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Model Railroad Discussion Groups & Forums

This page provides a directory of model railroad discussion forums and message boards including model railroad layout ideas, tips, tricks, techniques, track plans, and more.

3rd PlanIt Users Group - For users of, or persons interested in, 3rd PlanIt, a CAD software package for track planning and designing model railroad layouts

4L: Loyal Legion of Logged-on Loggers - Information regarding logging prototypes and models

7mm Australian Modelling - Discussion and information related to 7mm modelling in Australia, with ideas, promotion, modelling hints and tips, new products, and suppliers

All Model Railroading - General model railroading discussion of all scales

ALPS Decal - Discuss techniques for producing waterslide decals for scale models from the ALPS printer

Ames Railfans - Railfans and modelers of Iowa

Amtrak - For modelers and fans of Amtrak and VIA

AmtrakModeler - Formed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information on modeling Amtrak operations and equipment at all points in its history; all scales welcome

Australian Model Railways - Group dedicated to Australian railway modelling where members can post questions, pictures, advice, and more

Baltimore and Ohio - Dedicated to the history and modeling of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Brass Collector's Exchange - Exchange information, establish prices, and discuss painting and modifications of brass trains

British Columbia Railway Modelers - Constructive discussion, research, and commentary regarding the British Columbia Railway, both prototype and model

Budd RDC - Provides railfans and modelers of Budd RDCs a forum where they can share information, ideas, and photographs

C-P-R - Discussion of topics pertaining to the Canadian Pacific Railway, including railfanning and modeling

Caboose Hobbies - General model railroad discussion

Canadian Model Railroading - Forum for Canadians who want to sell, discuss, or trade model railroad items

Canadian Railways - News and discussion of railways and the railway industry in Canada, past, present, and future

Car Cards Operations Group - Discussion group focused on model railroad operations using Car Cards and Waybills for the movement and/or routing of rolling stock

CHESSIEmodeler - For communications among modelers of the Chessie System, the B&O, C&O, and the WM railroads in order to share information about the prototype that is useful in building scale models

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Collector and Modeler - Anything that relates to or effects the CB&Q collector or modeler

Citrus Industry Modeling Group - Share information about the citrus industry in Southern California as it pertains to modeling the operations of the Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific railroads

Civil War Railroads & Modeling - Discuss the history and modeling of American Civil War railroads

CLASIG - Colonial & Latin American Narrow Gauge Interest Group for all interested in the narrow gauge railways found outside Europe and North America

CMRI Users - Forum for users of Bruce Chubb's Computer / Model Railroad Interface system to share information and solutions

CNJ-Modeler - Open to all those who are modelers of the Jersey Central Lines, Central Railroad of New Jersey, and Central Railroad of Pennsylvania as well as subsidiary and predecessor lines in any scale

CNLines-CNet - Discussion of the CN family of railways - as they were, as they are, and as they are modeled

CofGmodeler - For communications among modelers of the Central of Georgia in order to share information about the prototype that is useful in building scale models

Coil Steel Car Modelers - Forum for model railroaders interested in the AAR "GBSR" and other classes of freight cars used to haul coiled steel

Colorado Midland - For those interested in the historical and/or modeling aspects of the Colorado Midland Railroad/Railway, Midland Terminal Railroad, Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad, and Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek Railroad

Commuter Modeling - Forum for modelers of commuter, rapid transit, streetcar, LRVs, and interurbans; includes modeling information, manufacturers, and more

Conrail Modeler - For communications among modelers of the Consolidated Rail Corporation

Conrail Modelers Resource - Forum to share knowledge about modeling Conrail from the period 1976-1999

ConrailCorp - Group for fans, modelers, collectors and employees

CRRlist - Devoted to the discussion of prototype, historical, and modeling information pertaining to the Clinchfield Railroad

CTI Users Group - Forum for the exchange of information and ideas about the CTI Model Railroad Computer Control System

CV RR - Historical and modeling discussion about the Central Vermont Railroad

DCC for Fun - Cross platform discussion group of Digital Command Control (DCC) issues

DCC-Sound - Discuss DCC model railroad sound systems

DCC4Everyone - Discussion group for all DCC enthusiasts

Deltics Class 55 - Discuss anything about Deltics, including historical facts, current news, model Deltics, and views on future usage

Diecast Buses Yahoo Club - The Internet's largest model bus community, as featured in Buses magazine October 2001, with news and pictures

