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Steam Locomotives

This page provides a guide to steam locomotive history and active steam locomotives worldwide, including preserved steam engines in operation, on display, and undergoing restoration.

Dynamo Productions - Youtube channel explores a variety of railroads through exclusive online content. The footage is shot in stunning high definition and 4K with stellar editing and cinematography. Also provides railfans, photographers, and videographers a unique opportunity to experience living railroad history at the photo charters hosted throughout the year at various heritage railroads.
Yard Goat Images - DVDs featuring the beauty and sound of a wide variety of today s North American steam locomotives in action - mainline excursions, museums, and events
Locomotive Records - Guide to the earliest, largest, and most powerful steam locomotives ever built
SteamPhotos.com by Christopher Muller - Thousands of photos of North American steam locomotives in a variety of scenic settings, plus prints and train gifts for sale

2857 Society - Preserves Great Western Railway heavy goods steam locomotive No. 2857, principally for active use on the Severn Valley Railway in the UK

557 Restoration Project - Aims to restore and operate Alaska Railroad 2-8-0 steam locomotive #557

6024 Preservation Society - Dedicated to the restoration, maintenance, and operation of Great Western Railway King Class 4-6-0 steam locomotive

611 Society - Preserves and operates Norfolk & Western Class J steam locomotive #611 at the Virginia Museum of Transportation (VMT) in Roanoke, Virginia

6880 Betton Grange Society - Recreating a Great Western Grange class steam locomotive at the Llangollen Railway in Denbighshire, UK

707 Operations - Operates mainline steam excursions in Australia with steam locomotive R 707

73082 Camelot Locomotive Society - Preserved British Railways Standard Class Five locomotive based on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, UK

A1 Steam Locomotive Trust - Plans to build and operate a Peppercorn class A1 Pacific steam locomotive for use on mainline and preserved railways in the UK

Age of Steam Roundhouse - Roundhouse built in 2010 to house Jerry Joe Jacobson's (former Ohio Central) steam locomotives; Sugarcreek, Ohio

All About Steam - Photos of steam locomotives in operation throughout Europe and Asia

All-Pro Services Ltd - Provides boiler fabrication, welding, rivet work, and related services for steam locomotive restoration; Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Allegheny Type Steam Locomotive - History, specifications, and photos of the Chesapeake & Ohio's 2-6-6-6 Allegheny class steam locomotives built by Lima Locomotive Works

American Steam Railroad Preservation Association - Nonprofit educational organization dedicated to preserving, displaying, and operating historic railroad equipment, including Frisco steam locomotive # 1352

Anderson Tube Co. - Distributor of pressure tubing for steam locomotive boilers; Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Animated Engines - Animated illustrations that explain the inner workings of steam engines

ARMF - Restores steam and vintage diesel locomotives for operation throughout Spain

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Class R-1 4-8-4s - History of ACL's 1800 series steam locomotives, built by Baldwin in 1938

Australian Steam - Photo guide to the nearly 600 surviving Australian steam locomotives, including their location and status

B17 Steam Locomotive Trust - Aims to build and operate an LNER Class B17 4-6-0 express passenger locomotive

Battle of Britain Locomotive Society - Operates the restored Bulleid Pacific steam locomotive #34081 '92 Squadron'

Berkshires & Kanawhas - History, specifications, and rosters of the 2-8-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Lima

Boston & Maine 494 Restoration Project - History, specifications, and photos of the B&M 4-4-0 steam locomotive

C2 Project - Aims to purchase, import, and rebuild a Chinese C2 class 0-8-0 steam locomotive for operation on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways in Wales

Carson & Colorado Railway - Non-profit dedicated to the restoration and operation of Southern Pacific narrow gauge locomotive #18

Central Railroad of New Jersey Project 113 - Restoration of a CNJ 0-6-0 steam locomotive in Minersville, Pennsylvania

Challenger Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, and specifications of the 4-6-6-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO and Baldwin

Christopher Muller's SteamPhotos.com - Railroad photography featuring mainline steam locomotives, tourist railroads, and museums throughout North America

Class G5 Locomotive Company - Aims to recreate a full-size prototypical North Eastern Railway Class O (LNER Class G5) 0 4-4 passenger tank locomotive

Climax Locomotives - Preserving the history of the Climax Patent Geared Locomotive, with survivors list, drawings, photos, roster, and more

Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR) - Combined effort of the University of Minnesota and Sustainable Rail International (SRI) to refine solid biofuel technologies for use in the world's first carbon-neutral higher speed locomotive

