International Corporation
SEIUStrategic Equipment Systems Incorporated
SEIXSeimax Gas Corporation
SEIZStrategic Equipment Systems Incorporated
SEKRSoutheast Kansas Railroad Company
SEMXSeminole Electric Cooperative Incorporated
SEPASoutheastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SEPXSouthwestern Electric Power Company
SEQXSequa Chemicals Incorporated
SERASierra Railroad Company
SERXACF Industries Incorporated
SFALSF and L Railway Incorporated
SFIXHelm Financial Corporation
SFLCBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFLRSF and L Railway Incorporated
SFQBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFRSouthern Freignt Railroad (Southern Freight Logistics LLC)
SFRXPhilip Metals Incorporated
SFSSanta Fe Southern Railway Incorporated
SFSXSan Francisco Transportation Services Company Incorporated
SFTUBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFTXContinental Tank Car Corporation
SFTZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFVZBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SGAUSaga and Company Limited
SGAXSGA Leasing Company
SGCXSungas Corporation of Florida
SGIXVision Energy Minnesota Incorporated
SGLRSeminole Gulf Railway LP
SGRXSkip Gibbs
SGSXTerra International Incorporated
SGTUSogotra Limited
SGVYSaginaw Valley Railway Company Incorporated
SHSteelton and Highspire Railroad Company
SHAXSherwin Alumina Company
SHLXProcor Limited
SHPXACF Industries Incorporated
SHRXSmoky Hill Railway and Historical Society Incorporated
SHSZH and S Railroad Company Incorporated
SHWUShowa Maritime USA Incorporated
SHWZShowa Line Limited
SIUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SICXSloss Industries Corporation
SIEXSoutheastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
SIGXSouthern Indiana Gas and Electric
SILUSuttons International
SILXS and I Locomotive Services Incorporated
SIMXSturgis Iron and Metal Company Incorporated
SINDSouthern Indiana Railway Incorporated
SIPXArrendadora Sipco SA de CV
SIRRSouthern Industrial Railroad Incorporated
SIRXSouthern Illinois Railcar Company
SISUScandinavian Cargo Sea AB
SITXSherritt International Corporation
SJEXSJEX Incorporated
SJNXMobay Corporation
SJRTSt. Johns River Terminal
SJRXJacksonville Electric Authority
SJSZSpecialty Chassis Leasing Incorporated
SJVRSan Joaquin Valley Railroad Company
SKCXARCO Chemical Company
SKGXSibley Railcar and Parts Incorporated
SKIUXTRA Intermodal
SKIZXTRA Intermodal
SKNXSaskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
SKOLSouth Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
SKPRSouthern Kent and Pacific RR Company
SKPXSaskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
SKRXSchuylkill Railcar LP
SKRZXTRA Intermodal
SLSalt Lake City Southern Railroad
SLALSouth Plains Lamesa Railroad
SLBUShowa Line Limited
SLCSan Luis Central Railroad Company
SLCUSLC Societe Location Containers
SLDUShowa Line Limited
SLEXShort Line Enterprises Limited
SLFUShowa Line Limited
SLGGSidney and Lowe Railroad (Progress Rail Services Corporation)
SLGWSalt Lake Garfield and Western Railway Company
SLHUShowa Line Limited
SLIUStar Lines Equipment Incorporated
SLIZStar Lines Shipping Company Incorporated
SLKUSea-Link Container Lines
SLOUShowa Line Limited
SLQSt. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (Quebec) Incorporated (GWI)
SLRSt. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)
SLRSSMS Rail Service Incorporated
SLRUShowa Line Limited
SLSFBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SLVXSilver Enterprises
SLWCStillwater Central Railroad Company Incorporated
SMSt. Marys Railroad Company
SMASan Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
SMCXSan Miguel Electric Cooperative
SMCZMaine Central Railroad Company
SMDUMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M)
SMEXSouth Mississippi Electric Power Association
SMIXStructural Metals Incorporated
SMLUSeaboard Marine Limited
SMLZSeaboard Marine Limited
SMMXSt. Marys Cement Company
SMNRSouthern Manitoba Railway Incorporated
SMNXSolvay Minerals Incorporated
SMPXCommercial Metals Company
