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Freight Railways

This page provides a directory of freight railways, rail cargo services, intermodal transportation, and related rail freight companies in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America.

Addis Ababa - Djibouti Railway - 780 km freight and passenger railway linking Addis Abeba, capital of Ethiopia, to Djibouti along the Red Sea Coast

ALL-Central - Argentina freight railway extends westward from the city of Buenos Aires to the western provinces of Mendoza and San Juan, close to the border with Chile

ALL-Mesopotámica - Argentina freight railway extends north from the city of Buenos Aires to the northeastern cities of Posadas and Corrientes

AlpTransit Gotthard - Project to construct a flat rail link through the Alps, including the 57km-long Gotthard Base Tunnel, scheduled to open in 2017

América Latina Logística (ALL) - Freight rail operator in Brazil and Argentina

Aqaba Railway Corporation (ARC) - Transports phosphate rock from mines to the port of Aqaba, Jordan

Aurizon - Operates rail and road freight services in Australia (previously QR National)

Australian Motive Power Rosters - Locomotive rosters of Australian Railways

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) - Responsible for negotiating new access to the interstate national track between Brisbane and Perth

Australian Railroad Group (ARG) - Operates 5,000km track in Western Australia and New South Wales

Azerbaijan State Railway - Operates passenger and freight railways from the capital city of Baku to connections with Russia, Iran, and Georgia

B-Cargo - Belgian freight rail operator

Banestyrelsen - Maintains the Danish state railway network

Bangladesh Railway - 2768km government owned passenger and freight railway

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Beitbridge-Bulawayo Railway (PVT) - Private 350km freight railway between the South African border town of Beitbridge and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Belarus State Railways - Official BCh site for passenger and freight railways in Belarus

Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal Railways - Official website of the passenger and freight railways

Botswana Railways - Official BR site of freight rail service in Botswana

Brookfield Rail - Operates and maintains 5,100km of rail infrastructure throughout the southern half of Western Australia

Bulgaria National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) - Manages Bulgaria's railway infrastructure

Bulgarian Railway Company - Private freight railway operator in Bulgaria

Bulgarian State Railways - Official site of the state owned railway company operating domestic and international rail services

Cameroonian Railways - Photos and information about Camrail, the national railway of Cameroon

CargoNet - Intermodal transport in Scandinavia with access to the European rail network

Carrizo Gorge Railroad - Shortline railroad operating between Tijuana (San Ysidro Port), Tecate (Tecate Port), Campo, and Plaster City, California

Central East African Railways - Freight rail service in Malawi to Mozambique

CFR Marfa Romania - Romanian national freight railway

Chemins de fer Vicinaux du Congo (CVC) - Narrow gauge freight railway serving North East Congo

Confederacao Nacional do Transporte - Represents the Brazilian Transport Sector

Congolese National Railways (SNCC) - Freight and passenger service in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Corredor de Desenvolvimento do Norte (CDN) - Rehabilitates and manages the Nacala Corridor, including Port of Nacala in Mozambique, the Northern Railway network of Mozambique, and the railway system of Malawi

Croatian Railways - National railway network connecting all major Croatian cities except Dubrovnik

Czech Republic Railway Infrastructure Administration (SZDC) - Maintains and operates national passenger and freight railways

Czech State Railways - National freight railway (CD) of the Czech Republic

Danske Godsvogne - Information and photos of Danish freight cars

Direct Rail Services - National rail freight operator; UK

Estonian Railways - Official EVR site of Estonia's national freight rail network

Eurosib Group - Cargo and intermodal freight operator in Russia

Eurotunnel Group - Manages the infrastructure of the Channel Tunnel and operates accompanied truck shuttle and passenger shuttle services in the UK and France

FCA (Empresa Ferroviaria Andina) - Operates railways in western Bolivia, including passenger service between Oruro and Tupiza

Fenadesal: Ferrocarriles Nacionales de El Salvador - Restoring freight and passenger rail service in El Salvador

Fepasa - Freight rail service in central Chile

Ferrocarril Central Andino SA - Operates freight service plus tourist excursions from capital city Lima to the Andean cities of La Oroya and Huancayo; Peru

Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia - Freight rail operator in the northern provinces of Chile

Ferrocarril del Istmo de Tehuantepec - Operates freight rail service between Medias Aguas and Salina Cruz, Mexico

Ferronor - Freight rail service in central Chile

Ferrosur Roca - Freight rail operator in Argentina

Ferroviaria Oriental - Operates a 1,243km rail network serving eastern Bolivia, including passenger service between Santa Cruz and Quijarro (Puerto Suárez)

