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Railroad Consulting, Logistics & Legal Services

This page provides a directory of railroad consultants, transportation logistics services, operations and management consulting, supply chain management, and railroad regulatory / legal compliance services.

Crouch Engineering, Inc. - National railway engineering experts; FRA compliant railroad bridge inspections/ load ratings/ design; industrial track design; railroad project design and construction project management; design of locomotive and railcar repair shops, yards, passenger facilities, DOT Project Mgmt

Alloquor Consulting - Management consulting firm specializes in helping companies decrease logistics costs and improve supply chain efficiency; Beverly Hills, California

AllTranstek - Offers rail fleet logistical services and technical consulting; Downers Grove, Illinois

Amadeus Rail - Provides sales, e-commerce, distribution, and business management solutions for passenger rail and transit applications

Amey - Provides design, project, and asset management consultancy to the highway, railway, and property sectors in the UK

Amtrain - UK provider of professional railway safety training and assessment

Aurecon - Consulting engineers in industrial infrastructure in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific

Blanchard Company - Helps shortlines, shippers, and third party logistics providers toward improved results

BNSF Logistics - Provides rail logistics solutions, with offices throughout the US

Bridgeway Consulting - British consultancy covering all aspects of railway infrastructure, underwater structures, and track safety

Canarail - Rail and transport related consulting services in Canada

Capehart Scatchard - Provides transportation law and litigation services to public and private railroad owners and operators; Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Centre d’Essais Ferroviaire - Test facility for trains, metros, and trams with 7.5km of track supporting all European voltages; France

Corys TESS - French provider of locomotive simulator training and engineering support systems

CPCS Transcom - Management consulting, engineering, and financial advisory services for the rail industry; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Crouch Engineering, Inc. - National railway engineering experts; FRA compliant railroad bridge inspections/ load ratings/ design; industrial track design; railroad project design and construction project management; design of locomotive and railcar repair shops, yards, passenger facilities, DOT Project Mgmt

DB Engineering & Consulting - German rail engineering and consulting services

DecisionTek, LLC - Developer of FRA's GradeDec 2000; provider of grade crossing improvement impact analyses

DeltaRail - Comprehensive range of railway operations and engineering consultancy services to all sectors of the railway industry covering both commercial and technical issues

Derby & Derbyshire Rail Forum - Promotes the area's reputation of excellence in railway consulting, design, engineering, and manufacturing; membership is open to all companies operating within the East Midlands and Staffordshire regions of the UK

Design Nine - Provides railroad, railroad bridge, and intermodal consulting services and experience in design, inspection, and management

DRE Transportation Solutions - Improves rail operations through the introduction of best-practice cost management techniques, process change, and the application of technology

Duos Technologies - Provides rail security solutions for bridges, tunnels, intermodal yards, terminals, and diesel tank farms; Jacksonville, Florida

e-RAILSAFE - Workforce safety and security management program for U.S. and Canadian railroads and contractors, including personnel screening, compliance testing, and workplace credentialing

Engelke Consulting - Railroad transportation consulting, on-site engineer and conductor certification, and rail safety and operations auditing

ESRI - Provides GIS solutions to manage key information for rail operations, maintenance, asset management, and decision support systems

Fast Track Railroad Consultants - Locomotive and passenger coach evaluations, equipment sales, insurance and risk management, and other consulting services; Lincoln, New Hampshire

Fletcher & Sippel LLC - Law firm specializing in railroad legal affairs including litigation, regulatory matters, commercial transactions, labor and employment, and general counsel; Chicago, Illinois

GeoMetrix - Internet-based rail supply chain management service that balances supply, demand, and rail transportation resources

Giro Enterprises Inc - Computer software and related consulting services for transportation applications

GKC Consulting Company - Offers on-site railroad engineering and maintenance of way training for railroads, contractors, construction firms, and suppliers

HDR - Complete rail consulting services including tracks, bridges, facilities, tunnels, environmental, planning, and security

HMDB Insurance - Insurance products for railroad operations, museums, real property and rolling stock, railroad contractors, service companies, and suppliers

IFB - Consulting, development, planning, and research of railway and maglev systems; Germany

Infotrans - Logistics and telematics on transportation, warehousing, and distribution services; Spain

Intermodal Support Services - Intermodal consulting services including maintenance/repair management, billing audit, invoice collection, and budget supervision; Chicago, Illinois

IONX - Provides asset monitoring systems for railroad and shipper fleet managers

IronWood Technologies - Railroad accident investigation and reconstruction; Syracuse, New York

Jacobs - Planning, design, and construction of commuter rail, light and rapid transit, freight rail systems, and multimodal terminals throughout North America

Jeppesen - Rail planning solutions to optimize crew and fleet resources

Jock Valley Engineering - Design, construction, maintenance, and safety assessment of rail infrastructure including crossings; Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Keeping Track Railroad Consulting and Training - Offers training for locomotive engineers, conductors and brakeman, operating supervisors, and locomotive and car repairman; San Antonio, Texas

