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Model Railroad Electronics & DCC

This page provides a directory of model railroad manufacturers and retailers offering digital command control (DCC) products and model railroad electronics including power, sound, lighting, controls & signals.

Accu-Lites Inc. - Maker of analog lighting and authorized dealer of many DCC systems and supplies

Albion Software - Designers of Ship It! scheduling software for model railroads

Amazon.com DCC Controller Store - Digital command controllers from NCE, MRC, Digitrax, Bachmann Trains, and others

ANE Model - Taiwanese manufacturer of SmartSwitch slow motion turnout machines and other DCC decoders and electronics for HO and N scale model railroads

AP Railventory - Windows-compatible model railroad inventory software for all gauges

Auctions on eBay - DCC systems and accessories available online at discount prices, including Digitrax, Soundtraxx, NCE, Lenz, and others

Azatrax - Provides infrared train sensors, crossing signal controllers, and crossing bell sound effects for all scales; Longmont, Colorado

Bakatronics - Designs and manufactures innovative electronic circuits for model railroads, including the Illuminator Plus to animate model railroad buildings

Berkshire Junction Model Railroad Supplies - Manufactures switch machines, power supplies, motion sensors, and detail parts such as electric lines and crossbucks

Boulder Creek Engineering - Produces electronics for model railroad operations, including talking defect detectors, speedometers, track scales, and infrared detectors; Boulder, Colorado

Brawa - German manufacturer of European model trains and accessories in HO, IIm, TT, N, and Z scale

Brian Jones - UK producer of radio control and other electronic control systems for garden railways

Bridgewerks - Manufacturer of power controllers for all gauges

Bryte Rails - Manufactures 1.5" and 2" scale Adlake caboose and locomotive lanterns

Busch - German manufacturer of scale model cars, landscaping material, track ballast, signals and lighting, electronic accessories, sound modules, PC programs for rail track construction, and more

Circuitron Electronics for Model Railroads - Manufacturer of the Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Machine, SMAIL, and over 90 other electronic products for model railroads

CR Signals - Produces N gauge signals and miniature lighting; Fleet, Hampshire, UK

CTI Electronics - Manufacturer of computer control model railroad hardware and software

Custom Signal Systems - Custom model railroad signal systems and layout consultation, including block detection, trackside signal assembly and installation, and rolling stock modifications and tune-ups

CVP Products - Produces the EasyDCC and RailCommand digital command control systems

Dallee Electronics, Inc - Manufacturer of model railroad electronics, including sound systems (DC, DCC, AC), signaling equipment (DC, DCC, AC), block sensors (DC, DCC, AC), lighting (DC, DCC, AC), strobes, freds, throttles (DC), and electronic E-units (AC)

DCC by Design - Customized DCC design and installation, plus wiring and assembly services

DCC Supplies Ltd - DCC specialists offering installations and training of ZIMO, NCE, Lenz, Digitrax, Gaugemaster, Soundtrax, ESU, and others; Abberley Hills, Worcestershire, UK

Digikeijs - Dutch manufacturer of digital model railway decoders, LED strips, feedback modules, power supply products, switch decoders, and accessories

Digitrains - UK-based online DCC specialist offering informed advice, a decoder fitting service, and extensive supplies of DCC decoders and accessories

Digitrax, Inc - Produces an extensive line of digital command control products

Electric RR Co. - Specializes in command control compatible product design including locomotive upgrades and car kits; Santa Clara, California

ESU Electronic Solutions Ulm - German producer of the LokSound line of DCC decoders

Evan Designs - Fully assembled LEDs for all model lighting needs including locomotive headlights, die cast lights, warning signs, street lights, signal lights, building lights, and more

Express Models - Produces model railway lighting and electronic scenic accessories; Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

Full Throttle Model Train Control - Electrical control panels for remote power and turn out control

G-Scale Graphics - Provides custom vinyl lettering and low cost radio control battery power for garden railroads

Green Steam Products - Produces optical detectors, operating crossbucks, marker lights, EOTs, and more

GRS Micro Liting - Model railroad lighting and special effects for G through Z scale

Hand Made Accessories - Australian manufacturer of HO and N scale signals, crossing lights, streetlights, and switches

Hornby - UK producer of OO gauge model railway rolling stock, structures, track, scenery, lighting, sound, DCC, and accessories

Innovative Train Technology Co. - Manufacturer of sound effects modules for model railroaders including trains, animals, city, rural, and more

Integrated Signal Systems - Manufacturer of custom built HO scale signals and signaling systems

KATO Precision Railroad Models - Produces ready-to-run HO and N scale model locomotives, rolling stock, lighting, and DCC

Lenz Digital Plus - Manufactures a full range of digitical command control (DCC) products

Litchfield Station - Offers a wide array of DCC equipment plus professional decoder installs in locomotives from G to Z scale

LocoFi - Simple yet powerful wifi-based model train control system with onboard sound

LocoLinc - Control system for model railroaders who want the freedom to independently control as many locomotives and track accessories as desired, for all scales N through G; Lake Oswego, Oregon

Logic Rail Technologies - Signaling circuits and accessories for HO and N scale trains

Massoth Electronics - Produces DCC systems for G scale model trains, including decoders, controls, modules, sound decoders, central stations, lights, smoke, cables, magnets, power shoes, and more

Miniatronics - Model railroad electronics including incandescent lamps, lighting effects, switches, micro mini connectors, neon-like signs, LEDs, wire, lampposts, and more