Diesel and Electric Modellers - Modelers and enthusiasts of the British railway scene from the post 1955 Modernisation Plan to present day

Digital Plus by Lenz - Forum to help and inform Digital Plus DCC users of what's new and how to fix problems encountered

DigiThalys - Exchange of information between hobbyists and professionals regarding 'digital' (computer controlled) model railroad systems

Digitrax - For those using the Digitrax Digital Command Control DCC system for model railroads

Doodlebugs - For both model and prototype discussions of powered railcars; includes steam, diesel, and gasoline-powered cars throughout the 20th century, but focused primarily on cars from the 1910s-1930s and the Budd RDCs of the 1950s

EarlyRail - Discussion for those interested in modeling pre-WWI railroads; topics include motive power, rolling stock, broad gauge, narrow gauge, different track styles, early trolleys and interurbans, US Civil War era, structures, and more

EasyDCC - Group for model train enthusiasts who use the Digital Command Control (DCC) system called EasyDCC, manufactured by the CVP Company

Editspro - French group for help in using EDiTS Pro model railway control software

EllenN Railroad Modelers - Dedicated to model railroaders who recreate the L&N railroad in miniature

Espee - Discussion list devoted to the Southern Pacific Railroad (SP, aka "Espee") and its numerous subsidiaries

Espee Forever - General discussion about the Southern Pacific (SP) Railroad

Extra Narrow Gauge Railways - Forum for the modeling of, and discussion about, those prototypes of sub two-foot railways

Fine Scale Miniatures - Building techniques and ideas for Fine Scale Miniatures, Sierra West, Master Creations, B.T.S., Builders In Scale, and other craftsman structure kits

Free-mo - Discussion of Free-mo and Fremo modular model railroading concepts including design, construction, standards, and operations

Freelance Model Railroaders - General model railroad discussion and chat

Freerails - Discussion of freelance railroad construction and scratchbuilding techniques, mostly in narrow gauge and 1:48 scale

Fremo-DCC - General discussion of DCC, in German

Frisco - For fans of the Frisco and its predecessors to discuss their interests in operations, modeling, and history

Gary Siegel's L&N, EK Div. HO Railroad - Discuss the progress, schedule, activities, and operations of the HO model railroad

Georgia Association of Narrow Gaugers - For modelers in central and north Georgia as well as southeast Tennessee and other areas in easy driving range of Atlanta, for discussion of narrow gauge in any scale

Georgia RR - West Point Route - Forum for railfans and railroad modelers of the Atlanta and West Point, Georgia Railroad, and Western Railway of Alabama

GeoTrax - Discussion of Fisher-Price's GeoTrax trains

GMOHS - Discussion of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Historical Society by historians, railfans, and railroad modelers

GNGoat - Discusses all matters, both prototype and model, related to the Great Northern Railroad up to the BN merger in 1970

Gorre & Daphetid - Discuss and share pictures of John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid Line

Great Western Railway Email List - Enthusiasts, historians, and modellers discuss all matters concerned with the Great Western Railway (UK)

HAG Model Trains - Questions and answers on HAG HO model trains made in Switzerland

Hand Laid Track - Forum for discussing handlaying track in all scales

Hirailers Unlimited - Share experiences with HiRail layouts and equipment

HO Brass - Discussion of Brass HO model railroad models

HO-Railroader - Discussions range from rolling stock to scenery to hints and tips

HobbyLine - Discussion group for all model railroad enthusiasts in Slovene language, though English is also accepted

HOe-modeling - Forum for H0e train collectors, enthusiasts, and modelers

ICQ List: Railfans and Model Railroaders - Internet program for railroad enthusiasts and modelers to exchange information and stay in touch

Illinois Central Model - Discussion group for Illinois Central and ICG modelers; all scales are welcome; model and proto-type picture files plus "how to" articles and links to IC/ICG related sites

Industrial Modelers - Discuss the modeling of industries that use rail service such as chemical plants, oil refineries, steel mills, paper mills, and auto plants

IntelliBox eXpertise (IBX) - Exchange of information between users, programmers, and developers of the Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno IntelliBox

Interurbans - For the promotion, discussion, exchange of technical data, model building construction advice, and display of interurban and trolley prototype and model photos and/or plans

Japanese Model Train News - Up to date announcements of new and re-released items from all the major Japanese model train manufacturers

