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Railroad Signals, Safety & Communications

This page provides a directory of rail suppliers and consultants offering railroad signal equipment, safety devices, communication services, train control systems, and electronics.

Rail Jobs Board - Database of 2,500+ freight railroad jobs searchable by location, employer, position, or job description, plus a directory of railroad employer websites and training programs

ABB - Power equipment, power supply systems, and railroad signaling and communication systems

Akerströms - Swedish producer of radio systems for the remote control of locomotives

Aktieselskabet BG Service Center - Danish manufacturer of locomotive wiper systems as well as front- and taillight signal systems

Alstom Transport - Designs, produces, and installs railroad infrastructure including train control systems, signaling, electrification, track, station utilities, communication systems, and passenger information systems for transit and mainline passenger rail applications worldwide

Amplicon - UK supplier of railroad electronics including trackside communications, power distribution, station information, and surveillance

Anixter - Worldwide distributor of wire and cable, including signal wire, track wire, and case wire

Ansaldo STS - Full-line and global supplier of rail and mass transit signalling, control, and automation systems

ARMS Inc. - Provides power and LED products for rail and transit applications

Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) - Passive (non-battery) AEI RF tags for identifying all types of transportation vehicles (rail cars, trucks, trailers, containers, automobiles, etc.)

AV Rail Contracting - Specializes in high rail crane service and railroad signal system installation; Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Avcomm International - Manufacturer of state of the art wireless noise reduction headsets, intercoms, and radios with Bluetooth technology and patented PNR technology

AŽD Praha - Czech supplier of signaling, telecommunications, and automation solutions for rail and transit applications

B&C Transit Consultants - Transit and railroad signal design with relay/microprocessor systems, CTC office software, case and rack wiring, field testing services, and more

Bach-Simpson Instrumentation and Control Equipment - Railroad electronics

Behlman - Power products for the rail industry

Belgian Signaling Page - Diagrams, photos, and information about railway signal systems

Bender - Ground fault monitoring and locating equipment

Bob's Signal Box Pictures - UK signal box photos by Bob Dennis

British Railway Signalling - Photos and information about British railway signals

Cactus UniView - Swedish producer of rail traffic management systems

Cadizm Signaling Design - CAD signaling design specialists, scheme plan design, detailed design, and animated signal simulations

Carmanah Railway Lights - Solar powered LED railway safety and hazard marker lighting

Carré Web - French railway signal information and photos

Cattron - Portable radio remote controls for locomotives and rail operations

CDSRail - British producer of a remote monitoring system for switches, power levels, track circuits, grade crossings, track condition, and railway signaling systems

Central Electronics (CEL) - Indian manufacturer of railway signaling and safety equipment

Centregreat Rail - Provides safety-critical telecom, engineering, electrical, building, and training services to the UK rail industry

Century Group - Railroad grade crossing systems and spill collection systems

China Automation Group - Chinese manufacturer of railway interlocking and centralized traffic control systems

Chinese Railway Signals - Diagrams illustrating railway signal aspects in China

Comet Industries - Provides the Railert Automatic Tag Reader System which bridges the gap between a hand-held data recorder and the traditional full featured AEI system

Condor Signal & Communications - Engineering services for railway signaling applications; Oakville, Ontario

Control Chief - Transportable locomotive remote controls for the rail industry; Bradford, Pennsylvania

Convergent Communications, Inc - Communications design, engineering, and support services with an emphasis on interfacing legacy train control products to modern packet data transport technologies

Crossing Safely Programs - Provides rail crossing safety presentations to schools, companies, organizations, and law enforcement agencies

D.A.S. Rail Enterprises - Produces a reflective switch indicator that mounts between switch points below rail height, providing high visibility day and night without electricity or solar panels

Daiken - Brazilian producer of onboard computers, end of train devices, cabin display units, and weighing scales

Dan's Wigwag Site - History, photos, and locations of surviving wigwag flagman grade crossing signals throughout the US

David Clark Company Inc - Manufacturer of noise attenuating headsets, crew intercom systems, and two-way radio solutions for locomotive and MOW crewmembers

