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European Railway Photos & Train Videos

This page provides a directory of websites offering British & European railway photos and train videos, including passenger and freight railways in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and more.

SteamPhotos.com by Christopher Muller - Thousands of railway photos including steam and diesel trains in a variety of scenic settings, plus prints and gifts for sale

4rail.net - European railway photos from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK

Adam's Railway Pages - Photos of British and European trains from the 1980's to today

Alan Newble's Photo Resource Site - Thousands of rail photos from the UK and throughout Europe, including steam and diesel from the past 30 years

Albertbahn - Railway photos from many European countries, including Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy (in German and Hungarian languages)

Andy Williams Railway Photos - British railway locomotive photos from the past 25 years

Anorak Heaven: Signal Boxes on The Tube - Photos of signal boxes, signal cabins, and control rooms in the London Underground

Arctictrains Net Gallery - Collection of images and videoclips from the Iron Ore Line between Narvik, Norway and Kiruna, Sweden

Austrian Railways - Pictures of Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) main lines and narrow gauge Pinzgaubahn

BagOfBits - Collection of narrow gauge prototype and 16mm gauge model railway photos

Bahnpics.com - European railway photo galleries

BR Diesel Web - Photos of British diesel locomotives

Bristol Railway Archive - Historic and present day photos of railways around Bristol, UK

British Rail Through The 1970s & 80s - 4000+ photos of BR operations in the UK

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Photographic Project - Photo guide to the construction of the Channel Tunnel between London and Paris

Chris Nevard's Railway Gallery - Modern, vintage, and steam traction photos from the UK

Class 25 Action - Photos and passenger train workings of British Rail's Class 25 locomotives

Class 31 Photo Gallery - Photos of British Class 31 diesel locomotives

Class 50 Photo Gallery - Photos of British Class 50 diesel locomotives

Class 56 Diesel Photo Gallery - Photos of British Class 56 diesel locomotives

Class 67 Diesel Photo Gallery - Photos of British Class 67 diesel locomotives

Cromptons - History and photo roster of BR Class 33 diesel locomotives

Dampfbahn-Altenbeken - German steam train photos

Dave's Railpics of Lincolnshire and UK Heritage Railways - Photos of the East Lincolnshire Railway in the mid-1960s to 1980, plus numerous other standard, narrow, and miniature gauge heritage railways in the UK

David's Railway Photography - Britain railway photos from 1978 to today

Departmentals.com - Photos of departmental (coaching) stock and internal user vehicles in the UK

Der BahnSachse - European railway photos (site in German)

Die Blockstelle - European rail photos and travelogs

Drehstromloks.de - Photos and technical details of German electric railway locomotives

Dukedog - British steam photos of the past and present

Eiretrains - Past and present photos of Irish railways

Euro Photos Trains - European rail photos with an emphasis on France and Switzerland

European Railways Pictures - Railway photos from France and Belgium including main lines and secondary lines

FarRail Tours Galleries - Steam train photos from Bosnia, China, Cuba, Germany, Eritrea, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Myanmar, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam & Zimbabwe

Ferrosteph.net - News and photos of the SNCB / NMBS to Brussels, Belgium

Finn's Train & Travel Page - Train photos from US and Europe

Finnish Trains - Train photos from Finland

Fionnbarr.com - European railway photos from France, Germany, Switzerland, and others

Fotoditreni - Photos of Italian railways

FotoPunt.net - Railway photos from The Netherlands

Foudurail - Railway and urban transit photos from Belgium and Europe

France Vue du Train - Photos of electric, diesel, steam, trolleys, and depots in France

French Transit Photos - Photos of the Paris Metro, Orleans trams, and Lyon tramways, metro, and funiculars

Geoff's Rail Pages - European railway drawings, photos, and videos from the past and present

Goodbye Steam - Photos of the last active steam locomotives in East Germany

Great Railway Journeys - Photographic lineside journey along the UK's scenic Settle & Carlisle Railway

Heritage Steam Archive - CD sound recordings of British preserved steam locomotives

Hermann's Railway Page - German steam photos

Hermann's Steam Page - Galleries of historic and contemporary steam trains in Germany

Hot Metal - Alan's Steam Portfolio - Steam railway photos from the Czech Republic, South Africa, Syria, Jordan, Ecuador, and Northern Europe

Hungarian Railway Photos - Photos of railways in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania

JS Trains - Train pictures from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and more

Kavanagh Transit Photos - Photos of subways, light rail, trolleys, commuter railroads, and intercity railroads around the world

LocoPix - British freight and passenger train photographs

Lokotka.net - Railway photos from the Czech Republic

Margam Depot - Photos and history of a servicing shed which was acclaimed as being the most highly mechanized in the UK when opened in 1960

Mark's Trains - 1300 UK railway photos, mainly from around the East Anglian area, including Ely, Waterbeach, Cambridge, and Peterborough

Martin Valek - Railway photos from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and other European countries

Matt Clarke Railway Photographs - Photos of the modern UK rail scene post-privatization, class by class

Michael Pead Rail Photos - Modern-day and preserved British rail scenes, including the London Underground

Music and Railways - Chronological listing of music pieces influenced by railways

NIR Photos - Photos and rosters covering all aspects of Northern Ireland Railways

Norwegian Railroad Club - News and photos of railways in Norway

Ollies Trainstuff - Railway photos from Scandinavia

Paris Metro Travelogue - Photo guide to the metro system in Paris, France; by David Pirmann

Paul Pettitt's Heritage Railway Photographs - Photographs from heritage railways in the South East of England

Penmorfa.com - Photos of past and present railways in Wales

Phantasrail Galleries - Photos of the current rail scene in both the UK and continental Europe