SMRRSisseton Milbank Railroad Incorporated
SMRXAtlanta Chapter - National Railway Historical Society Incorporated
SMVSanta Maria Valley Railroad Company
SNBLSioux City and New Orleans Barge Line
SNFXIND/AG Chemicals Incorporated
SNHXIND/AG Chemicals Incorporated
SNLUSchneider National
SNLZSchneider National
SNRSunflour Railroad Incorporated
SNWUSte National Der Wagon Reservior
SOCXBP Amoco Chemical Company BP Oil Division
SOEXShell Oil Company
SOIXSand Seed Service Incorporated
SOLXSolite Corporation
SOMSomerset Railroad Corporation
SONXSoneco Services Incorporated
SOOSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
SOOZSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
SOPRSouth Pierce Railroad
SORASouthern Rails Cooperative Limited
SORXSorrells Farm Supply Incorporated
SOTXSouthern Concrete Construction Company Incorporated
SOUNorfolk Southern Railway Company
SOUUNorfolk Southern Railway Company
SPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPAXSoutheastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SPAZSpanish Lines
SPCHQuest Communications Corporation
SPCUSpacific Container Lease Pty Limited
SPCXQuest Communications Corporation
SPDUUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPDZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPFEUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPFZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPGXSuburban Propane LP
SPIXSweeteners Plus Incorporated
SPLUCompania Trasatlantica Espanola (Spanish Line)
SPLZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPPUSplosna Plovba Piran
SPQUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPRXSeaport Central Railroad Incorporated
SPSBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SPSXProgress Rail Services Corporation
SPTXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
SPTZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SPUDSt. Paul Union Depot Company
SQVRSequatchie Valley Railroad
SRKansas City Southern Railway Company
SRAXSouthern Rail Associates Incorporated
SRCStrasburg Railroad Company
SRCXSid Richardson Carbon Company
SREXStatesRail Equipment Company LLC
SRIXSouthwest Rail Industries Incorporated
SRLXSouthern Rail Leasing Incorporated
SRNSabine River and Northern Railroad Company
SRNJSouthern Railroad Company of New Jersey
SRPSafe Handling Rail Incorporated
SRPXSalt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District
SRRXStar Railroad Equipment
SRSUSea-Road Shipping SA Miami FL
SRSXSperry Rail Service
SRTXSouthwind Rail Travel Limited
SRYSouthern Railway of British Columbia Limited
SRYCSierra Railway Company of California
SSSand Springs Railway Company
SSAMSault Ste. Marie Bridge Company
SSCSouthern Switching Company
SSCUStates Steamship Company
SSCZStates Steamship Company
SSDUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SSDKSavannah State Docks Railroad Company
SSHSouth Shore
SSIUJapan Line Limited
SSIXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
SSIZJapan Line Limited
SSJRSheffield Station Junction Railway
SSJUSumitomo 3M
SSLVSouthern San Luis Valley Railroad
SSLZSea Star Line LLC
SSMXJoseph Transportation Incorporated
SSORSisseton Southern Railway Company
SSPBSeaspan International Limited
SSPXAE Staley Manufacturing Company
SSSUHansen and Tidemann Incorporated
SSSXTransportation Logistics Corporation
SSSZHansen and Tidemann Incorporated
SSVXSSI Industries (M of Way Cars)
SSWUnion Pacific Railroad Company
SSWNUnion Pacific Railroad Company
STST Rail System
STAUStar Shipping A Norway
STAXOCI Chemical Corporation
STCXSterling China Company (Captive Service)
STEStockton Terminal and Eastern RR
STEXSterling Chemicals Incorporated
STGXSouth Texas Grain Company Incorporated
STJXStone Container (Canada) Incorporated
STLHSt. Lawrence and Hudson Railway Company Limited (CPR)
STLUMatson Navigation Company
STLXAE Staley Manufacturing Company
STLZMatson Navigation Company
STMASt. Maries River Railroad Company
STMXAE Staley Manufacturing Company Industrial Products Group
STMZTexas Mexican Railway Company
STOXACF Industries Incorporated
STPXStrategic Transport Systems Incorporated
