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Rail Industry Events & Conferences Calendar

This page provides a calendar of upcoming rail industry events, railroad conferences, and railway exhibitions. For related listings, please see the following: Industry Organizations, Training Programs, Rail Jobs Boardf, and Railroad Stocks & Investments. To add your conference or event to this page, please Submit Your Event.

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MARCH 2020

Rail Equipment Finance Conference 2020
La Quinta, California, USA (March 1-4)
For information: Railroad Financial Corporation

Railroad Day on Capitol Hill
Washington, DC, USA (March 4)
For information: American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

Southwest Association of Rail Shippers Meeting
Galveston, Texas, USA (March 4-5)
For information: Southwest Association of Rail Shippers

Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Light Rail 2020
Canberra, Australia (March 4-5)
For information: Informa

25th Annual AAR Research Review
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (March 9-11)
For information: Association of American Railroads (AAR)

Accelerate Rail 2020
London, UK (March 10)
For information: Marketforce

Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers Meeting
Portland, Oregon, USA (March 10-11)
For information: Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers

Asia Pacific Rail 2020
Hong Kong (March 11-12)
For information: Terrapin

Forum of Rail Transport
Bratislava, Slovakia (March 17-18)
For information: FKD

SmartTransit East
Boston, Massachusetts, USA (March 17-19)
For information: DVV Media Group

SafeRail Congress
Boston, Massachusetts, USA (March 17-19)
For information: DVV Media Group

Rail Tech Conference
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (March 19)
For information: New England Railroad Club

European Rolling Stock Forum 2020
Warsaw, Poland (March 25)
For information: TOR

Rail Industry Meetings
Valenciennes, France (March 25-26)
For information: ABE

RAIL Live! 2020
Madrid, Spain (March 31 - April 2)
For information: Terrapin

APRIL 2020

International Rail Forum & Conference
Prague, Czech Republic (April 1-3)
For information: Oltis Group

Rail Freight Group Conference
London, UK (April 2)
For information: Waterfront Conference Company

Keystone State Railroad Association Rail Freight Conference
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA (April 15-16)
For information: Keystone State Railroad Association (KSRRA)

HeritageRail Alliance Spring Symposium
Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA (April 16-18)
For information: HeritageRail Alliance

Joint Rail Conference (JRC)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA (April 20-22)
For information: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Track Access Charges Summit 2020
Riga, Latvia (April 21-22)
For information: Europoint

California Passenger Rail Summit
Los Angeles, California, USA (April 21-22)
For information: Southwest Passenger Rail Association

Secure Rail Conference
Chicago, Illinois, USA (April 21-22)
For information: Secure Rail

Light Rail 2020 Conference
Boston, Massachusetts, USA (April 22-23)
For information: Railway Age

Northeast Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS) Conference
Newport, Rhode Island, USA (April 22-24)
For information: Northeast Association of Rail Shippers

WRI 2020: Wheel Rail Interaction Conference
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (April 28 - May 1)
For information: Wheel Rail Seminars

MAY 2020

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) 2020 Connections
Grapevine, Texas, USA (May 2-5)
For information: ASLRRA

CORE 2020: Conference on Railway Excellence
Perth, Australia (May 11-13)
For information: Encanta

Infrarail 2020
London, UK (May 12-14)
For information: Mack Brooks

North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) Annual Meeting
Kansas City, Missouri, USA (May 13-14)
For information: North American Rail Shippers Association

SmartRail Europe
Rome, Italy (May 18-20)
For information: DVV Media Group

North American Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (May 27-28)
For information: American Business Conferences

ElectroTrans: Eurasia Urban Electric Transport Exhibition & Congress
Moscow, Russia (May 27-29)
For information: ElectroTrans

JUNE 2020

International Crosstie & Fastening System Symposium
Urbana, Illinois, USA (June 2-4)
For information: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Transport Security Congress
Miami, Florida, USA (June 8-10)
For information: DVV Media

Rail Insights 2020 Conference
Chicago, Illinois, USA (June 17-18)
For information: Railway Age

Rail Solutions Asia 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (June 24-26)
For information: TDH Exhibitions

Africa Rail 2020
Johannesburg, South Africa (June 30 - July 1)
For information: Terrapin

JULY 2020

CompRail 2020: 17th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design & Operation
Berlin, Germany (July 1-3)
For information: Wessex Institute


Railwaytech Indonesia 2020
Jakarta, Indonesia (August 26-28)
For information: Global Expo Management (GEM)


5th International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development & Maintenance
Palma, Mallorca, Spain (September 7-10)
For information: Elsevier

HeritageRail Alliance Fall Conference
East Haven, Connecticut, USA (September 10-12)
For information: HeritageRail Alliance

InnoTrans 2020
Berlin, Germany (September 22-25)
For information: Messe Berlin


Maglev 2020 Conference
Changsha, China (October 12-15)
For information: Maglev Board

Railroad Environmental Conference
Urbana, Illinois, USA (October 27-28)
For information: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Rail Asia Expo
Bangkok, Thailand (November 25-26)
For information: Asian Exhibition Services (AES)

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