JMRI Users - Discussion group for people using the JMRI model railroad software, including DecoderPro

JRForum - Meeting place for enthusiasts from around the world to discuss their interest in Japanese model trains

K-Line Electric Trains - Discuss and share opinions and experiences with K-Line Electric Trains

Kato Model Trains - Informational exchange on Kato model railroad locomotives and rolling stock

Kato Unitrack - Discussion of all things regarding Kato Unitrack

KCS Modeling - Forum for fans of modeling the Kansas City Southern Railway

KCSnotes - Discuss any and all aspects of the KCS railroad (and its current and former subsidiaries) from an historical and/or modeling perspective

Kitbashing HO Structures - Forum for posting pictures of kitbashed HO structures

Layout Construction - E-mail community for anyone designing, building, and operating model railroads of any size

Layout Design SIG Discussion Group - Discussion of model railroad layout design

Layout Sound - Discussion group dedicated to layout sound, specifically sound outside trains

LCTM - Spanish discussion of Marklin HO trains

LeftCoastHOn30 - Organized to promote HOn30 model railroading on the West Coast

Lionel Collectors - Discuss Lionel and prototypical trains

Lionel Layouts - Forum for layout building ideas and tips

Lionel Postwar Trains - Informational exchange on postwar Lionel trains including operation, repair, availability, and general maintenance

Lionel Trains - Lionel train discussion

Lionel Trains 21st Century - Discussion of modern Lionel trains and accessories

Lionel-HO-Collectors - Discussion of HO products made by Lionel between 1957 and 1966

Lionel_FasTrack_ System Yahoo Group - Discussion group for Lionel's new track system, Lionel FasTrack

Lionel_SuperO_Track Group - Questions and discussion for fans of Lionel "Super O" track

Little Engines Live Steam Trains - Discussion of Little Engines locomotives in all scales

Live Steam - Discusses issues and experiences of folks interested in live steam traction engines and models

Loconet Hackers - Group to assist programmers in programming Digitrax's Loconet

Logging Railroad Modelers - Discuss logging model railroads and equipment

Louisiana Railfan & Model Railroad Group - Group for Louisiana railfans and model railroaders to exchange information

Louisville & Nashville and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroads - Discussion includes history, preservation, modeling, collecting, and museums

LUGNET Trains - For those who build railways from the popular LEGO building bricks

MAC DCC - For those interested in using Macintosh computers with their model railroad layout; primary focus is on DCC and other related digital control systems

Mailing-GFM - Italian railroad and model railroad discussion

MaPa Railroad - Forum for exchanging information which aids in the understanding and modeling of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad

Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders (MFMR) - Discussion of area train shows for model railroaders in Canada's Maritime Provinces

Marklin Bar & Grill - Discuss all things Marklin and related topics

MarklinBS (Marklin Buy and Sell) - Designed for the Marklin and model train enthusiast looking to buy or sell items Marklin or Marklin compatible (Microtrains, Roco AC, etc.)

MarklinTalk - Forum for those who have an interest in exchanging ideas and information about Marklin model trains

Marx Train - Discussion of collecting, operating, repairing, and restoring toy trains manufactured by Marx and Girard Model Works (Joy Line) between 1927 and 1975 and the items presently under production by Marx Trains of Elmhurst, Illinois

Memphis Railfans - Forum for greater Memphis area railfans to discuss Class 1s, shortlines, and model railroading

MERG - Group for members of the Model Electronic Railway Group

Milw - For fans and modelers of the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Railroad - aka "The Milwaukee Road"

MILWmodelers - Forum for those interested in modeling the Milwaukee Road in any scale

Model Buzz - General model railroad discussion

Model Rail Forum - Model railroad reviews and discussion

Model Railroad Electronics - To promote the sharing of model railroad electronic circuits and information

Model Railroads of North America - Share photos of model railroad layouts in all scales

Model Railroads of Southern California - Discussion group for Southern California model railroad layout owners to share their progress, experiences, tips, and techniques

Model Railway Layouts & Plans - Free guide features tips, tricks, techniques, and track plans for realistic looking model railroad layouts in any scale

Model RR Structures - Share tips and tricks to build and weather model railroad structures

Model Train Spare Parts - Spare parts finder for Triang & Hornby, Hornby Dublo, Wrenn, Lima, Fleischmann, and others