Cotswold Steam Preservation - Dedicated to the restoration of steam locomotive GWR 28XX Class 2-8-0 No. 2807

D&RGW 315 on the Cumbres & Toltec - Photos of Rio Grande steam locomotive No. 315 (restored 2007) on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in Colorado and New Mexico

D&RGW 315 on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad - Scenic photos of Rio Grande steam locomotive No. 315 leading freight and passenger trains in Colorado

Dinmore Manor Locomotive Limited - Owners of steam locomotives 7820 and 3850 which regularly operate on the West Somerset Railway in Somerset, UK

DLM AG - Builds modern steam locomotives in Switzerland

Duke of Gloucester Steam Locomotive Trust Limited - Preserves BR Class 8 Pacific steam locomotive No 71000 for mainline excursions in the UK

Durango Railroad Historical Society 315 - Formed to restore D&RGW Consolidation steam locomotive #315 to operating condition (completed 2007), and to preserve the history of railroading in Colorado

Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society - Locomotive preservation society that owns and operates Southern Railway (UK) S15 class 4-6-0 #828 and overhauling #850 "Lord Nelson"

Erlestoke Manor Fund - Preserves Great Western steam locomotives 7802 Bradley Manor and 7812 Erlestoke Manor

Eureka & Palisade #4 Photos - Scenic photos of an 1875 narrow gauge wood-burning steam locomotive pulling passenger trains in Colorado

FarRail Tours - Worldwide railfan tours to the last active steam locomotives in the world

Fire Up 2100 - Project of the American Steam Railroad Preservation Association with the goal of restoring and operating Reading 4-8-4 steam locomotive #2100

Footplate Days and Ways Ltd - Steam locomotive operations training by a former British Rail engineer and fireman; East Sussex, UK

Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society - Operates Nickel Plate Road Berkshire-class steam locomotive No. 765 from New Haven, Indiana

French Compound Locomotives - Photos and technical information about French steam locomotives

Friends of 169 - Restoring Denver & Rio Grande steam locomotive #169 in Alamosa, Colorado

Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall - Independent group based on the UK's Severn Valley Railway, aiming to raise funds to restore ex-GWR 4-6-0 No. 4930

Friends of OR&N 197 - Restoring Oregon Railway & Navigation Co. 4-6-2 Pacific steam locomotive #197 at Brooklyn Roundhouse in southeast Portland, Oregon

Furness Railway Trust - Owners of Britain's oldest working standard gauge steam locomotive, Furness Railway No. 20, located at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria, UK

Geared Steam Locomotive Works - Preserving and promoting information on North American built geared steam locomotives including Shay, Heisler, Climax, Byers, Gilbert, Dunkirk, Willamette, Davenport, Baldwin, Bell, and more

Golden Gate Railroad Museum 2472 Steam - Southern Pacific 4-6-2 No. 2472 operates specials on the Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol, California

GreenLoco.com: 3ATGL Locomotive Project - Designing and building a Class 3ATGL modern high performance 0-4-2T steam locomotive to operate on 7-1/2" gauge track

GWR 3862 - Photos, history, and preservation efforts of Great Western 2-8-0 steam locomotive No. 3862

Historic Transport Preservation, Inc - Organizes steam train charters throughout North America, including both mainline excursions and photo charters

How a Steam Engine Works - Explains the basic of steam locomotives including boiler, firebox, pistons, cylinders, cranks, and valve gear

Hudson Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 4-6-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Montreal Locomotive Works

Indonesia Steam - Extensive collection of trip reports and photos of steam railways in Indonesia

Interlok Bahnconsulting - Steam locomotive and rolling stock repair services for tourist railroads; Berlin, Germany

International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power (IAASP) - Promotes new applications for steam power

International Working Steam Locomotives - Extensive index of working steam locomotives by country with photos, trip reports, and information of steam operations and tours in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America

Iron Horse Enterprises - Owns Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) steam locomotive #614

Last Run of the N&W 611 - Photos and information about Norfolk Southern's last steam excursion in 1994, prior to the 2015 restoration

Lerro Productions - Organizes photo charters with both tourist railroads and mainline steam in North America, with an emphasis on props, antique cars, actors, and night photography

Lost Engines of Roanoke - Photos and information about the four steam engines at the Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal Company yard on South Jefferson Street in Roanoke, Virginia

Mainline Steam Tours - Devoted to the restoration and operation of historic mainline steam locomotives thoroughout New Zealand

Mallets in the Tall Timber - History and rosters of the Baldwin Mallet steam locomotives used on North American logging railroads

