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Live Steam Clubs, Garden Railroads & Park Trains

This page provides a directory of live steam railroad clubs, park trains, and private railroads in the USA and Canada, including 2½, 3½, 4¾, 7¼, 7½, and 15 inch gauge live steam railroads.

Adirondack Live Steamers - Operates a 7-1/4" gauge railroad in Saratoga County, New York

Alaska Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge club in Wasilla, Alaska

Amusement Park Trains - Guide to 500+ miniature railroads throughout North America, organized by state

Annetta Valley & Western Railroad Club - Privately owned 7-1/2" gauge railroad west of Fort Worth, Texas

Arborway, T.T. & Northwestern Railroad - Private 15" gauge live steam railroad in Steelville, Missouri

Arizona & Pacific Railroad - 16" gauge live steam railroad in Peoria, Arizona

Assiniboine Valley Railway - 7-1/2" gauge live steam layout located on a six acre site immediately west of Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Auburn Heights Preserve - Operates the 1/8 scale 7-1/2" gauge live steam Auburn Valley Railroad in Yorklyn, Delaware

B.A.D. Great Northern Railway - Private 15" gauge live steam railroad with bridge and tunnel

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Bear Creek Park Train - 15" narrow gauge steam railway in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Big Boots & Western Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad based on the SAL and ACL with 1.5 miles of mainline in Candler, Florida

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad - 1/3 scale steam locomotive operates a 1-mile loop in Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos, California

Bitter Creek Western Railroad - Privately owned 7-1/2" gauge railroad in the central coast area of California

British Columbia Society of Model Engineers - Operators of the Burnaby Central Railway with over two miles of 7-1/2" gauge track in Confederation Park, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad - Two-foot gauge steam railroad in St. Marys, Pennsylvania

C&H Railroad - Dedicated to the preservation and operation of Ottaway 12" gauge steam locomotives, rolling stock, and related railroad memorabilia

Calvert Central Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge ride-on railroad in Calvert, Maryland

Camp Creek Railroad - Operates live steam locomotives on 3000 feet of 7-1/2" gauge track in Waverly, Nebraska

Canton, Saint Paul & Pacific Railway - Mile-long 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad includes three tunnels, two large timber trestles, several smaller bridges, and offers spectacular views of the Etowah River Valley; Canton, Georgia

Carillon Park Rail & Steam Society - Operates a 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Dayton, Ohio

Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge railroad based on the Orange Belt Railway, under construction within Pasco County's Crews Lake Wilderness Park; Shady Hills, Florida

Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers - Building the Eagle Point Railroad, a 7-1/2" gauge railroad on private property in Dunlap, Tennessee

Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steamers - 3400 feet of 7-1/2" double-tracked mainline, 1630 feet of 4-3/4" on the ground, and 1050 feet of elevated 4-3/4" and 3-1/2" track in Leakin Park, Baltimore, Maryland

Chippewa Northwestern Railway - Private 1" scale railroad at the Seward County Historical Society's Museum in Goehner, Nebraska

Chula Vista Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge live steam club in Chula Vista, California

Cinder Sniffers - Live steam club operates 7-1/2", 4-3/4", and 3-1/2" gauge trains in Cincinnati, Ohio

Colorado Live Steamers - Building a 2.5 mile, 7-1/2" gauge point-to-point mainline railroad in Byers, Colorado

Damar Southern Railroad - Private 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad with detailed photos and information about locomotive and rolling stock construction

Deerfield and Roundabout Railway - 7-1/2" gauge live steam railway operated by the Lake Forest Live Steamers in Illinois

Dells Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Denver Garden Railway Society - Operates G, O, and Gauge 1 live steam railways; Denver, Colorado

Dolittle, Seemore, and Nap Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge railroad with 860 feet of track in Galeton, Pennsylvania

Eagle Point Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge railroad with over 13,000 feet of track covering close to 35 acres of heavily wooded hillsides near the edge of the Cumberland Plateau above Dunlap, Tennessee

Finger Lakes Live Steamers - Operates 7-1/4", 4-3/4", and Gauge 1 live steam trains in Marengo, New York

Florida Live Steamers - Operates nearly 30 live steam layouts in Florida

Folsom Valley Railway - Public train rides on a 12" gauge live steam railway in Folsom, California

Foots Creek & Southern Railroad - Indoor G scale layout, outdoor 2.5" scale railroad, and many prototype Southern Pacific photos

