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American Passenger Trains & Transit

Amtrak Promo Codes - Free guide to Amtrak promo codes and discounts offering 10-50% savings on all Amtrak routes nationwide

AmeriMetro - Guide to metro rail systems throughout North America including subways, elevated trains, light rail, and peoplemovers

CityRailTransit - Worldwide rail transit/metro maps drawn to scale

Electric Railroaders' Association (ERA) - Dedicated to light rail transit, subways, interurbans, electric railroads, and other forms of electric transportation

Google Transit - Provides free customized step-by-step transit directions, station information, and schedules for transit systems throughout North America and Europe

Great American Stations - Amtrak initiative to encourage investment in rail passenger stations; site contains history and statistics for each Amtrak station

Jon Bell's Rail Transit Pages - Extensive collection of photos and information about commuter rail, light rail, subway, streetcar, and other transit systems throughout North America

Light Rail Now - Supports efforts both in North America and worldwide to develop and improve light rail transit (LRT) and other mass transportation systems

Luxury Under Glass: The Ultradome Experience - Roster, history, and photos of the luxury domes and commuter cars produced by Colorado Railcar

Metro Bits - Extensive guide to the art, architecture, logos, and fonts of metro/subway systems worldwide, plus technical fact sheets and photo galleries

Monorail Society, The - Promotes the development of monorails worldwide; site contains monorail news, world list, technical data, history, and more

National Association of Railroad Passengers - Membership organization of railroad passengers and citizens who want a transportation choice

NextBus - Tracking of bus and light rail systems by GPS satellites, providing real-time arrival data

Rail Volution - Annual conference discusses innovative approaches for building livable communities with transit

States for Passenger Rail Coalition - Promotes the development, implementation, and expansion of intercity passenger rail services with involvement and support from state governments

Subways.net - Photos and maps of present and abandoned subway systems worldwide

TrainWeb - Travelogues and photos from train travel in the US and worldwide

Transit Maps - Transit maps of the past and present, real and imagined

USA Rail Guide - Photos and information about all 500+ Amtrak stations throughout the US

World of Trams and Urban Transit - List of light rail, tramway, and metro systems throughout the world

World's Fastest Trains - Guide to the fastest trains and speed records in the USA and worldwide

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