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Model Railroad Craftsman Structure Kits

This page provides a directory of model railroad manufacturers producing freelanced and prototypical craftsman structure kits, building kits, detail parts, and accessories in G, HO, N, O, S, and Z scale.

Evan Designs - Software for creating realistic model train scenery in any scale; inexpensively create your own custom buildings, window treatments, road signs, and more

AL&W Lines - Manufacturer of unique HO and N scale laser cut kits, with a focus on SP structures from the Cascade Line in Oregon and SP&S structures

Alkem Scale Models - Designs and manufactures prototypically-based HO and N scale kits and detail parts of freight cars, trackside items, and structures

Alpine Division Scale Models - Produces HO scale structure kits including steel and matboard/wood buildings

Alumilite - Manufactures casting and mold-making supplies

Amazon.com Model Railroad Structure Kits - Thousands of model structure kits from Walthers, Life-Like, Model Power, and others in HO, N, O, and G scale

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American Model Builders - Manufactures model railroad structure kits, rolling stock kits, and detail parts in N, HO, S, and O scales under the name of LASERkit

Animek Models - Canadian manufacturer of Z scale caboose kits and structure kits

Atlas Model Railroad Company - Produces HO and N scale model trains, track, vehicles, structure kits, and pre-assembled structures

Auctions on eBay - Hundreds of model railroad structure kits of all materials, styles, and scales

Banta Modelworks - Manufacturer of laser cut craftsman structure kits in N, HO, S, and O narrow gauge; Dummerston, Vermont

Bar Mills Scale Model Works - Manufacturer of easy-to-assemble structure kits in HO, N, S, and O scales

Bill's Train Shop (B.T.S.) - Produces craftsman structures and rolling stock in S, O, and HO scales

Blackstone Valley Railway - Bridges, trestles, structures, and supplies for HO, S, O, and F scale; Arlington, Washington

Blair Line - Manufacturer of Z, N, HO, S, and O scale model railroad products including laser-cut structures, laser-cut billboards, graffiti decals, bridges, business and storefront signs, highway signs, and scenery items

Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - HO scale prototype kits, decals, building supplies, castings, and accessories

Branchline Trains - Produces HO scale rolling stock, structures, and detail parts

Brewer Railroad Plans - Large scale model railroad plans for bridges and structures

Builders In Scale - HO scale kits and a range of detailing parts, building materials, construction stocks, scale figures, and general supplies for N, HO, S, and O scales; Mukilteo, Washington

Chooch Enterprises - Produces HO, N, and O scale loads, tunnels, and abutments, plus O scale building kits, rolling stock, and detail parts

City Classics - HO and N scale structure kits of American downtown, commercial, and residential buildings

Clever Models LLC - Manufactures HO, O, S, and N scale paper/card textures and building kits

Colorado Model Structures - Manufacturer of G scale contemporary era building kits

Creative Laser Design - Manufactures New England style laser cut wood structure kits in Z, N, HO, S, O, and G scale

Crow River Products - Structure and accessory kits in HO and O scale, plus pewter detail parts; Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Crystal River Products - Manufactures laser cut wood structure kits of retail buildings and steam-era trackside structures in HO, S, and O scale

Deerfield River Laser - Laser cut O scale narrow gauge (On3/On30/On2) rolling stock and structure kits; West Springfield, Massachusetts

Depots By John - Custom builder of detailed replica structures in O, S, HO, and N scales, plus 50 easy to assemble kits

Diamond Scale Products - Produces craftsman kits, primarily of structures found in and around engine terminal facilities; Alliance, Ohio

Downtown Deco - Finely detailed structure kits for HO, N, and O scale model railroad layouts

DSL Shops - Produces S and O scale relief models to be used against a backdrop

eHobbyTools.com - Model railroad design tools and layout accessories; Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Evan Designs - Software for creating realistic model railroad buildings, signs, and details

Evergreen Hill Designs - Manufacturer of craftsman model structure kits for HO, S, O, On3, and On30 scale

Evergreen Scale Models - Producer of styrene plastic shapes, strips, and sheet materials

Faller - German manufacturer of plastic structures, scenery, and accessories for G, HO, TT, N, and Z scale

Fannocreek Designs - Laser-cut structure kits for Z scale model railroads

Fine Hydrocal Castings by C. C. Crow - Produces fine hydrocal casting and model railroad structure kits in HO and On3 scale

Fine Scale Miniatures - Limited run HO scale kits with an emphasis on industrial structures

FineTrains - Offers kits and fully built O, On30, On3, and On2 scale craftsman models, including logging locomotive, caboose, and related structures

Foothill Model Works - Manufacturer of structures, rolling stock kits, and detail parts in On30, On3, and O scales

Fos Scale Models - HO, O, S, and N scale craftsman kits designed to represent the mid-twentieth century; Mamaroneck, New York

Frenchman River Model Works - Manufactures HO, S, and O scale boat and building kits

Funaro and Camerlengo - Produces detailed HO scale resin craftsman kits of freight cars, passenger cars, buildings, and accessories for US prototype railroads during the 1940s and 1950s