Frontenac Society of Model Engineers - Society of enthusiasts sharing an interest in model engineering including the building and operating model steam locomotives, traction engines, hot air engines, steamboats, IC engines, clocks, and workshop equipment; Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Golden Gate Live Steamers - Builds and runs scale model steam locomotives of various gauges in Berkeley, California

Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers - Runs locomotives on multi-gauge track located at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Goose Creek Railroad - Privately owned two-foot gauge railroad in Bristol, Virginia

GP Rah Enterprises - Operates the 18.5" gauge Griffith Park & Southern Railroad and the 16" gauge Travel Town Railroad in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Great Lakes Live Steamers - 1/8th scale trains running on 7-1/2" gauge track; Royal Oak and Southgate, Michigan

Hesston Steam Museum - Operates 7-1/2" and 14" gauge railroads, steam sawmill, steam crane, and more; Hesston, Indiana

Hillcrest & Wahtoke Steam Railroad - 15" gauge live steam railroad at Hillcrest Tree Farm in Reedley, California

Houston Area Live Steamers - Operates 4700 feet of 7-1/2" gauge mainline track at Zube Park in Hockley, Texas

Hudson Central Valley Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad in Sanger, California

Illinois Live Steamers - Operates 6000+ feet of 7-1/2" gauge track, 5000+ feet of 4-3/4" track, and approximately 1300 feet of elevated 3.5" gauge track; Lockport, Illinois

Indiana Live Steamers - Live steam club with a 7000 foot 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Edinburgh, Indiana

Iowa Model Steam Engineers - Operates 950 feet of 1-1/2" scale ground track and 650 feet of 1" and 3/4" scale elevated track; Mt Pleasant, Iowa

Iron Horse Park - Miniature re-creation of the railway pioneer days in the Canadian West, including 1.5 miles of track, operated by the Alberta Model Engineering Society; Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Irvine Park Railroad - 1/3 scale replica of an 1863 C. P. Huntington locomotive in a miniature park railroad; Orange, California

Joshua Tree and Southern Railroad Museum - 7 1/2" and 15" live steam railways, G scale, and full size railcar exhibits in the High Desert near Palm Springs, California

Kitsap Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge railroad at South Kitsap Community Park in Port Orchard, Washington

Klamath & Western Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge railroad offers public train rides in Chiloquin, Oregon

Lake Shore Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Kirtland, Ohio

Largo Central Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge live steam trains run 1.2 miles through landscaped Largo Central Park, Florida

Las Vegas Railroad Society - 200 acre live steam miniature railroad park and museum with 7-1/2" and 15" gauge trains; Las Vegas, Nevada

Little River Miniature Railroad - Private 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Texas

Locomotive Operators of Central Oklahoma - 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroaders in McLoud, Oklahoma

Long Island Live Steamers - Operates 3/4", 1", and 1-1/2" live steam with more than a mile of track in Southaven County Park, Brookhaven, New York

Los Angeles Live Steamers - Operates 3-1/2", 4-3/4", and 7-1/2" trains in Los Angeles, California

Magic City Line - Miniature train rides at Rothwell Park in Moberly, Missouri

Manitoba Live Steamers and Model Engineers - Operates 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-3/4", 5", and 7-1/2" live steam trains in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Marek Mountain Mining & Railroad - Private freelance railroad with 3-3/4" scale models on 7-1/2" gauge track; San Antonio, Texas

Maricopa Live Steamers - Club members research and build scale steam locomotives and modern diesels; Phoenix, Arizona

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park - Operates the Paradise and Pacific Railroad, a 5/12th scale reproduction of a Colorado narrow gauge railroad; Scottsdale, Arizona

Medford Railroad Park - Live steam train rides, operating HO scale model railroad layout, displays of full size railroad equipment, and a working exhibit of Morse telegraphy; Medford, Oregon

Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad - Quarter-scale steam and diesel locomotives power 1.5-mile train rides through the Huron National Forest; Fairview, Michigan

Mid-South Live Steamers - Dedicated to the enjoyment of large scale outdoor railroading and steam locomotives, operating over one mile of 1:8 scale railroad in the Maury County Park in Columbia, Tennessee

Mill Creek Central Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad with turntable, 155 foot trestle, and 104 foot tunnel; Coshocton, Ohio

Milwaukee Zoo Safari Train - 15" gauge railroad operates with coal-fired steam locomotives and diesel locomotives at the zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Montreal Live Steamers - Live steam club with numerous gauges in Les Cèdres, Quebec, Canada