Kennedy Jenks Consultants - Offers comprehensive services to the railroad industry for engineering, environmental needs, and construction, plus information and security technology, with offices in 10 western states

KKO & Associates - Professional services and consulting firm specializing in two complementary disciplines: Management Information Systems and Transportation Planning

L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. - Specializes in transportation economics, evaluating rate structures and service issues, developing strategic sourcing and supply chain improvement programs, and preparing business plans for clients; Alexandria, VA and Chicago, IL

Main Line Rail Management - Provides operations planning, marketing, and valuation consulting services to the transportation industry

MainLine Management, Inc. - Railroad consultants with 75 years of experience with Class 1 railroads in operations planning and analysis, rail traffic controller simulation and analysis, and mainline and yard capacity planning

McCarthy Rail Insurance Managers - Offers railroad insurance, railroad liability, property, rolling stock, automobile, health, and life for railroad and railroad-related clients

Mitsui Rail Capital (MRC) - Leasing, car management, and logistic services in San Francisco, Chicago, and Des Moines

MRA Services, Inc - Provides system support program (manuals and training) to railcar and rail equipment manufacturers

MVA Consultancy - Solutions in multi-modal planning, traffic engineering, public transport appraisal, demand and revenue forecasting, information management, intelligent transport systems, payment strategies and social and market research; offices in Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region

Novus Rail Ltd - Specialist track engineering consultants based in the UK

Oliver Wyman - Assists railroads worldwide in designing and implementing a variety of operating strategies, including network restructuring, product design, yield management, asset management, and overhead reduction

Olson Engineering - Provides railroad design and right-of-way surveys; Vancouver, Washington

OpenTrack Simulation of Railway Networks - Simulation developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and now used by the railway industry, railway consultants, and railway companies

Panrail Railway Equipment - Austrian provider of business-to-business marketing services in the rail industry, including rolling stock, infrastructure, and engineering sales

Parsons - Transportation consulting including commuter rail, high-speed rail, and maglev

Parvus - Designs and engineers computing devices for road, rail, and air applications

Pfiester & Russo Law - Representing injured railroad workers in and around the southwest US

PM Safety Consultants - UK provider of safety, reliability, and risk management services to the rail industry worldwide

Power Rail Training & Consulting - Offers training studies, safety audits, and training courses for all levels of railway and metro employees; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Prime Focus LLC - Specializes in railroad and freight consulting, including intermodal feasibility studies

Professional Transportation, Inc. - Specializing in crew hauling services for the railroad industry

Quality Transportation Services - Intermodal marketing company works directly with Class 1 railroads to provide cost-effective transportation services throughout North America

R.L. Banks, and Associates - Provides railroad transportation economic, engineering, operations, negotiations, and institutional counsel; Washington, DC

Rail Delivery Services - Intermodal carrier moving freight, trailers, and containers between railroads, ports, consignees, and shippers in Southern California

Rail Job Search - Matches UK rail industry employers and candidates online

Rail Management Consultants - Consulting and software development for railway simulation and operation

Rail Safe - On-site and online railroad operations and safety training for employees responsible for moving rail cars or working on, in, under, or near rail cars and tracks

Rail Services Incorporated (RSI) - Offers claims management, locomotive/railcar repair, derailment prevention, and cargo loss valuation; Boise, Idaho

Rail Transportation Management Specialists - Comprehensive railroad management services to film production companies

Rail World Inc. - Railway management, consulting, and investment corporation specializing in privatizations and restructurings

RailCrew Xpress - Provides railroad crew transportation throughout the USA

Railinc - Wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) provides rail industry databases, applications, and business intelligence services; Cary, North Carolina

RailPersonnel - Employment site for rail jobs and industry professionals, matching individuals and organizations worldwide

RailPlan International - Engineering and consulting services for rail vehicles of any type; Baltimore, Maryland

Railroad Consulting Network - Consulting firm specializing in car hire compensation and deprescription services ranging from rate negotiation to arbitration

Railroad Industries Incorporated - Full service rail consultancy including M&A, financial analysis, marketing, operations, logistics, intermodal, and more; Reno, Nevada

Railroad Records & Statistics - State-by-state rail mileage, traffic, employment, and railcar stats

Railroad Training Services - Consulting and training resource for shortline railroads, logistics companies, construction firms, and others

RailSolutions, Inc - Consulting and advisory services to financial institutions, railroads, leasing companies, shippers, and fleet operators

RailTech Software Systems - Supplying the railroad industry with software since 1988, including lease and billing systems

Railware, Inc. - Software solutions to the transportation industry, specializing in the development of control and operations management system software

Railway Consultancy, The - UK provider of consultancy services in the fields of railway planning, operations, economics, management, strategy, and training

Railway Preservation Resources - Historic railway consulting, helping professionals, museums and private owners understand, conserve, restore, and operate historic railway equipment

