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Model Railroad Locomotives & Rolling Stock Kits

This page provides a directory of model railroad manufacturers offering locomotive, freight car, passenger car, and other rolling stock kits in G, HO, N, O, S, and Z scale. This page contains affiliate links for which RailServe.com may be compensated.

A-Line/Arrow Hobby - Caters to prototype modelers, custom builders, craftsmen, kit bashers, and superdetailers in HO scale, with locomotive chassis, intermodal containers and cars, and detail parts

Accurail - Produces HO scale ready-to-run rolling stock and kits, trucks, couplers, and scenery

Adair Shops - Weight upgrade kits for HO, N, and On30 scale freight cars, including steel plate and steel beam loads; Dyersville, Iowa

Alkem Scale Models - Designs and manufactures prototypically-based HO and N scale kits and detail parts of freight cars, trackside items, and structures

Amazon.com Model Trains - Thousands of model railroad products from Bachmann, Lionel, and others

American Limited Models - Manufacturer of HO and N scale operating diaphragms, intermodal equipment, passenger car kits, wig wag grade crossing signals, sand towers, fuel cranes, semaphores, and more; Freemont, California

American Model Builders - Manufactures model railroad structure kits, rolling stock kits, and detail parts in N, HO, S, and O scales under the name of LASERkit

Animek Models - Canadian manufacturer of Z scale caboose kits and structure kits

AR Kits - Produces HO scale Australian outline model railway kits, ready to run rolling stock, and locomotives

Athearn - Manufacturer of HO, N, and 1:50 scale locomotives, rolling stock, train sets, and vehicles

Aust-N-Rail - Manufactures Australian prototype N scale model trains and rolling stock kits

Bowser Model Trains - Manufacturer of HO, O, and N gauge model railroad kits and ready-to-run models, including steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, freight cars, turntables, and more

Brass Car Sides - Manufacturer of HO and N scale brass passenger car sides and kits for streamlined cars from the late 1930's through Amtrak and VIA

Brassmasters - Manufactures 4mm (OO) scale model railway kits of British locomotives and rolling stock

Caley Coaches - Manufactures 4mm and 7mm scale brass kits of steam locomotives and rolling stock related to the Caledonian Railway of Scotland (CR)

Cambrian Models - UK manufacturer of plastic wagon kits in 4mm scale (1:76), plus components for 16mm scale (1:19) narrow gauge

Chooch Enterprises - Produces HO, N, and O scale loads, tunnels, and abutments, plus O scale building kits, rolling stock, and detail parts

Custom Finishing Models - HO scale pewter kits of modern track maintenance equipment and accessories

D & G Models - Manufacturer of railroad passenger trucks for the SP Daylights, the Pullman 43-R truck, and the 1938 COLA/COSF truck

D C Kits - UK producer of plastic DMU, EMU, and DEMU kits, resin bodied locomotive kits, and more

Dapol - UK manufacturer of OO and N gauge locomotives, freight cars, and kits

David Andrews Locomotive Kits - Manufactures British steam locomotive kits in 7mm scale

Deerfield River Laser - Laser cut O scale narrow gauge (On3/On30/On2) rolling stock and structure kits; West Springfield, Massachusetts

Details N Scale - Lumber and other loads for HO, N, and Z scale model trains

DJH Model Loco - 2-rail O scale metal locomotive kits and ready-to-run trains

E.B. Models - British manufacturer of etched brass model steam locomotive kits in 4mm scale

Eastern Seaboard Models - N scale reproductions of eastern railroad prototypes; Waldwick, New Jersey

Elgin Cars Shops - Custom builder of resin freight car kits, including the building and painting of models from most manufacturers

Evan Designs - Fully assembled LEDs for all model lighting needs including locomotive headlights, die cast lights, warning signs, street lights, signal lights, building lights, and more

Fine N-Scale Products - Manufactures N scale cast resin kits, including rolling stock, loads, intermodal, and architectural products; Anacortes, Washington

Foothill Model Works - Manufacturer of structures, rolling stock kits, and detail parts in On30, On3, and O scales

Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik - German manufacturer of Z scale locomotive and rolling stock kits of Swiss, Scandinavian, American, and other railroads

