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Train Games & Train Simulators

Our train games page is organized in three sections. First, train simulator add-ons and downloads. Second, 60+ free online (Flash) train games. Third, links to 100+ websites offering train simulators & railroad games.

Popular Train Simulators with Free Downloads, Add-ons & Resources at RailServe.com

BVE Trainsim & openBVE - Free Japanese train driving game, now with hundreds of routes worldwide

Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) - Easy-to-use train simulator with thousands of free add-ons

Train Simulator 2022 - Free routes, mods, and rolling stock for the Rail Simulator series

Trainz Railroad Simulator - Series of train simulators from 2004 through 2022 with many fan sites

Free Online Train Games (Flash Required)

Build The Bridge - Drag and drop objects to construct railroad bridges in this 24-level free train game

ChooChoo - Drive a train to objectives while fending off enemy attacks

ChooChoo Puzzles - Free puzzle game requires one to move obstacles to reach a destination

Coal Express - Load and drive a train in this game of timing and skill

Coal Express 2 - This sequel features new levels, new goods, and even more train driving challenges

Coal Express 3 - The third in the series focuses on train driving and upgrades

Coal Express 4 - The fourth in the series features upgrades such as speed, acceleration, and balance

Coal Express 5 - The latest in this series features even more new trains and routes

Crazy Train - Steer a train and pick up cars in this simple puzzle game

Delivery Steam Train - Safely operate a train without crashing or spilling cargo

Derailed - Rotate track tiles to safely guide a train in this free Flash game

Dora Train Express - Drive as fast as possible without crashing your train

Dynamite Train - Place dynamite to destroy railroad bridges and stop enemy trains

Epic Rail - Guide trains to their designated stations in this free game

Epic Trains - Build railroads and place trains to connect towns and industries

Express Way - Control signals to allow trains to safely cross intersections

Gem Mania - Lead a train through a maze while collecting all available gems

Gemstone Tycoon - Control crossing trains to prevent them from crashing in this free Flash game

Ghost Train Ride - Run a rollercoaster and scare your passengers without derailing

Gogo Train - Guide trains through obstacles in this online puzzle game

Goods Train - Safely drive your train through rough terrain without spilling cargo

Joe's Minor Adventure - Control a mining cart and avoid obstacles in this arcade-style game

Mini Train - Free game requires the laws of physics to safely get a train to its destination

Must Escape The Subway - Find a way to escape a locked subway train

Mystery Rail Train - Escape from a wrecked subway by exploring objects around you

Off The Rails - Operate a handcar and avoid obstacles in this free Flash game

Off World Express - Build and operate a transportation system for distant colonies in this strategy game

Paper Train - Control railway switches and signals to avoid crashing trains

Paper Train Level Pack - 15 new levels for the popular train game

Park My Train - Pick up railcars and route trains to their destinations in this free train game

Polar Express - Maneuver a train through a maze of switches to collect cars & passengers

Polar Express Ticket Chase - Run the length of a train while avoiding dangerous obstacles

Rail of Death 2 - Shoot enemies, jump over obstacles, upgrade your train, and escape from a mining tunnel

Rail of Death 3 - This sequel adds acceleration, braking, and other new challenges

Rail of War Extended - Arm a train for battle with new locomotives, wagons, and weapons to meet the objectives of each mission

Rail Pioneer - Clear a right-of-way and build track to take your train to its destination

Rail Rush - Safely guide a mine cart while collecting gold, similar to popular mobile game Subway Surfers

Railroad Journey - Collect treasure from your train while avoiding obstacles

Railroad Mania - Build railroad tracks to route your train in this free online puzzle game

Railroad Rampage - Take back your train from the outlaws in this online shooter

Railroad Ruckus - Safely guide passengers to their trains in this free arcade-style train game

Railroad Shunting Puzzle - Switch railcars and route trains to their proper destinations

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 - Sequel with 57 more free levels

Railroad Train Rush - Safely guide a train along a rollercoaster without crashing or dropping cargo

Railway Engineer - Build tracks and direct a toy train to its destination

Railway Man - Control signals to allow trains to safely cross through 12 levels of increasing difficulty

Railway Robot's Road Trip - Route a robot and collect points for completing each mission

Railway to Heaven - Escape a cage before a train arrives in this free strategy game

Railway Valley - Train game similar to Railroad Tycoon where you build track to connect stations and industries

Railz! - Move tiles on a board to complete loops of railroad tracks in this free puzzle game