Phil's Loco Page - European locomotive photos and sounds, rail news, and information on the workings of many European locomotives

Photorail - Photo archive of Italian railways, tramways, and trolleybuses, with more than 2000 pictures

Photos-trains - Photo gallery of Swiss railways, plus map and information about private railways in Switzerland

Polish Narrow Gauge Railways - Photos and history of narrow gauge railways in Poland

Prague Metro - Unofficial site about the Prague metro, including photos, maps, rolling stock information, station details, and more

Rail Album - British locomotive photos including steam, diesel, and electric

Rail on Web - Photo galleries of Italian railways past and present

Rail Photo Archive - More than 60,000 photos, primarily from Europe; formerly BRLocos.com

Rail World Photography - Austrian rail photos and information

Rail-pictures.com - Thousands of worldwide rail photos

Rail.lu - Photos and information about the railways of Luxembourg

RailColor - Extensive study of the aesthetic values of modern European railway locomotives by Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, and others

Railfan.de - Past and present German rail photos

Railfaneurope.net Picture Gallery - More than 200,000 European rail photos

Railfoto.nl - Diesel train photos from Belgium

Raillens Railway Photography - Railway photos mainly from Poland

Railography - Photo galleries, video clips, trip reports, and locomotive information from Austria, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, and UK

RailPhot - Railway photos from Switzerland and throughout Europe

Railpix.de - Electric, diesel, and steam train photos with an emphasis on Germany and Belgium

Railway Mania II - Extensive collection of modern UK rail photos

Railway Photography From Around The World - Photos of steam, diesel, and electric railways from railfan tours in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia

Railway Photos at PhotoEurasia.com - European railway photos

Railway Pictures - UK railway photo gallery dedicated to the work of Anthony Northwood

Railwaymania.com - European railway and modeling information

Railwayphotos.com - Past and present railway photos from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plus timetables, history, and more

Railways of North Wales - Photos of North Wales main line railways between 1976 and 1983

RailwayScene.co.uk - Thousands of UK rail photos

Ravnsbak.dk - Photos of railways, trams, funiculars, and stations worldwide

Re2 - Photos and videos of Swiss electric engines type Re 4/4 II and Re 4/4 III of the Swiss federal and private railways

Really Good Trains - British railway slides from 1985 through the early 1990s

René's Trainpictures - Train photos from Hengelo (Netherlands) and Bad Bentheim (Germany)

Romanian Locomotives - Photos of Romanian locomotives used by CFR and private operators

Roy's Rail Page - Photos of British steam, diesel, and electric locomotives from the 1920s to 1960s

Samtrainz - Photos and videos of trains in the UK and Europe

Scottish Rail - Photos of past and present railways in Scotland

Sharpo's World - Over 12,000 photos of the Severn Valley Railway and other steam railways in the UK

Simon Robinson's Railway Photo Collection - Steam, tram, and tractions photos from the UK and throughout Europe

Southern-Images - Online archive of quality rail images, specializing in Southern England during the 20th century; photos available for online viewing and for purchase

Station Juinen - Train photos from around the world, including historical and present day photos of metros, trams, mainline railways, steam, museums, and more

Station World - Photos of hundreds of train stations in Europe and Japan from 2000 to present

Steam Train Galleries UK - Photos of preserved railways, special steam trains and locomotives, steam galas, and steam in the 1960s

Steam Tube - View and share video clips of steam trains worldwide

Steampics - Photos of preserved UK steam by Tim Cowen

Steamsounds - Steam locomotive sound clip downloads and audio CDs

SteamWeb - Nigel Kendall's photos of British Railway steam during the period 1961-1968

Swedish Railway History - Photos of steam and heritage railways in Sweden

Terry's Railway Signalbox Pictures - Photos of railway signalboxes throughout the UK

The Siding - Photos of British electric, diesel, and steam locomotives

Tour de France - Modern European railway photos with an emphasis on France

Train Movies - Guide to 130+ train movies with details about filming locations and featured railroad equipment

Train Photos - Thousands of rail and transit photos worldwide

Trains En Vadrouille - Collection of European rail videos

Trains Gallery - Photos of Czech, Swiss, and other European trains

Trains-and-other-Things Page - Rail photos from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, UK, and US

Trains.hu - Photos of trains, locomotives, and stations in Hungary

Trainspotter.be - Modern railway photos from Belgium and Germany

TrainZItalia - Photo galleries of Italian railways

Tram Photos at PhotoEurasia.com - European tramway and light rail photos

Tram.se - Photos of trams and funiculars in Europe

Transport Images - Transport photos from the UK, Europe, and around the world, including steam, diesel, and electric railways

Trolley Photos by Joe Lance - Photos of trolleys and light rail in North America and Europe

UK Rail Photo Site - Photos of nearly all classes of UK diesel and electric locos plus a selection of wagons and coaches

UK Railpics - Collection of over 10,000 photos of both modern and heritage railways

Victor M. Lansink's Railtrash - Photos of abandoned railway tunnels and other rail structures in Europe

Videorail - Modern railway videos from France and Sweden available for download

Videotrenes - Videos of Spanish railways

Vlaki.com - Photos and videos of European stations and trains

Wagons on the Web - Thousands of images of freight cars from the UK, Europe, and North America

Wallorail.be - European rail photos from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, Switzerland, and Czech Republic

World of Railways - European and Asian railway photos

XtraX.nl - Dutch railway news and photos

Yellow Things Photo Gallery - Photographic record of railway Permanent Way Maintenance vehicles in the UK

YouTube Train Videos - Guide to 800 of the best railfan channels for free online train videos including steam, freight, passenger, transit, cab rides, model railroading, and more

Zolikom - News and pictures from Hungarian Railways

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