Garden-Texture - Produces G scale building kits, bridge kits, and accessories; Canton, Georgia

GCLaser Innovations - Laser-cut plywood railroad kits of buildings found throughout the countryside in Z, N, HO, S, and O scales

GLX Scale Models - Manufacturer HO, S, O, and G scale cast resin products and laser craftsman structure kits

Goldline Products / Alamosa Car Shops - Manufacturer of craftsman type rolling stock and structures for HO, S, and O standard and narrow gauge model railroads; Jamestown, California

Grand Central Gems - Produces trees, bridge parts, rock molds, and lumber loads for N, HO, O, and On30 scale model railroad layouts; Salt Lake City, Utah

Grandt Line Products - Craftsman locomotive, rolling stock, and structure kits plus detail parts in HO, HOn3, O, On3, S, and N scales; Concord, California

Great West Models - Manufacturer of highly detailed HO scale modern and old style injection styrene buildings and styrene, resin, and white metal details; Franktown, Colorado

Grizzly Mountain Engineering - Manufactures a model railroad sound generating system, laser structure kits, and rolling stock kits, specializing in the D&RGW and Colorado & Southern in On3, On30, and Sn3

Hauler - Czech Republic manufacturer of HO and TT scale structure kits, vehicles, and accessories

Heartland Railway - Manufacturer of computer generated scale laser cut model railroad kits

Hunterline Craftsman Kits - Wooden model kits for novice and expert scale train hobbyists including trestle bridges, portals, tunnel liners, snowsheds, and more

ImagineThat Laser Art Products - Manufactures laser craftsmen kits in HO, N, and O scale, including tall buildings, factories, train stations, towers, and more

Invertrain Model Railways - UK seller of O scale buildings, platforms, bridges, walls, figures, scratch-building supplies, detailing accessories, and more

JL Innovative Design - Manufactures HO and N scale structure kits, billboards, poster signs, vehicles, and details; Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

JV Models - Manufactures wood craftsman structure kits in N, HO, and O scales under the brand names of JV Models, John Rendall Scale Models, and Suncoast Models

Kanamodel Products - Produces accurate HO and N scale laser cut wood kits of Canadian prototype structures, plus weighted loads for hopper cars

Keiran Ryan Models - Australian manufacturer of O and HO scale brass kits and parts of NSW prototype

Kibri - Produces building kits and model railway accessories for HO, N, and Z scales

Langley Models - UK producer of locomotives and rolling stock, plus accessories such as stations, telephone boxes, station benches, street lamps, signal lights, post boxes, figures of passengers and porters, and more in OO, O, 009, HO, N, and TT scale

Large Scale Train Supply - Manufacturer of scale lumber, bridges, trestles, and structures in G scale; Lecanto, Florida

Lunde Studios - Manufactures HO and N scale model railroad structure kits of large downtown buildings; Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Main Street Heritage Models - Finely detailed American small town architecture in HO and O scale including smaller commercial and industrial buildings from the turn of the century

Metcalfe Models & Toys - UK manufacturer of OO and N gauge kits of railway, industrial, town, and country structures, plus building materials for customizing kits or scratch building

Micron Art - Photo etched brass, nickel silver, and stainless steel structure and vehicle kits in Z, N, and HO scale; Austin, Texas

Miller Engineering - Lighted structures, signs, and detail parts in O, HO, N, and Z scale

MinuteMan Scale Models - Produces structure kits and detail parts in N, HO, S, and O scale

Model Builders Supply - Carries a wide array of products for the creation of scale buildings, from basic shell construction to realistic finishing materials in building scales from 1:1200 up to 1:12

Model Memories - Manufactures fine scale etched brass kits and assembled catenary, signals, and detail accessories for HO and S scale

Model Power - Produces HO, N, O and G scale locomotives, rolling stock, structure kits, and prebuilt buildings

Model Rail Scenes - Custom and ready-made O scale model railroad structure kits, plus custom layout design services; Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Model Railroad Warehouse - Manufactures rolling stock, structure kits, and detail parts for all scales, including RedBall, CannonBall Car Shops, and Hometown Structures; Roanoke, Indiana

Model Tech Studios - N, HO, and O scale architectural scale designs, detail parts, 3D backgrounds, and more

Monroe Models - HO, N, and Z scale scenic model displays and model railroad kits

Mount Blue Model Co. - Prototype and freelance model railroad kits including On30 scale rolling stock and detail parts as well as O, S, and HO scale structures; White Horse Beach, Massachusetts

N Scale Architect - Manufactures N scale structures, stations, towers, and detail parts; Delancey, New York

Nick & Nora Designs - Manufactures laser cut structure kits from the prototypical to the whimsical

Nn3.Com Kits - Manufactures N scale building kits; Antioch, Tennessee

Ohkwari Sales - Hundreds of model railroad structures, kits, decals, figures, and detail parts in G, HO, N, O, S, and Z scale

Ozark Miniatures - G scale structure kits and detail parts, with an emphasis on logging and mining

Paw Of A Bear - Z, N, and HO scale custom built structures and laser-cut kits

Pine Canyon Scale Models - Model railroad structures and detail parts in S and O scales