Funaro and Camerlengo - Produces detailed HO scale resin craftsman kits of freight cars, passenger cars, buildings, and accessories for US prototype railroads during the 1940s and 1950s

Golden Arrow Productions - Manufacturer of British OO scale resin locomotive kits plus 4mm scale narrow gauge metal kits

Goldline Products / Alamosa Car Shops - Manufacturer of craftsman type rolling stock and structures for HO, S, and O standard and narrow gauge model railroads; Jamestown, California

Grandt Line Products - Craftsman locomotive, rolling stock, and structure kits plus detail parts in HO, HOn3, O, On3, S, and N scales; Concord, California

Heljan - Danish manufacturer of HO, N, and OO scale model railroading kits

Hollywood Foundry - Australian manufacturer of the BullAnt range of custom power mechanisms in all gauges

Hurst Models - British manufacturer of rolling stock, parts, and transfers in N, O, and OO scale

Imperial Hobby Productions - Manufacturer of quality American-prototype HO, N, and O commuter rail, rapid transit, and streetcar/LRV models, including kits, completed models, custom model production, and more

InterMountain Railway Co. - Produces accurate freight car kits and assembled models in HO, N & Z scale

Kadee - Manufacturer of couplers, decals, detail parts, and freight car kits for HOn3, HO, S, O, On3, On30, 1, and G scales

KBscale - UK manufacturer of O12, O14, and O16.5 gauge narrow gauge locomotive and rolling stock kits

Keen Systems - Manufacturer of OO and HO scale model railway close coupling systems for passenger carriages, plus British Pullman resin bodies and working carriage corridor connections

Labelle Lubricants - Using the latest synthetic lubes with PTFE (aka Teflon) technology for model train and RC lubricants. Use the same lube some of the model train manufacturer's use.

LaBelle Woodworking Co. - Manufacturer of wooden kits in HO and O scale, including freight, passenger, and traction; Cheyenne, Wyoming

Langley Models - UK producer of locomotives and rolling stock, plus accessories such as stations, telephone boxes, station benches, street lamps, signal lights, post boxes, figures of passengers and porters, and more in OO, O, 009, HO, N, and TT scale

Light Rail Products - Detailed G scale kits of products used on a wide variety of interurbans and streetcars

Magnificent Woodworkings - Wooden large scale trains, wooden O scale train kits, and laser etchings on granite, marble, wood, and glass

Miniatures by Eric - HO, O, and N scale trolley kits plus brass castings and detail parts; Busby, Alberta, Canada

Modeler's Choice Model Railroad Products - Laser-cut wood decks in HO, N, O, and On30, plus styrene HO scale freight car kits and detail parts

Modell Ost - UK provider of kit assembly and scratch-building services covering British and European locomotives and trams in HOn9, OO, HO, On16.5, On30, O, and 1 scales

Moloco - Canadian manufacturer of HO scale freight car kits, details, and parts

Morgan Hill Models - On3/On30 rolling stock kits and custom-built models; Morgan Hill, California

Mount Blue Model Co. - Prototype and freelance model railroad kits including On30 scale rolling stock and detail parts as well as O, S, and HO scale structures; White Horse Beach, Massachusetts

N Brass Locomotives - UK manufacturer of N, O, and OO gauge steam locomotive kits, fittings, lineside detail items, and catenary

N Scale Kits - British manufacturer of N scale kits of American intermodal and flat cars, originally produced by Alan Curtis and AC Models

N-Trains - Manufactures N scale freight car kits of Australian prototype, mainly NSWGR (New South Wales Government Railways)

Nigel Lawton 009 Industrial Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock & Locos - Industrial narrow gauge rolling stock including locomotives, four wheel trucks/cars, miniature d.c. motors, and accessories

No Nonsense Kits - British manufacturer of 4mm scale multiple unit kits

Northeast Model Products - Produces wood and metal large scale locomotive and rolling stock model railroad kits based on narrow gauge railroads in North America; Wiscasset, Maine

OcCre (Ocio Creativo) - Spanish manufacturer of large scale wood models including steam trains and trolleys