Ferrovie dello Stato - Freight division of Italy's national railway operator

Ferrovías Guatemala - 800km freight rail network connecting Guatemala City with Mexico, El Salvador, and ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts

Finnish Rail Administration (RHK) - Responsible for Finland's rail network

Freight Australia - Freight rail service throughout South Eastern Australia

Freightliner - Operates national rail freight services in the UK

Freightmaster - Guide to rail-bourne freight services in the UK, with timetables updated weekly

Fret SNCF - Second largest rail-freight carrier in Europe, handles freight carriage for SNCF in France

GB Railfreight - UK freight train operator

Genesee & Wyoming Australia - Operates 5,000km of track and provides terminal operations and contracted services in South Australia and the Northern Territory

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. - Operates over 100 railroads with over 15,000 miles of owned and leased track in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe

Georgian Railway - Operates freight and passenger rail service in Georgia

Ghana Railways - Passenger and freight service on a 953 km network in Ghana

Green Cargo - Rail freight operator in Sweden

Guangshen Railway Company Ltd. - Operates passenger and freight rail service between Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China's Pearl River Delta, with a connection to Hong Kong

GYSEV - Privately-owned Austrian-Hungarian railway company with freight and passenger services

Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG (HGK) - Private freight operator in Cologne, Germany

Indian Railways - Official website of India's Ministry of Railways, providing national freight and passenger service

Interail Australia - QR’s interstate rail freight operator

InterBering - Promotes the construction of a railroad from the Continental United States through Canada and Alaska and under the Bering Strait to Russia

Iranian Railways - Unofficial site with timetables, maps, rolling stock, services, history, and news

Iraqi Republic Railway Company - Official site of IRR, operator of the rail network in Iraq

Israel Railways - Official site with schedules, fares, maps, and more

Jamaica Railway Corporation - Owns the railway infrastructure in Jamaica

Japan Freight Railway - JR Freight operates freight service in Japan, mainly using tracks owned by passenger railways

Jordan Hejaz Railway - Operates passenger and freight service on the Hejaz Railway in Jordan

JSC Russian Railways - Operates freight and passenger railways in Russia

Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) - Passenger and freight service in Kazakhstan

Kenya Railways Corporation - Owns the railway infrastructure in Kenya, managed under concession with the Rift Valley Railways Consortium

KiwiRail - Freight rail service in New Zealand

Korean National Railroad - National passenger and freight service

Kosovo Railways - Operates passenger and freight railways in Kosovo

KTM Berhad - Inter-city passenger, commuter, and freight rail services in Malaysia

Kyrgyzstan Railways (KZD) - Passenger and freight service in Kyrgyzstan

Latvian Railways - Official LDZ site of Latvia's passenger and freight railways

Linea Coahuila Durango - Freight rail operator in north central Mexico

Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa (LHS) - Operates a 400km freight railway from Hrubieszów at the Poland/Ukraine border to Slawkow, Poland

Lithuanian Railways - Official LG site of Lithuania's passenger and freight railways

Macedonian Railways - Official site of Macedonia's passenger and freight railways

Madis Limited - Transportation of goods throughout Europe and CIS and all the operations connected with it; main office is in Ilyichevsk, Ukraine

MailRail - Unofficial website of London's Post Office Railway; automatically controlled trains operate on 6.5 miles (10.5Km) of track between Paddington and Whitechapel; an average of 4 million letters are carried each day between the four stations on the line - serving a British Rail main line station and three major London sorting offices

Mauritania Railway - Passenger service from Nouadhibou to Choum (to Zouerat for freight), known for the longest trains in the world (3km long ore trains); passengers board a single coach or ride atop in the ore wagons

Moldova Railways (CFM) - Passenger and freight rail service in Moldova

Mongolian Railway (MTZ) - Passenger and freight rail service in Mongolia

Moroccan National Railways - Official ONCF (Chemins de fer Maroccains) site for passenger and freight rail service in Morocco

Mozambique Railways (CFM) - National passenger and freight railways in Mozambique

Network Rail - UK freight railway, now includes Railtrack

Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket) - Responsible for the management of the national railway network, on behalf of Norways' Ministry of Transport and Communication

Nuevo Central Argentino - Freight rail operator in Argentina

Pacific National - Australia's largest private rail freight provider, operating in all states and the Northern Territory

Pakistan Railway - National passenger and freight railways

Panama Canal Railway Company - Official site of the 47-mile railroad linking Balboa and Colon along the Panama Canal, offering both freight and passenger service