STRShawnee Terminal Railway Company
STRTStewartstown Railroad Company
STRXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
STRZStroh/Schlitz Brewery
STSXAE Staley Manufacturing Company
STTUShirlstar Container Transport Limited
STTZStevens Transport
SUABSouthern Alabama Railroad Company Inc
SUDUColumbus Line Incorporated
SULXSultran Limited
SUNSunset Railway Company
SUNXSun Refining and Marketing Company
SUTUSuttons International
SUTXSumter Transport Company Incorporated
SVGreater Shenandoah Valley Development Company (Shenandoah Valley Railroad)
SVRRShamokin Valley Railroad Company
SWSouthwestern Railroad Company
SWFXStone Container Corporation
SWFZSwift Transportation
SWGRSeagraves Whiteface and Lubbock Railroad
SWKRSan Pedro and Southwestern Railway Company
SWPSouthwest Pennsylvania Railroad Company
SWPXSouthwestern Portland Cement Company
SWRXTransportation Equipment Incorporated
SWTZSt. Louis Southwestern Railway Company
SWYXOCI Chemical Wyoming Company
SXSXRon Johnson and Associates
SYRRSandusky River Railroad
SYRXADM Transportation
SYSXWinter Bird Corporation
TACXAmerican Coal Sales Company
TAEXThe Andersons
TAGNorfolk Southern Railway Company
TAGXTexoma AG Products Incorporated
TAIXTexas Alkyls Incorporated
TALXTrical Incorporated
TALZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
TANXTransiTech Incorporated
TANZIntermodal Express Incorporated
TARXSandersville Leasing Incorporated
TASDTerminal Railway Alabama State Docks
TASXTransRail Incorporated
TATXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TAXUTrac Lease Incorporated
TAXZTrac Lease Incorporated
TAZXTrade Wind Limited
TBCUBoeing Company
TBCXBoeing Company
TBERTerre Haute Brazil and Eastern Railroad
TBRXTaylor Rail Group Incorporated
TBRYThermal Belt Railway
TCAXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TCBTexas Central Business Lines Corporation
TCCXTCCX Corporation
TCDXUnion Tank Car Company
TCGTucson Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad Company
TCGXWilliams Energy Ventures Incorporated
TCGZColumbus and Greenville Railway
TCIXTrinity Chemical Leasing LLC
TCKRTurtle Creek Industrial Railroad Incorporated
TCLUTCL Tankcargo Container Leasing SA
TCLXTrinity Chemical Leasing LLC
TCMXCIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
TCOXThe Concrete Company
TCOZTerminal Consolidation Company
TCPXTransport Capital Rail Partners LLC
TCPZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
TCQXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
TCRYTri-City Railroad Company
TCSZTriple Crown Services Company
TCTTexas City Terminal Railway Company
TCTXTube City Incorporated
TCWRTwin Cities and Western Railroad
TCZUTriple Crown Services Company
TDNZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TDPZTransport International Pool Incorporated
TDSZTransamerica Distribution Services Incorporated
TETacoma Eastern Railway Company
TEAXTransportation Equipment Incorporated
TEGXTransenergy Grinding Incorporated
TEHUTrans Ocean Container Corporation
TEIXTransportation Equipment Incorporated
TELXELF Atochem North America Incorporated
TEMXTemple-Inland Forest Products
TENNTennessee Railway Company
TERXSoutheastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
TERZTacoma Eastern Railway Company
TEUUGulfcoast Transit Company
TEXCTexas Central Railroad Company
TEXUTextainer Incorporated
TFLUTrans Freight Lines Incorporated
TFTXTifton Terminal Railway Museum Incorporated
TFVMTerminal Ferroviaria Del Velle De Mexico SA de CV
TFZTerminal Freight Handling Company
TGAXPCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
TGCUTCS Transglobe Container Services GMBH
TGCXPolyOne Company
TGIXPCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
TGOXFirst Union Rail
TGPUTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
TGPXTamak Transportation Corporation
TGRXTransglobal Rail Incorporated
TGSXFMC Corporation
THBCanadian Pacific Railway Company
THCXMG Industries
THRXTransportation Corporation of America
TITurners Island LLC
TIBRTimberRock Railroad Company Incorporated
TILUTirrenia Di Navigazione S.P.A.
TILXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
TIMXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
TINUTioxide (U.K.) Limited
TINXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
TIPZTIP Intermodal Services
TIRLTonawanda Island Railroad Incorporated
TIRZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
TISHTishomingo Railroad Company Incorporated
TISXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
TJRXS. M. Brooks
TKCXThiele Kaolin Company
TKENTennken Railroad Company Incorporated
TLAUTrail-Con Leasing Incorporated
TLAZTrail-Con Leasing Incorporated
TLCXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TLDXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TLIUTrans Leasing Incorporated
TLLXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
TLTXTilcon Tomasso Quarries Incorporated
TMTexas Mexican Railway Company
TMAXTenneco Packaging Company
TMBLTacoma Municipal Belt Line Railway
TMEXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
TMEZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TMGXTransporte Multimodal de Granos
TMIXTransMatrix Incorporated
TMKZTransport International Pool Incorporated
TMLUTaylor Minster Leasing Limited
TMLXTemco Corporation
TMLZSeaboard Marine Limited
TMMUTransportacion Maritima Mexicana SA
TMMXTMM Logistics SA de CV
TMMZTMM Logistics SA de CV
TMPXTexas Municipal Power Agency
TMPZTIP Intermodal Services
TMSSTowanda-Monroeton Shippers Lifeline Incorporated
TMTTrailer Marine Transport Corporation
TMTUP and O Tank Masters
TMTZTrailer Marine Transport Corporation
TNTexas and Northern Railway Company
TNAXTransAmerican Refining Corporation
TNCXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TNERTexas Northeastern Division Mid-Michigan Railroad Incorporated
TNHRThree Notch Railroad Incorporated
TNMUnion Pacific Railroad Company
TNMRTexas and New Mexico Division Austin and Northwestern Railroad Company Limited
TNRKansas City Southern Railway Company
TNXUTransx Limited
TNXZTransx Limited
TOETexas Oklahoma and Eastern RR Company
TOFUTOFC Incorporated Division of Fruehauf
TOFZTOFC Incorporated Division of Fruehauf
TOLUTrans Ocean Leasing
TOLZTrans Ocean Leasing
TONUTrans Ocean Line Limited
TORRailLink Canada Limited (RailAmerica)
TORUTorm Lines
TORZTorco Inc
TOTUTiphook Container
TOTXCotco Incorporated
TPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
TPCZTiphook Container Rental Company Limited
TPEXGeneral Electric Railcar Services Corporation
TPFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TPGXTechnical Propellants Incorporated
TPHUTiphook Container Rental Company Limited
TPHXThomas Payne Holdings Incorporated
TPIUTropicana Products Incorporated
TPIXTropicana Products Sales Incorporated
TPKUToledo Peoria and Western Railway Corporation
TPLXTrans-Pacific Lines
TPSXTPS Leasing Company LLC
TPTXTrailer Train Company (TTX)
TPWToledo Peoria and Western Railway Corporation
TPXUTiphook Container Rental Company Limited
TPZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
TQEXFirst Union Rail
TRTomahawk Railway LP
TRAUAssociated Transport Line
TRAXRailtex Incorporated (RailAmerica)
TRCTrona Railway Company
TRCXTri-County Commuter Rail Authority
TRDUTriad Transport Incorporated
TREXTetra Technologies Incorporated
TRFUTrans Freight Incorporated
TRFZTranscontinental Refrigerator Lines Incorporated
TRGXFirst Union Rail
TRINTrinidad Railway Incorporated
TRIUTriton Container International Incorporated
TRIXGeneral American Marks Company
TRLUTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
TRLXTexas Railcar Leasing Company
TRMWTacoma Rail Mountain Division (City of Tacoma)
TRMXThe Railroad Museum-TRM Industries
TRNXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
TROUTrans Ocean Limited
TRPXAmeriGas Propane LP