Railway Scientific and Technical Centre - Railway infrastructure research, rolling stock research, and feasibility studies; Warsaw, Poland

Railway Technology - Index and information about current international railway projects

Railweb GmbH - Independent European railway consultant specializing in rail operations planning, rail freight, rolling stock, rail control systems, and infrastructure

rcm2 Ltd - UK engineering consultancy delivering system safety and reliability, risk assessment, asset management, and IT system integration solutions

Reader Railroad - Steam-powered shortline railroad provides services to motion picture companies

RMS Locotec - Provides a range of specialist services, focused on the needs of owners and operators of rail facilities and sidings; West Yorkshire, UK

Road & Rail Services - Supplier of logistical and transportation support services; Louisville, Kentucky

Ronsco Inc - Offers major components for railcars, locomotives, and engineering programs, plus railway consulting, operational and safety reviews, capacity studies, project management, engineering and training initiatives; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

RR Mergers & Acquisitions - Specialist in the sale of North American rail service and supplier companies

RSI Logistics - Helps rail shippers reduce transit costs and improve supply chain control through service products, consulting, and technology solutions

RTC - Produces computer-based training software for the railroad industry and offers professional training, documentation, and FRA compliance services

Seneca Group LLC - Railroad consulting services including due diligence, loan and grant application development, restructuring, project management, and procurement support; Washington, DC

Sharma & Associates - Provides engineering consulting services covering a wide range of railway mechanical, structural, and infrastructure projects; Countryside, Illinois

SignalSoft Rail Consultancy - Accurate railway signaling (dispatcher) simulations for rail professionals and enthusiasts

SimWalk Transport - Integrated simulation service and software solution to model passenger flows in rail, metro, and bus stations for optimizing terminal operations

Skytrain Corporation - Transportation consulting and engineering firm with an urban high speed monorail system

Soundwave Express - Branded and themed trains for product launches, PR, and marketing events

South Spur Rail Services - Western Australian owned company provides terminal operations and short haul rail services

Steelroads - Coordinates rail shipments with more than 300 rail carriers in the US, Canada, and Mexico, allowing for simplified service ordering and tracking

Sterling Rail - Brokerage of locomotives, railcars, parts, and equipment; Austin, Texas

Strategic Rail Finance - Financial services and advisory firm provides rail-related businesses with new funding for projects and equipment

Sumitomo - Transportation systems and equipment solutions, from complete turnkey projects to railcars and related components

SwedeRail - Transport consultant offering services in railway management, design, construction, operation, and maintenance, including high speed rail; Stockholm, Sweden

Systra - International consulting engineers provide skills and expertise in the fields of urban and rail transport, from high speed trains to buses, including intermodal transport, freight and passenger railway, suburban and inter-city rail, lightrail services, metro, tramway, automatic guided systems, road guided systems, and people movers

TetraPlan - Consulting engineers in traffic planning, railway planning, and traffic modeling; Denmark

The Train Source, Inc - Provides movie trains to major studios and independent producers, including scouting services, technical assistance, and pre-production and production services

Tom Murray Transportation Consulting Services - Consulting services including contract negotiation, rail service design, operating plans, capacity analysis, trackage rights, business planning, process improvement, market research, financial projections, and more

TRA - Transportation safety and security consulting; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Trackground Limited - UK consulting and contracting services firm with expertise in all aspects of railway engineering and transportation

TransCore - Provides rail and intermodal asset tracking and management using wireless RFID technology

Transportation Technology Center, Inc - Research, development, testing, consulting, and training for freight, passenger, and transit systems worldwide, including a 48 mile test track in Pueblo, Colorado

Transportutvikling - Transport and logistics consultancy and advisory; Norway

Transrail - Swedish provider of management consulting, project management, engineering services, and IT solutions for rail, metro, and light rail systems

TranSystems - Specializes in transportation infrastructure and facilities solutions; Kansas City, Missouri

Trapeze Software - Trapeze System for Rail is an integrated software solution for daily operations, planning, management information, and passenger information

TUV Rheinland of North America - Provides various services, including safety assessments, for the rail technology industry

Via Rail Logistics, LLC - Provides engineering and design services to a broad network of industrial developers, brokers, economic development professionals, and railroad representatives

VMK Engineering - Engineering consultant providing project management, design, and application engineering support for the development of mobile hydraulic, hydrostatic, engine, and a/c systems

Warrick Railroad Consulting - Railroad operations, rail line acquisition, marketing, industrial development, track maintenance, and construction services

WIH Resource Group - Offers waste-by-rail solutions for North American clients small and large, dealing with everything from landfill closures to toxic waste spills

WSP Group - Management and consultancy services to the European transportation sector

Yaeger, Jungbauer & Barczak, PLC - Railroad worker accident and injury litigation with locations in Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Denver

Zeta-Tech Associates - Technical and economic consulting for railways and rail transit; Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Zurich North America - Railroad insurance solutions in the USA and abroad

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