Derby Area Signalling Project - Details the history of the mechanical signalling which once existed on the railways around Derby and Burton on Trent, UK

Dialight - Provides LED solutions for wayside signals, grade crossings, and railcars; Farmingdale, New Jersey

Dimetronic Signals - Spanish company specializing in railway signaling applications

DPD Productions - Makers of the TrainTenna, an antenna specifically designed for monitoring railroad communications

DPS Electronics - Designs and manufactures electronics for the railway industry, specializing in end-of-train and head-of-train communication

DRS Armor - Provider of rugged mobile computers for transport and military applications; Melbourne, Florida

Efftronics Systems - Indian manufacturer of railway signaling systems including LED signal lamps, track data loggers, health monitoring units, and passenger information systems

EMC Services - British provider of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting, testing, and training services specifically designed for the rail industry

Energy Absorption Systems - Manufactures crash cushion impact barriers for highway railroad intersections

EPESEM-Stoebner - Railway signaling, control desks, design department for specific development, high speed vehicle for recording of railway site structures by laser, and installations all over the world

Exide - Provides batteries for rail signal, crossing, and communication equipment

Fabricated Metals LLC - Manufacturers instrument cases and houses, walkout cantilevers, wayside ladder assemblies, steel foundations, signal bridges, searchlight signal components, rod and switch parts, push button and switch key boxes, signal and wayside masts, junction boxes, gate assemblies, and flashing light signals; Louisville, Kentucky

Frauscher Sensor Technology - Axle counters and wheel sensors for railroad signaling and train control systems

G&B Specailties - Designs and manufactures a range of railroad signal and track products including signal components, switch machine layouts, electric locks, switch point rollers, manual switch stands, and more; Berwick, Pennsylvania

GE Lighting Solutions - LED signals for rail and transit applications, including light-out detection

GE Transportation - On-board and wayside signaling systems and communications solutions for global freight rail and transit industries

General Signals - Grade crossing signal equipment; Evansville, Indiana

Genesis Technologies - Designs, manufactures, remanufactures, and repairs railroad signal and traffic signal electronic equipment

German Railway Signals - Complete overview of all German railway signals and signs as well as information on usage and operations

Global Rail Systems - Provides switch control systems, crossing warning systems, dragging equipment detectors, track circuits, yard control systems, and more; Marlin, Texas

Groves Systems Ltd - UK-based railway signalling and systems consultancy

Hanning & Kahl - German provider of brake systems and signaling installations

HaslerRail - Swiss provider of electromechanical and electronic data acquisition and recording systems

Hitachi Rail - Worldwide developer of high speed rail and transit vehicles, rolling stock components, signaling systems, and monorail systems

Hitronetic - On-board video surveillance for public transports with real time image transmission; France

HoldFast Level Crossings - UK manufacturer of grade crossing and right-of-way protection systems

HollySys Automation Technologies - Chinese manufacturer of train control and protection systems for high speed rail and metro/subway applications

Hovey Industries Ltd - Trackside equipment including equipment to prevent rail switches from freezing

Huber-Suhner - Global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity in the transportation industry

Hutt Valley Signals - Timetables, signaling, safeworking, track layouts, railway operations, history, and excursions in the Hutt Valley, a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand

Icom America - Produces digital radio systems for transportation and industrial applications

Images of 75th Street Tower, Chicago, Illinois - Photo tour of signal hardware in CSX's Seventy Fifth Street Tower in Chicago which closed in 1997

Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) - UK-based professional institution for signal engineers worldwide

Intecs - Italian developer of safety-system software for railway signaling applications

International Electronic Machines Corp. - Designs and builds custom rail maintenance, safety, and security products including wheel gauges, wayside monitoring systems, and security systems for shop, yard, and mainline rail applications

Invensys Rail Group - Produces rail control and automation systems for the rail industry worldwide

ISIS Consultants, LLC - Registered professional engineers and technologists offering innovative solutions in signaling for freight, transit, and international railroad designs; complete service menu includes estimating, design, installation and cut-in support, training, technical writing, and more; Louisville, Kentucky

Italian Railway Signals - Technical and operational information about Italian railway signals