TRRATerminal Railroad Association of St. Louis
TRSUTransconex Incorporated
TRTXW.J.Kirberger Trustee
TRUXMidwest Bottle Gas Company
TRZUTransamerican Container Leasing Company
TRZZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
TSBYTuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company
TSETexas South-Eastern Railroad Company
TSFUTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TSLZTransportation Specialists Limited
TSNRTyson Railroad Incorporated
TSOZTank Solutions Incorporated
TSPZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TSRDTwin State Railroad Company
TSRRTennessee Southern Railroad Company
TSSXUS Department of Energy Albuquerque Operations Office
TSSZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TSUTulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company LLC
TSVXTennsv Incorporated
TSWRToppenish Simcoe and Western Railroad
TSXXTri-State Generation and Transmission Association
TSXZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
TTCUTNC Chemicals Company
TTISTranskentucky Transportation Railroad Incorporated
TTIUThailand Tantalum Industry Corporation Limited
TTIZTandem Transport Incorporated
TTLCTropical Trailer Leasing Corporation
TTLZTropical Trailer Leasing Corporation
TTOZTotem Ocean Trailer Express Incorporated
TTPZCanadian National Railway
TTRTalleyrand Terminal Railroad Company
TTRUTropical Shipping and Construction Company Limited
TTRZTrain Trailer Rentals Limited
TTSZTriton Transport Services
TTTUTransport International Containers SA
TTTZPuerto Rican Maritime Authority
TTWUCanadian National Railway
TTWZCanadian National Railway
TTXTTX Company
TUGXTXU Mining Company
TUPXTexas Ultra Pure Incorporated
TUSTTexarkana Union Station Trust
TVAXTennessee Valley Authority
TVMFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
TVRRTulare Valley Railroad Company
TWLZTrans West Logistics
TWNZTwinstar Leasing Limited
TWSXAE Staley Manufacturing Company
TXGNTexas Gonzales and Northern Railway Company
TXIXTexas Industries Incorporated
TXNWTexas North Western Railway Company
TXORTexas and Oklahoma Railroad Company
TXPFTexas Pacifico Transportation Limited
TXPXTexas Petrochemicals Corporation
TXRTexas Rock Crusher Railway Company
TXTCTexas Transportation Company
TXUXTXU Electric
TXXZTrac Lease Incorporated
TYBRTyburn Railroad Company
TYCTylerdale Connecting
TYPXTyco Plastics
UACUUnited Arab Shippers
UAEUUnited Arab Shipping Company (SAG)
UAIXUnited Asphalts Incorporated
UASUUnited Arab Shipping Company
UASZUnited Arab Shipping Company
UBCUUnited Fruit Company
UBMUUnited Baltic Corporation Limited
UCAUUCA Containers AG
UCCUAmerican Cyanamide
UCCXUnion Carbide Canada Limited
UCEXUnion Electric Company
UCFXUnion Carbide Corporation a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company
UCIRUnion County Industrial Railroad
UCLUUnicorn Lines (Pty) Limited
UCLXVulcan Materials Company Chemicals Division
UCMXUnited Clays Incorporated
UCOXPraxair Incorporated
UCRYUtah Central Railroad Company
UCSXUnion Camp Corporation
UELXADM Transportation Company
UESXJohnston America Corporation
UFCUFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
UFCZFlexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
UFIXReliant Energy HL and P
UGMUEvergreen International (USA) Corporation
UHRXUpper Hudson River Railroad Corporation
UMPUpper Merion and Plymouth Railroad
UMPXFirst Union Rail
UMSZMaersk Equipment Services
UNBXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
UNCXGATX Rail Canada Corporation
UNPXProcor Limited
UNSXMidAmerican Energy Company
UNTXMRC Rail Services LLC
UOCXGeneral American Marks Company
UOPXUOP A New York Partnership
UPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPAXGreat River Energy
UPBZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPCUUSPCI Incorporated
