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Monorails & Maglev

This page provides a directory of monorails and maglevs worldwide, including urban transit systems plus monorails at theme parks and tourist attractions.

Aerobus - Developer of suspended aerial transportation systems for both people and cargo in urban and suburban settings

AirTrain Newark - Monorail service between Newark Liberty Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport Train Station connecting with New Jersey (NJ) Transit and Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

American Maglev Technology (AMT) - Developer of maglev systems for mass transit with a test track in Powder Springs, Georgia

Baltimore-Washington Maglev Project - Proposal to link downtown Baltimore and Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport with Washington, DC via a 40-mile maglev route

Chiba Urban Monorail - 15km suspended monorail system with 15 stations in Chiba, Japan

Chongqing Metro - Map and history of a subway and monorail system in Chongqing, China

Chongqing Monorail - Official site of a two-route monorail in Chongqing, China

Chubu HSST Development Corporation - Japanese developer of maglev technology

Cities of the Future - Artistic renderings of monorail systems

Disney World Monorail System - Details the operation of the 14.7-mile monorail at Walt Disney World in Florida

Disneyland Monorail System - History and operations of the monorail at Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California

FasTran - Proposed widebodied, cantilevered monorail design for high capacity urban transit

Fiordland Link Experience - Proposed three-stage journey in New Zealand linking Queenstown on Lake Wakatipu and Lake Te Anau, incorporating a catamaran, an all terrain vehicle, and a 41km monorail

Futrex System 21 - Developer of a monobeam elevated transit technology with a quarter-scale model in operation in Charleston, South Carolina

H-Bahn - Suspended monorail system at Dortmund University, Germany

Hiroshima Astram Line - 18km monorail in Hiroshima, Japan

Hitachi Rail - Worldwide developer of high speed rail and transit vehicles, rolling stock components, signaling systems, and monorail systems

Innovative Transportation Technologies - Information about maglev, monorail, and other "unconventional" transportation technologies

International Maglev Board (IMB) - Information resource and discussion forum for the technological developments behind, and the deployment strategies surrounding, magnetic levitation (maglev) transportation technology

Jacksonville Skyway - Automated elevated peoplemover in Jacksonville, Florida

Japan Monorail Association - Establishes standards for both straddle and suspended monorails in Japan

Kitakyushu Monorail - 8.8km monorail opened 1985 in Kitakyushu, Japan

Korea Monorail Corporation - Developer of monorail systems in Korea

Kuala Lumpur RapidKL - Operates the Kelana Jaya Line, Ampang Line, and monorail in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lartigue Monorail - History of the Listowel-Ballybunion Railway in Ireland that closed in 1924

Las Vegas Monorail - 4-mile monorail along the east side of the famous Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Linimo - 9-km maglev route with nine stations in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Magnetic Levitation for Transportation - Research on the history, technology, and future of maglev development

Magplane Technology - US developer of the Magplane maglev system for high-speed intracity transportation

Metrail - Developer of a hybrid monorail system

MonoMetro - Designs an ultra-narrow gauge suspended railway technology

Monorail Society, The - Promotes the development of monorails worldwide; site contains monorail news, world list, technical data, history, and more

Mud Island Monorail - Connects Mud Island River Park with downtown Memphis, Tennessee

Mumbai Monorail Project - Constructing a monorail in Mumbai, India

Okinawa City Monorail Line - 13km route links the airport and city center in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Osaka Monorail - 28km monorail between Osaka International Airport and Kadoma in Osaka, Japan

Owen Transit Group (OTG) - Developers of a single beam monorail system for passenger and freight transportation

Patiala State Monorail Tramway - An engine and coach that run on a single steel rail, saved by British rail historian Mike Satow, now operating at the Delhi Railway Museum in India

Ride & Show Engineering - Develops entertainment attractions, show action equipment, and transportation systems including monorails

Rohr Aerotrain Monorail - History of the Aerotrain, developed by Rohr Industries in the early 1970s

RUF Dual Mode Transport System - Proposed dual-mode transportation system uses electric cars and automated people movers on a triangular monorail guideway

Schneeberger Linear Technology - Monorail guideways, frictionless tables, and other special rails

Scomi Rail - Malaysian firm offers urban transportation solutions by providing the latest technology for monorail electro-mechanical systems

Seattle Center Monorail - Monorail schedule, fares, history, and map; Seattle, Washington

Sentosa Express - 2.1-km monorail connecting Sentosa, a popular island resort, with HarbourFront in Singapore

Severn-Lamb - Designs and manufactures rail trains, road trains, monorails, and customised vehicles for leisure parks, attractions, resorts, municipalities, and private enthusiasts

Shanghai Maglev - 30km maglev route links Pudong International Airport with Shanghai, China

Shonan Monorail - 6.6km suspended SAFEGE monorail with eight stations in Kanagawa, Japan

Skytrain Corporation - Transportation consulting and engineering firm with an urban high speed monorail system

SwedeTrack System - Swedish firm promoting the Flyway suspended monorail system

Sydney Monorail - Official site contains schedules, attractions, fares, technical info, and photos of the transit system in Sydney, Australia

Tama Toshi Monorail - 16-km monorail with 19 stations in Western Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Monorail - Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho in 22 minutes; Japan

Transrapid - Details the history and technology of a German maglev

UK Ultraspeed - Proposed maglev system to link the major cities of Britain at speeds up to 500 km/h

Urban Maglev Interest Group - Discuss a technology alternative to conventional light rail transit (LRT), AGT, and monorail

Urbanaut Monorail Technology - Develops a monorail system that uses lighter vehicles and smaller guideways to lower construction costs

Walt's Toy Trains - Information and photos of Disneyland's Railroad and Monorails

Wuppertaler Stadtwerken - Suspension urban rail line in Wuppertal, Germany

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