Martyn Bane's Steam & Travel Pages - Extensive news about modern steam locomotive designs and advancements worldwide

Meiningen Locomotive Works - German firm performs maintenance of steam locomotives of every gauge

Mikado Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, and specifications of the 2-8-2 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Lima

Milwaukee Road 261 along the Mississippi River - Photos of Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 No. 261 with passenger excursions from Minneapolis to Winona, La Crescent, and La Crosse

Milwaukee Road 261 on the TC&W - Photos of Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 No. 261 with a freight train and Hiawatha passenger train on the Twin Cities & Western Railroad west of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Modern Steam in Hauenstein - Proposed modern steam commuter train on the historic Hauenstein Line between Olten and Sissach in Switzerland

Mount Emily Shay #1 - Shay geared steam locomotive operates on excursions from Prineville, Oregon

Mountain Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 4-8-2 steam locomotives built by ALCO and Baldwin

Multipower International - American supplier of Chinese-made steam and diesel locomotives, parts, and accessories worldwide

N Generation Steam - Collection of research about next generation steam locomotives

New Build Steam - Tracks projects to build new steam locomotives in the UK, including those using components from existing locomotives to recreate lost classes

New England Steam Corporation - Aims to restore and operate Maine Central 4-6-2 steam locomotive #470

New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society - Restoring Santa Fe 4-8-4 #2926 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Zealand Geared Locomotives - History of geared steam locomotives designed and built for New Zealand's logging railways

Nickel Plate 765 in Eastern Pennsylvania - Photos of the 2-8-4 Berkshire steam locomotive at Steamtown, the Rockville Bridge, and the Lehigh Gorge

Nickel Plate 765 Photos - Scenic photos of Nickel Plate 2-8-4 No. 765 with passenger and freight trains on the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad

NKP 765 & PM 1225 Photography - Photos of two steam locomotives, Nickel Plate 2-8-4 No. 765 and Pere Marquette 2-8-4 No. 1225, leading freight trains in southern Michigan

Norfolk & Western Class J 611 Photos - Photos of N&W 611 at the North Carolina Transportation Museum and leading a Norfolk Southern steam special to Roanoke, Virginia

Norfolk Steam Loco - Restoring Hunslet 3193, an Austerity 0-6-0 saddle-tank steam locomotive built for the War Department in 1944 and currently based near Dereham in Norfolk, UK

North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group - Owns four steam locomotives from the North East of England, including K1 class 62005, Q6 class 63395, J27 class 65894, and J72 class 69023

Northern Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 4-8-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Lima

P2 Steam Locomotive Company - Project to develop, build, and operate an improved Gresley class P2 Mikado steam locomotive for mainline and preserved railway use in the UK

Pacific Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 4-6-2 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Lima

Pacific Vapeur Club - Preserves French steam locomotive 231 G 558

Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust - Non-profit aims to build a T1 class steam locomotive for mainline operation

Pennsylvania Railroad K4s Class Pacific - Photos of all 425 PRR K4 class locomotives

Pere Marquette 1225 Photos - Winter photos of Pere Marquette 2-8-4 steam locomotive #1225 with a freight train on the Great Lakes Central Railroad in southern Michigan

Preserved Steam Locomotives in Spain - Photos and history of steam locomitives in Spain

Preston Services - UK provider of steam engines, spares, fittings, injectors, whistles, lubricators, and valves

Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust - Mainline steam excursions and rail tours in the UK

Project 6029 - Aims to restore steam locomotive 6029, built in 1953 for the NSW Government Railways in Australia

Project 62 - Owners of Yugoslavian built USA type 0-6-0 tank steam locomotive 30075 which operates on the UK's Mid-Hants Railway - The Watercress Line

Railroad Artifact Preservation Society - Established to protect, restore, preserve, and display AT&SF steam locomotive number 5000, currently in Amarillo, Texas

Railroading Heritage of Midwest America - Operates Milwaukee Road steam locomotive #261 on excursions and charters, and owns a fleet of private passenger cars available for tours/charters on Amtrak; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Railway Preservation News Interchange - Discussion board of railway preservation and steam locomotive operation

Reading T-1 Steam Locomotives - History, photos, and specifications of the Reading Railroad's 30 T-1 class steam locomotives

Restore 2124! - An open petition to Steamtown NHS to restore the Reading Railroad T-1 class steam locomotive

Restoring 1702 - Restoring 2-8-0 steam locomotive #1702 at the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad in Bryson City, North Carolina

Rgusrail.com - Online reproductions of steam locomotive manuals and other rail books, plus steam and freight rail photography