UPCXLaidlaw Environmental Services Incorporated
UPFEUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPFUUnion Pacific Bulktainer Service
UPHZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPNZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPOZUnited Parcel Service
UPPUnion Pacific Railroad Company (Passenger cars)
UPRUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPRUUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPSZUnited Parcel Service
UPTUUnion Pacific Bulktainer Service
UPUUUnion Pacific Bulktainer Service
UPWZUnited Parcel Service
UPYUnion Pacific Railroad Company
UPZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
URDXArch of Kentucky Incorporated
URRUnion Railroad Company (Pittsburgh PA)
URYUnion Railway of Memphis
USAUPan Texas Leasing Incorporated
USAXDepartment of Defense Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness Command (Intraplant)
USAZXTRA Intermodal
USBXCIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
USCUUnion Steam Ship Company of NZ Limited
USCXWilliam G. Simon
USEXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
USFUUS Department of Defense Air Force
USIXEquistar Chemicals LP
USLUUnited States Lines Incorporated
USLXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
USLZUnited States Lines Incorporated
USMUUS Department of Defense Marine Corps
USMXUS Steel Mining Company Incorporated
USNUUS Department of Defense Navy
USNXDepartment of Defense Military Traffic Management Command (Intra Plant Service)
USPXUS Plastics Corporation
USPZUS Postal Service
USSUUnited Steel and Strip Corporation
USWXUSA Waste Services Incorporated
UTAHUtah Railway Company
UTCUStolt Tank Containers Incorporated
UTCXUnion Tank Car Company
UTHZTransamerica Leasing Inc
UTLXUnion Tank Car Company
UTLZUnited Trailer Leasing Company
UTPXSuburban Propane LP
UUAXUp-Up and Away Incorporated
UUUZUiterwyk Corporation
UYLUUnited Yugoslav Lines (Kerr Steamship Company Agents)
UYLZUnited Yugoslav Lines
VAIUTransports International Vaicon
VAIXVought Aircraft Industries Incorporated
VALEValley Railroad Company
VALXSierra Pacific Power Company/Idaho Power Company
VAPXVirginia Power
VARXVirginia and Atlantic Railway Corporation
VBVan Buren Bridge Company
VCRRVentura County Railroad Company
VCRXVaughn Leasing and Rental Corporation
VCSXPLM International Incorporated
VCYVentura County Railway Company
VEPXHelm Equipment Leasing Company
VERXVerson Division of Allied Products Corporation
VESUVespucci Marine Company Limited
VFLXVFL Technology Corporation
VGNNorfolk Southern Railway Company
VGPXValley Grain Products Incorporated
VIAXVIAX Incorporated
VICXUnion Tank Car Company
VIIXVinings Industries Incorporated
VIKUViking Freight Systems Incorporated
VIKZViking Freight Systems Incorporated
VILXLaRoche Industries
VIPXUnion Tank Car Company
VIPZVermont Railway
VMCXCommonwealth Plan Incorporated
VMEXVernor Materials Equipment Company
VMVXVMV Enterprises Incorporated
VOSUBureau Veritas
VOTXVolunteer Trailblazers Incorporated
VPCXVirginia-Pacific Corporation
VRValdosta Railway LP
VREXVirginia Railway Express
VRRVaughan Railroad Company
VRRCVandalia Railroad Company
VSRV and S Railway Incorporated
VSRRVirginia Southern Division North Carolina and Virginia Railroad
VTGUVTG Vereinigte Tanklager U Transportmittel
VTRVermont Railway Incorporated
VTRZVermont Railway Incorporated
VUHXWagner Mills Incorporated
VULXVulcan Materials Company Construction Materials Group
VWCXRailcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
VYMXVoith Hydro Incorporated
WACSX Transportation Incorporated
WABNorfolk Southern Railway Company
WABZWTL Rail Corporation
WACRWashington County Railroad Corporation
WACXAlbright and Wilson Company