MiniDCC - A digital command control (DCC) do-it-yourself project

Model Railroad Magic Website - Scale sound for layouts (not the trains), custom scene sound design, and Scale Magic CD soundtrack scenes

Model Railroad Manager - Software by MTS Associates provides model railroad inventory, operations and maintenance, layout automation, and layout control panels

Model Railroad System - Free Windows software for scheduled model railroad operations

Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC) - Produces AC and DC power systems, digital command control (DCC) products, and sound systems

MyRollingStock.com - Personal online model railroad inventory management system

NCE (North Coast Engineering) - Manufactures digital command control (DCC) decoders

Ngineering - Manufactures N scale lighting products, tubing, detail parts, and accessories; Battle Ground, Washington

NJ International - Model railroad accessories in HO, N, S, and O scales, including signals, crossings, street lights, switch stands and indicators, structures, and more

Oregon Rail Supply - HO scale signals and accessories

Phoenix Sound Systems - Sound systems for large scale trains; Ann Arbor, Michigan

ProTrak - Prototype-based operations and signaling for model railroads

QSI - Sound and train control products for model railroad engines and layouts

Quaker Valley Software - Develops DCC operations software for model railroads, including JMRI CTC Panel and computer printed car cards and waybills

Rail-Lynx - Electronic products to enhance the realistic and prototypical operation of model railroads

RailCon - DCC-based system for controlling model railroad accessories, points, and signals

RailRoad & Co. - Produces model railroad control software that supports all leading digital and conventional control systems

RamTrack - Lighting, sound, control, and power devices for N through G scales

Reflections of Nature - Offers DCC products and installation services; Flowery Branch, Georgia

Remote Control Systems - Produces a model train radio control system as an alternative to DCC

Republic Locomotive Works - Provides N scale narrow gauge (Nn3) craftsman kits including locomotives, rolling stock, structures, and scenery, plus detail parts, decals, electronics, DCC, sound, and more

Richmond Controls - Variety of realistic lighting for model railroad locomotives, cars, and scenery items in all scales; products range from simple constant intensity directional headlights to Mars Lights, Gyralights, Beacons, FREDs, and flicker-resistant track powered interior lights; Richmond, Texas

Ring Engineering - Produces HO scale end-of-train devices

RR Concepts - Electronic modules for G, HOn3, and HO scale model railroads, including train decelerators, track switch controllers, and multi-function controllers

RR-CirKits - Provider of model railroad electronics including block occupancy detectors, tower controllers, and TCS decoders; Waxhaw, North Carolina

Scaleway Signals - UK producer of signals for use on garden railways

Shenandoah Software - Developer of MiTrains, a comprehensive inventory system for all railroad models and memoriabilia

Sidetracked Electronics - Australian manufacturer of model railroad electronics, LEDs, resistors, and switches

Signal Research - Manufacturer of Roadmaster Digital Block Control (DBC) train control and signal systems

Signalogic Systems - Provides realistic model railroad grade crossings and signal systems; Edmonton, Alberta

SM Railway Hobbies - Manufacturer and distributor of automatic signals and circuits, hand-held controllers, cork underlay, wagon loads, and scenic accessories; Wellington, New Zealand

Sommerfeldt - German specialty manufacturer of scale catenary products

Sonora Software - Model railroad management software for operating layouts in a prototypical manner

SoundTraxx - Produces digital sound systems and DCC decoders for all scales

South West Digital - Distributor of ESU DCC products with British locomotive sounds; Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, UK

SSI Model Railway Control System - Realistic British railway signaling simulator for Windows with Lenz DCC compatibility; free trial version available

Streamlined Backshop Services - Online store offers DCC decoders, installation, repair, upgrades, and kit assembly of N and HO scale locomotives; Avon, Indiana

Sunningwell Command Control - Supplier of Digitrax DCC equipment and related products; Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

Tam Valley Depot - Manufactures electronic frog reversers, servo drivers, and DCC accessory decoders; San Diego, California

Team Digital - Provides electronic products for Digital Command Control (DCC) model railroads, allowing one to remotely control turnouts, detect the presence of a train, and control signals and gates; Kokomo, Indiana

The DCC Shop - Specializes in DCC systems, decoders, track, roadbed, and brass trains; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Train Control Systems - Produces DCC decoders and harnesses for HO and N scale model railroads

TrainElectronics.com - Manufactures model railroad electronics including a multi-scale train speedometer, auto-reverser, infrared sensors, beacons, ditch lights, mars lights, and more; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Traintek, LLC - Specializes in model train control including NMRA DCC, MTH DCS, and other signaling and computer control products

Trax Controls - Manufacturer of electronic control and sound effects modules for all gauges; also supplies switches, connectors, tools, LEDs, fiber optics, components, and accessories

Uhlenbrock Elektronik - German manufacturer of model railroad electronics and digital systems

Vernonia Northern - Locomotive DCC conversions, rolling stock lighting modifications (bulb to LED), sound installations, and locomotive overhauls; Vernonia, Oregon

Viessmann Modellspielwaren - European model train manufacturer produces lamps, signals & electronics

WirelessMicroColorCam.com - Cameras small enough to place in almost any scale model train

Yard Office Model Railroad Inventory Software - Shareware inventory system with easy look-up tables and reports

Zimo - Austrian manufacturer of digital command control (DCC) systems

ZTC Systems - UK manufacturer of DCC control equipment

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