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RailServe.com Search Tips & Techniques

RailServe.com Search is a powerful tool for finding rail travel, hobby, and industry resources. The tool is comprised of two integrated components - Directory Search and Index Search. Both include the more than 15,000 sites categorized in the RailServe.com Directory. You may choose between the two search methods by selecting Directory Search or Index Search on the search form.

DIRECTORY SEARCH performs a keyword search of the titles and descriptions as they appear on the Directory Pages (e.g. Art & Photos, Freight Railroads, etc.). Searches yield highly relevant results, as the search terms must match concise titles and descriptions written specifically for the directory.

INDEX SEARCH is an alternate keyword search of the full website content of more than 15,000 resources linked from RailServe.com. This search method is useful for more specific or obscure search terms that may not be included in the directory listings' titles or descriptions. Sites specifically reviewed and approved for listing at RailServe.com are returned first, ensuring quality results. However, because this method searches the full text of millions of pages rather than the directory's concise descriptions, you may find that some results are less relevant to your search criteria.


  • Use keywords, not complete phrases. Search results must match EVERY word you type.
  • Exclude common words such as railroad, railway, the, and, etc.
  • Avoid punctuation such as quotes, commas, periods.
  • Do not use state abbreviations. Type Pennsylvania instead of PA.
  • Searches are case insensitive. Uppercase and lowercase are not distinguished.
  • Include/exclude Train Simulator. Use the checkbox on the search form to include/exclude Microsoft Train Simulator add-ons (specific resources in our Computer Games & Simulators category). When unchecked (default), Train Simulator add-ons are excluded from search results.

INDEX Search Tips

  • Use quotes to find a specific phrase. For example, to find websites referencing the North Carolina Railroad (but not others railroads in North Carolina), you may enter your search criteria within quotes: "North Carolina Railroad"
  • Exclude undesired keywords. If your search terms generate many irrelevant results, you may specify keywords to exclude. For example, a search on "New York" yields many subway-related results. If you wish to exclude subway-related sites, add the word subway preceded by a minus sign (-). Example: "New York" -subway

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