Model Trains - Discussion group for the discerning model railroader

Model Trains 411 - Tips and techniques for model railroads and toy trains

Model-tram - Encourages the construction of model tramcars and tramways, in all scales, either through scratch building or kits

Modeler's Choice - Newsgroup for the exchange of information on Modeler's Choice brand model railroad products

Modeling Clinics by Bob Harpe - Internet clinics about railroad prototype modeling

Modeling Clinics by Rick Bell - Internet clinics about railroad prototype modeling

ModelTrainForum.com - Includes discussion boards for all common scales

ModMod - Group for modellers and historians of the post-Modernisation Plan era British railway scene

MOPAC - Information for both prototype and modelers of the Missouri Pacific, Texas & Pacific, and any MP related activities

MoPac Modeling - Discussion group for the modeling of the Missouri Pacific Railroad

MRC-DCC - Discuss problems, successes, and solutions to owning and using the MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation) DCC (Digital Command Control) system

MRCDS - Discuss the pros and cons of computer aided car movements using programs such as Mission Critical Software's Model Railroad Car Dispatch System

MRR Forums - Model railroad discussion boards with an emphasis on craftsman kits

MTC Trains - Forum for discussing G-16 and G-15 Miniature Train Company (MTC) park trains

MTH Railroad Club - Forum for both collectors and operators of MTH trains, rolling stock, and accessories to exchange ideas

Narrow Gauge Gazette - Discuss articles in Bob Brown's Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette

Narrow Gauge Mining Modelers Guild - Forum for fans and modelers of mining in all scales

Narrow Military Rail - Group for enthusiasts of narrow gauge military rail operations throughout the world

Nashville Garden Railway Society - Discussion group for the members and friends of the Nashville Garden Railway Society in Nashville, Tennessee

NCE-DCC - Forum for model railroaders who use NCE Digital Command Control Systems

NCE-SYS1 - Discussion group on DCC (Digital Command Control) products produced by NCE

New England Model Railroaders - Sharing of model railroad information in the northeastern U.S.

New York Central Railroad - Forum dedicated to modelers, historians, and fans of the New York Central Railroad

New York City Transit Modelers Group - Forum for those who model NY City ELs, subways, rolling stock, trolleys, and busses in any scale

Norfolk & Western Railroad - Discussion includes N&W modeling, N&W Historical Society, and other related topics

Norfolk and Western Modeler - Forum to discuss detailing, painting, and weathering models of the N&W and its predecessor railroads

Northern Alberta Railways - Discussion of the railways of Northern Alberta, both prototype and model

NPModelers - Organized to share modeling aspects of the Northern Pacific

Ntrak - For the discussion of all subjects dealing with NTRAK modular railroading

NYC Modeler - Forum for modeling the prototype New York Central

NYNHHrXr - For prototype and model railroading discussions related to the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

NYOW - For prototype and model railroading information related to the New York, Ontario & Western Railway

NZ Railchat - For railway modelers interested in the New Zealand rail scene

Omaha CoBluffs Railfans - Discussion group for railfans and modelers of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa

On20 Group - Discuss On20 railroad modeling

On30Traction - Discuss the modeling of On30 scale under the wire

ONR: Ontario Northland Railway List - Exchange of information among modelers, railfans, and historians

Orlando N-Trak - Mailing list for club members and friends in the Orlando, Florida area

ozLS Group - Discuss garden railways in Australia & NZ

Pacific Coast Region - Discussion of all topics pertaining to the Pacific Coast Region of the NMRA

Pacific Electric Railway - Discussion of the Pacific Electric including freight operations, equipment, passenger operations, modeling, and more

Painting Model Trains and Buildings - Group for learning how to paint model trains and buildings

Passenger Car List - Devoted to railroad and railway passenger cars - past, current, and future; modeling and prototype discussions are welcome

PC-Rail Discussion Group - Discussion of the PC-Rail brand of railroad games

PCModeler - Discussion about scale modeling the Penn Central Railroad in miniature (predecessors and subsidiaries included)

Pennsy Modeler - Share model building information, resource materials, and comaraderie among hobbyists modeling the once great Pennsylvania Railroad and its equipment

Pere Marquette - Model and prototype discussion of Michigan's only true Class 1 railroad

Portable On30 - Share ideas about portable On30 layouts

Proto 2000 Kits - An informational exchange on building Life Like's Proto 2000 model railroad rolling stock kits

