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Private Railcars & Railcar Charters

This guide lists private passenger railcars available for charters, special events, and luxury rail tours.

Trains & Travel International
Trains & Travel International - Experts in rail travel since 1985, offering rail tours and railfan charters

Abraham Lincoln Executive Car - Steel Pullman built in 1910, available for special events

Altiplano Railtours - Offers private railcar charters on most Amtrak routes plus railroad film and motion picture services

American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners - Non-profit organization for those interested in private passenger cars

Berlin Sleeping Car - Private railcar with fine dining available for charter on regularly scheduled Amtrak trains

California Zephyr Railcar - Own and operate three historic passenger cars for tours, excursions, and private charters on Amtrak routes throughout the USA

Chapel Hill Railcar - Private luxury railcar available for charters throughout the Amtrak network

Cincinnati Railway Company - Luxury railcars, including vista dome and sleeper, for charter on rail lines throughout the US and Canada

Classic Rail Cars - Nine private rail cars available for charters in North America

Colonial Crafts - Pennsylvania Railroad Pullman car available for private charter excursions

Colorado Zephyrs, Inc - Provides excursions and private charters on vintage luxury railroad cars, plus support and consultation to private rail car and excursion operators

Dover Harbor - Private sleeper-lounge-buffet Pullman passenger rail car available for charter trips on Amtrak

Hollywood Beach Private Car - Five bedroom lounge built for the Seaboard Air Line, available for charter on the Amtrak system

Independence Express - Six restored vintage cars coupled to provide private rail excursions on the Independence Route in central and northern Mexico

LARail.com - Five vintage railcars available for charter from Los Angeles, California

Morristown & Erie Railway Charters - Offers a fleet of private railcars for rental in the New York area including parlor cars, lounge cars, and coaches

Mount Vernon Private Railroad Car - Private and public excursions on a private rail car, based on the Morristown & Erie Railway in northern New Jersey

New York Central 3 - Private railcar built for the last of the Vanderbilts to run on the New York Central Railroad, now available for private excursions throughout the US and Canada

Northern Sky Rail Charters - Private luxury rail cruises on Amtrak routes using a sleeper-lounge and dome car

Overland Trail - Privately owned 1949 SP Club Lounge available for charter behind scheduled Amtrak trains

Pennvia Private Railcars, Inc - Private railcar Glass Slipper based in eastern Pennsylvania and available for charter throughout North America

Rail Merchants International - Buys and sells private varnish, passenger cars, cabooses, freight cars, diesel locomotives, steam locomotives, and maintenance-of-way equipment; Fairfield, Iowa

Railroad Passenger Car Alliance - Organization of railroad passenger car owners, excursion trip sponsors, tourist line operators, museums, railfan organizations, steam locomotive operators, and aficionados of the American Railroad Passenger Car

Railroading Heritage of Midwest America - Operates Milwaukee Road steam locomotive #261 on excursions and charters, and owns a fleet of private passenger cars available for tours/charters on Amtrak; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sterling Rail - Brokerage of locomotives, railcars, parts, and equipment; Austin, Texas

Tioga Pass - Private railcar ready to accommodate groups of up to 20 people anywhere Amtrak operates trains

Train Chartering Company Ltd - Exclusive private rail cars available for charter in the US and Canada for family vacations, corporate meetings, weddings, and other events

Trains & Travel - Experts in rail travel since 1985, offering luxury rail tours and railfan charters worldwide

Virginia City Private Rail Car - Private railcars available for charter on Amtrak routes, including Pullman observation, sleeper lounge, and Vista Dome cars

Virginia Rail Investment Corp - Private pullman railcar Kitchi Gammi Club available for charter on Amtrak routes

West Coast Railways - Operates private trains on the UK rail network using both modern and heritage locomotives

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