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Rail Industry Events & Conferences Calendar

This page provides a calendar of upcoming rail industry events, railroad conferences, and railway exhibitions. For related listings, please see the following: Industry Organizations, Training Programs, Rail Jobs Board, and Railroad Stocks & Investments. To add your conference or event to this page, please Submit Your Event.

JUNE 2017

World Metrorail Congress Americas 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (June 27-28)
For information: Terrapin

New Zealand Rail Conference
Auckland, New Zealand (June 27-28)
For information: Informa

JULY 2017

The Future of Transportation World Conference
Cologne, Germany (July 5-6)
For information: UKIP

Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Meeting
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA (July 10-11)
For information: Midwest Association of Rail Shippers

AARS Annual Meeting
St. Louis, Missouri, USA (July 23-25)
For information: American Association of Railroad Superintendents (AARS)

AARS Annual Derailment Investigation Seminar
St. Louis, Missouri, USA (July 25-26)
For information: American Association of Railroad Superintendents (AARS)

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5th Railway Forum: The Supply Chain Conference of the Railway Industry
Berlin, Germany (August 30-31)
For information: Institute for Production Management (IPM)

Expo 1520 International Fair of Railway Equipment & Technologies
Moscow, Russia (August 30 - September 2)
For information: BD Event


International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) 2017 Conference
Cape Town, South Africa (September 2-6)
For information: IHHA

Urban Transport 2017: 23rd International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment
Rome, Italy (September 5-7)
For information: Wessex Institute

Railway Interchange 2017 Trade Show & Technical Conference (AREMA/RSI/REMSA/RSSI)
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (September 17-20)
For information: Railway Interchange

Future Rail Infrastructure
London, UK (September 18)
For information: Marketforce

WRI EU 2017: Wheel Rail Interaction Conference
Graz, Austria (September 20-22)
For information: Wheel Rail Seminars

Northeast Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS) Conference
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (September 26-28)
For information: Northeast Association of Rail Shippers

Trako International Railway Fair
Gdansk, Poland (September 26-29)
For information: AmberExpo


EXPO Ferroviaria 2017: Italy's Showcase for Railway Technology, Products & Systems
Milan, Italy (October 3-5)
For information: Mack Brooks

Association of Tourist Railroads & Railway Museums (ATRRM) Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (October 3-7)
For information: ATRRM

Southwest Association of Rail Shippers Meeting
Irvine, California, USA (October 4-5)
For information: Southwest Association of Rail Shippers

APTA Annual Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia, USA (October 8-11)
For information: American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

InnoRail 2017
Budapest, Hungary (October 10-12)
For information: InnoRail

Elmia Nordic Rail
Jönköping, Sweden (October 11-12)
For information: Elmia

International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IREE) 2017
New Delhi, India (October 11-13)
For information: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

NextStation: Smart Stations in Smart Cities
Madrid, Spain (October 19-20)
For information: International Union of Railways (UIC)

Baltimore, Maryland, USA (October 24-25)
For information: Global Transport Forum


SmartMetro & CBTC World Congress
Paris, France (November 6-8)
For information: Global Transport Forum

TransRail Connection 2017
Paris, France (November 8-9)
For information: First Connection

World Rail Festival 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (November 14-15)
For information: Terrapin

Railway Interiors Expo
Prague, Czech Republic (November 14-15)
For information: UKIP Media & Events

5th International Railway Summit
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (November 15-17)
For information: IRITS Events

East Africa Rail 2017
Nairobi, Kenya (November 21-22)
For information: Terrapin

Caspian & Central Asia Rail 2017
Baku, Azerbaijan (November 21-22)
For information: Terrapin

AusRAIL Plus Conference & Exhibition
Brisbane, Australia (November 21-23)
For information: Informa

The Future of Rail
London, UK (November 28)
For information: Marketforce

Singapore (November 28-29)
For information: Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE)

Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2017
Chiba, Japan (November 29 - December 1)
For information: CNT


Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Meeting
Oak Brook, Illinois, USA (January 17-18)
For information: Midwest Association of Rail Shippers


Southwest Association of Rail Shippers Meeting
San Antonio, Texas, USA (February 20-21)
For information: Southwest Association of Rail Shippers

6th International Railway Summit
Prague, Czech Republic (February 21-23)
For information: IRITS Events

MAY 2018

UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail
Ankara, Turkey (May 8-11)
For information: UIC

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