RealRailway.com - Free Japanese train driving simulators with online (Flash) and download versions

Rollercoaster Creator - Build rollercoaster tracks that safely thrill your riders

Rollercoaster Creator 2 - Free rollercoaster game adds 30 more levels

Rollercoaster Revolution - Drive a rollercoaster and thrill your riders in this free online game

Runaway Minetrain - Route a mine train through 26 levels of obstacles

Run-Away Train - Avoid obstacles while speeding an aerial train to its destination

Skywire - Safely guide a cablecar past obstacles in this free online train game

Switchman - Throw switches to guide trains from entry to exit in this simple puzzle game

Switchman 2 - This sequel offers more levels of train switching puzzles

Ten Seconds - Control switches to guide trains from entry to exit in 10 seconds or less

Ticketless - Run from the conductor in this free side-scroller, with new obstacles at each difficulty

Train Controller - Receive orders, pickup cargo, and complete deliveries in this puzzle game

Train Escape - Jump from train to train to flee the police in this free arcade-style game

Train Mania - Drive a train over hills without crashing or spilling cargo

Train Maze - Turn switches to guide trains from entry to exit in this simple puzzle game

Train Raiders - Shoot enemies to protect your train from attack through 30 levels of increasing difficulty

Train Stare - Find objects hidden within train paintings in this online puzzle game

Train Traffic Control - Control switches and signals to route trains while avoiding collisions

Trains! - Pick up railcars and route your train to its destination

Trolleez - Safely guide loaded mine cars in this free online train game

Unstoppable Train - Safely route a runaway train through cities and obstacles

Viaduct Designer - Construct sturdy railroad bridges that allow trains to safely cross

West Train - Guide a train to objectives while avoiding enemies in this free puzzle game

West Train 2 - This sequel adds more free levels

Zombie Train - Defend your train from zombie attacks using a variety of weapons

Links to Other Train Games, Train Simulators, Railroad Board Games & Game Downloads

1830 Railroads & Robber Barons - Free turn-based computer game where the aim is to become the most successful railroad builder, based on Avalon Hill's board game of the same name (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

A-Train - Popular railroad simulation game published by Maxis in 1992, now available for free (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

A-Train 9 (The Train Giant) - Official site for the latest in a series of rail, transit, and urban development games from Artdink in Japan (site in Japanese only), available for purchase on Amazon.com

Amazon.com App Store - Dozens of train games for your Android mobile device

Andy's Trains - Shunting puzzle game for the iPad with 36 different track layouts

BAHN - Shareware train and streetcar simulator for Windows

BAHN Railway Simulations - Hints, tips, and layouts for the BAHN train and tram simulator, including content for American and European transit fans

BAHN Train Simulator Layouts - Dozens of free layouts for the BAHN simulator with an emphasis on past and present NYC subways plus transit systems in other USA and European cities

BenbeSoft - Hungarian train simulator for free download

Blackwater Station - Information about the range of board games and railroad games collectively known as 18xx

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) Simulator - Direct train traffic through one of several territories (free demo available for Windows PCs)

Challenge Products - Railroad simulation programs for sale including RRSwitch Railroad Switching Challenge, Freight Train Railroad Operations Challenge, and Trolley Time Challenge

Cities in Motion - PC game in which you build and manage a city's public transportation infrastructure including trams, metros, and buses (original game plus addons on sale at Amazon.com)

Cities in Motion Exchange (CiMX) - Forums, maps, mods, and tutorials for the popular city transportation sim

Cities in Motion 2 - Sequel to the popular mass transit simulator adds multiplayer mode, day/night cycles, larger maps, new vehicles, and dynamic cities that grow based on their transit network (download at Amazon.com)

Crayon Rail Fanatics - Shareware computer version of Mayfair's Empire Builder series of railroad board games

EEP3 Virtual Railroad - Build and operate railroads in this European train simulator for Windows

Evan Designs - Software for creating realistic model railroad scenery in any scale

Freight Yard Manager - Free 2D rail yard simulation for Windows with cooperative team play

Goofy's Railroad Express - Match shapes and colors while Mickey Mouse and Goofy lead a train in this Disney game from 1988, now available for free download (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

googol-Choo-Choo 3D - Japanese 3D model railroad simulator, available for download as shareware

Hmmsim 2 - Train simulator for iOS supports the use of BVE Trainsim routes

iRunTrains - 3D model railroad simulation application for Macintosh, with free demo for download