Raggs To Riches - HO, S, and O scale laser-cut craftsman kits of real structures that once existed or are still standing; Middlebury Center, Pennsylvania

Rail Scale Miniatures - Limited edition HO scale structures based on Canadian prototypes

Railroad & Craft Kits - Trackside structure kits for HO, N, O, S, and Z scale model railroad layouts

Railroad Kits Store - eBay seller of HO scale model railroad structure kits and how-to DVDs

Railwayscenics - Computer drawn structure models supplied in PDF format, including railway, industrial, agricultural, and housing buildings in 4mm OO scale

Rainbow Ridge - Manufactures G scale building kits and pattern sheets of Precision Board, plus galvanized and tin corrugated roofing material, specially designed for garden railways

Republic Locomotive Works - Provides N scale narrow gauge (Nn3) craftsman kits including locomotives, rolling stock, structures, and scenery, plus detail parts, decals, electronics, DCC, sound, and more

Rio Grande Models - Produces kits of D&RGW maintenance of way cars and western logging equipment in HO, HOn3, Sn3, On3, and On30 scale; Santa Clara, California

Rix Products - Produces HO scale model railroad structure kits under the brands Rix Products, Pikestuff, and Smalltown USA; Evansville, Indiana

RSlaserKits - Laser cut structure kits and detail parts in O, HO, N, and Z scales

Rusty Rail - Craftsman kits and castings in HO and O scale

Rusty Stumps Scale Models - Offers craftsman kits, general kits, and detail items in HO, HOn3, O, On30, S, and Sn3 scales; Fishers, Indiana

Scale Creations - Laser cut craftsman structure kits and detail parts in HO and O scale

Scale Structures Ltd - Manufactures HO scale craftsman structures and detail parts ranging from automobiles to wallpaper and from Victorian houses to barns; Inman, Kansas

Scale Town Models - Laser cut structure kits for HO and N scale model railroads; Modesto, California

ScaleModelPlans - Traceable patterns and plans for HO, N, and O scale model structures, providing a bridge between scratch building and kits

Schiffer Design - German manufacturer of structure kits and detail parts in HO, TT, N, and Z scale

Sidetrack Laser - Manufactures HO, O & N scale laser cut craftsman model railroad kits

SierraWest Scale Models - HO and O scale structures and rolling stock kits; Plano, Texas

Smith Pond Junction Railroad Products - 1/24th scale lumber, building kits, railroad ties, and related products for garden railroading

South River Modelworks - Craftsman structure kits in HO scale featuring masonry and wood factories plus railroad buildings for the steam and diesel transition eras

Southern Car & Foundry - Prototypical HO and O scale rolling stock and structure kits using resin casting, laser cutting, and chemical milling; Altamonte Springs, Florida

Steam in the Bush - Craftsman rolling stock and structure kits for O scale and On30 narrow gauge layouts, including steam crane/log loader, flatcars, locomotive shed, houses, bridges, and more

Stella Scale Models - HO scale structure kits by James Harr

Stoney Creek Designs - Limited production 1/4" scale structure kits

Summit Customcuts - Manufactures modern structure kits in HO and N scale; Lake Charlas, Louisiana

Supply Line Model Railroad Kits and Figures - 1:24, 1:22.5, and 1:20.3 scale people, plus HO and O scale structures; Baltimore, Maryland

Sylvan Scale Models - HO and N scale rolling stock, vehicles, trailers, buildings, marine kits, and detail parts

Tichy Train Group - HO scale freight car kits, structures, doors, windows, signs, and detail parts

Tomar Industries - HO, N, O, S, and G scale lighted drumhead kits, structures, and detail parts; Benton Harbor, Michigan

TrainCat Model Sales - Manufactures resin, die-cast, and brass models including structures, bridges, rolling stock, and construction equipment

TVW Miniatures - Custom laser kit models made from photos, line drawings, CAD drawings, and sketches; Greendale, Wisconsin

Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Company - Manufactures O, HO, and S scale structure kits, billboards, castings, and accessories

Valley Model Trains - Model building kits and detail parts including train stations and other railroad structures, industrial buildings, businesses, and residential buildings of all types in N, HO and O scale

Vollmer - German manufacturer of building kits, layout accessories, and figures in G, HO, N, and Z scales

Western Scale Models - Manufactures HO, S, O, and 1:20.3 scale craftsman model railroad kits related to mining, machinery, and logging; Richland, Washington

Westport Model Works - Card stock modular building drawings in O, S, and HO scales, plus resin castings for structures and detailing

Wild West Scale Model Builders - HO, N, S, and O scale laser-cut craftsman kits of structures found in mining and railroad communities in the Rocky Mountains

Woodland Scenics - Produces a wide range of scenery products including foam layout and trackbed systems, terrain, landscape, trees, water, vehicles, structure kits, prebuilt structures, decals, and more

Ye Olde Huff 'n Puff - Manufacturer of HO, HOn3, S, On3, and O scale freight car kits and structure kits; Lewistown, Pennsylvania

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