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Railcar Leasing & Freight Car Sales

This page provides a directory of railcar leasing, resellers, and railcar management, including covered hoppers, open top hoppers, tank cars, gondolas, box cars, intermodal, and other freight railcars.

A&K Railcar Storage - Convenient and cost effective solution for short and long-term railcar storage, with facilities in the South, Midwest, and West

Angel Trains - Owner and lessor of locomotives and rolling stock throughout the UK and Europe

C.K. Industries - Railcar leasing to shippers, shortline, regional, and Class I railroads, including boxcars, covered hoppers, open top hoppers, gondolas, and woodchip railcars; Lake Zurich, Illinois

Cabooses4sale.com - Cabooses, passenger cars, and special display cars for sale or lease to railroads, businesses, and individuals

Carmath, Inc - Provides railcar leasing and re-marketing services for boxcars, gondolas, hoppers, tank cars, coal cars, and other specialty cars; Brandon, South Dakota

CFCL Australia - Leases locomotives and rolling stock to the Australian rail industry

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. - Leases covered hoppers, open top hoppers, flat cars, and gondola cars; Rosemont, Illinois

Coastline Rail Services - Buys and sells cabooses and other railroad equipment; Greenville, Texas

D. F. Barnhardt & Assoc. - Broker of passenger and freight locomotives and railcars; Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina

Everest Railcar Services - Railcar acquisition and leasing company providing equipment for a broad range of lessees and commodities; Springdale, Arkansas

FreightCar America - Manufactures aluminum coal cars and other railcars including intermodal, box cars, center beam cars, gondola cars, coil cars, flat cars, ore hoppers, and more

GATX - Leases tank cars, open top hoppers, covered hoppers, gondolas, flat cars, box cars, and intermodal cars, plus a fleet of switching and road locomotives

GATX Rail Europe - Manufactures, repairs, and leases tank cars throughout Europe

GE Equipment Services, Rail Services - Leases a diverse fleet of railcars and intermodal assets worldwide

GLNX - Railcar leasing and fleet services including fleet administration, logistical supply-chain management, regulatory compliance, insurance, tax reporting, and managed maintenance; The Woodlands, Texas

Greenbrier Companies - Manufactures, leases, repairs, and refurbishes railcars in North America and Europe

Helm Financial Corp - Leases a diverse fleet of 22,000 railcars and 850 locomotives throughout North America

I&M Railyard LLC - Railcar storage along CSX in Ottawa, Illinois

Infinity Rail - Leases over 6,000 boxcars, gondolas, open top hoppers, and covered hoppers, and provides railcar repair and upgrade services; Atlanta, Georgia

JFS Railcar, Inc - Buys, sells, and leases freight cars, passenger cars, diesel locomotives, and industrial equipment; Independence, Missouri

Macquarie Rail - Freight car lessor providing covered hoppers, open-top hoppers, gondolas, flatcars, and boxcars; Chicago, Illinois

Madison & Associates - Designs and builds transfer tables, turntables, shop trucks, blast rooms, paint booths, and de-trucking and re-trucking systems

Mid-Am Equipment - Railcar leasing, sales, parts, and equipment; Mesa, Arizona

Midwest Railcar - Railcar leasing and management company headquartered in Maryville, Illinois

NetRail - Sale and purchase broker for second-hand and rebuilt wagons in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden

Ozark Mountain Railcar - Brokerage of freight and passenger locomotives, railcars, and equipment; Kirbyville, Missouri

Pioneer Railroad Services - Offers railcar leasing, storage, repair, and cleaning services

Porterbrook Leasing Company - Leases a rolling stock fleet of more than 5,500 vehicles in the UK, including electric and diesel locomotives, high speed trains, multiple units, and freight wagons

Procor - Rental fleet of more than 23,000 conventional and special purpose tank and freight cars throughout North America

Rail Merchants International - Buys and sells private varnish, passenger cars, cabooses, freight cars, diesel locomotives, steam locomotives, and maintenance-of-way equipment; Fairfield, Iowa

Rail Swap Free Classifieds - Free classifieds to buy, sell, and trade locomotives, railroad cars, trolleys, parts, tools, signals, and more

Railcar Owners - Tables of North American railcar owners including railroads, shippers, and leasing companies

Railcar Statistics - Tables of railcar statistics including fleet mix and freight railroad usage since 1980

RailCarDeals.com - Matches railcar buyers and sellers using a wide range of sources

RailForce - Serves shortline railroads with locomotive sales and leasing, railcar sales and leasing, railcar repair, tankcar cleaning, transloading, rate consulting, railcar storage, and more; Granbury, Texas

RailReLease - Independent European marketplace for railcars and locomotives for sale and long and short-term lease/rent

Rio Grande Chemical - Railcar leasing, management, and transportation logistics services to lessees and private railcar owners with fleet operations in the US, Canada, and Mexico

RoadRunner Agency - Manufacturer's sales representative specializing in the sale of freight and tank car components; Cleveland, Ohio

Rocky Mountain Transportation Services - Railcar leasing and management including hoppers and tankcars; Arvada, Colorado

S & S Shortline Leasing - Locomotive and railcar leasing and sales, plus parts, supplies, and industrial equipment; Farmington, Utah

Schuylkill Railcar - Railcar leasing, sales, and acquisition; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Southwest Rail Industries - Full service leasing of tank cars and hopper cars, plus fleet management and rail car brokering services; Weimar, Texas

Sterling Rail - Brokerage of locomotives, railcars, parts, and equipment; Austin, Texas

Tealinc, Ltd - Rolling stock operating lessor, transportation consultant, and railcar broker; Forsyth, Montana

The Andersons Rail Group - Railcar leasing, sales, and repair for US railroads and industry, including covered hoppers, box cars, tank cars, and gondolas

The Rail Mart - Classified ads for buying, selling, and leasing railroad rolling stock, motive power, new and used parts, and services

TMD: Transportation Management Dynamics - Railcar management and railcar billing services and systems

Transchem - Leases railcars in Poland for the transportation of chemical products, petroleum and petrochemical products, liquefied gases, fertilizers, stone, and powdered materials

Transwaggon - More than 12,000 railcars for lease throughout Europe, with offices in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland

Trinity Chemical Industries - Logistics management services and railcar leasing for the handling of bulk liquids and chemicals throughout North America

Trinity Industries - Trinity's rail group produces a full range of freight cars, tank cars, railcar axles, coupling devices, and replacement railcar parts while the leasing group provides railcar leasing, financing, fleet optimization, and asset management services for railcar customers

TTX - Provides railcar leasing and related freight car management services to the North American rail industry

V.I.P. Inc - Railcar storage in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

VTG Rail - Full service sales and leasing of railcars to both railroads and private shippers, including covered hoppers, pressure differential hoppers, tank cars, and bulkhead flat cars; McAllen, Texas

Western Railroad Equipment Co. - Leases railcars to shortline railroads and shortline customers, including covered hoppers, mill gondolas, log flat cars, and pressure differential cars; Minneapolis, Minnesota

WIH Resource Group - Sells and leases a range of solid waste equipment including railcars, intermodal containers, container handling equipment, trailer tippers, refuse trailers, scales, and other equipment; Phoenix, Arizona

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