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Railroad Labor Unions

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) - North America's oldest rail labor union, representing railroad engineers and train crews
Railroad Jobs Board - Database of 2,500+ U.S. railroad jobs searchable by location, employer, position, or job description, plus a directory of railroad employer websites and training programs

Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF) - 18,000 members employed with UK train operating companies, freight companies, London Underground, and Light Rapid Transport

BLET Division 010 - Canadian National crews in Chicago, Illinois

BLET Division 014 - Amtrak crews based in DC, PA, VA, WV, NC, and SC

BLET Division 020 - Amtrak, Metrolink, and Coaster crews in Los Angeles, California

BLET Division 022 & 192 - Union Pacific crews in El Paso, Texas

BLET Division 028 - Tucson, Arizona

BLET Division 034 - Columbus, Ohio

BLET Division 056 - Union Pacific crews in Colton, California

BLET Division 071 - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) crews in Philadelphia

BLET Division 073 - Birmingham, Alabama

BLET Division 075 - Kansas City, Missouri

BLET Division 098 - Lincoln, Nebraska

BLET Division 130 - BNSF crews in Kansas City, Kansas

BLET Division 134 - Winslow, Arizona

BLET Division 171 - NJ Transit crews in Hoboken, New Jersey

BLET Division 207 - BNSF crews in Casper, Wyoming

BLET Division 212 - Big Spring, Texas

BLET Division 234 - Columbus, Ohio

BLET Division 236 - Union Pacific crews in Portland, Oregon

BLET Division 238 - BNSF and Tacoma Rail crews in Tacoma, Washington

BLET Division 240 - Canadian National crews in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

BLET Division 256 - BNSF crews in Colorado

BLET Division 269 - Long Island Rail Road and New York & Atlantic Railway crews in New York

BLET Division 271 - CSX crews in Russell, Kentucky

BLET Division 272 - NJ Transit crews in Dover, New Jersey

BLET Division 290 - Superior, Wisconsin

BLET Division 299 - BNSF crews in Amarillo, Texas

BLET Division 301 - Norfolk Southern crews in Roanoke, Virginia

BLET Division 333 - St. Paul, Minnesota

BLET Division 348 - Elkhart, Indiana

BLET Division 375 - Norfolk Southern crews in Linwood, North Carolina

BLET Division 385 - Norfolk Southern crews in Toledo, Ohio

BLET Division 435 - Hamlet, North Carolina

BLET Division 462 - Arkansas City, Kansas

BLET Division 474 - Amtrak crews in Chicago, Illinois

BLET Division 484 - Delmar, Maryland

BLET Division 565 - Youngstown, Ohio

BLET Division 599 - Kansas City Southern (KCS) crews in Shreveport, Louisiana

BLET Division 602 - Champaign, Illinois

BLET Division 622 - BNSF crews in Alliance, Nebraska

BLET Division 659 - Norfolk Southern crews in Buffalo, New York

BLET Division 660 - Union Pacific crews in Los Angeles, California

BLET Division 724 - Salem, Illinois

BLET Division 747 - VIA Rail crews in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BLET Division 758 - BNSF crews in Vancouver, Washington

BLET Division 781 - CSX Clinchfield crews in Erwin, Tennessee

BLET Division 794 - Union Pacific crews in Elko, Nevada

BLET Division 831 - Norfolk Southern Railway crews in Detroit, Michigan

BLET Division 834 - Union Pacific crews at Longview, Texas

BLET National Legislative Office - Maintains relationships with Congress, labor leaders, government agencies, and the general public

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees - Representing and protecting the rights of rail workers who build and maintain the track and structures on railroads throughout the US

Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen (BRS) - Labor organization representing railroad signalmen in the US

BRS Local 053 - Represents signalmen of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in Philadelphia

BRS Local 056 - Represents signalmen of Long Island Railroad (LIRR), New York

BRS Local 130 - Elmhurst, Illinois

BRS Local 161 - Represents BNSF and KCS signalmen

BRS Local 237 - Represents signalmen of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway in Orrville, Ohio

BRS Union Pacific General Committee - UP committee of the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen

CAW National Council 4000 - Represents 5300 workers in various sectors across Canada, including CN, Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours, VIA Rail, and Savage Alberta Railway

TCRC Division 076 - Canadian Pacific crews in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

TCRC Division 295 - Canadian Pacific crews in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TCRC Division 320 - Canadian Pacific crews in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

TCRC Division 322 - Canadian Pacific crews in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

TCRC Division 355 - Canadian Pacific crews in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

TCRC Division 356 - Canadian Pacific crews in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

TCRC Division 510 - Canadian Pacific crews in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

TCRC Division 528 - Canadian Pacific crews in Windsor & London, Ontario, Canada

TCRC Division 563 - Canadian Pacific crews in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

TCRC Division 583 - Canadian National crews in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

TCRC Division 657 - Canadian Pacific crews in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

TCRC Division 660 - Bombardier train crews, crew dispatchers, and shop staff at GO Transit in Toronto, Ontario

TCRC Division 764 - Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada

TCRC Division 821 - Canadian Pacific crews in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) - Represents railway employees in Canada

Transport Workers Union of America - Trade union representing workers in mass transportation, airline, railroad, utility, university, municipalities, service, and allied industries

United Transportation Union (UTU) - North America's largest rail labor union, representing 125,000 active and retired railroad, bus and mass transit workers in the United States and Canada

UTU Local 060 - Represents conductors and assistant conductors of NJ Transit in Newark, New Jersey

UTU Local 084 - Represents conductors with Amtrak, Metrolink, and Coaster service in Arizona, Texas, and Southern California

UTU Local 1377 - Represents CSX trainmen in Covington, Kentucky

UTU Local 1637 - Represents BNSF trainmen in Wishram, Washington

UTU Local 171 - Aurora, Illinois

UTU Local 257 - Represents Union Pacific conductors and engineers at South Morrill, Nebraska and Bill, Wyoming

UTU Local 298 - Represents CSX trainmen in Fort Wayne and Garrett, Indiana

UTU Local 426 - Represents BNSF trainmen in Spokane, Washington

UTU Local 469 - Madison, Illinois

UTU Local 489 - Represents Union Pacific trainmen in San Antonio, Texas

UTU Local 577 - Northlake, Illinois

UTU Local 904 - Represents CSX trainmen in Evansville, Indiana

UTU Local 934 - Represents BNSF trainmen in Alliance, Nebraska

UTU Local 940 - Represents BNSF trainmen in Wichita Falls, Texas

UTU Local 974 - Represents CSX trainmen in Nashville, Tennessee

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