WAERWabash and Erie Railroad
WAFXWestern Ash Company
WAGXPCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
WAJUElder Dempster Lines Nigerian National Line
WAKXWake Partnership
WAMXWebb Asset Management
WANDWisconsin and Michigan Railway Company
WARWarrenton Railroad Company
WATCWashington Terminal Company
WATRWater Carriers
WATZWestern Auto
WBCRWabash Central Railroad Corporation
WBCXBlue Circle Incorporated
WBMXLauhoff Grain Company
WBTSWaco Beaumont Trinity and Sabine Railway Company
WCWisconsin Central Limited
WCAXWestcan Rail Limited
WCCLWisconsin Chicago Link Limited
WCCXConsolidation Coal Company
WCDXFarmland Industries Incorporated
WCFXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
WCHXWalter Haffner Company
WCLCWaccamaw Coast Line Railroad Company
WCLRWaccamaw Coast Line Railroad Company
WCLUOrient Overseas Line Incorporated
WCLZWisconsin Central Limited
WCORWellsboro and Corning Railroad Company
WCQWisconsin Central Limited
WCRCColumbia Basin Railroad Company
WCRLWest Chester Railroad Company
WCSXSavage-Tolk Energy Services
WCTRWCTU Railway Company
WCTUWCTU Railway Company
WCTXResource Recycling Incorporated
WDAXWashington Department of Agriculture
WEWheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company
WECXWestinghouse Electric Corporation
WEIXWilbur-Ellis Company
WELXWhite Equipment Leasing Corporation
WEPXWisconsin Electric Power Company
WERXWestern Railroads Incorporated
WERZWerner Enterprises Incorporated
WESXWestar Timber Limited
WETZWest East Transport Company
WEYUWeyerhaeuser Company
WFAXWestern Fuels Association Incorporated
WFCXWestern Farmers Electric Cooperative
WFIXFirst Union Rail
WFSWest Isle Line Incorporated
WGCRWiregrass Central Railroad. Incorporated
WGFXWillard Grain and Feed Incorporated
WGRWillamina and Grand Ronde Railway
WHCUUS Department of Energy
WHMXMiner Enterprises
WHOEWalking Horse and Eastern Railroad
WHRCWindsor and Hantsport Railway Company
WHTXADM Milling Company
WHTZRiley Whittle Incorporated (RWI Transportation)
WIFWest India Fruit and Steamship
WIIXWilliamette Industries Incorporated
WIKUTextainer Incorporated
WIMXPennsylvania Lime Company
WISXAlliant Energy
WITXGeneral Electric Rail Services Corporation
WJWest Michigan Railroad Company
WKRLWestern Kentucky Railway LLC
WLDXWeldship Corporation
WLOWaterloo Railway Company
WLPXWestlake Polymers Corporation
WMCSX Transportation Incorporated
WMIWest Michigan Railroad Co
WMIXWaste Management of Illinois Incorporated
WMSCWhite Mountain Scenic Railroad
WNCXWabash National Finance Corporation
WNCZWabash National Finance Corporation
WNFRKanawha Rail Corporation
WNGXWestern Natural Gas Company
WNYPWestern New York and Pennsylvania Railroad LLC
WNYXWestern New York Railway Historical Society
WOHOWabash and Ohio Railroad
WOLZH. O. Wolding Incorporated
WPUnion Pacific Railroad Company
WPEXWabash Power Equipment Company
WPGXWestern Paving Construction Company
WPMUUnion Pacific Railroad Company
WPMWUnion Pacific Railroad Company
WPRRWillamette and Pacific Railroad
WPRUWaterman of Puerto Rico-USA Incorporated
WPSXWisconsin Public Service Corporation
WPTZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
WPXZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
WPYWhite Pass and Yukon Corporation Limited
WPZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
WRDXMidAmerican Energy Company
WREXWestern Railroad Equipment Company
WRFXWhite River Trading Incorporated
WRIXWestern Rail Incorporated
WRLXRelco Tank Line Incorporated
WRNXChevron USA Incorporated
WRPIWestern Railroad Properties Incorporated
WRPXPSI Energy Incorporated
WRRCWestern Rail Road Company
WRSXWarren Railcar Service Incorporated
WRWKProvidence and Worcester Railroad
WRWXTrinity Rail Management Incorporated
WRXWestern Refrigerator Line Company Terminal