P-B-L - Designs, manufactures, and imports model kits in 3/16" (Sn3) scale, with an emphasis on D&RGW and RGS rolling stock

Parkside Dundas - UK producer of rolling stock kits, mostly wagons in 4mm and 7mm scale from the post group period

Peter Clark Models - UK manufacturer of O gauge etched brass, whitemetal, and resin kits for the modern image modeler

Precision Scale Company - Brass imports, detail parts, and scratchbuilding supplies, plus rolling stock kits in HO, HOn3, O, On3, and large scale; Victor, Montana

PRMRP - UK manufacturer of O gauge diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, and coach kits

Q-Car Company - Offers O scale traction parts and model kits; Bangor, Pennsylvania

Radley Models - Produces model train kits of the London Underground

RailMaster Hobbies - Produces Railmaster S and Sn3 scale locomotive kits and rolling stock

Railway Recollections - Produces resin craftsman kits, specializing in HOn30 scale and other narrow gauge rolling stock

Republic Locomotive Works - Provides N scale narrow gauge (Nn3) craftsman kits including locomotives, rolling stock, structures, and scenery, plus detail parts, decals, electronics, DCC, sound, and more

Rio Grande Models - Produces kits of D&RGW maintenance of way cars and western logging equipment in HO, HOn3, Sn3, On3, and On30 scale; Santa Clara, California

River City Railroad - HO scale freight car kits including boxcars, tank cars, gondolas, reefers, and hoppers

Roxey Mouldings - UK manufacturer of locomotive, carriage, and wagon kits in O and OO gauge

San Juan Car Company - Manufacturer of On3 and On30 scale kits and ready-to-run models, including freight cars, passenger cars, and detail parts; Durango, Colorado

Scalecraft - Manufacturer of HO scale South African rolling stock kits plus custom decal printing

SierraWest Scale Models - HO and O scale structures and rolling stock kits; Plano, Texas

Slater's Plastikard - British producer of O, OO, 3mm, 2mm, and large scale locomotive and rolling stock kits, plus wheels and accessories

Smoky Mountain Model Works - Manufactures HO and S scale freight car kits of fallen flag railroads

Southern Car & Foundry - Prototypical HO and O scale rolling stock and structure kits using resin casting, laser cutting, and chemical milling; Altamonte Springs, Florida

Southern Pride Models - Produces 4mm scale coach kits, accessories, interiors, and conversion kits of British rolling stock; Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK

Steam in the Bush - Craftsman rolling stock and structure kits for O scale and On30 narrow gauge layouts, including steam crane/log loader, flatcars, locomotive shed, houses, bridges, and more

Sylvan Scale Models - HO and N scale rolling stock, vehicles, trailers, buildings, marine kits, and detail parts

Tichy Train Group - HO scale freight car kits, structures, doors, windows, signs, and detail parts

TMB Custom Models - Custom built model locomotives and rolling stock including custom painting, kit assembly, scratchbuilding, weathering, and architectural modeling services

TrainCat Model Sales - Manufactures resin, die-cast, and brass models including structures, bridges, rolling stock, and construction equipment

Twin Star Cars - Unique line of HO scale model railroad kits, specializing in highly detailed Rock Island equipment

Ultimate N Scale - Offers kits of N scale TOFC equipment, trailers, tractors, trucks, decks, unique 75' flatcars, plus other items used from the 1930s-80s; Akron, Ohio

Union Station Products - Produces HO and N scale passenger car sides, core, and interior kits

Westerfield Models - HO scale model resin craftsman kits of steam era freight car rolling stock

Wheels of Time - N scale urethane resin passenger railroad car kits; Mountain View, California

Wiseman Model Services - On3/On30, O, and Sn3 scale freight car and vehicle kits; Paris, Kentucky

Worsley Works - Produces British etched model railway kits in many scales

Wright Trak Models - Produces HO scale rolling stock kits including boxcars and cabooses

Wuiske Promotions - Manufacturer of fine Australian narrow gauge kits including HOn3 bogies, wagons, locomotives, and buildings

Ye Olde Huff 'n Puff - Manufacturer of HO, HOn3, S, On3, and O scale freight car kits and structure kits; Lewistown, Pennsylvania

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