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Locomotive Manufacturers & Locomotives for Sale

This guide to railroad locomotives, railcar manufacturers, and railroad equipment sales has been replaced by several new categories:

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The following represents the original combined contents of this page as of 2008.

ABB - Power equipment and power supply systems for railway applications

ACF Industries - Manufacturer of specialty tank cars and covered hopper cars

Adams Cole Railroad Contractor - Used railroad equipment for sale, plus repair services in the US and Canada

Adaptive Engineering Ltd. - Wheelchair lifts designed specifically for the rail industry

Aeromovel - Pneumatically propelled automated peoplemover (APM) system

AGL Manufacturing Ltd. - Aftermarket manufacturer of EMD, ALCO, and GE turbocharger components, ranging from machined turbine blades to rotor assemblies

Air International Transit - Locomotive and light rail HVAC Systems

Alan Keef Ltd - British manufacturer and dealer in narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock from 10 1/4" to 3'6" rail gauge

ALH Rail Coatings - Supplier of advanced, coated rail systems for railway and metro networks throughout Europe

Alstom Transport - Develops and markets a wide range of locomotives, rolling stock, signaling, and related services

American Innovations - Bullhorn Remote Monitoring System monitors crossing guards, switches, detour lights, battery status, event recorders, track lubricators, track heaters, and more

American Railcar Industries - Builds and services railcars including covered hopper cars and tank cars, plus repair, parts, and more; Missouri

American Turbocharger Technologies - Turbocharger and diesel engine repair including Alco, Elliott, EMD, and GE

Amphenol Aerospace - Interconnection products for military, aerospace, and industrial applications

Amsted Rail Group - Manufacturer of side frames, bolsters, and other cast steel freight car components

Andress Engineering Associates - Provider of material handling equipment, including Trackmobile mobile rail car movers, with locations throughout the southeastern US

Angel Trains - Owner and lessor of railway locomotives and rolling stock throughout the UK and Europe

Aplicaciones Electrónicas Industriales, S.L. - Manufacturer of electronic control gear for discharge lamps for more than twenty years

Aquarius Railroad Technologies - UK manufacturer of personnel carriers and tools/materials carriers with easy on and off tracking

Arinc - Information management solution to improve the efficiency, safety, and security of rail operations

Arkansas Industrial Computing - Railroad manufacturing automation and data collection

Arthur Flury AG - Produces electrical components for railway catenary systems; Switzerland

ASF-Keystone - Designs and builds freight car energy management systems including side frames, bolsters, articulated connectors and couplers, draft gears, cushioning devices, and constant contact side bearings

A-Z Railcar - Buys, sells, and leases railcars throughout North America

Baultar Inc - Ergonomic seating and high-tech flooring solutions

Benoit Girard Metal, Inc - Railroad equipment for sale including railroad ties and Alco locomotives

Bombardier - Builds subway, monorail, light rail, commuter, and intercity trains

Brenco - Producer of tapered roller bearing for railcars

Brookville Equipment - Provides mining locomotives, switchers, locomotive rebuilding, and more; Brookville, Pennsylvania

Brush Traction - UK manufacturer offering a range of products within the rail traction rolling stock market, including the capability to produce a wide range of diesel electric and electric locomotives for duties ranging from dedicated heavy haulage through to shunting and service locomotives

Buck Equipment - Manufacturer of self-propelled automotive loading and unloading ramps for the railroad industry

Buell Air Horns - Produces locomotive air horns to FRA standards; Lyons, Illinois

C.K. Industries - Railcar leasing services to shippers, shortline, regional, and class 1 railroads in North America

Cabco West - Manufactures a variety of light rail and transit cables

Calbrandt - Original equipment manufacturers of railcar gate openers and railcar movers

Cedisamex - Mexican supplier of diesel engine parts for GE, EMD, and ALCO locomotives

Central Manufacturing - Manufacturer of mobile railcar movers, custom built heavy truck chassis, road-to-rail conversion units and a rubber tracked multi-terrain vehicle

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. - Leases over 7000 covered hopper cars

Chipco Manufacturing - Specialized in five axis machining of rotating Turbocharger components for the locomotive industry

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works - Indian manufacturer of electric locomotives

Chubu HSST Development Corporation - Developer of maglev technology in Japan

Claremont Concord Railroad - Railroad locomotive, trolley, streetcar, and railcar restoration, repair, custom paint, and graphics; specialists in stainless steel repair and fabrication; custom pattern making, casting, and machining; Claremont, New Hampshire