Proto Northeast - Modelers who like to prototypically recreate northeastern railroads

Proto-Freelance Modelers Special Interest Group (PFMSIG) - Discussion group for those interested in freelanced (made up) model railroads based on the operations of prototype (real) railroads

ProTrak - For those desiring more information and support for the ProTrak waybill/ switchlist/ car movement program for model railroads

PRR Project Group - Groups allows modelers who are building specific Pennsylvania Railroad related projects to share ideas, techniques, and the finished models

PRR-Modeling - For sharing methods, ideas, and pictures for modeling the late, great Pennsylvania Railroad

QS Industries - Discuss QSI electronic sound and control systems for model railroading

Rail-Lynx - Users group for the Rail-Lynx IR wireless control of HO model trains

RailOp - Group for new and existing users of the PC based software used for model railroad layout operations

Railroad Buildings and Structures - Discussion board to share knowledge about creating models of buildings and structures found along the railroad

Railroad Line Forums - Discussion boards for all aspects of model railroading

Railroad Marine Operations - Forum for rail-marine enthusiasts including RMIG (Rail-Marine Information Group) members

Railroad Modeling Still Makes Me Grumpy - Forum for venting and commentary about model railroads

Railway Decal Express Agency - Forum to find, trade, buy, and sell model railroad decals

Regional and Short Line RR Modelers - Forum for modeling modern regional railroads (Class 2s) from all areas of the US

Repower and Regear - Discussion of repowering and regearing model railroad locomotives

RGS - Discussion of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad, restricted to prototypical history and modeling the RGS

Richmond Rails - Enthusiasts group for railfans, historians, authors, photographers, and modelers in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia

Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac - Forum for discussion, modeling, and photos of the RF&P

ROCO-Modeltrains - Forum dedicated to the exchange of information about ROCO model trains, the ROCO digital system, and all other ROCO products

RPM-forum - Discussion group for prototype modelers

RR Decal: Model Railroad Decals - Discusses the making and availability of railroad decals, and the exchange of decals or the computer files for making decals

Ry-ops-industrialSIG - Discussion list of the Operations SIG of the NMRA

Sakai and Seki Toy Train Discussion Group - Forum for those interested in the history, manufacture, original sale, collection, repair, restoration, display, and operation of these toy trains

Santa Susana Railroad Historical Society - Discussion group for avid model railroaders and railfans in Southern California's Los Angeles and Ventura counties

Scenery - For those interested in the construction of scale scenery for model railroads

Scenery and Structures - Discuss different methods and types of scenery and structures model railroaders use

Scottish Modellers - Forum for modellers who either intend to build, or have built, a model railway with a Scottish theme/setting

Scratch Building - Discussion group for those who scratchbuild models, with a primary focus on model railroading

SER-NMRA - List to keep the members of the Southeastern Region (SER) of the NMRA informed of any and all railroad, railway, train, model railroad, and prototype events, shows, meetings, conventions, and get togethers

ShenWare - For those who use the MiTrains Inventory System and Waybills for Operators model railroading software by Shenandoah Software

Ship-It - For those with the model railroad waybill generating program from Albion Software

SLHMR - Forum for sharing photos of short line HO steam model railroads

Slimrails - List to discuss narrow gauge railroad topics, mainly historical but also inclusive of modeling

Small Layout Design - Discussion of the design and construction of small model railroad layouts

Sn3 Model Railroading - To share modeling techniques, exchange prototype information, and general comraderie

Soundtraxx - Discussion group for users of the Soundtraxx model railroad sound system

South African Railways Modeling List - List for modelers of South African Railways or Spoornet, both 3' 6" and 2' gauge, in any scale

South Of The Border - Group devoted to sharing information and modelling the railways south of the USA border, in any scale/gauge combination

Southern Rails and Shortlines - For southern railroad fans and modelers to talk about trains; any scale and any interest in railroading south of the Ohio or Arkansas River is welcome

Southern Railway - For former employees, railfans, and modelers of the Southern Railway

SOUTHERNmodeler - For communications among modelers of the Southern Railway and its predecessor railroads in order to share information about the prototype that is useful in building scale models

Southwest Narrow Gaugers - Discuss modeling narrow gauge railroads regardless of scale

SPNG - Discussion of the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Railroad and its predecessors

SPSRY - For anyone interested in prototype and modeling information on the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway and its predecessors and subsidiaries

