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Rail Industry Organizations & Regulation

This page provides a directory of railroad industry organizations and government agencies involving trade, railroad regulation, rail development, rail travel, and transportation safety and security.

Railroad Jobs Board - Database of 2,500+ U.S. railroad jobs searchable by location, employer, position, or job description, plus a directory of railroad employer websites and training programs

American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners - Non-profit organization for those interested in private passenger cars

American Association of Railroad Superintendents - 100-year old association of railroad operating managers from Class Is, shortlines/regionals, consulting firms, universities, and the supply industry

American Public Transit Association - International association of mass transit interests

American Railway Development Association (ARDA) - Promotes industrial development, real estate development, market development, and environmental activities of North American railroads

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) - Mission to develop and advance both technical and practical knowledge and recommended practices pertaining to the design, construction, and maintenance of railway infrastructure

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association - Non-profit trade association that represents the interests of its more than 400 short line and regional railroad members in legislative and regulatory matters

APTA Heritage Trolley - Promotes the economic and social benefits of vintage / heritage trolley lines

Asian Railway Operators Association - Forum for the exchange of ideas and information among urban and mainline railway operators in Asia

Association of American Railroads - Brings critical rail-related issues to the attention of Congressional and government leaders

Association of Car Accounting and Car Services Officers (ACACSO) - Aims to improve the handling of railroad freight cars, trailers, and containers, and the maintenance of related records and accounts

Association of German Transport Operators (VDV) - Organization for German passenger and freight transport companies

Association of Railway Training Providers (ARTP) - UK trade association for suppliers of training services to the rail industry

Association of Train Operating Companies - UK association of passenger rail providers to facilitate progress and improvement

Australasian Railway Association - Represents the interests of rail operators, track owners, manufacturers, and other aspects of the rail industry in Australasia

Australian Railway Industry Corporation - Private sector organization of railway operators and providers of goods and services to the Australian rail industry

Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) - Conducts rail safety investigations on the interstate rail network

Bureau of Transportation Statistics - US agency responsible for data collection, analysis, and reporting

Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers - Association of companies that supply products and services to Canadian railways and export markets

Canadian Railway Club - Promotes knowledge of the rail transportation industry through meetings and social events

Canadian Railway Hall of Fame - Honors Canadian achievement in the railway business

Center for Transportation Excellence - Non-partisan policy research center created to serve the needs of communities and transportation organizations throughout the US

Citizens for Rail Security - Encourages railfans to report suspicious activities, trespassers, or individuals to BNSF's Resource Operations Command Center

Coalition for Safer Crossings - Dedicated to saving lives through education and investigation

Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) - Organization of 70 railway undertakings and infrastructure companies in the European Union

Eurailtest - Joint venture set up by the French Railways (SNCF) and the Paris mass transit authority (RATP) as an "Economic Interest Grouping" (EIG) under French law, to provide a whole range of heavy and light rail testing and assessment services to companies in the railway industry

European Intermodal Association - Mission to develop, improve, and promote sustainable intermodal mobility in Europe, by combining innovative rail, waterway, road, air and maritime transport solutions

European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) - Promotes collaboration of the European rail sector to foster increased innovation and research efforts

European Railway Agency - Reinforces safety and interoperability of railways throughout Europe

Federal Railroad Administration - U.S. government regulatory and research agency

Federal Transit Administration - Assists transit agencies in all 50 states

Federation des Industries Ferroviaires (FIF) - Represents 50 companies in the French railway industry, including rolling-stock manufacturers, equipment suppliers, track and signalling industries, equipment, integrators, design firms, and operators of testing facilities

FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act) - Information for railroad workers injured on the job

Freight on Rail - Aims to get goods off roads and onto railways to develop a more sustainable distribution system; promotes the economic, social, and environmental benefits of rail freight both nationally and locally; London, UK

Freight Rail Works - Campaign by the Association of American Railroads promoting investment in freight rail transportation

Freight Transport Association - Represents the transport interest of over 11,000 companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air; UK

Georgia Railroad Association - Advocate for freight rail in Georgia

GoRail.org - National grassroots organization formed with the support of the nationís freight railroads to mobilize railroad industry employees and retirees

Hydrail - Organization exploring the use of hydrogen for rail transportation

Institute of Rail Welding - UK organization serving individuals and corporations with an interest in rail welding