Clayton Equipment Ltd - British manufacturer of battery, trolley, and diesel locomotives for heavy mine haulage and tunneling

Clements National - Power and signal connectors for the railroad industry; Chicago, Illinois

Clifton Steel Company - Manufacturer of abrasion resistant wear plates for side frames and bolsters for freight cars and locomotives

Coastline Rail Services - New and used railcar movers available, and a source for locomotives, caboose, and other innovative railroad items; Greenville, Texas

Colorado Railcar Manufacturing - Full-service design and custom manufacturing of luxury passenger railcars including a patented double-decker Ultra Dome and single-level Dome cars, plus a RDC/DMU self-propelled commuter railcar

Contec Group - Switching and control equipment

Control Chief - Transportable locomotive remote controls for the rail industry; Bradford, Pennsylvania

Cosine Developments - Supplies inverters for railway coach lighting to the South African Railways and companies in the UK

CosmoRail - International marketing and sales of European light rail and heavy rail technology

CSTPQ Inc. - Engineering consultant with a focus on industrial design, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering; La Pocatière, Quebec, Canada

Cubic Transportation Systems - Designs, manufactures, and integrates automatic fare collection systems for public transit projects throughout the world

D. F. Barnhardt & Associates Rail Equipment - Brokerage of rail equipment for sale; Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina

David J. Joseph Company - Acquires, sells, and leases a variety of new and used transportation assets, including a large private railcar fleet

Dellner Couplers Group - Worldwide supplier of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic coupler systems for a variety of applications

Dellner Dampers - Develops shock absorbers for a wide range of trains and trams world-wide; Sweden

Delta Furniture - Office, hospitality, and railway seating

Delta Manufacturing - Manufactures EMD and GE style gear cases, pilot plows, wear plates, brake riggings, brake straps, and more

Dendoff Springs Mfg - Manufactures a wide range of coil and leaf springs for locomotives, railcars, and rail equipment; Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Diesel Locomotive Works - Indian manufacturer of passenger and freight locomotives, electric and diesel, in 1676 mm and 1000 mm gauges

Dispolok - German leasing company with a fleet of Siemens electric and diesel-electric locomotives

DLL Inc. - Develops and produces components for the rail and transit industries; Quebec, Canada

Doucet's Diesel Service Inc. - Supplier of EMD locomotives, engines, and component parts. Specializing in EMD engine block repair, engine rebuilding, and field service work.

DPD Productions - Makers of the TrainTenna, an antenna specifically designed for people interested in monitoring railroad communications

Dynex Semiconductor - Power semiconductors for railway and light rail systems

Ecofab International - Fiberglass covers for open rail cars

EDI Rail Pty Ltd - Designs, manufactures, refurbishes, overhauls, and maintains freight and passenger rolling stock; Australia

Edwards Rail Car Company - Manufacturer of vintage self-propelled rail cars and electric streetcars

EKE Electronics - Data recorders and train management systems; Finland

Elcon, Inc - Designs, builds, and services control systems for the railroad industry

Electro-Motive Diesel - Builder of diesel-electric locomotives for commercial railroad applications

Electrofilm Mfg Co. - Manufacturer of electric heaters and heated components for railroad applications

Ellcon National - Providing quality brake components for the railcar industry; South Carolina

EMD Export - Photos and information about General Motors locomotives and its licensees throughout the world

Enidine - Manufacturer of energy absorption, vibration isolation, and motion control solutions

Envirofuels LP - Patented technologies that improve engine performance through reduced metal to metal friction and catalytic combustion improvement

Everest Railcar Services - Railcar acquisition and leasing company providing equipment for a broad range of lessees and commodities

Exotic Diesel Locomotives - PA, FA, E, F, Sharknose, Centipede, and other diesel cab unit information

Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau AG - Designs, develops, and manufactures carriage bodies in aluminum and steel, as well as integrated subassemblies and dedicated sub-systems; Dessau, Germany

Fairbanks Morse Engine - OEM manufacturer of the model Alco 251 locomotive engine

Faiveley Transport (formerly Sab Wabco) - Complete range of brake systems, brake products, couplers, wheels, wheelsets, and electronic control systems for all kinds of railway vehicles; France