J&A Industries - Railroad signal systems manufacturer and supplier; Kansas City, Kansas

Jarvis Rail - Provides rail renewals, major track development, and electrical and signalling services across the UK

Julian A. Mcdermott Corp - Supplies LED railroad lights, blue lights, marker lights, solar lights, and signs; Ridgewood, New York

Larry McGee Company, The - Voice communication and control systems

Lat-Lon LLC - Manufactures RailRider, a wireless monitoring and tracking system for railcars, locomotives, and field equipment; Sheridan, Colorado

LaVanture Products - Distributor of 3M Diamond Grade rail car markings that meet and exceed FRA-224 specifications; Elkhart, Indiana

Lindsay Transportation Solutions - Supplier of railroad and transit structures, signals, and crossing flashers

Locomotive Horn Signals - Guide to train whistle signals used on North American railroads

London Underground Signaling - Diagrams, photos, and information about signals in London's subways

Magnate Grey Box Ltd - Designs, manufactures, installs, and tests railway signal control housings

Mermec Group - Italian provider of diagnostic systems for the maintenance of railway infrastructure and signal systems for rail traffic control

Mersen - Provider of power and railroad signal transmission solutions worldwide

Mike's Railroad Crossing Website - Over 45,000 railroad signal photos from throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK

Modular - Provides the SmarTrain real-time rail management system that helps plan, supervise, and dispatch train movements using GPS, wireless communications, and information management; Tucson, Arizona

Nathan Manufacturing - Exclusive licensee for manufacturing and sales of the Airchime Model K railroad whistle in the North American rail market

National Railway Supply - Batteries and battery chargers for diesel locomotives and rail signals

National Signal Corp. - Railroad signal construction, maintenance, and design; Shelby Twp, Michigan

Nazeing Glass Works Ltd - Supplier of rail signal lenses; Broxbourne, UK

Nexans - Provides power, signaling, and telecommunications cables for rail infrastructure

North American Lantern Company - LED railroad lanterns and safety lighting products; Olympia, Washington

North American Railroad Interlocking Towers and Cabins - Listings of active and closed towers by state

North American Signal - Full service engineering and manufacturing company specializing in wireless Supervisory Control and Data Analysis System (SCADA) applications; Jacksonville, Florida

North American Signaling - Extensive information and diagrams about signal and safety principles, track occupancy control systems, automatic block systems, and signal aspects and indications

ObjectTel - Provides a railroad dispatch solution for radios, telephones, contact centers, enterprise applications, and other mission critical applications

Okonite - Manufacturer of signal, control, and power cables for railroad and rapid transit applications

Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc - Specializing in railroad signal design and consulting

PHW, Inc - Manufactures cab signals and operator display electronics for railroad and transit systems; East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PNCS Private Limited - Signalling and telecommunications consulting; India

Primus Electronics - Communication equipment for all types of railroad telecommunication needs

ProTran1 - Manufacturer of safety products for the electrified train industry

Qwick Kurb, Inc - Manufactures, distributes, and installs a median separator system that provides an affordable means of increase grade crossing safety, especially effective in deterring drivers from "sneaking" around the gates

Rail Development Group - Engineering services for railroad signaling, including analysis and design of safety-critical railroad and transit control systems and equipment

Rail Safety Consulting, LLC - Assists railroads, transit agencies, suppliers, and government agencies with critical safety issues in train control and PTC systems

Rail Systems Solutions (RSS) - Provides signal design (conceptual through final), program management and controls, systems integration, construction, commissioning, training, and maintenance for the transit and freight industry; Littleton, Colorado

Railcom - Provides two-way radio and wireless communications solutions to the railroad industry

RailComm, Inc. - Management and engineering team comprised of veteran rail industry professionals, providing services in wireless network communications, railroad signaling, computer aided dispatching, embedded global positioning satellite applications, and collision avoidance technology

Railhead Corp. - Safety lighting and digital video solutions for the rail industry

Railhead Corporation - Video solutions, air tools, warning lights, and related equipment for the transportation industry; Chicago, Illinois