Richard Leonard's Rail Archive - Photos and commentary about steam locomotives operating in the 1950s on North American railroads including the CB&Q, CPR, GTW, IC, NKP, NYC, and UP

Rocky Mountain Rail Society - Organization of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of Canadian National Railway steam locomotive 6060, known as The Spirit of Alberta

Royal Hudson 2860 - History, photos, roster, specs, and excursion info for the Royal Hudson steam locomotive

San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society - Home of Santa Fe steam locomotive #3751 in San Bernardino, California

Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co. 2 - 1909 Porter-built steam locomotive operates for special events at railroads across the USA

Sharpo's World - Over 12,000 photos of the Severn Valley Railway and other steam railways in the UK

Shay Locomotives.com - History and specifications of all 2768 Shay locomotive built by the Lima Locomotive Works from 1887 to 1945

Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Preservation Trust - The owners and operators of Gresley Class A4 "Sir Nigel Gresley"

SMS Steam Engine Restoration - Project to restore an Alco 0-6-0 steam locomotive in Bridgeport, New Jersey

SNCF 141R840 - Excursions with French steam locomotive 141R 840

Soo Line 1003 Photos - Scenic fall photos of Soo Line 2-8-2 No. 1003 leading a freight train on the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad

Southern 630 Steam Photos - Photos of Southern 2-8-0 #630 at the North Carolina Transportation Museum and leading a Norfolk Southern steam special in North Carolina & Virginia

Southern Pacific Cab Forward - History, roster, and photos of the SP's unique steam locomotive design with the cab at the front of the engine

Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 - Maintains and operates the SP 4-8-4 steam locomotive, restored in 1975 to lead the American Freedom Train tour of all 48 contiguous states

Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 Photos - Photos of SP Daylight 4449 on a cross-country excursion from Portland, Oregon to Owosso, Michigan (TrainFestival 2009) and return, featuring scenic locations in the Columbia River Gorge, Glacier National Park, Great Plains, and more

Southern Railway Locomotive 154 - Restoration of a 2-8-0 ALCO steam locomotive by the Gulf & Ohio Railways

Spokane, Portland and Seattle (SP&S) 700 - One of the largest operable steam locomotives in North America, on public display at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland, Oregon

Spokane, Portland and Seattle (SP&S) 700 Photos - Photos of this Northern type steam locomotive and crew in Portland, Oregon

Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Limited - Preserves steam locomotive 48773 (LMS 8233) for excursions on the Severn Valley Railway and throughout the UK

Stanier Mogul Fund - Preserves British steam locomotive No. 42968 for excursions on the Severn Valley Railway and throughout the UK

Steam & Engine of Australia - Information about steam engines, internal combustion engines, and model engineering

Steam Engine 141 R 1199 - History, photos, and excursions with French steam locomotive 141 R 1199

Steam in Africa - Covers the prospects for working and near-working steam in Africa, as well as highlighting some preserved steam locomotives and relics

Steam in Asia - Covers the prospects for working and near-working steam in Asia, as well as highlighting some preserved steam locomotives and relics

Steam in Europe - Covers the prospects for working and near-working steam in Europe, as well as highlighting some preserved steam locomotives and relics

Steam in the Americas - Covers the prospects for working and near-working steam in the Americas, as well as highlighting some preserved steam locomotives and relics

Steam in the World - Steam train photos from Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America

Steam Incorporated - Dedicated to the restoration to full working order of ex-New Zealand Government Railways locomotives and rolling stock for operation on the Tranz Rail-owned railway lines of New Zealand

Steam Loco Design - Provides engineering design for steam locomotives and railway rolling stock

Steam Locomotive 241P 17 - Photos, history, and excursions with French steam locomotive 241P 17 (site in French only)

Steam Locomotive Builders - History of the three major North American steam locomotive builders - American Locomotive Company (ALCO), Baldwin Locomotive Works, and Lima Locomotive Works

Steam Locomotive Heritage Association (Soo Line 1003) - Preserves and operates a 1913 2-8-2 steam locomotive for special excursions, primarily on the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad

Steam Locomotive Photo Gallery - Norfolk and Western steam locomotive photos by Kipp Teague

Steam Locomotive Records & Statistics - Guide to the earliest, largest, and most powerful steam locomotives ever built in the USA and worldwide

Steam Locomotives on YouTube - Guide to dozens of the best YouTube channels featuring vintage and contemporary steam train videos

Steam Operations Corporation - Provides the restoration, rebuilding, and preservation of steam locomotives, turntables, and other historic railroad equipment