Federated Railways - Leases passenger cars and equipment to intercity and commuter railroads throughout North America

Flatlands Trains Gen Buster - Distributing British, Portuguese, and Spanish diesel locomotive gen direct to the world from the Somerset Levels, Somerset, England

Fragonset Railways - Locomotive and rolling stock hire and leasing and maintenance; UK

FreightCar America (formerly Johnstown America) - Constructs aluminum railcars, primary coal cars; Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Fulmer Company - Designs and manufactures locomotive brushholders; Export, Pennsylvania

Gatx - Railcar leasing, logistics, and fleet management

GATX Rail Poland - Manufactures, repairs, and leases tank cars throughout Europe

GE Equipment Services, Rail Services - General Electric produces a diverse fleet of railcars as well as a full range of intermodal assets

GE Transportation Systems - Produces railroad locomotives and transit equipment

Georgetown Rail Equipment Company - Produces tools for the rail industry, including the self powered slot (SPS), dump train, hydra-dump, B-power, and more

Gerep Maschinenbau GmbH - Hydraulic shock absorbers for railway carriages

GLNX - Railcar leasing and fleet services including fleet administration, logistical supply-chain management, regulatory compliance, insurance, tax reporting, and managed maintenance

Global Railway Industries - Consolidator of railway equipment manufacturers

Gogan Machine Corp - Manufacturer of suspension springs for automobiles and railroad cars

Gomaco Trolley Company - Manufacturer of authentic vintage trolley cars

Greenbrier Companies, The - Supplier of transportation equipment and services, including new and refurbished freight cars, to the railroad industry in North America and Europe

Griffin Wheel Company - Railroad wheel research, development, and manufacturing

H. Broer Equipment Sales & Service Inc. - Supplier of rail car movers, distributor of Rail King, and parts and repairs for Trackmobile, Shuttlewagon, and Switchmaster

Hadady Corporation - Manufacturer of railroad trucks (bogies); South Holland, Illinois

Hall Industries - Provides the transit industry with individual components, subassemblies, assembly services, and complete specialty vehicles; Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Haynes Corporation - Fuel injection systems for Alco, EMD, GE, and other diesel engines

Hilltech Custom Injection Molding - Custom injection plastic molded parts; Titusville, Florida

Historic Machinery Services Corporation (HMS) - Provides repair, restoration, and conservation services to railroads and museums specializing in steam locomotives

Hitachi Rail - Worldwide developer of rail vehicles, rolling stock components, signaling, and monorail systems

HJ Skelton Canada Ltd. - Provides track and permanent way products including rail, switch machines, moveable point frogs, rail expansion joints, turnouts , bumping posts, tie plates, screw spikes, and other track accessories

Horizon Rail - Specializes in the procurement, sale, and transport of railroad and railroad-related equipment and machinery; Cleveland, Ohio

Hovair Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of air bearings, air casters, and air bearing systems, plus other air driven products for lifting and moving heavy loads in the material handling industry

How Diesel Locomotives Work - 22 photos and drawings take you on an inside tour of a 270,000-pound 3200 HP diesel locomotive

Hunslet Engine Company - Manufactures locomotives from 2.5 to 100 tons for industrial and specialized applications; Leeds, UK

Hytracker Manufacturing - Dedicated to helping clients eliminate costly delays by providing superior hi-rail equipment

I-Power - Designs and manufactures auxiliary power supplies for the rail industry; subsidiary of the Turbo Genset Company

IEC-Holden Inc - OEM supplier of traction motor coils and windings and assembly of transportation equipment sub-systems

IKON - Manufacturers of low-volume custom built transport equipment, namely rubber tired vehicles, small-scale railway equipment including boilers, complete steam, diesel or electric locomotives, and passenger carrying rolling stock

Inca Corporation - Crew system toilets and toilet accessories for waste management onboard modern locomotives

Indiana Boxcar Corporation - Sells and leases ALCO, EMD, and GE locomotives, and provides rerailing, tie marking, tie grading, and locomotive appraisal services; Connersville, Indiana

Indo-German Industries - Manufacturer of liners, pistons, rings, cylinder heads, and accessories for diesel locomotives

Industrias E. DIAZ - Manufacturer of windows for railways, boats, buses, and other motor vehicles

Inter Swiss Ltd - International railway braking technology company based in Chicago, Illinois