Railroad Controls Limited - Design, construction, testing, and maintenance of railroad grade crossings, warning systems, and wayside signal systems; Benbrook, Texas

Railroad Signal Design - Designs train traffic control points, crossing warning device controls, and wayside signal systems

Railroad Signal International - Supplies and installs railroad signal systems worldwide; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Railroad Signal Site - Detailed photos and descriptions of searchlight, colorlight, wig wag, and gyralight railroad signals

Railroad Signaling and Communications - Photos and information about a variety of railroad signals and communications equipment

Railroad Signals of the U.S. - Photo reference of railroad and transit signals and related equipment

Railroad Signals.net - Photos and information about a collection of railroad signals, signs, and lanterns

Railroad Stuff - Sells and restores all types of railroad signals and accessories, including antique wig-wags, semaphores, and train order boards

Rails Company - Designs and manufactures railway maintenance of way products and signal equipment, including switch heaters, compression rail anchors, wheel stops, switch point locks, track skates, and more; Maplewood, New Jersey

RailTerm - Provides outsourced train dispatching, track and signal maintenance, and terminal management, plus train dispatching software and solutions

Railway 101 - Railway emergency response planning and training services for firefighters, police, EMS, and private corporations; Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Railway History, Signaling & Engineering - Information about historical and mechanical signalling, signal aspects, operations and safety, and unique practices in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Britain, and the US

Railway Signals in Austria - Diagrams and descriptions of railway signal and safety systems

Railway Signs and Signals of Great Britain - Information about the signs and signals that appear along mainline railways in the UK

Railway Technical Web Pages - Presents a wide range of illustrated technical articles about rail systems, including design, electric traction, fare collection, intermodal, operations, signals, track, and more

Rebel Railway Supply - Manufactures signal parts for signal suppliers and transit line operators, including wayside signals, grade crossings, and track and circuit hardware; Nixa, Missouri

RECO Railway Equipment Co. - Manufactures gas hot air blowers, crossing gate arms, and battery chargers designed for the exclusive use of railroads and transits

RELM - Designs, manufactures, and markets wireless communication equipment including railroad radios

Retlif Testing Laboratories - Tests track circuits, signaling, and on-board electronics to ensure EMC and environmental compliance

Ritron - Produces wireless communication equipment for the railroad industry including cab radios

rMetrix - Mobile system to analyze geo-spatially correlated ride quality data for safety and maintenance recommendations

RRSignal.com - Information and photos of signals, CTC equipment, relays, and more

S & C Distribution Company - Serves the signal and communication needs of railroads and rail transit systems

Safetran - Railroad crossing equipment, wayside signals and controls, and transit systems

Science Applications International Corp - RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems (also referred to as Automatic Equipment Identification - AEI) to Class I railroads in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia; Mobile Digital Video and Audio Recording systems for rail and transit; Digital Video enforcement systems with OCR for toll, red light, and highway-rail grade crossing enforcement

Semaphores.com - Extensive list of living and museum semaphores, photos, semaphore history, and more

Serrmi Products, Inc - Manufacturer of signal and communication equipment

Siemens - Supplier of complete rail automation and electrification solutions for transit and intercity applications

Signal and Electrical Engineers' Technical Society - Offers information, lectures, and visits based around railway signaling and mass transit systems in the UK

Signal Box, The - Extensive information and history about British railway signalling

Signal Rules and Aspect Demonstrator - Interactive applet demonstrates signal names, signal aspects, and NORAC rules

Signaling Pages - Explains signal systems in use around the world ranging from old semaphore signals still used in the UK and elsewhere to modern electronic high capacity systems used by metros

Signalling Interest Group of Western Australia (S.I.G.W.A.) - History and photos of signalling and signal boxes in Western Australia

SignalSoft Rail Consultancy Ltd. - Provides railway consultancy for operational and interoperability issues as well as simulators, CBT, signal box/ dispatcher simulations, and software solutions for yard planning

Signature Limited - UK's largest and oldest manufacturer of LRT signs and signals

SimSig - Free realistic British signalling simulation with nine locations available

Solar Signals - Designs and manufactures autonomous power systems (primarily solar electric/battery) that are integrated with signal systems currently in use in the rail industry