New Jersey Live Steamers (NJLS) - Runs 7-1/4", 4-3/4", and 3-1/2" gauge live steam trains in the Somerset Hills of New Jersey

New Unionville & Western Railroad - Private 1/8th scale model railroad with more than a mile of track in Bloomington, Indiana

North East Kansas Railroaders - Operates the half-mile 12" gauge Atchison & Western Railroad in Atchison, Kansas

North Georgia Live Steamers - Outdoor railroad club formerly operated the 7-1/2" gauge miniature outdoor railroad at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia

North Pacific Coast Railroad - 1600 feet of 7-1/2" gauge track in Battle Ground, Washington

Northeast Florida Live Steamers - Operates the 7-1/2" and 2 foot gauge West Tocoi & Bostwick Railroad with nearly two miles of mainline track in Florida

Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers - Operates 3-1/2", 4-3/4", and 7-1/2" gauge trains in York Township, Ohio

Northview & Frisco Railroad - 1/5th scale railway recreates the atmosphere of an Ozarks branchline from the late 1930s; Northview, Missouri

Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation, Inc. - 15" gauge live-steam train rides with Engine 901 from Israelite House of David, plus displays of railroad artifacts; Findlay, Ohio

Ophir Mines Railway - Private 7-1/2" gauge railway in Southwest Washington

Orange County Model Engineers - Operates a 7-1/2" gauge railroad over a 5 mile layout of track at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, California

Orland, Newville & Pacific Railroad - 1876 Baldwin 8-18c 4-4-0 on a 15" gauge 1-mile loop at Glenn County Fairgrounds, Orland, California

Ottawa Valley Live Steamers and Model Engineers - Live steam locomotives in 3-1/2" to 7-1/4" gauge; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pacific Beach & Summit Railroad - Private 7-1/2" gauge railroad located on South Whidbey Island on 10 acres in Clinton, Washington

Pacific Bill & Jamie Railroad (PB&JRR) - 7-1/2" gauge and G scale railroad under construction

Pacific Northwest Live Steamers - 1-1/2" scale, 7-1/2" gauge live steam, electric, and diesel trains with 3800 feet of track; Molalla, Oregon

Pennsylvania Live Steamers - Operates 4-3/4", 7-1/4", and Gauge 1 live steam in Graterford, Pennsylvania

Phillipsburg Railroad Historians - Operates a museum and the Centerville & Southwestern miniature railroad in Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Phoenix & Holly Railroad - 15" gauge diesel railroad at the Flower Farmer in Canby, Oregon

Pine Creek & Western Railroad Club - More than a half-mile of 7-1/2" gauge track at the Illiana Antique Power Association grounds in Rainsville, Indiana

Pioneer Valley Live Steamers - 3-1/2", 4-3/4", and 7-1/4" gauge live steam railroad in Southwick, Massachusetts

Prairie State Railroad Club - 7-1/2" gauge live steam club in Big Rock, Illinois

Pretty Darn Close Railroad - Private 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad in Russell Township, Ohio

Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum - Over 60 rolling railway artifacts from GTP, CN, BCR, and CP, plus 7-1/2" gauge miniature railway; Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Puget Sound Garden Railway Society - Models multiple scales and live steam in the Pacific Northwest

Quebec Model Railroad Society - Operates HO, N, and 1-1/2" scale layouts in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada

Railroad Museum of South Florida - Operates live steam and diesel on 1.5 miles of 7-1/2" gauge track in Fort Myers, Florida

Reading Society of Model Engineers - Operates the 15" gauge Laurel Run Railroad located near Reading, Pennsylvania

Redwood Empire Live Steamers - Live steam club and public train rides in Santa Rosa, California

Redwood Valley Railway - 5" scale live steam locomotives operate on 15" narrow gauge track; Tilden Park, Berkeley, California

Richwood Tahoe Railroad - Half-scale live steam railroad offers public train rides in Crestview Hills, Kentucky

Rickety Shed Light Railway - The trials and tribulations of a 16mm scale live steam garden railway which all started in a rickety shed

Ridge Live Steamers - Operates over 10,000 feet of 7-1/2" gauge track near Dundee, Florida

Riverside & Great Northern Railway - 3-mile round-trip on a 15" gauge live steam railway in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Riverside Live Steamers - 7 1/2" gauge steam-only club in Riverside, California

Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad - 15" gauge live steam railroad near Riverton, Wyoming

Rocky Mountain Rails - Outdoor riding model railroad club located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, with track gauges 7-1/2" and 4-3/4"

