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BVE Train Simulator & openBVE Downloads

BVE and openBVE are free train driving simulators with high quality graphics and realistic train operations. This page is a directory of websites offering free BVE routes, trains, and other train simulator downloads.

RailDriver - Drive your train simulator with realistic throttle, brake, reverser and switches. Works with Train Simulator 2021, Trainz, Microsoft Train Simulator and computer driven DCC systems.
Boso View Express (BVE) - Official site of this freeware Japanese train driving simulator with high realism and accurate train physics, now with hundreds of free worldwide routes available.
openBVE - Official site of a free, open source train simulator with a focus on realism; compatible with most routes and trains developed for Boso View Express (BVE2 and BVE4).

Brno BVE Website - Czech downloads for BVE and openBVE

BVE Argentina 2 - Free routes and objects for BVE train simulator

BVE Barcelona - Barcelona Metro routes and trains for OpenBVE

BVE Binley Heath - Fictional British route for BVE

BVE Budapest Metro - Budapest metro routes for download in BVE train simulator

BVE Cornwall - British routes and trains including Plymouth - St Austell route and GWR King Class locomotive

BVE Engineering Lab - Japanese routes for BVE2 and BVE4

BVE Hull - Fictional British routes for BVE2 train simulator

BVE in Poland - Polish routes and trains for BVE2, BVE5, and openBVE train simulator

BVE in Virginia - Fictional BVE train simulator route set in Virginia

BVE Italia Fans - Italian route and train downloads for BVE train simulator

BVE Klub - Hungarian routes, locomotives, and tutorials for BVE train simulator

BVE Lincolnshire - East Lincolnshire Railway route for BVE

BVE Ono Kenshaku - Japanese trains and Odakyu Electric Railway route for BVE, in Japanese only

BVE Station - Many New York City Transit Authority routes and trainsets for BVE and openBVE, plus tutorials, forums, and more

BVE Total - Brazilian downloads for BVE and openBVE

BVE Trainsim Suigo Train Bureau - Japanese routes for BVE including Togane, Narita & Sobu

BVE4Trains - British locomotive, DMU, and EMU downloads for openBVE and BVE4

BVEremiz - Hungarian routes and trains for BVE train simulator

CelticTrainsim.com - Free Irish themed routes and rolling stock downloads for OpenBVE

Deutsches OpenBVE Archiv - Worldwide routes and trains for OpenBVE

Ferrovipathe BVE - 53km fictional Scottish loop route for BVE train simulator

FEVF: Ferrovia Elettrica della Val di Fiemme - Italian routes and trains for BVE train simulator

HarbourvaleBVE - Fictional routes for openBVE including Harbourvale Line and Airport Express Line

High Speed Trains OpenBVE - Free high speed passenger train downloads for openBVE

Hmmsim 2 - Train simulator for iOS supports the use of BVE Trainsim routes

Holland Routes - Intercity route downloads for BVE train simulator

Honzaki Kotsu - Fictional Japanese routes for BVE2, BVE4, openBVE train simulators

Konkyu Group - Hong Kong routes for BVE2 and BVE4

Lignes BVE - French routes for BVE and openBVE including Chars-Gisors and LGV

Lille Rail Soft - French steam, diesel, and electric trains for BVE train simulator

MegaRailBrasil - Brazil metro route and rolling stock downloads for BVE

openBVE Locomotives - American and Brazilian diesel locomotive downloads for openBVE

openBVE Rio - Free Brazilian downloads for openBVE simulator

openBVE Trains and Routes - Free routes, trains, and tools for openBVE including both real and fictional railroads worldwide

Paul's Australian BVE Fan Site - Kurrajong and Camden routes plus a 30 Class steam engine for BVE

PM's BVE Web - Japanese trains for BVE train simulator, in Japanese only

Rail Sim Routes - Highly detailed and accurate UK routes for BVE and openBVE, including the Birmingham Cross-City and Watford Junction to Rugby routes, plus detailed English tutorials and reference guides

RouteBuilder for BVE - Visual railway editor with the ability to export created routes for the simulator BVE

Sacha's BVE Home Page - Bay Park and LUL Victoria Line routes for BVE train simulator

Saijo Line - Fictional Japanese route for openBVE only, one of the first to use animated objects

Seibu Toshima & Ikebukuro Line - Japanese route for BVE train simulator, in Japanese only

SRPS BVE Downloads - Routes for BVE2, BVE4 & openBVE including Edinburgh-Aberdeen and Bo'ness Branch

SydneyBVE - Australian routes, trains, and objects for BVE and openBVE

Tokyo Metro - Several Tokyo metro routes for BVE2 train simulator

Train-Sim Discussion Forum for BVE - Message board for discussing BVE simulator operation and routes

TranDiaTec BVE - Japanese Chuo Line rapid transit route download for BVE train simulator

TrenoMania Network - Hundreds of Italian add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS)

TrenSim.com - Discussion forum and free add-on downloads for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS), RailWorks, Trainz, and BVE, with an emphasis on Spain and Latin America

WMATA Routes for BVE - Washington DC Metro's Red Line for BVE2 train simulator

Yosansen - Japanese passenger trains and Yosansen Line route for BVE, in Japanese only

YouTube Train Videos - Channels featuring video of BVE skills and other train simulators, plus real in-cab (cab ride) videos from passenger and freight trains worldwide

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