Irtrans - Railroad equipment for sale in Russia

Irwin Transportation Seating - Manufactures commuter rail, light rail, and heavy rail seating

Ivy-Ray Ltd - Sells, services, leases, and rents Rail King, Trackmobile, and Shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers; Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

J&L Consulting - Specializes in procurement for EMD GE and ALCO locomotives and purchasers of surplus components

J.T. Nelson Co - Supplier of quality window systems to the freight rail and mass transit industry

JFS Railcar, Inc - Buys, sells, and leases freight cars, passenger cars, diesel locomotives, and industrial equipment

JMC Products - Locomotive power parts and freight car brake system parts; St. Louis, Missouri

JRM Software Ltd - Software systems for the rail industry

Kasgro - Railcar leasing

Kawasaki Rail Car - Complete fabrication, assembly, rehabilitation and function testing of all types of passenger rail cars

Kentucky Tie & Timber - Cross ties, switch ties, and creosote treating services; western Kentucky

Kiepe Elektrik - Dutch manufacturer of electric equipment for light rail vehicles and trolleybuses

Kim Hotstart - Idle reduction systems enable diesel locomotives to maintain desired engine temperatures in both coolant and lube oil while the locomotive is shut down

Knorr Brake Corporation - Braking systems

Knoxville Locomotive Works - Offers EMD locomotive overhaul, repair, and leasing

KONI North America - Manufacturer of adjustable shock absorbers

Kremenchug Steel Casting Works - Produces steel castings for freight cars; Ukraine

Lat-Lon LLC - Manufactures RailRider, a wireless monitoring and tracking system for railcars, locomotives, and field equipment

Lawrence Ricci - Distributor of shuttlewagon railcar movers

LEDtronics - LED lamps for internal and external railcar applications

Locomotive Seats Australia - Designs and manufactures American railroad approved locomotive seats and suspensions

Lsmri Rail, Inc. - Manufacturer of specialized railcar parts and track materials in China

Madison & Associates - Designs and builds transfer tables, turntables, shop trucks, blast rooms, paint booths, and de-trucking and re-trucking systems

Matrix Railway - Designs and manufactures subsystems for the locomotive and commuter rail car industry; Babylon, New York

McHugh Railroad Maintenance Equipment - Large inventory of industrial type locomotives, parts, components, and locomotive cranes

Medallion Plastics, Inc. - Thermoformed and injection plastic parts for the railcar industries, including custom dashboards and interior plastic components such as seat backs, wall panels, and ceiling liners

Meggaflash Technologies Ltd - Photographic flashbulb manufacturer for use in a variety of applications including photographing moving trains especially at night

MEI - Automatic fare collection systems for the rail industry worldwide

Metaldyne International (UK) Ltd. - Torsional vibration dampers

Metcalfe Railway Products Limited - Supplies railway breaking equipment and associated parts and products worldwide; Cheshire, UK

Microphor - Supplier of sanitation systems and related products for rail and other markets; Willits, California

MiddlePeak Railways Ltd - Specializes in the spot-hire and long-term lease of shunting locomotives similar to the ex-Class 08 and NS 0-6-0 600 Class, available for hire to both industrial and mainline railway operators in the UK and Europe

Midwest Railcar - Railcar leasing and management company headquartered in Maryville, Illinois

Midwest Transportation and Development Corporation - Photos, plans, and spec sheets for bilevel gallery commuter railcars, along with info about E8/E9 locomotives

Miller Felpax - Original inventor and OEM of traction motor lubricators and gear case seals for EMD and GE; Winona, Minnesota

Miner Enterprises - Designs and manufactures a wide variety of railcar components including high capacity draft gears, TecsPak constant contact side bearings, heavy-duty discharge devices, custom unloading systems, and brake beams; Geneva, Illinois

Monorail Malaysia - Monorail development and testing in Rawang, Selangor

Montex Inc. Combined Fabricated Reservoirs - ASME and AAR approved vessel manufacturers and fabricators

Morton Manufacturing Company - Running boards, brake steps, end platforms, transit car doors and hangers, and industrial grating

MotivePower, Inc - Designs, manufactures, and re-manufactures diesel-electric locomotives; Boise, Idaho

MP&ES Rail Equipment Solutions Provider - Locomotive field service and engine parts; Greenville, South Carolina

Multipower International - Supplier of Chinese-made steam and diesel locomotives, parts, and accessories worldwide