Sacramento Valley Live Steamers Railroad Museum - Operates over 6300 feet of 7-1/2" and 4-3/4" gauge track with many sidings, several yards, three wooden trestles, a 40ft truss bridge, and a girder deck bridge; Rancho Cordova, California

Sagebrush Short Line Railroad - Privately owned 7-1/2" gauge railroad located in Ridgecrest, California

Sandy Ridge and Clear Lake Railway - 7-1/2" gauge private railroad near Battle Creek, Michigan

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Western Railroad - Private 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad in Oakhurst, California

Scottsdales Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge live steam club in Scottsdale, Arizona

Soggy Bottom Railroad - Private 15" gauge railroad near Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Soggy Sod Railroad - 1300 foot 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Astoria, Oregon

Sonoma Traintown - 15" gauge live steam locomotives and diesel replicas pull passenger trains on 1.25 miles of track; Sonoma, California

South Coast Railroad Museum at Goleta Depot - Dedicated to the history, technology, and adventure of railroading, especially the Southern Pacific Railroad and its contributions to local history; Goleta, California

Southern Allegheny Live Steam Railroad - Proposed 1-1/2" scale railroad in St. Michael, Pennsylvania

Southern California Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge railroad with a 1800 foot mainline; Torrance, California

Southwestern Live Steamers - Operates on private 7-1/2" gauge tracks throughout Texas and Oklahoma

Spirit of Traverse City - 1/4-scale 4-4-2 steam locomotive at Clinch Park Zoo and Marina; Traverse City, Michigan

St. Croix Railroad - Operates 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-3/4", and 7-1/2" gauge trains in Hudson, Wisconsin

St. Louis Live Steamers - Operates 1-1/2" and 1" scale trains on 7-1/2" and 4-3/4" dual-gauge track; Eureka, Missouri

Swanton Pacific Railroad Historical Society - Operates 1/3 scale 19" gauge steam railroad equipment built for Pan Pacific International Exposition of 1915 as a people mover; Davenport, California

Tall Pines Scenic Railroad - 15" gauge railroad with over a mile of track; Berwick, Maine

Tiny Town Railroad - 15" gauge live steam railroad in the village of Tiny Town, Colorado

Toy Train Barn - Operating model train layouts in all scales from Z to G, plus the 12" gauge Argyle & Eastern Railroad; Argyle, Wisconsin

Toy Train Depot - 1898 El Paso & North Eastern Railroad Depot Museum holds 8,000 pieces of railroad artifacts from Z scale to 4'8.5", including operating layouts, hands-on demos, and four M.T.C. 16" gauge park ride trains that travel three miles through Alameda Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge live steam railroad in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, Florida

Train Mountain Railroad Museum - Largest 7-1/2" gauge railroad in the world with over 25 miles of track; Chiloquin, Oregon

Triad Live Steamers - Operates live steam on 3500 feet of 7-1/2" gauge track in Farmington, North Carolina

Vancouver Island Model Engineers - Live steam railroad in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Ventura County Live Steamers - Operates 7-1/2" gauge (mostly 1-1/2" scale) live steam trains in Fillmore, California

Vulcan Forge Short Line Railroad - Private railroad in northeast Ohio operating a 5" scale Class A Shay

Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Railroad Association - Two-mile 12" gauge live steam railroad; Glencoe, Missouri

Wales West Light Railway - Authentic 2 foot gauge Welsh steam railway and 7-1/2" grand scale line at the Train & Garden Lovers Family Park in Silverhill, Alabama

Washington County Railroad - 7-1/2" gauge railroad club with a special interest in coal fired steam locomotives; Cherryfield, Maine

Waushakum Live Steamers - Live steam club with 3/4", 1", and 1-1/2" scales on 16 acres; Holliston, Massachusetts

Wenatchee Riverfront Railway & Navigation Association - Operates a 10" gauge live steam railroad as affiliate of Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center in Wenatchee, Washington

West Coast Railway Heritage Park - Houses authentic railway equipment in various stages of restoration, plus a 7-1/2" gauge miniature railway; Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

White Creek Railroad - 1/8 scale railroad with 5 miles of mainline on 120 acres of private property in Cedar Springs, Michigan

Willow Creek Railroad - Building a nearly mile-long 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Brooks, Oregon

Woodinville & Snohomish Railroad - Private 7-1/2" gauge railroad in Snohomish, Washington

Yuma Territory Live Steamers - 7-1/2" gauge club with 2000 feet of track; Yuma, Arizona

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