Steam Railroading Institute - Railroad museum features interactive exhibits and operates two steam locomotives - Pere Marquette 2-8-4 1225 and Flagg Coal Company 0-4-0 75; Owosso, Michigan (operated by the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation)

Steam Safari - Series of virtual railway adventures on the preserved steam railroads of Europe and North America; many include links to further reading and resources both on and off the Web

Steam Services of America - Steam locomotive inspections, training, engineering, rebuilding, restoration, and operations services for tourist railroads throughout the USA

Steam Tech - Exchange of information about steam locomotives, especially from the technical perspective

Steam Train Galleries UK - Photos of preserved railways, special steam trains and locomotives, steam galas, and steam in the 1960s

Steam Trains in Wolsztyn - Photos and history of steam trains in Poland

Steam Whistles - Photos and sounds of steam whistles

SteamCad - AutoCad line drawings of some of the most popular steam locomotives in the US

SteamLocomotive.com - Extensive guide to surviving steam locomotives in North America, including engines presently operating and under restoration

SteamLocomotive.Info - Photos and specifications of 4000+ steam locomotives worldwide

SteamPhotos.com Railroad Photography - Thousands of photos of North American steam locomotives in a variety of scenic settings, plus prints, gifts, and calendars for sale

SteamPower.com - Research in the latest applications of modern steam technology

Steamsounds - Steam locomotive sound clip downloads and audio CDs

Sterling Rail - Brokerage of locomotives, railcars, parts, and equipment; Austin, Texas

Structure and Technology of the Steam Engine - Technical details and diagrams of steam locomotive design, with a focus on German steam engines

Suriname Steam - Photos and history of steam trains in the northern South American country of Suriname

Surviving Steam Photo Archive - Current photos of surviving steam locomotives around the country with an emphasis on "park engines" displayed outdoors in city parks

SY-Country - China steam railway news, hundreds of trip reports, route information, locomotive list, and travel tips

Terrier Trust - Preserves 0-6-0 tank steam locomotives built by the London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LB&SCR) between 1872 and 1880

Texas Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 2-10-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, Lima, and Montreal Locomotive Works

The 73156 Standard 5 Group - Supports the Bolton Steam Locomotive Co. Ltd. in the restoration of 73156, a British Railways standard class 5MT 4-6-0 steam locomotive

The 82045 Locomotive Fund - Building the next member of the extinct Riddles 3MT 2-6-2 82000 tank class locomotive

Train Festival 2009 & 2014 - Photo gallery of the steam railroading festivals in Owosso, Michigan, featuring SP Daylight 4449, Nickel Plate 765, Pere Marquette 1225, and others

Train Movies - Guide to the steam locomotives and other railroad equipment filmed in Hollywood movies

Train Wrecks - Historical accounts of many of the worst train crashes involving steam locomotives

TrainFestival 2011 - Photos from a July 2011 railroad festival in Rock Island, Illinois, featuring excursions with two Chinese QJ steam locomotives and Nickel Plate 765

Trains Touristiques Vapeur - Charters with French steam locomotive 141 TD 740

Ultimate Steam Page, The - Steam development news, information on several notable steam designers still working today, and technical information about steam locomotive design

Uncommon Steam Locomotives - Photos and specifications of cab-forward and streamlined steam locomotives, as well as those with unique propulsion and boiler designs

Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4014 - Union Pacific Railroad project to restore and operate a Big Boy steam locomotive

Union Pacific Big Boys - History and photo archive of the 4-8-8-4 Big Boy steam locomotive, used by Union Pacific from 1941-1962

Union Pacific Class 4000 Big Boy - Photos and history of UP's 4-8-8-4 Big Boy steam locomotives

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Shop - Schedule of mainline excursions with UP steam locomotives 844 and Big Boy 4014

V&T Lyon - Full size replica wood-burning steam locomotive construction project by the Mason City Clear Lake Electrical Railroad Historical Society; Mason City, Iowa

Vintage Trains - Operates mainline steam train excursions throughout the UK

Wasatch Railroad Contractors - Offers steam locomotive boiler construction and repair capabilities to both standard gauge historic railroads and scale live steam groups of 7-1/4" gauge and larger

Washington State Steam Railroads and Locomotives - Photos and history of steam railroads in the state of Washington

Wolsztyn Experience - Patrons operate scheduled steam trains at mainline speeds from Wolsztyn, Poland

Yard Goat Images - Railroad DVDs featuring American mainline steam and tourist railroads

Yellowstone Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 2-8-8-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Lima

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