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Art, Photographs (Prints) & Calendars

Bob Morris Photography - Photos of Southern Pacific, Western Pacific & Santa Fe operations from the early 1960s

Books & Publishers

Model Railroad Bookstore - 120+ titles covering all aspects of model railroad layout design, track plans, benchwork, structures, scenery, detailing, weathering, DCC, electronics, prototypical operation, and more

Canadian Branchline Miniatures - Publisher of hard-cover books describing operations, locomotives, trains, and industries of the steam railway era in Canada

Comprehensive Guide To Industrial Locomotives - Reference book of industrial rail operations in the US

Motorbooks - Publishes hundreds of books on railroad history, railroad operations, locomotives, and model railroading

Railroadbooks.biz - Online store with new and used books on the subjects of railroad history, operation, technology, photography, and more

Voyageur Press - Publishes nearly 200 books on railroad history, operations, photography, and model railroading

VTD Rail Publishing - Rail transportation and operation books, videos, and multimedia presentations

Boso View Express (BVE) Train Simulator

Train-Sim Discussion Forum for BVE - Message board for discussing BVE simulator operation and routes

Computer Games & Train Simulators

Challenge Products - Railroad simulation programs for sale including RRSwitch Railroad Switching Challenge, Freight Train Railroad Operations Challenge, and Trolley Time Challenge

Railroad Empire - 1989 predecessor to the popular A-Train simulates railroad construction and operation, now available for free download

Railway Operation Simulator - Freeware Windows program allows one to design, build, and operate their own railway with a dispatcher's controls

Transarctica - Strategy game involving the operation of a train and rail network, published in 1993 and now available for free download

Construction Equipment & Engineering Services

Balaji Railroad Systems Limited - Indian company offering total rail transport solutions covering planning, design, detail engineering, construction management, manpower training, systems development and implementation, and operation and maintenance

Bentley - Worldwide provider of rail design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions; Exton, Pennsylvania

Cando Contracting Ltd - Rail line abandonment, track installation, maintenance, switching, demolition, leasing, shortline operation, and other services in the US and Canada

URS - Transit system planning, engineering, construction, maintenance, and operation services

VolkerRail - UK provider of contracting services to the railway infrastructure industry, from major projects to track renewals, maintenance, and specialized operations

Consulting, Logistics & Legal Services

DeltaRail - Comprehensive range of railway operations and engineering consultancy services to all sectors of the railway industry covering both commercial and technical issues

DRE Transportation Solutions - Improves rail operations through the introduction of best-practice cost management techniques, process change, and the application of technology

Engelke Consulting - Railroad transportation consulting, on-site engineer and conductor certification, and rail safety and operations auditing

ESRI - Provides GIS solutions to manage key information for rail operations, maintenance, asset management, and decision support systems

Global Transportation Consultancy - Worldwide full service rail and intermodal consulting practice, providing services for accident investigation, litigation, shipper/receiver, industrial rail operation, rail commuter and transit, financial and marketing, and historic preservation; main office in Madison, Wisconsin

Green Leader Limited - Consulting engineers specializing in technical, commercial, safety, and operational issues relating to railway electrification

HMDB Insurance - Insurance products for railroad operations, museums, real property and rolling stock, railroad contractors, service companies, and suppliers

Main Line Rail Management - Provides operations planning, marketing, and valuation consulting services to the transportation industry

MainLine Management, Inc. - Railroad consultants with 75 years of experience with Class 1 railroads in operations planning and analysis, rail traffic controller simulation and analysis, and mainline and yard capacity planning

R.L. Banks, and Associates - Provides railroad transportation economic, engineering, operations, negotiations, and institutional counsel; Washington, DC

Rail Management Consultants - Consulting and software development for railway simulation and operation

Railroad Industries Incorporated - Full service rail consultancy including M&A, financial analysis, marketing, operations, logistics, intermodal, and more; Reno, Nevada

Railsim - Software suite from Systra to model and analyze operations on the most complex rail networks, including transit, freight rail, commuter rail, and mixed mainline railroad traffic

Railware, Inc. - Software solutions to the transportation industry, specializing in the development of control and operations management system software

Railway Consultancy, The - UK provider of consultancy services in the fields of railway planning, operations, economics, management, strategy, and training

Railweb GmbH - Independent European railway consultant specializing in rail operations planning, rail freight, rolling stock, rail control systems, and infrastructure

RMI - Provider of highly automated solutions to manage the flow of paperwork and information through rail operations, including RailConnect, RailDOCS, Car Hire Payable, and ExpressYard

Ronsco Inc - Offers major components for railcars, locomotives, and engineering programs, plus railway consulting, operational and safety reviews, capacity studies, project management, engineering and training initiatives; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SimWalk Transport - Integrated simulation service and software solution to model passenger flows in rail, metro, and bus stations for optimizing terminal operations

South Spur Rail Services - Western Australian owned company provides terminal operations and short haul rail services

SwedeRail - Transport consultant offering services in railway management, design, construction, operation, and maintenance, including high speed rail; Stockholm, Sweden

Trapeze Software - Trapeze System for Rail is an integrated software solution for daily operations, planning, management information, and passenger information

TÜV Rheinland Rail Sciences - Specializing in derailment investigation, track/train dynamics, and operations planning & analysis

Warrick Railroad Consulting - Railroad operations, rail line acquisition, marketing, industrial development, track maintenance, and construction services

Employment, Railroad Jobs & Careers

Pacific Coast Railway Staffing - Short and long term staffing for US and Canadian railways including operational, maintenance of way, and mechanical positions

RailwayPeople.com - Railway job postings for the UK rail industry including technical, construction, customer facing, and operation positions

Union Pacific Careers - Railroad job postings and railroad careers from Union Pacific, including train crew, trade, operations management, and professional positions throughout the US; headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska

Freight Railroads: North America: Canada

Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway - Operates 240 miles from Truro to Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Goderich-Exeter Railway - Freight railroad operates 182 miles in Ontario, interchanging with CN in London and Toronto, and CP in Kitchener and Guelph

Huron Central Railway - Freight railroad operates between the northern Ontario centers of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie along the north shore of Lake Huron

Ottawa Valley Railway - Operates 340 miles between Conistion and Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada

Quebec Gatineau Railway - Provides freight services to the major industrial regions and ports in the Province of Quebec, Canada

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