Last Express, The - Real-time mystery adventure game for the PC set on a moving train

Lionel Battle Train - War game featuring Lionel trains, for the iPad 2 and newer

Loco Mania - Logic and strategy game in which one controls switches and signals to guide trains to their destinations

Loco Mogul - Railroad strategy game for Windows is a cross between Oasis and Railroad Tycoon

Locomotion - PC strategy game with railroads, trucks, buses, airplanes, and ships; designed by Chris Sawyer of Transport Tycoon & RollerCoaster Tycoon fame, published by Atari, available for purchase on Amazon.com

Locomotion - Manage railroad switches to quickly route trains to matching stations in this free PC puzzle game (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

LocSim: Locomotive Simulation Program - Realistic train locomotive simulator, including calculation of running time and energy consumption; demo version available for download

LokSim - German freeware cabview train simulator for Windows from with numerous add-ons available

MaSzyna EU07-424 - Free realistic train driving simulator includes various types of locomotives with characteristics based on actual electrical motors, resistor networks, gearing, and air brake systems; available in Polish only

Mechanik - Freeware Polish cabview train simulator for Windows

Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) - RailServe.com's MSTS site, featuring more than 1,400 free train simulator add-ons, game links, and more

Mini Metro - Build a subway system to keep up with increasing traffic demands

MM Railway Screen Saver - Shareware screensaver with more than 2000 pictures and 200 train types from steam to electric

Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - PC mystery game set on a haunted train (buy at Amazon.com)

New York City Subway Signalling and Interlocking Simulator - Free application for modern versions of Microsoft Windows that recreates the experience of controlling switches, signals, and trains in the NYC Subway system

North American Railroad Map for Windows - Contains geographic data for the entire North American railroad network, with a free demo version available

Open Rails - Free open source train simulator that can read Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) routes, activities, consists, and train sets

openBVE - Open source train simulator intended to be compatible with routes and trains developed for Boso View Express (BVE)

OpenTTD - Free open source clone of the Microprose game Transport Tycoon Deluxe adds significant enhancements to the original including Internet multiplayer mode

Overcrowd - Build and manage an efficient metro station

Owen's Transport Tycoon Station - Tutorials, tips, saved games, scenarios, music and more for Transport Tycoon

PC-Rail - Free railway signaling and operating simulations used for hobby or industry training

Rail Baron Fanatics - RB Player is a shareware implementation of Avalon Hill's Rail Baron board game

Rail Cargo Simulator - Run trains and complete orders in ten unique railroad yards

Rail3d - Free railway simulator for Windows, allowing one to construct routes and follow prototype rail practices

RailDriver - Train cab controllers for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS), Trainz, Train Simulator 2022 (RailWorks), and other railroad simulators

Railroad Corporation - Railroad tycoon/strategy game set in 19th century North America

Railroad Empire - 1989 predecessor to the popular A-Train simulates railroad construction and operation, now available for free download (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

Railroad Pioneer - Build and operate a railroad in ten unique campaigns, similar to Railroad Tycoon

Railroad Tycoon - Sid Meier's railroad simulator that inspired many sequels, first published in 1990 and now available for free download

Railroad Tycoon Deluxe - Enhancement to the original Railroad Tycoon includes new graphics and sound, published in 1993 and now available for free download

Railroad Tycoon 2 Platinum - Sequel to the classic railroad strategy game, including expansion pack The Second Century, available for download through Steam

Railroad Tycoon 2 Map Archive & Guides - Dozens of free RRT2 maps plus tutorials and guides

Railroad Tycoon 3 - The 2003 version of the classic railroad game series, including multiplayer support

Railroad Tycoon 3 Map Archive & Guide - Hundreds of free RRT3 maps plus detailed handbook and FAQ

Railroad Tycoon - The Terminal - 500+ maps for Railroad Tycoon 2 (RRT2) & Railroad Tycoon 3 (RRT3)

Rails Across America - Rail strategy game similar to Railroad Tycoon, published by Strategy First for Windows

Railway Empire - Tycoon/strategy game in which you build and manage a railway network

Railway Operation Simulator - Freeware Windows program allows one to design, build, and operate their own railway with a dispatcher's controls

Railway Station Master - Train dispatching game features three maps and many diverse activities (free trial available for Windows PCs)

RealRailway.com - Free Japanese train driving games with 16 routes, available in online (Flash) and download (Windows/Mac) versions

