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Transit & Passenger Rail Equipment

This page provides a directory of firms offering transit and passenger rail equipment including rolling stock, power systems, HVAC, windows, seating, passenger information systems, and more.

Crouch Engineering, Inc. - National railway engineering experts; FRA compliant railroad bridge inspections/ load ratings/ design; industrial track design; railroad project design and construction project management; design of locomotive and railcar repair shops, yards, passenger facilities, DOT Project Mgmt

ABB - Power equipment, power supply systems, and signaling and communication systems for passenger rail applications worldwide

Adaptive Engineering Ltd. - Produces wheelchair lifts for the rail industry; Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Aerobus - Developer of suspended aerial transportation systems for both people and cargo in urban and suburban settings

Aeromovel - Produces pneumatically propelled automated peoplemover (APM) systems worldwide

Alstom Transport - Provides traditional and driverless metro trains, light rail vehicles, commuter trains, intercity trains, and high speed trains for passenger rail applications worldwide

Amadeus Rail - Provides sales, e-commerce, distribution, and business management solutions for passenger rail and transit applications

American Maglev Technology (AMT) - Developer of maglev systems for mass transit with a test track in Powder Springs, Georgia

American Railway Technologies - Manufactures diagnostic and custom electrical products for rail and transit applications; East Hartford, Connecticut

Baultar Inc - Locomotive crew seating, transit seating, and flooring solutions; Windsor, Quebec, Canada

Borcad - Czech producer of seats and berths for long-distance and regional trains

Cabco West - Manufactures a variety of light rail and transit cables; Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

Changchun Railway Vehicles - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of mainline passenger coaches, high-speed EMUs, mass transit vehicles, and maglev vehicles

Chubu HSST Development Corporation - Japanese developer of maglev technology

CNIM - French supplier of mass transit equipment including train door systems, platform screen doors, escalators, and moving walkways

CRRC - Chinese supplier of locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars, rapid transit vehicles, and related components

Cubic Transportation Systems - Designs, manufactures, and integrates automatic fare collection systems for public transit projects worldwide

DDP - Rugged LED retrofit lamps designed specifically for rail transportation applications such as marker, indicator, interior, and signal lights

Dellner Couplers Group - Worldwide supplier of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic coupler systems for a variety of applications

Dellner Dampers - Swedish producer of shock absorbers for a wide range of trains and trams worldwide

Deuta-Werke - German provider of display, measurement, and logging systems for modern rail transport

EKE Electronics - Finnish producer of data recorders and train management systems

Electro-Motive Diesel - Builder of diesel-electric locomotives and OEM parts for freight and passenger applications worldwide

FELLFAB Products - Textile products for North American commuter and passenger rail, including seat cushions, covers, curtains, and carpets

Futrex System 21 - Developer of a monobeam elevated transit technology with a quarter-scale model in operation in Charleston, South Carolina

Gateway Rail Services - Standard and light-rail passenger car servicing, repairs, rebuilds, parts, and accessories; Madison, Illinois

GE Transportation - On-board and wayside signaling systems and communications solutions for global freight rail and transit industries

GERB - German provider of vibration isolation solutions, including floating slab track systems for passenger rail and transit

Gomaco Trolley Company - Manufacturer of authentic vintage trolley cars in use across the US

Hall Industries - Provides the transit industry with individual components, subassemblies, assembly services, and complete specialty vehicles; Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Harting - Electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, network components, and cable harnesses for the transit industry; Elgin, Illinois

Hepworth Rail - Designs, manufactures, and supplies windscreen wiping systems, washing equipment, and associated control systems

Hitachi Rail - Worldwide developer of high speed rail and transit vehicles, rolling stock components, signaling systems, and monorail systems

Inca Gold Products - Deodorant for railroad locomotive crew toilets, passenger toilets, and holding tanks

Industrias E. DIAZ - Spanish manufacturer of windows for passenger rail applications

Ingeteam Traction - Spanish supplier of complete traction, control, and auxiliary systems for trams, EMUs, locomotives, and high-speed rolling stock

Iron Horse Engineering - Supplies railroad track components with an emphasis on embedded track installation for transit systems; Parkman, Ohio

ITT Enidine - Worldwide manufacturer of energy absorption, vibration isolation, and motion control solutions for rail and transit applications

Kawasaki Rail Car - Complete fabrication, assembly, rehabilitation, and function testing of all types of passenger rail cars worldwide

Kiepe Elektrik - Dutch manufacturer of electric equipment for light rail vehicles and trolleybuses

Knorr Brake Corp. - Braking systems for high speed rail and mass transit applications; Westminster, Maryland

Knorr-Bremse PowerTech - German manufacturer of auxiliary power supplies that convert input voltage from overhead catenary to constant AC/DC voltage

Kontron - Producer of real-time applications for transportation systems

Korea Monorail Corporation - Developer of monorail systems in Korea

Light Rail Depot - OEM replacement products and after-market products for North American light rail vehicles; Lakewood, Colorado

Magplane Technology - US developer of the Magplane maglev system for high-speed intracity transportation

Matrix Railway - Designs and manufactures subsystems for the locomotive and commuter rail car industry; Babylon, New York

Metra - Italian producer of aluminum alloys for passenger railcars and transit vehicles

Mi Ryung Industrial - Korean producer of customized steel profile sections for passenger rolling stock and transit vehicles

Monogram Systems - Produces waste systems for rail applications

MonoMetro - Designs an ultra-narrow gauge suspended railway technology

Multi Rail - Italian provider of railway food service and catering equipment

Nippon Sharyo - Japanese manufacturer of high speed passenger trains, commuter trains, subways, light rail vehicles, freight cars, and other rolling stock