National Railway Equipment Co. (NREC) - Provider of new and remanufactured locomotives, locomotive products, and wheel services headquartered in Mt. Vernon, Illinois

National Railway Supply - Batteries and battery chargers

National Steel Car Limited - Manufactures freight equipment, including box cars, flat cars, coil cars, covered hopper cars, and intermodal cars

NetRail - Sale and purchase broker for second-hand and rebuilt wagons in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden

New York Air Brake - Supplier of innovative train control systems for the railroad industry

Northern Illinois & Wisconsin Railway Corporation - Locomotive leasing, finance and equipment management company

Northwest Rail Electric - Electrical controls and power products for passenger railroads; Portland Oregon

Novaflex - Manufacturer of railway airbrake hose assemblies and accessories

Ogontz Corporation - Valves, meters, gauges, testing equipment, and HVAC equipment for the the railroad, rapid transit, and light rail industries; Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

ORX - Manufactures railroad wheel sets

Ozark Mountain Railcar - Largest brokerage firm in North America for railroad equipment sales

Paragon Products - Manufactures fuel and lubricant management systems; El Dorado Hills, Colorado

Parry People Movers Ltd - UK developer of light trams and streetcars for town systems, and light railcars and semi-metro for longer routes

Penn Machine Company - Manufactures a full range of locomotive traction gears and pinions

Pennsy Corporation - Polymer and metal technologies engineered to increase component life and freight car performance; West Chester, Pennsylvania

Pioneer Railroad Equipment - Leases equipment to the company's subsidiary railroads and also leases railcars and locomotives to unaffiliated third parties

Pivotex Oy - Develops, manufactures, and markets advanced digital scale and control systems for the weighing and analysis of vehicles and railway carriages

Polysafe Level Crossings - Designs and manufactures level crossing systems to provide safer and long term cost-effective alternatives to existing systems

Porterbrook Leasing Company - Leases a rolling stock fleet of more than 5,500 vehicles in the UK, including electric and diesel locomotives, high speed trains, multiple units, and freight wagons

Powell Duffryn Rail - UK specialist in the design, development, project management, and supply of some of the industry’s most innovative modern freight wagons

Pratt Industries - Manufacturer and marketer of intermodal equipment including trailers, load securement devices, and a freight handling system

Procor - Rental fleet of more than 20,000 conventional and special purpose tank and freight cars

Quantum Engineering - Produces recorders, alerters, indicators, speed controllers, end of train telemetry, and ditch lights

R.W. Young Enterprises - All brass 4-note train whistles for trains, trucks, boats, hobby, and other uses

Rail Chocks - Produces rail chocks, rail skids, and rail car wheel blocks; Columbia, South Carolina

Rail Coach Factory - Youngest coach production company for the Indian Railways, formed in 1986 at Kapurthala

Rail Merchants International - Buys and sells deluxe passenger rail cars throughout North America and the world

Rail Swap Free Classifieds - Free classifieds to buy, sell, and trade real locomotives, railroad cars, parts, tools, paperwork, signals, trolleys, etc

Rail-CAD - Converts existing large format locomotive electrical schematics to 11x17 "B" size page format

RailARC - Research database to supply historical researchers, modelers, and others interested in railroad equipment with high quality, railroad equipment photographs, and data

Railcar Handling Equipment - Supplier of used mobile railcar movers including Trackmobile, Shuttlewagon, and Rail King

RailCarDeals.com - Matches railcar buyers and sellers using a wide range of sources

Railhead Corporation - Video solutions, air tools, warning lights, and related equipment for the transportation industry; Chicago, Illinois

Railmover.com - Sells railcar movers, industrial locomotives, and other rail equipment

RailPower Technologies Inc - Supplier of superior environmental and economic performance motive power systems for railroads through the use of innovative solutions that break the paradigm of current locomotive technology

Railquip - Hydraulic rerailing equipment, portable railcar movers, track vacuums, bogie assembly stands, and more; Atlanta, Georgia

RailReLease - Independent European marketplace for railcars and locomotives for sale and long and short-term lease/rent

Railroad Equipment Trader - Publication for mobile railcar movers, locomotives, railroad equipment, surplus equipment, maintenance of way equipment, construction equipment, wanted to buy, and railroad services

Railroad Supply Chain.com - Online forum to buy and sell railroad parts, maintenance equipment, vehicles, signals, steam locomotive products, and more

