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Regional Railroading & Railfan Guides - Mountain

This page provides a directory of regional railfan guides in Western USA and Canada with maps, photos, radio frequencies, and more for railfanning, train chasing, and railfan photography.

SteamPhotos.com - Thousands of North American railroad photos including steam and diesel trains in a variety of scenic settings, plus prints, gifts, and calendars for sale
Trains Hot Spots Guidebook - 100 of the best train-watching locations in the USA and Canada

Al Krug's Home Page - Facts and figures concerning railroad operations, locomotives, grades, and signals, plus a variety of photo essays

Arizona Rails - Arizona rail news and railfan calendar

ColoradoRailfan.com - Photos of the Denver and Rio Grande Western, trip reports from Colorado and Utah, plus railfan guides, maps, and more

Dan and Dawn's Quick Guide to Tennessee Pass - Milepost guide to the Union Pacific route between Pueblo to Minturn, Colorado

DRGW.net - Denver & Rio Grande Western history, rosters, timetables, trip reports, and more

Frograil Railfan Locations & Tours - Comprehensive railfan guides to over 3,000 trackside locations throughout the United States and Canada, with an emphasis on CSX and Norfolk Southern in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Mullan Pass - Photos of Montana Rail Link and Burlington Northern freight trains on the Mullan Pass grade between Helena and Missoula, Montana

North American Railroad Interlocking Towers and Cabins - Listings of active and closed towers by state

North American Railroad Map for Windows - Contains geographic data for the entire North American railroad network, with a free demo version available

North American Railroad Radio Frequencies - Scanner frequencies for freight and passenger railroads

Rail Encounters - Personal photo essays from throughout the western US, including Rio Grande, Ski Train, Amtrak, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and others

Railfanning the BNSF Phoenix Sub - Railfan guide and photos of the BNSF route between Williams Junction and Phoenix, Arizona

Railroad Atlas of North America - Series of detailed railroad atlases for every US state and Canadian province, published by SPV

Sonrisa Publications - Western railroad map books, railfan timetables, and employee timetables covering Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas

Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 Photos - Photos of SP Daylight 4449 on a cross-country excursion from Portland, Oregon to Owosso, Michigan (TrainFestival 2009) and return, featuring scenic locations in the Columbia Ri

Train Trips, Railroad Infrastructure, and Traffic Data - Compilation of railroad infrastructure and traffic data for major trunk routes and regions in North America, both contemporary and historical

Trains Hot Spots Guidebook - 100 of the best train-watching locations in the USA and Canada

Utah Rails - History, photos, and railfan information about past and present railroads of Utah

UtahRails.net - Collection of Utah railroad information, including full UP, D&RGW, Utah Railway, and Kennecott Utah Copper locomotive rosters and history, along with extensive information about all of Utah's railroads and the industries they served

Wyoming Rails - Photos, history, and information about the railroads of Wyoming

YouTube Railfan Channels - Guide to 800 of the best YouTube channels for railfan videos including freight, passenger, steam, transit, cab rides, and more

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