Stationary Steam Engine Group - Forum for worldwide stationary steam engines

SteamLoco - Steam locomotives interest group, including real locomotives, scale models, history, and folklore

Structure Modeler - Forum for hobbyists that build scale models of prototype structures or proto-freelanced structures

Sunshine Region - Place to discuss railroads, model railroading, and the activities of the Sunshine Region of Florida

Swiss Rail Modeling - Enthusiasts modeling the Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, the Swiss Federal Railway system (SBB-CFF-FFS), and other standard gauge lines

TCA Members Group - General model railroading discussion board for TCA members and non-members

TCS Decoders Forum - All scales discussion on the developement and installation of Train Control System decoders

Templot - For users of Templot track design software and everyone with an interest in model trackwork

The Central Station - Discussion of model trains in all scales

The Model Train Club - Online model railroad club with forums, articles, videos, and chat

Thirties to Fifties Model Railroading - Issues involving model railroading during the time period of 1930 to 1959, including paint schemes, specific models, structures, and track diagrams

TMQ - Trains Miniatures Québec - French discussion of model trains in Quebec, Canada

TOCng (Turn Of the Century Narrow Gauge) - For model railroaders that have an interest in narrow gauge lines during, before, or near the 1900's

Toy Train Repair - Hints, tips, and how-to ideas for resurecting old toy and model trains

Toy Trains Mailing List - Forum operated by the Train Collectors Association for discussion of all aspects of toy trains

Track Plans & Sketches - Group to share and discuss track plans

Train Books - Forum for collectors of railroad books and videos

Train Collectors Association Trading - Forum for those wishing to buy, sell, or swap toy trains and accessories

Train Editor's Syndicate - Collection of model railroad newsletter editors, assistant editors, proofreaders, art directors, authors, and advertising managers who swap stories, information, articles, advertising leads, and ideas

Train Tools - Discuss tools used by the model builder, especially of trains and railroads

Trainorders Discussion & Chat - Discussion topics in eastern and western railroading, model railroading, passenger transit, railfan trip reports, and international railroading

Trains.com Forums - Discussion boards related to Kalmbach's railroad magazines including Trains Magazine, Classic Trains, Garden Railways, and Model Railroader

Transition Era Railroad Modeling - Discussion of modeling and prototype information of the transition era (1930's to the early 1960's)

TreeMaking - How to make trees for railroading, dioramas, and architectural modeling

Tweetsie - For railfans, modelers, rail historians, and the just plain curious to share a common interest in the fabled East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Narrow Gauge Railroad

Tyco Trains - Forum to buy, sell, and discuss Tyco Trains

UP Modelers - Forum to discuss items dealing with modeling the Union Pacific Railroad and its predecessors (WP, SP, etc.)

Vintage HO Operators - Forum for those who collect and run vintage HO from the early 1960's and before

Virtual Modelers - Mailing list for participants in steam era freight cars

Washington, DC Metro Area Lego Train Club - Discussion group for club members

WCinfo - Discussion of the Wisconsin Central System Railroad including an exchange of model ideas, prototype news, and anything to do with the WC

Weathering Techniques - Devoted to photos and pages of ideas and techniques for weathering models

Welsh Highland Railway - General discussion group for the history, preservation, and modeling of the Welsh Highland Railway and its predessesors

Wiring For DCC Q&A Forum - Questions and answers about wiring model trains for Digital Command Control

Wisconsin Central Modeling Forum - Modeling forum for those who enjoy modeling the Wisconsin Central in any scale

WP Railroad - Forum dedicated to enthusiasts modeling the Western Pacific, Sacramento Northern, Tidewater Southern, and other related railroad subsidiaries

WPlist - Discussion for fans and modelers of the Western Pacific (WP), Sacramento Northern (SN), and Tidewater Southern (TS) railroads

XTrkCad - Discussion group for users of the model railroad track planning software package XTrkCad

YardMaster - Discussion, design, and implementation of railyards and intermodal yards

Yorke Kits - Forum for sharing information regarding the construction of craftsman style structure kits, in particular those produced by Tom Yorke

Your Model Railway - UK-based community of modelers specializing in helping the beginner

Zealot Hobby Forum - Model railroading discussion boards, including technical, photography, club announcement, and buy & sell categories

Zimo-DCC - Forum for users of the Zimo DCC System

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