WRYWaterloo Railway Company
WSWalkersville Southern Railroad
WSIXWatco Switching Indiana
WSLZWiley Sanders Truck Lines Incorporated
WSORWisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
WSOXFirst Union Rail
WSOZWisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
WSPXWheelstar Corporation
WSRWarren and Saline River Railroad
WSRYWinamac Southern Railway Company
WSRZWisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
WSSWinston-Salem Southbound Railway Company
WSSXWedron Silica Company
WSTXWhitestone Supply Company
WSTZWestside Transport Incorporated
WSXWierton Steel Division National Steel Corporation
WTCOWestern Transportation Company
WTCXWeyerhaeuser Company
WTJRWichita Tillman and Jackson Railway Company Inc
WTLWest Texas and Lubbock Railroad Company
WTLCWest Texas and Lubbock Railroad Company
WTLRWest Texas and Lubbock Railroad Company
WTLZWTL Rail Corporation
WTNNWest Tennessee Railroad Corporation
WTRMWarren and Trumbull Railroad Company
WTRYWilmington Terminal Railroad Incorporated
WTSEWest Shore Railroad Corporation
WUTWichita Union Terminal Railway
WVCDurbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad (West Virginia Central)
WVCXWestvaco Corporation
WVIUWest Van Incorporated
WVIZWest Van Incorporated
WVNKingswood Northern Incorporated (West Virginia Northern Railroad)
WVRWillamette Valley Railway Company
WWWinchester and Western Railroad Company
WWBXWWIB Transportation Services
WWEXRailworks Wood Waste Energy Incorporated
WWLUWihl Wilhelmsen
WWLXTrinity Industries Leasing Company
WWRCWilmington and Western Railroad
WYCOWyoming and Colorado Railroad
WYCXWeyerhauser Canada Limited
WYECWye Transportation Company
WYSWyandotte Southern Railroad Company
XCCXXavier Chemical Corporation
XCLUTextainer Special Equip. Limited
XCTUXTRA Intermodal (BNSF)
XCTZXTRA Intermodal
XCWZUnion Pacific Railroad Company
XFEZFlorida East Coast Railway
XKTZXTRA Incorporated
XMCZMaine Central Railroad Company
XMTZXTRA Intermodal
XNWZNorfolk Southern Railway Company
XOMXExxon Mobil Corporation
XPMZPuerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
XPWXCanadian Pacific Railway (Expressway)
XRFZCSX Transportation Incorporated
XSCZCSX Transportation Incorporated
XSLZSoo Line Railroad (CPR)
XTCUVan Donge En De Roo
XTMZTrailer Marine Transport Company
XTRUGenstar Container Corporation
XTRXFirst Union Rail
XTRZXTRA Intermodal
YARRYoungstown and Austintown Railroad Incorporated
YBYoungstown Belt Railroad Company
YCEUInter-Continental Equipment Incorporated
YFIZYellow Forwarding Company
YFSZYellow Freight Services Incorporated
YKRYork Railway Company
YMCZYangming Marine Transport Corporation
YMLUYangming Marine Transport Corporation
YMLZYangming Marine Transport Corporation
YRCYork Railway Company
YRPLYelm Roy Prairie Line
YSYoungstown and Southern Railway Company
YSAZNippon Liner System Limited
YSDUYamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSJUYamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSLRYolo Shortline Railroad Company
YSLUYamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSLZYamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSTUYamashita-Shinnihon Line
YVRRYadkin Valley Railroad Company
YVTYakim Valley Transportation Company
YWYreka Western Railroad Company
ZACXZaclon Incorporated
ZBXUZim Israel Navigation Company Limited
ZCAXZinc Corporation of America
ZCCXZeigler Coal Company
ZCSUZim American Israeli Shipping Company Incorporated
ZDAZXTRA Intermodal
ZIMUZim Israel Navigation Company Limited
ZKCCXTRA Intermodal
ZMFCXTRA Intermodal
ZRNXErie City Energy Division - Zurn Industries Incorporated
ZSPZTransamerica Leasing Incorporated
ZTEUAztec Leasing Corporation
ZTLXZiol Tank Line

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