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Railcar Movers

This page provides a directory of railcar mover manufacturers, leasing, sales, and service including mobile railcar movers from Rail King, Trackmobile, and Shuttlewagon.

Andress Engineering Associates - Provider of material handling equipment, including Trackmobile mobile rail car movers, with locations throughout the southeastern US

Brandt Road Rail - Manufactures and markets railcar movers for road and rail, plus on-track material cranes and custom railcars; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Briggs Equipment - New, used, and rental Trackmobile railcar movers in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico

Calbrandt - Original equipment manufacturer of railcar gate openers and railcar movers

Daily Equipment - Offers new, pre-owned, and rental Rail King mobile railcar movers in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Eastern Texas

Equipco - Sells and services Trackmobile mobile railcar movers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio

H. Broer Equipment Sales & Service Inc. - Supplier of rail car movers, distributor of Rail King, and parts and repairs for Trackmobile, Shuttlewagon, and Switchmaster; Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

Herc-U-Lift - Sells Trackmobile railcar movers in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and Iowa

Ivy-Ray Ltd - Sells, services, leases, and rents Rail King, Trackmobile, and Shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers; Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

Lawrence Ricci Industrial Equipment Services - Sells and leases new, used, and rebuilt railcar movers from Shuttlewagon, Rail King, and Trackmobile; Steger, Illinois

Liftech Equipment Companies - Trackmobile mobile railcar mover sales, service, parts, and rental, serving New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and western Massachusetts

MH Equipment - Dealer of new and used Rail King railcar movers in the Midwestern states, plus equipment leasing, parts, repair, and operator training

Mitchell Rail Gear - Offers mobile railcar mover solutions by providing railcar couplers, train air brake systems, rail sanders, and friction drive hi-rail; Dundee, Michigan

Pacific West Systems - Sells, rents, and services railcar movers from ShuttleWagon, Rail King, and Trackmobile; Mentone, California

Railmover.com - Sells railcar movers, industrial locomotives, and other rail equipment; Northampton, Massachusetts

Railquip - Produces hydraulic rerailing equipment, portable railcar movers, track vacuums, bogie assembly stands, and more; Atlanta, Georgia

Shuttlewagon Mobile Railcar Movers - Manufacturer of railcar movers for railroads, transit systems, and private industries

Sterling Rail - Brokerage of locomotives, railcars, parts, and equipment; Austin, Texas

Stewart & Stevenson Rail King - Manufactures Rail King railcar movers for switching operations

Towlift - New, used, and rental Trackmobile railcar movers in Ohio and Michigan, plus service and training

Trackmobile - Manufacturer of mobile railcar movers; LaGrange, Georgia

Unilokomotive Limited - Irish manufacturer of Unilok railcar movers

Universal Engine Inc - Buys, sells, and reconditions used Trackmobile, Rail King, and Shuttlewagon railcar movers; Buffalo, New York

Voss Equipment - New, used, and rental Trackmobile railcar movers in Illinois

Wiese USA - Sells, rents, and services Trackmobile rail car movers in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana

Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. - Sells, services, and rents Trackmobile Railcar Movers in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

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