Philippine National Railways - Official site of commuter rail, long distance passenger rail, and freight rail services in the Philippines

Pilbara Railway Pages - Photos and information about the heavy haul iron ore railroads in the North West of Western Australia

Pipavav Railway - Joint venture of the Government of India and Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited to undertake the construction, operation, and maintenance of a 271km rail line between Surendranagar and Pipavav port

PKP Cargo - Freight rail services in Poland

PKP Polish Railway Lines - Responsible for management of Poland's national railway network

Potter Group - Independent, privately owned rail freight terminal operator, offering a full range of shared user warehousing, road and rail logistics services; UK

ProRail - Manages the Dutch freight and passenger railway network

Rail Cargo Hungaria - Rail freight forwarder in Hungary

Rail Cargo Information Netherlands - Promotes the use of Dutch railways for goods transport

Rail-France - Extensive directory of French railway web sites, including passenger, freight, tourist, history, models, and more

RailCargo - Austrian freight railways

Railfan.nl - Information and photos about freight rail operators in The Netherlands

Railroad Association of South Africa - Organization of South Africa railways, shippers, and suppliers

Railroad Development Corporation - RDC is a Pittsburgh based railway investment and management company, unique in its focus on the developing world

Refer EP - Responsible for managing the infrastructure of the Portuguese Railway System

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) - Designs, builds, operates, and maintains Italy's railway infrastructure

Rhaetian Railway (RhB) - Operator of passenger and freight railways in Switzerland, including the Glacier Express and Bernina Express

Rift Valley Railways - Operator of freight and passenger rail service in Kenya and Uganda

Rotterdam Rail Feeding - Short-haul rail and switching services in the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) - Responsible for managing, developing, building, and financing the French rail network

Saudi Railways Organization - Official site of Saudi Arabia passenger and freight railways

SBB Cargo - Freight rail in Switzerland

SCT - Australia's first and largest private freight train operator

Serbian Railways - Official site of passenger and freight railways in Serbia

Slovakia Railways - Official site of ZSSK freight rail service

Slovenia National Railways - Official SZ site for freight rail service in Slovenia

SNIM (Mauritania Railway) - 700km railway transports iron ore from a desert area in Northern Mauritania to the Atlantic Ocean

SNTF - Operates over 4000km of passenger and freight rail service in Algeria

South Caucasian Railway - Operates an 845km network of passenger and freight rail service on the Armenian Railway

Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR) - Provides industrial rail services in NSW, Australia

Sri Lanka Railways - Official site of commuter rail, intercity passenger rail, and freight railways in Sri Lanka

State Railway of Thailand - Official SRT site of passenger and freight railways in Thailand

Sudan Railways Corporation - Operates passenger and freight railways in Sudan

Swaziland Railway - Passenger and freight service in Swaziland, in-conjunction with Spoornet and C.F.M

Swedish National Rail Administration (Banverket) - Manages Sweden's national rail network

Syrian Railway - Official CFS site for passenger and freight railways in Syria

Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) - Freight and passenger rail service in Tanzania; provides freight service to the west of the country as well as the land-locked countries of Burundi, Rwanda, and the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) - Two country joint railway system, linking the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania with New Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia, and handling freight cargo for the countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Democratic Republic of Congo

The Yaraka Mixed - Last freight train in Australia that still carries passengers and freight, from Emerald to Yaraka

Toll Royal Railway - Operates freight service on the 637km state-owned Royal Railways Cambodia

Trade Trans Forwarding Ltd. - Forwarding company based in Warsaw, Poland

Trans-Karakum Railway - 540km passenger and freight railway in Turkmenistan, completed in 2006

TransNamib Holdings Ltd. - Freight transport operator in Namibia

Transnet - South Africa's national freight railway, with links to Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland

Tunisian Railways - Official SNCFT site for the passenger and freight railways of Tunisia

Uganda Railways Corporation - Owns the railway infrastructure in Uganda, managed under concession with the Rift Valley Railways Consortium

Ukrainian Railways - Official site of Ukraine's national rail network

Uzbekistan Railways (UTY) - Official site of Uzbekistan Temir Yullari (UTY), providing passenger and freight rail service

VR Cargo - Rail freight operator in Finland

Zambia Railways (ZR) - Extends from the junction with Zimbabwe Railways at Victoria Falls to Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi (junction with Tazara), and the Copperbelt, a total length of 1,273 km

Zimbabwe National Railways - Operates passenger and freight railways on a 2760km network in Zimbabwe

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