Institution of Railway Operators - UK organization dedicated to raising standards and enhancing the professional standing of those directly involved in the safe and reliable operation of railways

Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) - UK-based professional institution for signal engineers worldwide

Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) Australasian Section - Professional organization for those engaged in railway signaling and telecommunications

Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) Hong Kong Section - Professional organization for those engaged in railway signaling and telecommunications

Instituto Argentino de Ferrocarriles (IAF) - Argentine non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the use of railroads in Latin America

InteGRail - Aims to create a holistic, coherent information system, integrating the major railway sub-systems, in order to achieve higher levels of performance of the European railway system

Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) - Industry trade association representing the combined interests of the intermodal freight industry

International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) - Worldwide membership of organizations planning, developing, building, and operating rail links to airports

International Association of Railway Operating Officers - Membership of road foremen, trainmasters, general managers, superintendents, master mechanics, fuel and diesel supervisors, motive repair distributors, dispatchers, research and test personnel, training managers, and more

International Association of Railway Operations Research (IAROR) - Combines the expertise of academic and professional railway research with the aims of enhancing quality of service, improving capacity management, and ensuring safe operations

International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) - Global scientific and technological association of heavy haul railways and their advocates

International Railway Industry Standard - Establishes globally recognized levels of quality for railway components

Japanese Railway Society - Founded in 1991 in London, England, to promote the knowledge of the railways of Japan in England and other non-Japanese-speaking parts of the world

Keystone State Railroad Association - Serves Pennsylvania freight rail interests before government, business leaders, and the public

Light Rail Now - Supports efforts both in North America and worldwide to develop and improve light rail transit (LRT) and other mass transportation systems

Light Rail Transit Association - UK advocates better public transport since 1937

Mechanical Association Railcar Technical Services (MARTS) - Professional organization for freight car repair professionals

Michigan Railroads Association (MRA) - Non-profit trade association that represents the interests of the freight railroads operating in Michigan

Minnesota Regional Railroads Association - Association of freight railroads and related firms in Minnesota

National Association of Railway Business Women - Professional organization for women in the US rail industry

National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees (NARVRE) - Federally chartered railroad retiree association with the sole purpose of protecting, promoting, and preserving pension plan systems

National Corridors Initiative - An advocacy organization for investment in passenger and freight rail capacity in North America

National Gateway - Public-private partnership to create a more efficient rail route linking Mid-Atlantic ports and Midwestern markets with the use of double-stack trains

National Industrial Transportation League - Broad-based US advocacy organization for freight transportation

National Mediation Board - Mediates labor-management disputes in the U.S. airline and railroad industries

National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association - Serves the needs of the US railroad and transit construction industry through education, products, services, and industry events

National Transportation Safety Board - US government agency responsible for transportation safety

National Transportation Week - Provides an opportunity for the transportation community to join together for greater awareness about the importance of transportation

New Jersey Short Line Railroad Association (NJSLRRA) - Organization of shortline railroads in the state of New Jersey

North American Rail Shippers Association - Provides a common meeting ground between rail owners, vendors, and users

North American Railway Foundation - Nonprofit organization explores, nurtures, and supports railway safety, efficiency, and technology, and educates about and preserves the history of railroads in the US and Canada

Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) - Independent government department responsible for the regulation of the railways in Great Britain

Ohio Rail Development Commission - Promotes the development of improved freight and passenger rail service in Ohio

OneRail - Advocates for US freight and passenger rail development

Operation RedBlock - Union-initiated management supported program that uses peer involvement to prevent CSX employee use of alcohol and drugs while on duty or subject to call

Partners for Amtrak Safety and Security - Encourages train passengers, railfans, and other citizens to report potential security or safety problems to Amtrak police

Permanent Way Institution - UK organization of railway trackmen, civil engineers, and consultants for the exchange of technical and general knowledge about the design, construction, and maintenance of track

Rail Applications Special Interest Group - Founded in 1994 to facilitate productivity improvements and growth in the rail industry through appropriate application of management science techniques

Rail Freight Group - Representative body of the rail freight industry, covering suppliers, manufacturers, customers, operators, and contractors; UK

Rail Safety & Standards Board - Facilitates the UK rail industry's efforts to improve safety performance

Rail Safety Regulators' Panel (RSRP) - Organization of rail safety regulators from all states of Australia and New Zealand