Railway Technical Web Pages - Presents a wide range of illustrated technical articles about rail systems, including design, electric traction, fare collection, intermodal, operations, signals, track, and more

Reidler Decal Corporation - Provides logo design, full wraps, and FRA-compliant reflective material to the rail industry; St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Republic Locomotive - New industrial and branchline locomotives, remanufacturing, and repair; Greenville, South Carolina

Rio Grande Chemical - Railcar leasing, management, and transportation logistics services

RoadRunner Agency - Manufacturer's sales representative company specializing in the sale of freight/tank cars and locomotive components

Rocky Mountain Transportation Services, Inc. - Railcar leasing and management

Rotem - Korean manufacturer of railway rolling stock including EMUs, DMUs, high speed trains, light rail vehicles, and maglev vehicles

RVR - European producer of high speed trains, metros, and trams

Safe Rack - Provides rail car loading platforms, truck loading platforms, portable platforms, and gangways

Safetrack - Pin brazing, cathodic protection, cantilevers, and safety equipment

Schneller - Decorative laminates and non-textile floor coverings for passenger rail cars

Schuylkill Railcar - Railcar leasing, sales, and acquisition; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

SEA-Inc homepage - Supplier of locomotives and freight cars, along with associated support services

Selectron Systems AG - Tailor-made automation solutions for rail vehicles, industry, and buildings; Switzerland

Severn-Lamb - Manufacturers of park trains, monorails, trams, and more

Sheltam - Locomotive leasing, locomotive operations, system operations, locomotive component repairs, spare parts, and track maintenance; workshops, rail facilities, and locomotives throughout South Africa

Shuttlewagon Industrial Railcar Movers - Manufacturer of Shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers and Ryd-A-Rail road-to-rail conversion units

Sidsa Sistemas - Designs public information systems and on-board entertainment systems

Siemens - Railway automation, electrification, rolling stock, electrical components, and more

Sierracin Corporation - Manufacturer of windows for FRA type I and II applications, standard as well as custom designs, electrically heated and un-heated

Skovbo Railway-archive - CAD/CAM blueprints of Danish Railways rolling stock including all Nohab-GM locomotives in DK

Socofer - MOW rolling stock manufacturer, specialized in adhesion treatment, track cleaning, weed-killing, tunnels, bridges, catenaries, and 3rd rail maintenance

Socratec - GPS-based on-board equipment for tracking and tracing applications

SoGeTank - Fleet of 1200 tankcars for lease throughout Europe

South Spur Rail Services - Western Australian owned company provides terminal operations and short haul rail services

Southeast Railroad Supply - Suppliers of railroad crossings, relay track material, locomotives, and locomotive parts; serving railroads for twenty years; Marietta, Georgia

Southern Illinois Railcar Company - Leases more than 4000 railcars with a focus on covered hoppers; Troy, Illinois

Southern Rail Leasing - Leases covered hoppers, gondolas (52'-65'), insulated boxcars, bulkhead flatcars, specialty MOW cars, and others; Reno, Nevada

Southwest Rail Industries - Full service leasing of tank cars and hopper cars, plus fleet management and rail car brokering services; Weimar, Texas

SRS Rail Vehicles - Manufactures road/rail vehicles and other equipment for the maintenance and construction of tracks and catenary; Sweden

Standard Car Truck Company - Freight car truck design, stabilizer systems, and railroad car truck, railway wagon, and bogie components

Steam Loco Design - Provides engineering design for steam locomotives and railway rolling stock

Steam Operations Corporation - Provides the restoration, rebuilding, and preservation of steam locomotives, turntables, and other historic railroad equipment

Stewart & Stevenson - Manufactures Rail King railcar movers for switching operations

Strato Inc. - Manufactures railroad products for the locomotive, freight, and transit industries; Piscataway, New Jersey

Supco Canada Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of spare parts for traction motors and traction generators for EMD and GE Locomotives

Systems & Equipment Maintenance Co. (SEMCO) - Importer, exporter, and manufacturer of a wide range of railway and industrial products including freight wagons, locomotives, wheel and axle sets, bogies, couplers, casting and forging parts, etc

Sécheron - Produces a range of protection switches and breakers, electronic control devices, speed measuring, and data acquisition systems

Talgo - Commercial train vehicles and services

Talgo America - High speed rail manufacturer site for passengers, rail industry representatives, and consumers throughout the US