Nomad Digital - Worldwide provider of solutions for on-board passenger services including Internet access, entertainment services, and voice communication

Norgren - Worldwide provider of engineering solutions for rail applications, including air systems, braking, filtration, door control, pantograph control, switch motors, toilet flushing systems, and more

North American Specialty Glass - Provider of framed and frameless windshields, fixed windows, drop sash, cab sliders, vent windows, and all FRA glazing; Trumbauersville, Pennsylvania

Northwest Rail Electric - Manufacturer of electrical power controls, electric locker packages, HVAC equipment and controls, and other equipment for the railroad passenger car industry; Portland, Oregon

Ogontz Corporation - Valves, meters, gauges, testing equipment, and HVAC equipment for the the railroad, rapid transit, and light rail industries; Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Owen Transit Group (OTG) - Developers of a single beam monorail system for passenger and freight transportation

Parry People Movers Ltd - UK supplier of lightweight tramway systems for smaller towns, and lightweight rail vehicles for use on regional railways

Power Drives, Inc - Idle reduction technology to reduce locomotive noise, fuel costs, maintenance costs, and emissions

Progress Rail Services - Provides rail welding, highway grade crossing safety devices, maintenance-of-way equipment, rail transit parts, and railcar and locomotive parts and repair services

RailTech International - Worldwide provider of rail welding, fastening, and anchoring services, plus track maintenance equipment and power systems for urban transit applications

Ride & Show Engineering - Develops entertainment attractions, show action equipment, and transportation systems including monorails

Rotem - Korean manufacturer of railway rolling stock including EMUs, DMUs, high speed trains, light rail vehicles, and maglev vehicles

RUF Dual Mode Transport System - Proposed dual-mode transportation system uses electric cars and automated people movers on a triangular monorail guideway

RVR - European producer of high speed trains, metros, and trams

SA ViewCom - Danish producer of onboard passenger information systems

Schaffler & Associates - Australian manufacturer of inverters and converters for rail applications

Schneeberger Linear Technology - Monorail guideways, frictionless tables, and other special rails

Schneller - Worldwide producer of decorative laminates and non-textile floor coverings for passenger rail cars

Scomi Rail - Malaysian firm offers urban transportation solutions by providing the latest technology for monorail electro-mechanical systems

SEA - UK provider of Passenger Information Management Systems (PIMS) and other software solutions for the passenger rail industry

Selco Manufacturing - Heavy gauge welding and steel fabrication for mass transit and rail applications; West Caldwell, New Jersey

Selectron Systems AG - Swiss producer of hardware and software products for implementing TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) solutions

SEMEC Electromechanical - Designs, manufactures, and refurbishes electromechanical systems and sub-systems for the transit industry; Boucherville, Québec, Canada

Sensor Products, Inc - Provider of tactile surface pressure sensing technology plus Lenord & Bauer rail speed sensors and rotary pulse encoders

Sentinel - Manufactures a between-car barrier to enhance the safety of multicar passenger trains at elevated platforms; San Antonio, Texas

Severn-Lamb - Designs and manufactures rail trains, road trains, monorails, and customised vehicles for leisure parks, attractions, resorts, municipalities, and private enthusiasts

Sherwood Electromotion Inc. - Supplier of traction motor services to North American transit authorities and rolling stock manufacturers

Siemens - Produces mass transit vehicles plus locomotives and rolling stock for commuter, intercity, and high speed rail applications

Sigma Coachair - Australia manufacturer of HVAC systems for locomotive cabins and passenger rolling stock

Skoda Transportation - European manufacturer of electric locomotives, tramcars, metro trainsets, multiple units, and passenger coaches

Talgo - Spanish firm designs, manufactures, and maintains articulated passenger trains, conventional passenger coaches, freight wagons, and electric locomotives

Talgo America - Maintains Talgo passenger rail vehicles used on Amtrak Cascades service between Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver

Teknoware - Finnish producer of lighting systems for passenger rolling stock

Traction Motor Service - Specializes in rebuilding traction motors for mass transit, secondary rail, and industrial applications; North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

TTA Systems - Re-builder and assembler of rail transit vehicles, systems, and components

Tubular Rail - Developing a transportation solution that reduces the cost of traditional rail infrastructure by utilizing wheels (or rollers) on fixed structures and rails on the vehicle body

Twinco Mfg. Co. - Manufacturer of rail and transit products including automatic train stops, subway car components, fuse testers, light assemblies, and identification products such as wire markers, flat tags, disc tags, pipe markers, and engraving; Hauppauge, New York

Urbanaut Monorail Technology - Develops a monorail system that uses lighter vehicles and smaller guideways to lower construction costs

US Railcar - Manufactures self-propelled (DMU) and non-powered commuter coaches in single and bilevel configurations

Veolia Transportation - Provider of commuter rail, light rail, bus, paratransit, and taxi services in cities throughout North America

Vossloh - German manufacturer of rail infrastructure and motive power products including rail fastening systems, switch systems, diesel locomotives, transit vehicles, and electrical systems

Wabtec (Westinghouse Air Brake Company) - Provides technology-based equipment and services for the rail industry worldwide, including freight railroads and passenger rail transit

Westcode - Provides services to the US and UK transit industry including the support of brake control systems, brake actuation equipment, air supply systems, door control, and air conditioning systems

Whiting Equipment Canada Inc - Provides railway and transit maintenance services; Welland, Ontario, Canada

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