South Bay Signal, LLC - Railway signal design services for ABS, interlockings, and grade crossing warning systems

Southwest Signal Engineering - Signal engineering services including project management, design, construction, and more; Jacksonville, Florida

Southwire - Manufacturer of railroad signal, power, and trackside cables; Carrollton, Georgia

Stahlin - Manufactures non-metallic enclosures for signals and communications; Belding, Michigan

Star Headlight & Lantern Co. - Produces trainman's lanterns, car inspector's lights, personal safety strobes, and marker lights

Stellwerke - German signalboxes and railway signalling

Strix Systems - Provides wireless mesh networks to improve rail safety, security, and operations

STS Rail - Designs, manufactures, and repairs a wide range of electronic and electro-mechanical products for railway applications in the UK and worldwide

Summit Signal - Railroad signaling and track construction; Willits, California

TCB Group - Marketing, advertising, sales, and consulting for Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) and Wireless and Radio Frequency (RFID) manufacturers; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tech Products - Offers railroad signs, labels, markers, and decals; Staten Island, New York

Technical Society for Rail Operations Safety & Signaling - Focus on safety and signaling includes listing of railway names, wreck/incident info, and historic info on signaling and grade crossings

Techniserv AG - Designs and manufactures custom railroad control systems and test equipment; Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Telefunken TRainCom - Broadband radio communication systems for rail applications including mass transit, high speed trains, and maglev

Telemotive Industrial Controls - Manufacturer of wireless remote controls and anti-collision systems for use on overhead cranes, hoist/monorail systems, conveyors, locomotives, and other material handling applications

TGV Signaling System - Information about signals on French's high speed railway

The Home Signal - Tribute to mechanical railway signalling in South Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa

The Rails - Information about North American railroad signaling, specifically AT&SF's semaphore signals on the original Pacific Coast Route

Tiefenbach USA - Signal systems and products using axle counting technology, including systems for grade crossing protection, switch zone protection, track-vacancy detection, point switch control, and yard control applications

Tillyweb - Personal site featuring UK signal boxes and other rail related subjects

Timesegment Limited - Supplier of mechanical railway signaling equipment to the UK market

TPSC Inc. - Represents manufacturers of components and systems for signal, mechanical, and telecom applications in the rail industry

Train Wrecks - Historical accounts of the world's worst train accidents including investigation findings

Trainyard Tech - Provider of automation technology for hump yards, classification yards, and marshalling yards; Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Twin City Signal - Specializing in signal design integration and bungalow wiring; Hudson, Wisconsin

Twinco Mfg. Co. - Manufacturer of rail and transit products including automatic train stops, subway car components, fuse testers, light assemblies, and identification products such as wire markers, flat tags, disc tags, pipe markers, and engraving; Hauppauge, New York

U.S. Barricades - Manufacturer of railroad signs, safety flasher lights, solar powered traffic signs, and transit safety equipment

Ultra-Tech Enterprises (UTE) - Automated relay test system and cab signal test system

Union Switch & Signal - Full line supplier of signaling systems and equipment for North American and international railroad and mass transit agencies

Universal Safety Response - Produces ground retractable automobile barriers (GRABs) for grade crossing safety

Vecom USA - Manufacturer and distributor of wayside control equipment, emergency intercoms, LED/LCD signs, train horns with digital sound generator, passenger counting systems, and CCTV surveillance systems

Velcorp Gems - Manufacturer of LED lights, signal equipment, and enclosures; Jacksonville, Florida

VICSIG - Line guides, signalling information, rosters, photos, and more about current operations of railways in Victoria, Australia

Western Towers - Offers railroad communications towers including positive train control (PTC) towers; San Angelo, Texas

Western-Cullen-Hayes - Railroad products, track maintenance, and safety accessories; Chicago, Illinois

Westinghouse Rail Systems UK - Advanced technology signaling and train control systems

Wi-Tronix - Provides end-to-end solutions for wireless locomotive monitoring; Bolingbrook, Illinois

Xorail - Design and construction of wayside train control systems and highway grade crossing warning systems; Jacksonville, Florida

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