Rule the Rail! & Iron Horses - Two train games from BrainBombers Group allow you to build and control a miniature world of toy trains, with free demos available

Run 8 Train Simulator - BNSF Mojave Sub simulator features accurate physics, CTC dispatching, and multiplayer support; available for download on Windows XP and later

SIAM Railway Simulations - Railway games for the PC including Traffic Control, Driver, and Signal Box

Sid Meier's Railroads! - Railroad strategy game by Sid Meier, creator of the original Railroad Tycoon, released in 2006 but still available for purchase on Amazon.com

SignalSoft Rail Consultancy - Accurate railway signaling (dispatcher) simulations for rail professionals and enthusiasts

SimSig - Free realistic British signalling simulation with nine locations available

Simulatore di Treno - Simple but realistic PC simulation of a Italian E444R electric locomotive with several routes

Simutrans - Freeware transport and economic simulation strategy game involving the transport of passengers, mail, and goods

SSI Model Railway Control System - Realistic British railway signaling simulator for Windows with Lenz DCC compatibility; free trial version available

STATIONflow - Control the flow of thousands of passengers by building and managing an efficient underground train station

Steam Engine Valve Gear on the Computer - Freeware valve gear simulation for Windows

Steam Locomotive Simulator - Simulates the thermodynamics of a steam locomotive, including the engine, boiler, and all major controls; free download includes more than 200 locomotives

Tayden Design - Makers of model railroad inventory, DCC, simulation, and screensaver software

Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends - Guide Thomas through puzzles by switching cargo and avoiding other trains in this 1992 children's game, now available for free download (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

Ticket to Ride - Online version of the cross-country train adventure board game

Train Director - Free CTC Simulation software inspired by Train Dispatcher, for Windows and Linux

Train Escape to Normandy - Train simulation and strategy game set in WWII, published in 1988 and now available for free download (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

Train Fever - Build and manage and railways in a dynamically simulated urban environment

Train Frontier Express - Train simulator for Xbox 360 with a focus on the fun of model railroad building

Train Hobby - Free train driving game for Windows with five routes including Nankai Main Line, Nankai Koya Line, JR Kyoto, and Hankyu Kyoto, available in Japanese only

Train Station Simulator - Station building and management game

Train-Puzzles.com - Free downloadable train jigsaw puzzles

TrainSim.Com - Discussion boards and downloads for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS), Railworks, Rail Simulator, Auran Trainz, World of Subways, and Boso View Express (BVE)

TrainStation - Develop a railroad empire in this free online social (Facebook) game

Transarctica - Strategy game involving the operation of a train and rail network, published in 1993 and now available for free download (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

Transport Fever 2 - Classic transport simulator featuring road, rail, water, and air

Transport Simulation UK - Reviews of train simulators and transport strategy games

Transport Tycoon - Transportation simulator features rail, road, air, and ships; published in 1994 and now available for free download (note: this game may be played on modern Windows & Macintosh computers using the free DOSBox emulator)

Transport Tycoon Deluxe for Windows - Enhancement to the original Transport Tycoon includes new scenarios and graphics and adds Windows XP compatibility, now available for free download

Transport Tycoon Forums - Discussion boards for Transport Tycoon and Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

TTDPatch - Free gameplay-enhancing update to Transport Tycoon Deluxe including new vehicles, new graphics, larger stations, new signals, greater construction options, and more

Unrailed! - Co-op multiplayer game in which you build train tracks across endless procedurally generated worlds

V-Scaler - Column dedicated to the newcomer to virtual railroading and train games

V-trip - Game of virtual travel of European railways by collecting stamps at designated stations

World of Subways Vol 1: New York PATH Route - Subway simulator from TML Studios featuring all routes of the PATH system that links Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Manhattan (New York City)

World of Subways Vol 2: U7 - Berlin - Subway simulator from TML Studios featuring the 20 miles and 40 stations of the U7 subway route in Berlin, Germany

World of Subways Vol 3: London Underground - Subway simulator from TML Studios featuring the 27 kilometers and 35 stations of the London Underground Circle Line

World of Subways Vol 4: New York 7 Line - Subway simulator from TML Studios featuring the NYC 7 Line between Manhattan and Flushing, Queens

ZDSimulator - Realistic train simulator with multiplayer support, developed for Ukrainian railroads and now offered worldwide with free demo available

Zusi - German train driving simulator for Windows, with free demo version available

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