Teleflex Power Systems - Produces idle-reduction solutions for the rail industry; Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Telvent - Control management systems and integrated fare collection systems for mass transit agencies

Testing Times - History and photos of railroad equipment testing from the 1950s to today, including steam, diesel, and electric, primarily in the UK

Tex Mech Engineers - Manufacturer and exporter of polyurethane wheels, caster wheels, stainless steel casters, and trolley wheels; India

Texas Railcar Leasing - Full service sales and leasing operation of general and specific purpose railcars for use by both railroads and private shippers throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada

The Andersons Rail Group - Railcar repair, leasing, sales, and steel fabrication

The EMU Pages - Electric Multiple Units train news, comments, history, technical details, industry, worldwide train catalogue, photos, and more

The Locomotive Page - Comprehensive guide to Australian diesel and electric locomotives

Timken - Manufactures tapered roller bearings for the rail industry

Titan Rail - Motive power leasing and sales services to the freight, agricultural, and industrial rail markets, specializing in EMD road and switcher locomotives; Oswego, Illinois

Touchton Industries - Manufacturer of locomotive and freight car components; Jacksonville, Florida

Trackmobile - Manufacturer of mobile railcar movers

Transchem - Rents railcars for the transportation of chemical products, petroleum and petrochemical products, liquefied gases, fertilizers, stone, and powdered materials

Transco Railway Products - Produces freight car parts and multi-level rack car parts

Transmatch - Central clearinghouse/auction for rail freight equipment and related services

Transportation Research Corporation - Designs and manufactures pumps and electronics for railroad locomotives

Transwaggon - More than 12,000 railcars for lease throughout Europe, with offices in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland

Trinity Chemical Industries - Logistics management services and railcar leasing for the handling of bulk liquids and chemicals

Trinity Industries - Trinity’s rail group produces a full range of freight cars, tank cars, and related parts while the leasing group provides a variety of leasing, financing, and asset management options for railcar customers

Trinity Rail - Railcars, components, repairs, maintenance, rebuilds, fleet management, leasing, and financing options; Dallas, Texas

TTX - Provides railcars and related freight car management services to the North American rail industry

Twinco Mfg. Co. - Manufacturer of rail and transit products including automatic train stops, subway car components, fuse testers, light assemblies, and identification products such as wire markers, flat tags, disc tags, pipe markers, and engraving; Hauppauge, New York

UK Loco Limited - Manufacturers of narrow gauge and light rail locomotives, trams, and coaches for the leisure industry

Unilokomotive Limited - Manufactures the Unilok road/rail wagon mover or shunting locomotive used for moving railway wagons, carriages, or locomotives; Ireland

Unofficial EMD Homepage, The - Database of EMD serial numbers, intended as a research tool and aid to identifying specific locomotives

Valdunes Enterprises - Supplier of railway running gear; France

W. E. Lott Co. - Manufacturers of hopper car door frames and locks and other railroad castings

W. G. Bagnall Ltd. - Identifies the most suitable British manufacturer for railway equipment requirements

Wabash National Corporation - Manufacturer of bimodal vehicles with its RoadRailer products

Wabtec (Westinghouse Air Brake Company) - Provides technology-based equipment and services for the rail industry worldwide, including freight railroads and passenger rail transit

WaveNet International - Manufactures industrial AAR compliant AEI readers for Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tags

Westcode - Provides services to the transit industry including the support of brake control systems, brake actuation equipment, air supply systems, door control, and air conditioning systems

Western Rail, Inc - Seller and lessor of locomotives, locomotive parts, and locomotive engine division; specializing in industrial, short line, and regional railroads

Western Railroad Equipment Company - Provides innovative and service oriented rail car leasing

Williams Distribution - Equipment and parts for Plymouth and Goodman locomotives and Ohio Brass trolley parts; Akron, Ohio

Worldtell Traders - Exporters of spare components for locomotives, railcars, brake equipment, slack adjusters, track, and track fittings; India

Wynn - Designs and manufactures a complete range of heavy duty pendulum and pantograph window wiper systems for rail applications; Cheltenham, UK

YSD Running Boards LLC - Manufactures running boards, brake steps, and intermodal platforms

ZF Sachs AG - Produces damping systems for rolling stock; Germany

ZTR Control Systems - Provides control and monitoring system solutions to serve the global railway industry

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