Rail Volution - Annual conference discusses innovative approaches for building livable communities with transit

RAILCET (Railroad Cooperation and Education Trust) - Organization comprised of railroad labor and management that promotes cooperation in all disciplines of railroad contracting

RailNetEurope - Organization of 31 rail infrastructure managers across Europe, designed to increase the quality and efficiency of cross-border rail traffic

Railroad Commission of Texas - Railroad regulatory agency

Railroad Industry Employment Statistics - Chart and data of United States railroad industry employment since 1947

Railroad Passenger Car Alliance - Organization of railroad passenger car owners, excursion trip sponsors, tourist line operators, museums, railfan organizations, steam locomotive operators, and aficionados of the American Railroad Passenger Car

Railroad Reliability Research - Articles, bibliographies, abstracts, and citations concerning railroad operations and economics as well as the improvement of asset utilization, profitability, and service

Railroad Research Foundation (RRF) - Policy research organization devoted to sustaining a safe, secure, technologically advanced, and productive market-place driven railroad industry

Railroad Retirement Board - Independent agency in the executive branch of the Federal Government

Railroads of New York - Represents the freight railroad industry in New York State, including the four Class I railroads and nearly 30 short line and regional railroads

Railway Association of Canada (RAC) - Represents approximately 60 member freight, tourist, commuter, and intercity Canadian railways

Railway Association of North Carolina - Organization of Class I, regional, and shortline railroads in the state of North Carolina

Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association - Provides global business development opportunities to members by transferring knowledge about markets, products, and industry, and supporting government initiatives that advance the North American railroad industry

Railway Industrial Clearance Association of North America - Represents the interests of the dimensional railroads shipping industry

Railway Industry Association - Trade association for UK-based suppliers of equipment and services to the worldwide rail industry

Railway Study Association - For those who wish to develop and update their understanding of railway systems and technology both at home and abroad; UK

Railway Supply Institute - Represents the railway supply industry in Washington on legislative and regulatory matters that affect the railroads and their suppliers

Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) - Serves the communication and signal segment of the rail transportation industry by organizing and managing an annual trade show for members to exhibit their products and services

Railway Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA) - Seeks the advancement of the rail industry through excellence in railway engineering and technology, plus industry and community education programs

Railway Tie Association - Promote the economical and environmentally sound use of wood crossties; involved in research into crosstie design and ongoing activities dealing with sound forest management, conservation of timber resources, timber processing, wood preservation, and safety of industry workers

Reconnecting America - National non-profit organization working to integrate transportation systems and the communities they serve

Sindefer - Portuguese rail trade union

Southern African Railways Association (SARA) - Lobbying organization for fair competition and development of the rail industry in Africa

SpadWeb - Seeking to reduce the incidence of signals passed at danger (SPADs) on the UK rail network

Surface Transportation Board - U.S. government agency, component of the Department of Transportation

The Locomotive and Carriage Institution - UK based railway institution arranging lectures and visits on all aspects of the railway industry, both in the UK and overseas; extensive archive section with details of past trips and railway articles in general

Tourist Railway Association, Inc. - Membership services to all railroads, railway museums, clubs, tourist railroads, product and services suppliers, railroad publishers, private car owners, excursion operators, and all other interested persons and organizations

Track Off - UK campaign to educate people about the dangers and consequences of railway crime

TransLink Research Center - US national, multi-modal, multi-agency public-private program of research, development, and professional education in the surface transportation industry

Transport Canada - Develops and administers policies, regulations, and services for improved transportation in Canada

Transportation Communications International Union - Members in the rail industry

Transportation Research Board - Encouraging research and innovation in transportation

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - US government agency includes a Rail Passenger Security group to protect the nation's railroad passengers, employees, and properties

U.S. Department of Transportation - News, regulations, safety information, and more

UIC: International Union of Railways - Responsible for coordinating all issues related to international railway cooperation

Union of European Railway Industries (UNIFE) - Develops an environment in which members can provide competitive railway systems for increased rail traffic

Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland (VDB) - Represents firms in the German rail industry

Vermont State Rail Program - Promotes passenger and freight rail development in the state of Vermont

Virginia Railroad Association - Industry organization of Virginia railroads

Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Railroads - State agency for determining the adequacy of warning devices at railroad crossings

Young Railway Professionals (YRP) - Forum and networking group for railway operators seeking to develop their careers in the UK railway industry

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