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Railroad Records & Statistics

Railroad Records & Firsts
Early Railroads: Railroading Firsts
Locomotives: Steam, Diesel & Electric
Engineering: Bridges, Tunnels & Stations
U.S. Railroad Statistics
State Statistics: Railroad Counts, Mileage & Jobs
Traffic Volume Statistics: Ton-Miles & Intermodal
Traffic Mix Statistics: Commodities & Carload Counts
Crude By Rail Statistics: Carload & Barrel Counts
Railcar Statistics: Fleet Trends Since 1980
Railroad Reference
AAR Railroad Reporting Marks: Railcar Identifications
Railcar Ownership: Railroad & Private Car Owners
Routes & Track: Highest, Steepest & Longest
Train Records: Fastest, Longest & Heaviest
Train Wrecks: Collisions, Derailments & Accidents
Financial Statistics: Revenue, Income & Investment
Mileage Statistics: Route Miles & Efficiency
Employment Statistics: Industry Trends & Productivity
Railroad Occupations: Job Counts, Wages & Salaries
Freight Railroads: U.S. Railroads by Region
Railroad Stocks: Rail-Related Investments Guide

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